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Civil Construction Companies in Dubai

Civil Construction Companies in Dubai UAE : List of the Top Civil Construction Companies in Dubai with Contact Details : Civil Engineering Companies, Civil Construction Companies and Civil Engineering Contractors in Dubai UAE. List of the top civil construction companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map and driving directions. Civil construction often entails the design, building and maintaining of large physical structures that include bridges, roads, buildings and even dams. In most cases you would need to hire an engineer to oversee the whole project from beginning to end. Each and every phase of the project is pre-calculated and laid out according to a strict schedule by the engineer.

Civil Construction Companies in Dubai UAE : List of the top civil construction companies in Dubai with contact details. One of the most important aspects of running a project of that size is considering the costs. Knowing and understanding your overall costs is what will help you manage and plan out your progress according to the funds available. The reason for that is primarily because over spending can end up cutting the project short and incomplete.

When you enter into a contract agreement with a construction company and you require specific services to be fulfilled, you then need to make sure that those services are specified in your agreement. Payment terms should also be discussed and laid out in the fine print of the agreement. Once the project guidelines have been determined, each task is then delegated to a specific party that is responsible for that job. They are allocated resources and get instructed when and where to begin working.

Civil  Construction Companies in Dubai

Civil Construction Companies in Dubai UAE : List of the top civil construction companies in Dubai  UAE : Civil engineering companies, civil construction companies and civil engineering contractors in Dubai UAE. List of the best civil construction companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top civil engineering construction companies in Dubai UAE. Dubai yellow pages online directory providing business listings of civil construction companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1. Al-Habtoor Group 

The Al Habtoor Group has grown with the United Arab Emirates. What started out as a small engineering firm in 1970, is today one of the region’s most respected conglomerates with interests in the hospitality, automotive, real estate, education and publishing sectors. The Al Habtoor Group has earned itself a solid reputation both locally and internationally due to the vision of its Chairman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor.

The Al Habtoor Group is one of the UAE’s most respected and successful businesses. Today it operates in the UAE and international markets. It employs thousands of highly-qualified, experienced professionals. Just as the name of the UAE has become synonymous with trade and enterprise all over the world, the name of the Al Habtoor Group has become synonymous with dynamic growth, evidenced by its commitment to develop and grow businesses in multiple sectors. A solid company reputation is earned by Al-Habtoor both internationally and locally and thus included in our list of top 10 construction companies in Dubai UAE.

Al-Habtoor Group Contact Details

Company Name : Al-Habtoor Group
Company Telephone Number : 04-3431111
Company Fax Number : 04-3431140
PO Box: 25444 Dubai UAE
Company Location & Address : Dubai
Company E-mail Address :
Company Website:
Business Activity: Holding Companies
Category: Civil Engineering Companies, Civil Construction Companies, Civil Engineering Contractors

2. Wade Adams Contracting

Wade Adams Contracting is a project development and a general construction company in the Gulf region. Innovation, reliability, sustainability and quality are what its reputation is built on and it also provides a range of services that can turn any concept or design into reality. It is an OHSAS and ISO certified company and have the capability, commitment and resourced to deliver a variety of projects which also includes underground utilities, infrastructure, marine works, district cooling, grading and bulk earthworks and MEP. A solid company reputation is earned by Wade Adams Contracting both internationally and locally and thus included in our list of top 10 construction companies in Dubai UAE.

Wade Adams Contracting Contact Details
Company Name : Wade Adams Contracting
Company Telephone Number: 04-2666833
Company Fax Number: 04-2693039
Company E-mail:
PO Box: 4337 Dubai UAE
Category: Civil Engineering Companies, Civil Construction Companies, Civil Engineering Contractors

3. Actco General Contracting Co LLC

Actco General Contracting Co LLC, one of the top 10 construction companies in Dubai belongs to a group of multinational shareholders and is a local company which operates in the UAE. It was established in 1975 and since then it has prided itself on an impressive record of successfully accomplished projects and has also enjoyed its status of meeting its schedules and to the highest satisfaction of clients. In each and every task, quality is practiced at all company levels and to provide clients with strong management determinations it offers services that exceed their expectations. A solid company reputation is earned by Actco General Contracting Co LLC both internationally and locally and thus included in our list of top 10 construction companies in Dubai UAE.

Actco General Contracting Contact Details
Company Name : Actco General Contracting Co LLC
Company Location & Address : Mezzanine Floor, Golf Park Building, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Garhoud, Dubai
Landmark: Near Le Meridien Fairway Hotel Zip Code: 4694
City of Dubai
Company Telephone Number :+971 4 2820404
Category: Civil Engineering Companies, Civil Construction Companies, Civil Engineering Contractors

4. Saudi BinLadin Group

The construction company Saudi BinLadin group was established in 1931 and in 1950 King Abdul Aziz planned to first Saudi Extension to the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina. The Saudi BinLadin Group was set up to incorporate various BinLadin companies under a single involvement to prepare for an ambitious and more active international role. The famous group has built many constructions & a building project in Dubai. A solid company reputation is earned by Saudi BinLadin Group both internationally and locally and thus included in our list of top 10 construction companies in Dubai UAE.

Our current manpower strength is 55,715 which includes engineers, architects, technical and administrative staff, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. The plant and equipment available with us are unequaled amongst any competitor in the Middle East. Upgrading of plant and machinery, workshops and work areas are part of the company’s endeavor. We have fully functional Asphalt Plants, Precast Facilities, Carpentry Workshops, Mechanical, HVAC and Duct Fabrication Workshops, Marine Equipment & Transport, Piling Rigs and fully equipped and adequately staffed Laboratories in several locations in the Middle East.

Saudi Bin Ladin Contact Details
Company Name : Saudi Bin Ladin Group
Company Location & Address : Dubai
PO Box: 1555 Dubai UAE
City of Dubai
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2626347, +971 4 2627509
Category: Civil Engineering Companies, Civil Construction Companies, Civil Engineering Contractors

5. Laing O’Rourke Dubai

Laing O’Rourke was founded over a century and a half ago and is an international engineering enterprise. A single source solution is offered for some of the world’s most impressive organizations. Opportunities across a diverse range of professional fields and in locations across the European hub are offered by Laing O’Rourke. The breadth of skills which are required to run a multi-talented organization is the reflection of the vast variety of roles offered by Laing O’Rourke which also enables businesses to provide engineering modernism for the most challenging construction and world class projects. A solid company reputation is earned by Laing O’Rourke both internationally and locally and thus included in our list of top 10 construction companies in Dubai UAE.

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    Civil engineering is now more advanced and complex than it has ever been. Civil firms have begun broadening their scopes of work in to many other sub-fields that demand high standards of precision. One company might do a multitude of scopes like electrical wiring, concrete construction, road work, and even traffic management. With the technological advances in the civil construction industry, there are now many more ways to build new ideas. However, all contractors are not created equal. Below I have listed a few things to consider when looking to contract a civil engineering firm for your project.

    Compare Their Capabilities to Your Requirements : When starting a new civil construction project the last thing you need is too many contractors on one site. This is why it is a good idea to match your requirements with a company that can offer the most scopes of work for your project. Furthermore, civil contractors have been known to outsource work to a third-party if they are unable to meet scheduling or if the scope of work isn’t something they do. Try your best to deter this from happening. Be sure to explain when discussing project plans that you want the company you hire to do the work themselves. If they cannot, you need to find out now. Not later when it is crunch time and a crew shows up on site that you have never seen before. It causes confusion and is more difficult to manage effectively. Not to mention the increased chance for accidents to happen.

    3 C’s of a Successful Project: Consistent Communication and Coordination : This ties in to the first tip above. When managing a project related to civil work, dealing with too many contractors will only make things more difficult than they already are. It will be much more challenging to create consistent communication and coordination with the team which will lead to problems. For a complex project to finish on time and without incident the civil company you choose must have a strong track record of performing the 3 C’s of a successful project. This leads me to my third and last tip.

    Résumé and References : Any major player in the civil engineering and construction industry will have a strong resume of past completed projects along with solid references readily available. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. When I was co-owner of a commercial concrete contracting company we wanted everyone to read our résumé because we had performed some award-winning projects for well-known companies. Call three to four references and find out what they have to say about the firm. Some of the most blunt and straightforward people work in the construction industry. They will have no problem telling you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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    Have you ever considered a career in civil engineering but were too confused as to what exactly a civil engineer does? What does a civil engineer do? If you are still looking for the answer, be forewarned that civil engineering is a very broad subject and there is no specific short and sweet answer. But if you are curious to learn more or are considering this as a profession, you should know that of all of the engineering disciplines, civil engineering is one of the oldest. Civil engineers deal with the design of the physical, built environment. Simply take a look at the place where you live and you will see the results of their design work. For example streets, bridges, buildings, water and sewer utilities, stormwater, channels, dikes, dams, canals, etc. The list goes on and on, and if you study civil engineering you will complete many courses covering the broad field, and then typically focus in on a particular sub-discipline.

    What are the sub-disciplines of civil engineering? Some colleges and universities may name the fields of study slightly different, but in general there are the following sub-disciplines: Materials Science, Coastal, Construction, Earthquake, Environmental, Geotechnical, Water Resources, Structural, Surveying, Transportation, Municipal and Urban, and Forensic Engineering. Essentially there are basic engineering principals that apply throughout all of these disciplines, so a civil engineer could specialize in more than one area. Because the field is so broad, it is not common for a civil engineer to practice in all of these areas, so if you are considering a career in civil engineering you should start to think about what sub-discipline you are most interested in. The following is a break down of each area and a short description to help you better understand them:

    Materials Science and Engineering is a study of the fundamental properties and characteristics of materials. A materials engineer designs ceramics, metals and polymers used in construction. For example, concrete, asphalt, aluminum, steel, carbon fibers, etc.

    Coastal Engineering is a field of study concerned with managing the areas in and around the coast, in particular addressing design issues associated with tides, flooding and erosion.

    Construction Engineering is a field of study to understand the process of construction, including how to successfully carry out construction projects that may include designs from several other engineering sub-disciplines such as geotechnical, water resources, environmental, structural, etc.

    Earthquake Engineering is a study of how structures will react during earthquakes and interact with the movement of the ground. This is a sub-discipline of structural engineering, and involves designing and constructing new buildings/structures, or renovating and updating them to be in compliance with safety and building codes.

    Environmental Engineering is the study of best management practices to protect our living environment, including treatment of chemical, biological and thermal waste, keeping water and air as clean as possible, and environmental clean-up of areas that were previously contaminated.

    Geotechnical Engineering is the study of the earth’s materials, such as rock and soil, and understanding their material properties and behavior under varying conditions (such as seasonal changes, temperature changes, shrink, swell). Geotechnical engineers conduct tests, prepare reports, provide recommendations for construction, and observe and advise during construction.

    Water Resources Engineering deals with understanding, analyzing and modeling water. For example, a water resources engineer has an understanding of water quality and quantity, aquifers, lakes, rivers, streams, and stormwater. Water resources engineers can design conveyance systems, such as pipes, water supplies, drainage facilities, dams, channels, culverts, levees and storm sewers, canals, etc.

    Structural Engineering is the study of structural analysis of buildings/structures. Structural engineers take into account the weight of the structure, dead loads, and live loads, as well as natural forces such as snow, wind, earthquake loads, to design safe structures that will successfully support those anticipated loads.

    Surveying is often considered to be its own separate profession, but engineers study the basics of surveying, which is essentially taking measurements and mapping them for use in understanding properties and designing construction projects. Surveyors also conduct construction surveying to assist contractors by providing staking, benchmarks, etc. Surveyors also provide as-built surveying, to collect data after construction is complete.

    Transportation Engineering is the study of moving people and products in the many forms of transportation, such as vehicles on streets, boats in canals, trains on railways, planes at airports, shipping boats at ports, and mass transit systems. Designs by transportation engineers take into consideration traffic safety of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.

    Municipal or Urban Engineering is the study of the design of municipal infrastructure, such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, water supplies, sewer systems, utilities, lighting, etc. Municipal and urban engineers may work directly for public agencies or be outside consultants hired by those public agencies. Additionally, jurisdictions in some cases will provide civil engineering review of private land development projects prior to construction approvals being granted.

    Forensic Engineering is the investigation of failures in engineering materials, products or structures, usually after there has been damage to a property or personal injuries. This field of engineering is typically involved with civil law cases, and may provide evidence including professional engineering opinions, reports or testimony in those cases.

    In summary, there are many sub-disciplines within the field of civil engineering. Some of the areas overlap to some degree, and if you are considering a career in civil engineering you most likely will be required to complete coursework in many of these areas as part of your education. Hopefully after reading this article, you have a better understanding about what a civil engineer does.

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    A civil engineer is the one who practices civil engineering, which is the branch centered on the design, construction and maintenance of public works. Civil engineers are employed either by the government or by private companies landing contracts to build such public works. Though the qualifications vary by country, being a civil engineer requires at least a four year degree. In some cases, one can advertise as a professional after receiving formal certification.

    A civil engineer designs safe structures that meet standard codes in the regions they are being built in. These structures should be designed with efficiency, maintenance and other economic concerns to endure through years of use. When it comes to transportation, he builds structures to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and to allow expansion and higher user rates. These structures include tunnels, bridges, and freeway interchanges. He also constructs facilities handling fresh and waste water, including sewage plants, delivery systems for fresh water, dams, flood protection systems, seawalls and levees. He likewise can work on projects like a major office building or a city power plant.

    There are many specialties within the civil engineering field. These specialties include structural, hydraulic, environmental and geotechnical engineers. Most of them develop drawings and plans for construction. These engineers are professionals educated to solve problems specifically on site matters. They are knowledgeable of how to deal with various problems occurring on site works.

    The works of a civil engineer play a very important role as it equates for the overall safety of people in many different facets. Being this kind of professional needs strong commitment to using civil engineering background in planning and overseeing various construction efforts in many different areas of this field. He also applies engineering principles to ensure that the structures are built in the safest, sturdiest manner. The responsibility of civil engineering graduates is generally focused on construction jobs.

    He may also have to analyze the proposed site location as well as the entire construction job to be completed at such a site. This engineer also analyzes the process for completing the construction phases every step of the way. This job involves planning of the construction projects that will be taking place in conjunction with the data from the analysis of the proposed project. Additionally, they should inspect the products to ensure to explicitly follow rules, regulations and guidelines for construction.

    The demand for individuals graduated from engineering schools is actually on the rise. Engineering has been rapidly expanding as the steady increase in civil jobs in the infrastructure and construction industries continues. The continuous and rising demand for the maintenance and construction of new facilities is one of the most significant benefits of having a civil engineering job. The growing number of civil engineering graduates to supervise the projects is attributed to this demand. Civil engineers can take on government funded projects if ever private businesses start cutting back on their own projects.

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    Civil engineering has become one of the most lucrative jobs today. Large numbers of students are taking admission in various top-class engineering colleges around the world. A civil engineer’s job not only includes whole lot of challenges and creativity, it also promises a good salary and high positions.

    Civil is one of the toughest jobs, involving lots of field work, research and planning. An experienced civil gets a salary starting from around $75,000. A fresher generally gets lesser than what an experienced engineer can demand.

    According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a Pennsylvania-based popular non-profit professional association, civil graduates got an average starting salary offer of $52,443, as recorded in April 2010. During recession, when most professionals saw a declining salary range, civil engineers enjoyed a good hike, with engineering graduates having a 1.3% salary rise.

    Among the top paying states in USA, mention should be made of the District of Columbia that once offered the highest average salary of $94,520 to engineers. Other US states where engineers gets a good pay-package are Louisiana, offering salary of $88,970, California – salary $87,180, Nevada – $85,820 and Delaware ready to pay $85,710 as salary to the civil.

    With experience and skill, salary of civil keeps on rising. The pace of rise is steady unlike that of other professions worldwide. A highly experienced and qualified civil can even demand a remuneration of $120,000 per annum.

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    Are you curious about how things work and how to make them better? Do you enjoy solving problems and putting your ideas into action? If so, you may want to consider a career in civil engineering. Civil engineering is ideal if you’re socially aware and interested in working with people to solve problems and meet challenges. A career in civil engineering can help build a better future for yourself and for the world we live in.

    Civil engineers plan and oversee the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply systems. As a civil engineering professional, you will be directly responsible for public safety and welfare. Your buildings must perform according to their specifications. Your highways must carry traffic safely. Theses engineers have to think about many factors in the design process, from the construction and cost of the project, to the environmental impact and life expectancy of the project. They also have to calculate potential hazards such as Mother Nature, and how the project will hold up under environmental pressures. Some civil engineers work in administrative positions such as a supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. Others may work in design, construction, research, and education.

    As with any career, success begins with a well-rounded education. Preparation for a civil engineering career should start in high school with core courses in English, algebra, geometry, advanced math, physics and a foundation in history and social studies. A bachelor degree is a basic requirement to becoming a civil engineer. More than 35% of civil engineering graduates today go on to earn a master’s degree. Many pursue a master’s degree later while working. Tuition reimbursement for this is common when you are already employed as a civil engineer. Obtaining a master’s degree or Ph. D. can help you to become an expert in your chosen field. As in any profession, civil engineering education is endless. To keep up with the changes, many choose to continue their education with programs made available by universities and by professional societies, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers ([])

    Approximately 237,000 civil engineers are employed in the US today. Due to broad-spectrum population growth and a greater emphasis on infrastructure security, more civil engineers will be needed to design and construct large buildings and building complexes as well as safe and higher capacity transportation, water supply, and pollution control systems. Their expertise will also be needed to repair or replace existing roads, bridges, and other public structures. Construction and related industries employ civil engineers, so employment opportunities will vary by geographic area. If the construction industry sees economy related decreases, the need for civil engineers can decrease as well. Civil engineers can earn from $43,000 to $90,000 per year depending on experience and specialization.

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