Yellow Pages UAE / Dubai Business Directory / Companies in Dubai : Yellow Page Advertisers Need to Show Up Where the Buyers Are Looking for Answers

Companies in Dubai : Yellow Page Advertisers Need to Show Up Where the Buyers Are Looking for Answers

Companies in Dubai : Yellow Page Advertisers Need to Show Up Where the Buyers Are Looking for Answers. List of companies in Dubai business directory online. Contact details of the top companies in Dubai UAE. Locate top best companies in Dubai directory and request free quotes from the top International companies in Dubai UAE.

Companies in Dubai

Companies in Dubai UAE

List of Companies in Dubai UAE : Complete and updated list of the top companies in Dubai UAE. Find companies reviews, telephone numbers and email addresses of the best companies in Dubai UAE. Find companies in Dubai operating in Dubai free zones including companies in Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone, DUCAMZ, Dubai Auto Zone, Dubai Design District companies list, Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai International Academic City.

Many Buyers Never Consult the Yellow Pages Before They Buy

Customers purchase most goods and services from local merchants. In the past, they relied on the Yellow Page directory to research their choices when they were ready to buy.

The Yellow Pages connected them to providers at the perfect moment in the sales process. They were referred to as “now” buyers, because they were motivated to buy right away. Although most people still spend their money close to home, more and more of them ignore the Yellow Pages. They acquire desired information elsewhere.

Computer-savvy customers go online to find what they need to know about where to do business. A large percentage of young adults or business buyers never consult the directory at all. And they control an expanding chunk of dollars spent.

The Internet Changed the Way People Locate Products and Services

Many buyers find it faster and easier to enter a query into a search engine than to dig through out-of-date phone books. If your primary or sole exposure to buyers is through your Yellow Page ad, you won’t even be in the running when online searchers decide where to buy. It’s time to get your Yellow Page directory exposure to mesh with your Internet visibility.

Places Where Customers Look for Online Information

1. Websites, Portals and Directories

Even a simple site can provide the information that customers want to find about you: location (including maps or directions to find it), hours, products and brands carried, specialties, payment methods, staff, services, prices, credentials, or special sales. Add to it to suit your customer’s desires.

But if you’re not inclined to take the plunge to its own site, your business can still be found through listings in a local portal (a site maintained to showcase community businesses) or in professional membership directories. The search engines can still locate you when queried.

2. Local Search

Local Search combines a search engine query word or phrase with a specific geographic term, like city or zip code. Such search results only include enterprises in that local area. Instead of information about a small enterprise being lost among millions of pages of search results, it shows up in a small pool of local providers. That works for the merchant as well as the person looking for what they provide.

Over 36% of all search-engine queries request Local Search results; and that percentage is growing quickly. Last year, both Google and Yahoo committed to expanding the value of Local Search results they deliver. People want them and are driving the trend. Small businesses that don’t get aboard risk being left behind (and unfound).

3. Local Search on Cell Phones

Google recently offered the local search option on cell phones. Given the widespread use of cell phones, that new feature will create an immediate impact. People on the go (and who isn’t, anymore?) will have less reason than ever to look in the printed Yellow Page directory. They can conduct Internet searches from their car.

Picture this. A person enters their desired business destination (Thai restaurant) plus their town into their cell phone as a search query. Within seconds, the options appear, and the customer can select the best or most convenient choice. They can even click on their preference to dial for any questions.

4. Internet Yellow Pages (IYP)

These are kept up to date (unlike print directories) and can be searched from anywhere. There are a variety of suppliers, so some checking around is required. Some are free or provide a link to your Website. Their usage is growing 25% a year.

Rethink how much you can realistically rely on your Yellow Page listing to provide a steady flow of new business. Merchants who don’t want their enterprise to lose ground also need to provide a combination of web-based promotion methods that potential customers can use to find them. If you want to be considered, you need to appear in the places where customers visit when they’re making buying decisions.

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Companies in Dubai : List of Companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory. Find all the companies listed in Dubai yellow pages. Check out all companies in Dubai companies directory. List of the top companies in Dubai companies directory with company contact details, reviews, photos, directions, telephone numbers and more for the top companies in Dubai UAE. A list of the top companies in Dubai who are currently hiring in Dubai. Find list of top companies in Dubai to apply for jobs to work with top employers in Dubai UAE. Dubai companies list with company name search, email address & company contact details.

List of Companies in Dubai UAE : List of Companies in Dubai Yellow Pages Directory. Find Companies in Dubai with Telephone Numbers, Contact Details, Location & Email Addresses

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