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Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the Best Building Maintenance Companies with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai.
Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the Best Building Maintenance Companies with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai.

Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai : List of the Top Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai with Contact Details

Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai : List of the top building maintenance companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Building maintenance generally regards both residential and commercials properties. Keeping up with the interior and exterior of a building can involve anything from basic cleaning procedures, to detailing, to customizing fixtures, to carpet restoration, to tile floor repair, to lighting replacement, to furniture refinishing, to washing windows, to scraping scum and dirt from floors, to shampooing carpets. If you currently work in a commercial building and/or reside in a home, then you certainly have some knowledge of building maintenance. Home owners especially come to learn plenty about cleaning a variety of rooms and caring for their property. If you require assistance with building maintenance, then it’s beneficial to gather cleaning and detailing tips on the Internet.

Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the best building maintenance companies in Dubai with contact details. Building maintenance covers the cleaning and repair services of commercial and industrial structures and facilities, including office and apartment buildings. Residential building maintenance may refer to the janitors, cleaners and technicians hired by landlords to maintain and fix a large property. However, many individuals hire cleaners to take care of private homes, especially if the residents have large houses and limited time. Commercial and industrial buildings also require maintenance. Property management companies often take care of this. Maintenance and cleaning personnel may be in house or outsourced to a contractor. A maintenance company may handle a few large buildings or many smaller ones. Some specialize in offering services to private homes.

Companies that specialize in cleaning carpets are popular. Office buildings generally expect janitors to work outside normal hours, generally at night, when the employees are not working at the business. Meanwhile, in residential buildings, maintenance technicians generally work during the day to complete projects when renters are at work. Contractors may handle restoration and repair as well as maintenance. They may be hired to restore a building to its original condition or to handle major installations, such as a new air conditioning or heating system. Large buildings may use their regular maintenance personnel to handle simple improvements, such as replacing blinds. Replacement of bulbs is also considered to be routine maintenance. The management at various facilities also includes maintaining the outside of buildings. Leaf and snow removal are important in many climates, as are maintaining fountains and landscaping. Gardeners are generally hired separately, but handle planting and lawn maintenance. Building maintenance is generally considered to be a major, necessary and important expense.

Building Maintenance Companies Dubai

Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the best building maintenance companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings.  Top building maintenance companies in Dubai business directory.

1. Blue Diamond Group
Location & Address: 113, Al Ansari Building, Al Khabeesi St, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2545445
P.O.Box: 51059
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2. Al Kharbash General Maintenance LLC
Location & Address: Ras Al Khor, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3338799
P.O.Box: 31311
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3. Builtech Technical Contracting
Location & Address: 2107, Sahara Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd , Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2230274, 054-4119270
P.O.Box: 47793
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4. EMCC Company LLC
Location & Address: Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2947740
P.O.Box: 73934

5. Al Najma Al Fareeda International Group
Location & Address: M-Floor, Al Qasir Bldg, Rigga St, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2954961
P.O.Box: 83808
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6. Design Motives
Location & Address: 604, Sobha Ivory-1, Business Bay, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-5531081, 055-1217842
P.O.Box: 37743
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7. A S T Technical Services LLC
Location & Address: 205, Near Latifa Mosque, Naif Rd, Frij Murar, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2975100, 055-1280322
P.O.Box: 27410

8. Salim Bin Juma Building Maintenance and Building Contracting LLC
Location & Address: Shop 13, Al Taif Bldg, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2283232
P.O.Box: 40096

9. Al Ashwaq Bldg Maintenance & Electrical Cont & Plumbing LLC
Location & Address: Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2670303

10. Al Basti Power Technical Services LLC
Location & Address: 308, Al Tayar Building, Satwa, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3295799
P.O.Box: 65988
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Building Maintenance Companies Dubai Location Map

Building Maintenance Companies Dubai

Top Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the best building maintenance companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings.  Top building maintenance companies in Dubai business directory. Businesses that engage in the maintenance, repairing, and cleaning of residential and commercial properties can be hired by property owners and managers to keep all aspects of the properties in good shape. Businesses often use cleaning specialist to keep the carpets, floors, walls, windows, and restroom facilities clean. Regular cleaning of rooms and pest control makes the property more inviting to customers. Many building maintenance and repairing business hire people that know how to use tools that are customized so that they make cleaning easy and effective. By hiring professionals that understand how to perform all of the maintenance and repairing that is necessary to keep properties in a good shape, many other businesses choose to use their services so that their commercial property will be inviting to customers.

Building maintenance and repair companies in Dubai is essential to keeping any structure in working order. This is true for residential homes, commercial business, office buildings, schools, and retail stores. Each of these facilities requires upkeep and maintenance in order to function properly, from simple trash removal to floor washing to electrical work. Things can break down in any building, from washers and dryers to door locks and concrete foundations. Professionals skilled in building maintenance and repair are often called in to deal with these problems. SomeBuilding maintenance companies in Dubai are employed by the company itself and work on a full time basis, while others are contracted on a short-term basis to fix individual requests.

Professionals in this business may range from a handyman who can fix just about anything, to a contractor with a specialty. In addition to keeping industrial and commercial facilities safe for occupants, the building also has to be properly maintained to comply with local regulations and inspections. Keeping a building up to code helps improve the efficiency of employees, reduces operational costs, and keeps everyone safe. Some people handy with repair can take on DIY projects, from cleaning and general housekeeping to light plumbing and electrical duties.

Other times, professionals need to be hired due to the complexity of the situation. One company may focus on commercial janitorial services, while another may offer contracting services on the property such as plumbing or drywall repair. Others are well rounded and provide a litany of services for homes and businesses. From graffiti removal to crack repair on concrete foundations, building maintenance and repair technicians can help improve the functionality of a property. Whether you’re searching for an all-around handyman, or a green maintenance company with one eye on the environment, you can find a building maintenance and repairing company through business referrals.

Proper building maintenance and repairs companies are important in keeping costs low and tenants happy. This can be obtained from local providers that can provide the services you need. Here are some popular terms regarding these services.

  • Boarding and Glazing – This is a service that fixes smashed and broken glass or window frames. A handyman may board up the window units until replacements can be installed. Usually, these replacements will come specially glazed. These construction services are often combined with locksmith services in the event of a break in.
  • Green Cleaning – These methods protect the health of those that perform it, like maids and janitorial staff, along with those who work or live in the facility. Non-toxic scrubbers and reusable items are a few examples of this.
  • Cladding – This is material, like siding and window sills, that are exposed to the elements. Wood, vinyl and brick are susceptible to deterioration over time and need to be examined regularly for damage. Regular care can keep the exterior of the facility weatherproof and attractive for years.
  • Maintenance Technician – This individual maintains the day to day operations of a facility and assumes responsibility for maintaining physical assets. He or she works as a handyman, performing repairs, keeping up with damaged property and organizing any construction that needs to occur.
  • Housekeeping – This is janitorial staff that is hired by building management or a commercial company to clean the facilities. This individual usually works off hours when employees or residents are not around. Maids and janitors are examples of these workers.

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Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the Best Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai with Contact Details


Building Maintenance Companies Dubai : List of the top Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top Building Maintenance Companies in Dubai UAE.

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    How to keep a building always in a good condition is a question for building owners to work out. The simple answer is frequent building maintenance. Maintenance service has been growing rapidly due to the increasing people’s demands. Most of building owners are deeply aware of the importance of building maintenance, so they always set a plan of maintenance at the first stage of using buildings for specific purposes.

    Take a look of historical or old buildings where some people are living. Defects can occur anytime which may cause the serious and unexpected damages to building structure, furniture and equipments. What they can do if there is a leaking pipe in water pipe system or broken roof after a heavy storm, calling building maintenance service to repair is the best choice that everyone prefers. At first, many people have no skill to repair if they did not study and had little experience on it. Secondly, people are too busy to do it. Thirdly, there are many companies supplying good building maintenance services with professional staff, which they can trust. Fourthly, building maintenance doesn’t cost so much, especially when the owner sets long term and annual maintenance schedule for spending money in maintaining the building.

    It can be seen clearly that each building has its own life, a building with good maintenance will extend its use life just by simple activity of maintenance such as painting, or cleaning gutters.

    With the help of maintenance, buildings will be free from the risk of deterioration, then they are optimized their function of efficient use for the owners. Moreover, the standard of safe, health and security for a building will be saved by means of building conservation.

    When an owner has intention of maintaining their building, they should take some factors into consideration to get the best benefits from that. First, is it the right and appropriate time to make maintenance? Second, the standard and the time can be obtained. Third, detail schedule for maintenance work. There are also some tips stating that the owner should have a diary to list out all defects happening to their building, then preparation for money to pay this expenditure is necessary, and the owner should prepare a maintenance program. All items will be indicated in a table chart which can remind and support the owner to supervise their building as well as their assets. Controlling the plan seems to be the most difficult part for an owner to make a decision of house maintenance.

    The building maintenance service offered by various maintenance companies are improved and diversified in different related sectors. Besides building maintenance, office cleaning or industrial cleaning services are supplied, maintenance for airports or railway stations is also provided for the higher demands of clients.

  2. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Whether it is your work field, a landscaping project or one’s health, there is one commonality-the need for maintenance. Yes, one may be at the top of their field, have a beautiful yard or be in great shape, but without maintenance, these attributes will eventually fade. When it comes to buildings, it is no different.

    A building might have been built with top of the line materials, but if no one takes the time for basic building maintenance and care, the structure will no longer be beautiful or safe. Simply put, diligent building maintenance is a must! But what, exactly does this involve? By definition, one could say that good building maintenance is the routine, non-destructive actions taken to slow down the aging of a structure; it may involve minor repairs, refinishing and replacement of any damaged parts.

    Building maintenance has been divided into three basic categories- corrective, planned and emergency. If the first two are done, many times the third category can be avoided. To have an effective maintenance routine, it is helpful to understand each of these approaches.

    Corrective building maintenance is the work that must be done (especially if one is dealing with an older home or building) to bring the structure to an acceptable standard of occupancy. These requirements can vary by the building and any local ordinances that must be observed.

    Planned building maintenance is when one makes a close inspection of a building and notes any updates that need to be done, determines the order of importance and then puts the plan in place to get any work done. These jobs may include simple things like keeping the gutters clean to larger jobs like replacing weak flooring or old shingles. However, not doing these jobs can lead to the next category of maintenance!

    Emergency building maintenance, like the name implies is the unexpected problems like plumbing or electrical issues, broken windows, rotten flooring and other jobs that need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. These are jobs that, if not addressed promptly, can cause one a great of inconvenience as well as time and money.

    If you are not sure how to determine where a maintenance need might rank, then consider calling a professional builder or inspector. A qualified building inspector or someone who specializes in building maintenance will have the knowledge necessary to help you create a list of needs and develop a plan of action for keeping a home or building to the standard it needs.

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    The role of a property manager or owner is to ensure their building is maintained to preserve the asset and protect the building occupants. Not only will regular, proper maintenance make the building a healthy and safe place to work or live, but resale values are higher for properties that keep up with regular maintenance.

    Buildings are an important element in our world. Not only do they provide us with shelter, an environment to live, work and play, they also protect us from the outside elements. Humans spend nearly ninety percent of our lives inside buildings. Living in working in a safe and well-maintained property is essential for most people. Property managers interested in keeping tenants long-term will invest in timely building maintenance and repairs.

    Because a commercial facility is exposed to all kinds of weather changes – rain, the beating down sun, wind and other natural elements. Over time these natural occurring events have an adverse effect on roofs, windows, doors, paint, wood and other building materials. Paint begins to peel, doors warp, roof leak – if left unattended, interior walls, floor coverings and ceilings can be damaged causing costly repairs. Additionally, tenants belonging can be damaged by a building that is in disrepair.

    Periodic inspection and maintenance of the roof, walls, gutters, drains, and foundations is an investment in controlling interior conditions as well as in preserving the building itself. A regular schedule for maintenance of the exterior and interior of the building should be created and maintained with an ongoing log of building problems and resolutions.

    Facilities managers have the responsibility to save money and conserve energy. At the same time, these managers face the pressures of hearing complaints about the comforts of the building and maintenance issues from tenants. Sometimes these responsibilities and pressures are in conflict with each other. Having a facility maintenance company that can be trusted to control costs and maintain your building can help both of these issues. Damages can be spotted quickly and preventative maintenance can be performed to ward off potential high dollar repairs caused by unforeseen issues. Timely repairs and regular upkeep reduces tenant complaints, thus increasing satisfaction. Plus, having a regularly contracted facility maintenance company on call saves time searching for a technician to complete your task and worrying if the job will be handled correctly and in a cost-effective manner.

    It is crucial to develop a good working relationship with your facility maintenance company. A commercial facility maintenance company may also be able to bundle your maintenance services together with your janitorial services or parking lot maintenance. Doing so can help reduce your budgetary expenses while preserving the appearance of your building and keeping tenants satisfied.

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    As property owner or manager, building maintenance is something that you should know by heart as this is the key to realising steady streams of income and extending the life of your property. But property maintenance isn’t only the sole responsibility of the owner or manager. Tenants and residents likewise have responsibilities in making the premises as useful and functional as it should be, but their duties are usually limited to minor repairs and replacements, and taking care of existing furnishings.

    The responsibilities of the property owner or manager basically revolve around general maintenance and major repairs. See to it that the common areas such as the lobbies, elevators, stairs, escalators, emergency exits, park spaces, gardens, public toilets and other common rooms are clean, useful and habitable. The furniture, fixture, appliances, plumbing and equipment in these areas should be in top condition, being checked regularly and repaired or replaced whenever necessary. You likewise are responsible for solving issues concerning municipal utilities.

    It’s unlawful to neglect your duties, which causes the property to become less than habitable by standards and leads to accidents, injuries and inconveniences. Proper building maintenance is necessary to keep your tenants satisfied and happy. Dissatisfied tenants can freely cut short the leasing contract with you and move to another location that’s more suitable for them. As long as you keep the building or property in excellent condition, it remains attractive for prospect tenants, and existing tenants would definitely decide to extend their stay in your premises, providing you with long-term deals.

    Tenants on the other hand must do everything they can to protect the property and related improvements from damage. It is part of their duty to make certain replacements (e.g. burnout light bulbs and broken mirrors), to keep items away from open flames and other elements that may damage or destroy them or that may cause accidents, to regularly clean their areas or spaces, to use toilet fixtures and plumbing facilities prudently, and to avoid littering and vandalising the property. Tenants should be briefed with general rules on property maintenance, including scheduled maintenance checks and repairs.

    Leasing property or spaces to tenants is a good source of income. It’s actually a lucrative business. However, as a property owner or manager, you should attend to the upkeep of your property. Building maintenance may be a primary responsibility of the property owner or its maintenance team, but tenants too have to do their share of the job. Together, owners and tenants work together for the upkeep of the property, making sure that it’s in great condition, clean, safe, and suitable for use.

  5. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Building Maintenance is one of the vital aspects of managing or maintaining property. The upkeep of a building or structure is what makes it habitable and therefore attractive to potential residents or tenants. Building upkeep involves maintaining the premises of a structure, both the interiors and exteriors, making sure that everything is in order, functional and useful. Needless to say, the job is an all-inclusive one.

    Who is responsible for building maintenance? Upkeep is usually designated to the property manager, which could either be a company or an individual. Owners who can’t look after their property generally hire property management firms or experts to do various tasks, including maintenance, marketing, and liaison. When it comes to building upkeep, the property manager looks after the physical condition of the structure, ensuring that there are no issues and, if there are, overseeing any repairs, renovations, alterations, restorations, or replacements that need to be done.

    What are the common issues in building upkeep? As mentioned, maintenance of the property is a comprehensive job, however there are two main issues that frequently arise and they are: plumbing and wiring. Problems involving the water and sewage systems are usually of immediate concerns and must be addressed as soon as possible. Property maintenance staff is responsible for educating tenants and residents regarding proper use of toilet, sink and other similar equipment to avoid serious problems. Proper disposal of garbage and proper use of water must be emphasised.

    Electrical problems are also common in property complexes and establishments. These problems are often life-threatening, and therefore should be addressed immediately. The property manager in charge in building maintenance must make regular and random checks on the electrical systems, and then contact a qualified electrician to resolve issues. Just like shortage in water supply, power outage causes great inconvenience to tenants and residents. The property manager must not waste time in addressing these concerns.

    What other concerns involve property management? There are instances of intrusion or burglary, which threatens the security of the tenants or residents in the building. The property must be provided with security systems and personnel to maintain the level of safety. Also, routine repairs and checks must be plotted out on a calendar, visible or known by everyone in the building. This minimizes the inconvenience on the part of tenants or residents.

    All property maintenance activities are necessary to not only make the property visually appealing, but also to extend the life of the structure and to enhance its level of security and comfort. Nevertheless, it must be noted that building maintenance projects require money. It’s part of the job of the property manager to determine the cost and benefit of every undertaking involving property upkeep.

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