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Dubai Companies Jobs

Dubai Companies Jobs : Dubai companies jobs vacancies – Your ultimate guide to the best way to find top companies to work for in Dubai UAE. Find top companies in Dubai hiring direct & apply online for companies jobs in Dubai UAE. Recruiting and direct hiring in Dubai has changed significantly over the years and continues to evolve as technology changes. It’s important for job seekers to be aware of how companies in Dubai recruit so they can take advantage of the ways that companies are finding qualified applicants to hire.

Dubai Companies Jobs

Companies direct recruitment in Dubai is one of the steps in the hiring process companies use to recruit and hire new employees. The recruitment phase of the hiring process takes place when the company tries to reach a pool of candidates through job postings on company and external websites, job referrals, help wanted advertisements, college campus recruitment, social media recruiting, etc.

Job applicants in Dubai who respond to the recruitment efforts of the company are then screened to determine if they are qualified for the job. Selected candidates are invited to interviews and other methods of assessment. Employers may check the background of prospective employees, as well as check references prior to making a job offer and hiring the top candidate for the position.

Companies Jobs in Dubai : Dubai companies jobs vacancies - Your ultimate guide to the best way to find top companies to work for in Dubai UAE. Find top companies in Dubai hiring direct & apply online for companies jobs in Dubai UAE

Dubai Companies Jobs

Companies Jobs in Dubai – Dubai companies jobs vacancies. Find top companies in Dubai hiring direct & apply online for companies jobs in Dubai UAE. In some cases, employers passively recruit by simply posting jobs on their company website and waiting for applicants to find the job posting and apply. They don’t need to do anything else because of the volume of applications they receive.

Other hiring companies in Dubai are actively recruiting candidates using many different ways to connect with and engage potential employees. Even if they do get many applications they want to be sure they are reaching the best candidates including those who may not be actively seeking employment, but may be interested if they saw a job posting or were recruited.

Jobs on Company Websites – Many large corporations and big companies in Dubai have more applicants than they can readily manage, so there is no need to advertise extensively for candidates for employment. Applicants can apply online by uploading, copying and pasting, or using the resume wizard to get their resume into company’s applicant systems.

If you know of hiring companies where you would like to work for in Dubai, your first step should be to check out the company website to find available job vacancy openings and apply online. Going directly to the source will get your application in the system fast and you may be able to sign up to be notified of new job openings as soon as they are posted. Here’s more on finding and applying for jobs on company websites in Dubai UAE.

Companies Jobs in Dubai : Dubai companies jobs vacancies - Your ultimate guide to the best way to find top companies to work for in Dubai UAE. Find top companies in Dubai hiring direct & apply online for companies jobs in Dubai UAE

Companies Job Vacancies Listings on Job Boards in Dubai UAE – Job boards still play a significant role in company recruiting. Major hiring companies and employers in Dubai post open positions on job boards like Bayt,, Dubizzle and Gulf News. Job seekers can create a profile on these sites and upload resumes and letters to apply for jobs. In addition, many of the top job boards have mobile apps so you can job search on the fly from your phone or iPad.

Companies Job Vacancies Listings on Job Search Engines in Dubai UAE – Job search engines are a good way for job seekers to get job listings fast, because they search many sources where employment opportunities are listed. Even though a job search engine finds many jobs automatically when it searches the Internet, companies in Dubai use them to recruit directly as well. Some popular jobs sites in Dubai are:

In addition, companies and employers in Dubai that would like their open positions featured on a job search engine to receive premium web placement, feed jobs from the company website to Facebook and take advantage of a variety of other recruiting options.

Companies Job Vacancies Listings on LinkedIn – LinkedIn continues to be the dominant network for professional recruiting with 93% of employers surveyed by Jobvite in 2012 using it to recruit. Of those companies, 89% have made a hire through LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Recruiting Solutions enables companies to easily source candidates, share and advertise jobs on LinkedIn and create company career pages to attract and engage talent.

Job seekers can search for job openings directly on LinkedIn and follow companies in Dubai to get the latest news and current job openings. To use LinkedIn most effectively, your profile should be carefully optimized so recruiters can find you when they search for qualified candidates. Here’s how:

Companies Job Vacancies Listings on Newspapers in Dubai UAE – Yes, companies do still place help wanted ads in newspapers and your local paper can be a good source of job listings. You don’t have to buy a paper to find the listings. Check online and you’ll find classified ads for a variety of local jobs on your newspaper’s websites.

Referrals – Employers love referred candidates because the applicant has a recommendation in advance from one of the company’s employees. When there’s a referral, there is a better chance of getting a qualified candidate because the employee knows the company and the type of person needed for the job.

Plus, referrals streamline the hiring process. In fact, some companies pay bonuses to employees who refer candidates who are hired. For the job seeker, getting a referral from someone who already works at a company can be a great way to get your resume a close look from the hiring manager.

Social Recruiting – The use of social recruiting, which takes place when companies use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise job openings and recruit potential employees is continuing to increase. Over 92% of companies plan on recruiting through social media in 2012 and 73% have already successfully hired a candidate through a social network. The top sites for recruiting applicants, aside from LinkedIn, are Facebook and Twitter, with 66% of recruiters using Facebook to find new talent and 54% using Twitter.

Companies in Dubai, large and small, have Facebook and Twitter pages where you will find company information, job postings, tips and advice for applying and information about what it’s like to work for the company. Companies in Dubai often post open jobs to these sites prior to posting elsewhere, so if you follow the company on Twitter or like it on Facebook, you’ll be able to get a head start on getting your application in.

In addition to companies participating in social recruiting efforts, the job boards also have a strong social media presence. Most top sites have Twitter pages where they tweet job openings and career advice. On Facebook, for example, you can find job listings and career tips on the Facebook pages of many job boards.

Walk-In Applications – Many smaller employers do still hire the old-fashioned way with a sign in the window. If you’re interested in a job with a local company, don’t hesitate to apply in-person if you see a sign or stop in and ask if the company is hiring if you don’t. You have nothing to lose, and a job to gain, by asking a quick question.

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  1. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Living and working in Dubai is a dream for many. Do you have the same aspirations? Read on to know all about the employment scenario and jobs in Dubai. Dubai is one of seven emirates of the UAE. It is controlled by emir, an independent ruler. It is located in the southern part of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the wealthiest regions in the United Arab Emirates.

    Economy of Dubai : The economy of Dubai is largely dependent on its oil industry. It is rich mainly because of its huge oil resources. The large oil reserves of Dubai have made it one of the biggest oil producers in the world. But Dubai has not relied only on oil for its economic growth. This fast-growing place has also a large number of booming sectors like

    Real Estate
    Information Technology (IT)

    Employment in Dubai : The fast growing sectors in Dubai have created numerous jobs. These lucrative jobs attract thousands of employment seekers to Dubai every year. The jobs require the right qualifications, level of experience as well as English speaking skills.

    Qualifications for Dubai jobs : What are the qualifications that you need to strike it big in Dubai? Take a look.

    Education – With more educational institutions being set up every day, teaching jobs are constantly on the rise. People from many countries move to Dubai to bag these jobs. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree with an honors specialization in any subject. You also need a BEd degree. Three to four years of teaching experience in an educational institution is preferable.

    Information Technology (IT) – The world-class infrastructure and facilities in Dubai have encouraged many reputed IT firms to set up their bases here. Microsoft, Oracle and IBM are some of the famous IT companies located here. You got to be a bachelor or a master in computer applications or any equivalent degree to secure IT jobs here. It is better if you also have diploma certificates from reputed institutes. About 4 years of working experience in a reputed IT firm is preferable.

    Retail – The growing number of shopping malls in Dubai has earned it the name “shopping capital of the Middle East”. At present, it has over 70 shopping malls and numerous boutiques, departmental stores and shops. To bag good retail jobs, you need to have diploma certificates in retail management courses from noted institutions. MBA degrees are also an essential requirement.

    Hospitality – A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is the least requirement for these jobs.

    Job sites in Dubai UAE : The job sites on the net offer an easy way to look for jobs available in Dubai. These employment sites offer country based job search option. You can use it to look for attractive employment offers in Dubai. You can also save time by typing “Jobs in Dubai” in the Google search-box. Visit the job sites that come up in the search results. You must register at these sites to apply for the job offers posted there. Registration is free unless you decide to use any of the paid services offered by the sites. In that case, you need to take up a premium membership.

    Dubai job consultancy firms : Looking for another effective way to look for employment in Dubai? Get in touch with any of the recruitment agencies in Dubai. You need to provide these firms with your resume as well as professional and educational details. The companies will look for the best jobs for you based on your profile. They can also provide you with other useful services like

    Resume writing tips
    Guidance about career prospects in Dubai
    Advice about salary structure in Dubai
    Desirable candidate profile

    These firms may charge you a small amount for their annual services. Here is a list of some of the top placement agencies in Dubai. The list includes the names and contact details of the recruitment firms in Dubai.

    BAC Middle East
    Address: Office 120,
    Sultan Business Centre,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +9714-3375747.

    Hill McGlynn Dubai
    Address: Office 612, Building 4WA,
    Dubai Airport Free Zone,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +971 (0) 4 299 3366

    Clarendon Parker
    Address: Office 205, Building no.1,
    Dubai Internet City,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +971 4 3910460.

    ACR World Intl. Search
    Address: Office 62, Level 3,
    Oasis Centre,
    Al Quoz1,
    Sheikh Zayed Road,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +9714-3397277.

    iQ selection
    Address: 103/104 Oud Metha (Citibank) Building,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +9714-3244094.

    Executive Solutions UAE
    Address: Al Manara Building,
    Sh. Zayed Road,
    Al Quoz,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +9714-3389766.

    SineWave HR Consultancy
    Address: Office 427,
    Mattar Al Tayer Block 3,
    Al Mina Road (Satwa),
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: +9714-3985541.

    You can contact with any of these recruitment firms to look for jobs in Dubai UAE.

  2. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Jobs in Dubai – Finding Employment in Dubai UAE : Many job hunters still believe that the streets of Dubai are paved with gold. This may be true to some extent – Dubai is a tax free haven where net income is typically much higher than in other parts of the world. Even so, securing employment is not always easy. Approximately 80% of the population in Dubai consists of foreigners and competition for desired employment positions can be fierce. It is best to have an offer in hand from a company before traveling to Dubai. Of course this may not always be possible and there are certain advantages to traveling Dubai in hopes of finding a job as opposed to searching from one’s home country. For example, many employers will give preference to hiring someone actually in Dubai (and thus available for an interview), rather than having to endure the extra hassle and risk of hiring someone sight unseen. However, there is no guarantee of landing a job before expiration of one’s visa, making a bit of luck and local contacts invaluable in the process.

    Once a job seeker has secured a position, a contract will be signed and the employer will act as the sponsor. The contract should include basic salary, job title and description, length of the contract, and termination conditions among other things. It is vital to negotiate a good package including salary, housing, and school fees if the employee has children. Other allowances may include coverage for medical, transportation, utilities, and / or annual vacation with an airplane ticket to one’s home country. (The law stipulates that companies must provide a vacation / airplane ticket at least every two years). Each company is different and packages will vary. The work week also varies from company to company with some working straight shift and some working split shift (with a few hours break in the middle of the day).

    The sponsor should handle all paperwork required by the government for foreign workers, including getting the employee an employment visa, health card, and labor card. A company’s PRO (Public Relations Officer) will typically handle the logistics, ensuring all paperwork arrives at the necessary government offices for approval. First an employee’s application is approved by the Ministry of Labor, then the employee undergoes a health screening, and finally all relevant documents are transferred to the Ministry of Interior who stamp the residence visa in the employee’s passport. Employment visas are valid for a maximum of three years although they are renewable. In general, expatriate workers are not granted UAE citizenship or permanent residency. The Dubai government has taken steps to drive Emiratization of the workforce (stipulating that a fixed percentage of workers in certain industries must be UAE nationals and that all companies having 100 or more employees must hire UAE nationals as their PRO and/or Human Relations Manager). However, it is still believed that expatriate employees will make up a major part of the workforce in the UAE for years to come.

    Jobs in Dubai – Finding Employment in Dubai UAE : For those hoping to find jobs in Dubai, there are various avenues to take. There are several recruitment agencies with good reputations available to assist job hunters in their quest for employment, including long-standing companies such as Claredon Parker and Kershaw Leonard. As there are many recruitment agencies in operation, it is always advisable to do some research into their reputation and methods before using their services. Unfortunately it is not an uncommon occurrence for job seekers from poorer nations to drain their entire life savings paying unscrupulous agents from their home countries who falsely promise visas and jobs. Fortunately, recruitment agencies in the UAE are regulated and must be licensed, so the potential for scams in the UAE itself is greatly reduced.

  3. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    People from all over the world flock to the UAE in hopes of securing a job and making a better future for themselves. However, it is not always a quick or easy process. Job seekers who come to Dubai should anticipate spending several weeks seeking employment. Employers often receive hundreds of applications for a single opening and competition is tough. Networking can be vital and connecting with others in the same industry through sites such as can be invaluable.

    For those hoping to find employment in Dubai, some excellent online resources include:

    There are also several recruitment agencies with good reputations available to assist job hunters in their quest for employment. These include:

    Claredon Parker
    Kershaw Leonard
    Michael Page
    Manpower Middle East

    To avoid scams, it is always advisable to do some research into a recruiter’s reputation and methods before using their services. Any agency that require a registration fee should be avoided.

    Once a person is officially hired, a contract will be signed with the employer. Contracts can either be limited or unlimited. A limited contract is set for a definite period of time which should not exceed four years. Renewal is not guaranteed. If either party breaks a limited contract early, he or she may incur penalties. An unlimited contract is renewable. After the probationary period (typically 3 to 6 months) an unlimited contract may be terminated by either party as long as there is valid reason and 30 days notice is given. Employment may be terminated during the probationary period without notice or compensation. A basic contract should include salary, job title, start-date and any allowances (if offered) including medical cover, transportation, housing, repatriation coverage, and vacation time. Labor contracts must be in both Arabic and English. While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, an English contract is included for the expatriate workforce who may not understand Arabic. For those working in a Free Zone the rules may differ.

    The employer will act as the employee’s sponsor. Employment visas are valid for two to three years. The work week is typically 40 to 48 hours and overtime is common in some industries. During Ramadan (the Muslim holy month of fasting) the work day is shortened to six hours by law.

    Finding employment in Dubai can be time consuming and a challenge. But with networking, determination and hard work, job seekers may be able to secure their dream job.

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