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Best Cartier Watches For Men and Women

Best Cartier Watches For Men and Women in Dubai UAE at the Best Prices. Shop Online Now Cartier Watches Dubai UAE. The current times are extremely volatile, and everything is moving at a very high level of speed, infiltrated with deadlines. Such chaotic environment necessitates the requirement of a good watch for staying in sync with the fast pace of life. Many even look at the time pieces as ways to provide some serene moments; just by staring at them. You are bound to find numerous choices in this regard; some costly, while some quite pricey. However, at the end of the day, all that is needed is quality coupled with affordability and luxury. One name which needs consideration in this aspect is the Cartier watch.

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Most of the watch brands have a variety of watches suited for various occasions. They are quite reasonably priced too. You may be one of those who is an avid watch lover, and collects a variety of watches, irrespective of the cost. Cartier watches are ones which are suited for such people. The luxury associated with these watches cannot be compared. However, the huge price tag attached to them results in keeping many people away from purchasing them. So if you would like to be a proud owner of something which can spark the envy of others; Cartier is the name to go with.

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The foundation stone for Cartier watches was laid down in a jewellery workshop in Paris. This is a family owned business which was continued well into the next century. Even today, the watch has been successful in maintaining the position of high standard post over 100 years from inception. The watch is manufactured using the latest technology and jewellery of highest quality. The functionality of the watch is kept to the best standard. The company leaves no stone unturned when they develop their watches.

Cartier watches are designed as something more than just being a watch. Sophistication and elegance are some of the requirements which are kept in mind for designing these timeless beauties. These watches are often seen as becoming heirlooms for generations.

There are different varieties of watches manufactured from the stable of Cartier. Right from retro, classic to modern; Cartier has everything. You will also find the regular use watch having alligator straps, and roman numerical. The trademark of Cartier watches is obviously the sapphire present on knobs. These watches are accompanied with sapphire crystals which resist scratches.

When you intend to select the watches from Cartier, you will also come across some high end models which include most of the precious metals as bands. These include platinum as well as gold. The meticulous designs and perfection in functionality will keep you amazed. The ultimate selection would obviously be Cartier D’art which is among the limited edition versions from the company. The partial covering of diamonds is a signature in such lines.

You will find numerous authorized dealers for Cartier watches spread across the United Kingdom. You just need to remember that choosing the reputed among these is important. The origin certificate needs to be stressed while purchasing these watches. Dealers providing these are bound to be legitimate.

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Best Cartier Watches

Best Cartier Watches For Men and Women in Dubai UAE at the Best Prices. Shop Online Now Cartier Watches Dubai UAE. Cartier is a brand name famous for jewellery and watches. They are the most preferred designers and jewelers of royalty since 1904; recognition which very few in the world can achieve. Only they could blend watches and jewels as if they are made for each other. For this reason, Cartier watches have been hailed as the most luxurious timepieces ever produced.

Cartier has been rejoicing in trying innovative and challenging ideas ever since it came into being. No wonder every time they come with a new product, they simply stun the world. The style, design and the finesse of the watches are enough for people to recognize them by just a mere glance. The visual appeal of the products under this banner is unparalleled.

The rectangular dial has been a regular and important feature of Cartier. The finest examples of this design are the Tank and the Santos. Besides, these two famous and elegant watches worth mentioning are the Pasha watches that became the first waterproof timepiece when invented in 1933. Louis Cartier designed the watch with a grille made of gold for the Pasha of Marrakech. The grille helped in protecting the watch glass. The watch also had a little cup to protect and twist the key for winding.

It was the Santos that started the use of the wristwatches and out did the pocket watches. Men started enjoying the watch on their wrists without bothering about the fashion statement because at the time only women used to wear watches on their wrist. Thus, Cartier watches became the fashion statement every connoisseur of jewellery and watches started looking up to.

All the credit for bringing in new fashion and design goes to the three Cartier brothers. These brothers have continued the artistic skills and vision of their father. Their thirst and passion for finding and processing precious stones and using them as a crust have provided gracefulness and a unique look to watches. They even recruited the best of artisans from different parts of the country to create nothing less than masterpieces. Thus, making the watches luxurious and robust became the identity of the company.

Cartier watches are loved and used by many people; be they men, women, celebrity or a member of a royal family. It is the respect and love for the brand that people wear it only on grand occasions. For the rest of the time, they prefer to store and preserve the watches in special places. To keep the timepiece in working condition, the owners happily invest extra money in watch winders just to wind the timepieces when they are not wearing them.

Most of the models have been in the limelight for centuries. For they have been so attached to the company that leaving or ignoring them would hurt the admirers of Cartier watches. Keeping in view of the sentiments of their patrons, Cartier has created several versions of the famous Pasha watches available in golden bracelet, crocodile skin strap, and diamonds covering the belt and bracelet.

Best Cartier Watches For Men and Women in Dubai UAE at the Best Prices. Shop Online Now Cartier Watches Dubai UAE.

Cartier’s watchmaking history began over a hundred years ago, and has since established a style that perfectly combines creativity and watchmaking excellence. Alfred Cartier, and later his son Louis, were fascinated by the measurement of time. Even from the very beginning, Cartier watchmaking was inventive, fantastic, and ingenious. Cartier defied the norm and reconciled bold, pioneering aesthetics with the requirements of complex, innovative movements.

From the iconic Tank and beloved Ballon Bleu, to the uniquely masculine Calibre de Cartier and the relaunched Panthère de Cartier, every watch is the result of an endless quest for excellence and an extraordinary commitment driven by the same passion for watchmaking.


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