Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants & Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai
Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants & Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai

Deira Dubai

Deira Dubai : Deira Dubai Area Guide. Discover the Best Things To Do in Deira Dubai & Top Attractions in Deira Dubai. Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai. 

Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Apartments and Shopping. Your essential guide to Deira Dubai. Check out our area guide for Deira Dubai. Learn more about life in Deira Dubai, what makes it so great and why it could be your next home! Food, drink, play and live in Deira Dubai. Discover where to eat in Deira Dubai, where to drink in Deira Dubai, where to shop in Deira Dubai, where to play in Deira Dubai and where to grooming in Deira Dubai. Deira had once been the only towns to be found in the area where the huge, modern Dubai is situated today. This Medina or old-city Deira offers various attractions to its visitors, especially for those who are longing for the cultural-historical exploration of Dubai.

Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants & Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai with Images and Videos

Deira Dubai Area Guide

Deira is situated on the coastal side of Dubai, just next to the other famous Medina district of Dubai, the Bur Dubai district. The natural border that separates the districts is the Dubai creek. There has been a long-time rivalry between these two old-town centres of Dubai, the Deira and the Bur Dubai districts. Instead of vacillating, which one to see, the best way is of course to visit both of them, because each one has its own style, history and attractions.

Deira has once had been the seat of the headquarters of Dubai, from where the government regulated the political issues. Now its importance is more touristic than political. Among Deira’s various and colourful attractions, a must mention is the famous gold-souk or gold marketplace, which is one of the biggest and most visited in Dubai. Its beautiful spice souk is also really worth visiting, with its bustling life and the wide variety of spices in beautiful colours. One of Deira’s most remarkable attractions, the Dhow Wharfage is to be found in the beautiful Port Saeed, which used to be port for the anglers and merchants for centuries. In case you have never heard of them before, let us look back in the history of Dubai.

Dubai had long been the so-called Mecca of the merchants. The Jumeirah area, a long-time business-hub dating back to the Medieval Ages, serving every area in- and even outside the Arabian Gulf, selling and transporting its goods, such as the beautiful pearls, from which Dubai had been already very well known those times.

These goods were usually transported on the water, due to the great location of the town, which has enabled the merchants both to buy and to sell their goods and transport them on water. The Dhow Wharvages has been in use specifically by merchants for centuries. These vessels really do have a unique look, with their long shape and the best wood makes all of them! Even these years, the Dhow Warfages of Deira are widely used to carry goods between Dubai and the neighbouring Middle-Eastern and African countries going even further, down to Somalia or to the huge Sudan.

Deira is the best to visit in the early evening hours. That is when its traditionally narrow streets are starting to get full of happy locals, who are enjoying their free time to spend outside of their homes. As many might know, who have already visited some of the Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern or African countries, people who live under the warmer tropical climate, all prefer to be out in the evening hours, which might last even until 23:00. It is really worth seeing the crowded streets, with music, and hearing the people talk. Deira’s local restaurants are also quite well known and popular all over Dubai. So do not miss the chance to try some of the local traditional foods made of camel or lamb.

Tourist Attractions in Deira

Deira feels like a cross between Cairo and Karachi. Dusty, crowded and chaotic, it’s a world away from the slick and sanitised new districts that have mushroomed along Sheikh Zayed Rd. Along the Creek, colourful wooden dhows engage in the time-tested trading of goods destined for Iran, Sudan and other locales. Nearby, the bustling souqs are atmospheric ancestors to today’s malls, where you can sip sugary tea and haggle for bargains with traders whose families have tended the same shop for generations.

Gold Souk Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous and most luxurious Gulf cities. Yet, it is extremely hard for us to imagine any Arabic city without having some traditional Arabic souks. Dubai is of course no exception from that, under the modern western outlook beats the heart of an Arabic nation. In this article, we will explore one of the main attractions of Dubai: the Dubai Gold Souk. Although Dubai Gold Souk is not as old as the souks of other, historical Arabic and Muslim cities, it is really a one of a kind marketplace, where you will see the shimmer of gold painting even the walls yellow due to the glow of all the vast amount of golden jewellery, which is on show over there. Let us explore the wonder of Dubai Gold Souk now.

Dubai Gold Souk is located in the heart of old town or Medina of Dubai. This area is called the Deira area, which back in the old days used to be the very centre of the government of the town. This area is still a basically old style area with the water of Dubai Creek dividing it from the other old quarter of the city: Bur Dubai. You can use water taxis in here, you can visit the palace of the Royal Family of Dubai Al Makhtoum, you can also visit the Heritage Village complex here, where you can learn a lot about the civilisation of Jumeirah people, who used to live in the area long before Dubai has been established. Gold Souk is located in Deira souk area. Here you can find multiple sorts of souks, just like the Spice, the Perfume or the Textile Souks, just to mention a few examples. Dubai Gold Souk is the largest of each souk, occupying a pretty large area, which is a must, when it comes to housing more than 300 jewellery stores of all size in its area. Gold Souk is not only located on a web of streets: it has shopping centres, specifically selling jewellery and its so much more than a bunch of bazaars. All the most elite jewellery brands of Dubai have their center here: Joyalukkas, Taiba, Damas, Pure Gold Jewellers, Al Zain, Kaloti, Dhamani and so many brands more, you can find here, selling the highest quality gold, coloured gold alloy, diamond, silver all in one place.

The Dubai Gold Souk is not only the center for shopping but also it is the Dubai centre of Gold Trading. There is no gold that you cannot buy here and several stores and companies deal with the selling of large quantity gold for smaller jewellers, 24k gold coins for collectors and 24k gold bricks for investors. Kaloti Jewellery is one of the biggest sellers of gold in the Middle East and India. In Gold Souk you can find every style of jewellery from Western to traditional Indian, in real, when it comes to both quality and design, it’s only the sky, which is the limit.

There are several ways to get to Dubai Gold Souk: if you arrive from Bur Dubai, the best way for you is to take a water taxi (Abra) and get off at Deira Old Souq Marine Station. If you arrive from further, the best way for you is to get the Dubai Metro and get off at Banyas Square. In case you would prefer to take an auto bus, you can choose out of many because nearby the souk there is the Deira Main Bus Station. Dubai Gold Souk really offers an unforgettable experience, no matter you want to shop or if you are just on sightseeing.

Dubai Spice Souk

Picture this – meandering narrow alleys, warm evenings, cries of marker vendors and an amalgam of fragrances teasing your senses. The image in your mind portrays a market place selling exotic goods. Yes, this is the Dubai spice souk indeed and here you can find as well as purchase fresh herbs and spices for Arab and South Asian cuisines. The slightly smoky and spicy aroma that hangs about this place entices food lovers and tourists to the Dubai spice souk from all around the world. The souk is located in Eastern Dubai or Deira on Sikkat Al Khail Road, in the Al Ras locality.

Also known as the Old Souk, as the name suggests it is the largest and the oldest souk in Dubai city. The spice souk has a number of narrow lanes dotted with open and closed roof spice shops. As you walk along the winding streets, you can see traders as well as shoppers haggling with the shop keepers. Bargaining is an entirely new experience and to watch the “professional hagglers” carrying on is a sight to behold. Since the Dubai spice souk is the oldest one around, it looks more traditional than the others. Once you step into the market, you feel as if you have been transported back in time.
The colorful array of spices and their heady aroma is tantalizing.

You cannot get over the incredible number of spices that are available. The shops at the Dubai spice souk sell spices like cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, nuts, cloves, henna and lots more. And that’s not all; you will also find basmati rice, incense or joss sticks, shisha and tobacco, seductive perfumes, pottery as well as baskets. As you move on from one shop to another, you will be enveloped by these sensory delights. The spices are brought from the Middle Eastern region as well as from around other parts of the world. You can buy them on wholesale rates and end up saving a lot of money.

Another fascinating sight is watching the wholesaler packing your purchases which were packed and shipped in Hessian pouches. This keeps the spices fresh and aromatic for a long time. Without any doubts, they are spices of the highest quality and reasonably priced at the same time. The world famous Arab dried fruits are also available. Spices and dried fruits make excellent gifts for special occasions. Food lovers can go wild and buy them to experiment authentic Arab cuisines.

The Dubai spice souk is located just next to the gold souk. The best way to get to the souk is to walk towards the windtowers on the Deira side of the creek. The souk is opened from 10 am to 10 pm every day. The best time to visit would be in the evening, because afternoons could get quite warm. In addition to buying spices, you can also visit the shisha stores and enjoy the experience of smoking one. Try out various fragrances and relive the historic splendor of the Middle East.

Dubai Perfume Souk

Did you ever wonder as to what made the Arabian lands so exotic? Well, here is the answer – perfumes. With this you’d probably conjure up a slightly floral or fruity based fragrance. But this is not the case with the Middle East. The perfumes in this region are spicy and strong. It is a part of their lifestyle and culture. You will find a sharp fragrance in every room or tent in the Middle East. This touch of piquant aromas makes their perfumes seductive and alluring. The best place to buy Arab perfumes is at the Dubai perfume souk. You can walk from shop to shop savoring the stimulating scents and at the same watch people bargain over their purchases.

The Dubai perfume souk is located on the Sikkat Al Khail Street on Deira side of Dubai. Most people perceive that perfumes are light and flowery. Such perfumes are Western creations and they leave subtle overtones about a person. Since Arab perfumes are strong, the scent still lingers for a long time even after a person is not sitting or standing next to you. This lingering trail leaves a mark in your life and remains fresh in your memory. Such is the specialty of the fragrances at the Dubai perfume souk. At the souk, you will not just find traditional Arabian ittar, but also branded and designer perfumes from around the world. The perfume jars filled with a multitude of fragrances look extremely attractive and inviting.

At the perfume souk you will find thousands of scents. You can take your pick depending on your taste or well, on your “olfactory senses”. If you think that none of the fragrances suit you, then you can ask the shop owner to create an all new scent that will suit you beautifully. The custom made aromas are mixed taking into to account your skin as well as personality type. This was once considered a luxury and now you can proudly walk out of the store with a signature scent. This is an entirely new experience by far; not the same as buying perfumes in shopping malls.

Unlike regular perfume stores in malls, shopkeepers give you a whiff of the fragrances you want to look at through incenses. You will not see any local sampling fragrances in a ‘spray by’ manner. In addition to perfumes, you can also buy incense at the Dubai perfume souk. They are sold in the form of sticks, powder, crystal, rock and wood. Arabian perfumes are oil based and they tend to leave a stain when sprayed on clothes. So be careful and make sure you don’t do so. The perfumes are well priced and you can buy several bottles if you know how to haggle.

Frankincense is the most popular incense and is available in every store at the Dubai perfume souk. Breathe in the aromatic creations and imbibe within you their cultural significances. It’s not just a perfume; it’s your personality that is wafting like an aura.

Heritage House

The Heritage House which was originally the home of a wealthy Iranian merchant was built in 1890. In 1910, it became the home of Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk, a famous pearl merchant of Dubai. The Heritage House which is located on the Deira side of Dubai Creek contains two floors that overlook an authentic Arabian courtyard. All the rooms are traditionally furnished, and you will see placards that explain the original purpose of the items in each room. This is one of a worth visit Dubai attractions.

The Heritage House is a traditional family home that has 10 rooms and a large courtyard. It is one of the best renovated old traditional buildings in Dubai. The first room of the house is the meeting or the majlis room where guests are traditionally welcomed. There is a majlis for women which is located in a separate area off the courtyard. Next, you can see a room called Al-Machzan where the whole family used to met and talk during meals. The Al-Hijla was the bride’s room and where married couples could enjoy some privacy.

The courtyard is a place that is commonly found in all the Gulf homes and it is through the courtyard that light and air passes to the rooms surrounding it. The staff seat you in the inner courtyard and serve you a traditional meal and tea so that you may have an idea of the lifestyle of the royal family over a hundred years ago. In 1994 the Dubai Government undertook massive renovation and has converted the house into a museum which throws light on the everyday life of a typical emirate family about a 100 years ago.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

In a very short span of time, Dubai attractions have been composed of numerous parks as the city becomes an oasis of public parks that cater to people of all ages and different interests. One of this houses only the best form of relaxation and unwinding known as the Al Mamzar Park. Al Mamzar is a beach park located on an area 99 hectares wide. It can be found right on the shores of the Gulf where residential houses are built. Basically, it has fifteen air-conditioned units which can be rented for relaxation. It also has an amphitheater that becomes an avenue for prominent musicals. Distributed around the Al Mamzar are numerous children’s play areas which cover modern sledges, hanging games and climbing. In times of thirst and hunger, a snack house and an amusement are built for your convenience.

ike any other parks in Dubai, Al Mamzar has been established for people to enjoy a walk or a moment of communion with nature. Dubai attractions have been established for the city to be known to the world for its tourism and interesting natural riches. Al Mamzar Beach is just a few walks away from the park, so if visitors are waiting for the time to bathe in the Arabian waters again, they can eventually spend good moments strolling in the park. You can definitely see for yourself how residents within the area are blessed with God’s natural wonders. The Al Mamzar beach Park in Dubai is no more than an ultimate destination in the city after long hours of enjoying shopping galore. Its huge area is spacious enough to accommodate a multitude of visitors who are bound to make Deira Dubai attractions etched in their special memory chests.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai attractions are not only about man-made establishments and infrastructures. They too are composed of natural beauty that is all about the city. Dubai Creek Park is obviously built on a bank of a creek and infuses the splendid harmony of the Dubai clear sky, the blue water from the creek and the lushness of the Creek club that boasts of nothing but deep-rooted history of everything about the city. All these and more waits visitors and tourists in welcoming arms especially fused within a park that says it all about amazing tourism.

Occupying an approximately 94 hectare land, the Dubai Creek Park is now considered one of the largest parks in Dubai and at the same time one of the finest of all Dubai attractions. Following the Mushrif Park, Dubai Creek Park is acknowledged for its distinctive location and modern facilities. Within the park are several features including recreational areas, boats and park entrances, restaurants, barbecue areas and children’s game arenas. It has the Green Area which incorporates a modern design with plant species that are cultivated and grown for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. There are about 280 trees and flowering plants to enhance the natural panoramic view of the area.

Moreover, the Creek Park was constructed with five gates that open the opportunity for visitors to enjoy boating. On both sides of Al Garhood and MAktoum bridges are entrances that open the area to tourists from Dubai and Deira. Dubai may seem to be a bustling city of modern pace but within its heart lay an area that caters to nothing but natural charm brought by the trees, flowers and naturally green landscape of Dubai Creek Park. Once overwhelmed with the stressful city life, anybody could always proceed to the heart of Dubai and find himself calmed by the natural ambiance.

Dubai Creek

The ones, who have already visited Dubai, this magnificent and enormous metropolis, for sure know how important role the Dubai Creek plays in the everyday-life of Dubai. Dubai Creek, the “river” of Dubai is really a must-visit site. However, be prepared, because it will take a couple of days to explore the whole list of attractions found over here! The Dubai Creek has been the centre of Dubai for a long-long time. It is natural, as it gives countless chances to use for the locals, most importantly enabling them to use water-transportation, which has a key-role over here, just as everywhere else in the world.

That is exactly why the main old-cities Bur Dubai and the Deira districts are all situated next to Dubai Creek. In fact, Dubai Creek divides them. Still today, there are many boats, water-taxis, Yachts and many other water-vehicles, using Dubai Creek every day. The main districts situated along Dubai Creek are Al Karama, Al Sabkha, and Garhoud in the downtown area. Each district is different from each other, so all of them are really worth seeing! The Bur Dubai and Garhoud districts are the ones, which offer the most of the restaurants, bars and entertainment zones.

Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants & Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai

Among the many attractions, which we can find along Dubai Creek, we must mention the Dubai Wonderland Theme Park. It is one of the oldest and still the biggest theme park mainly for children, but specifically designed so that each generation would find their entertainment and leisure time over there. Here we can find the huge Dubai Creek Golf Club, which is indeed a beautiful place to visit, of course for those who would like see its beautiful green fields and by any chance, to play a little golf.

There is a great chance to look around Dubai Creek within a couple of hours that is when we go along by using water taxi or water boat, out of which, there are those that go regularly such as the Vaporettos of Venice in Italy. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a little bit of longer time on the water, there are several chances and offers for many types of water-sightseeing tours as well!

The nicest stations when taking the water taxi are definitely the Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station of Bur Dubai and the Al Shindagha Marine Transport Station, which is just at the end of Dubai Creek, by the sea. Other famous complexes of Dubai Creek include the huge Business Bay complex, which is a brand new project, only partly ready now and soon to be realised. Then, the enormous Lagoons resident-village complex, such a unique one, will be one of the main attractions of Dubai when ready; will also be here, by the Dubai Creek.

Deira City Centre

When you are in Deira Dubai, you will see that almost all the biggest shopping malls of the city have some extra attractions that make the mall itself more popular. Deira City Centre is not an exception from this rule either. In this article, we will see what makes Deira City Centre unique and what we can find here when we visit the mall.

Deira City Centre, as it is in its name can found in the Deira district of Dubai, Deira district is considered the old town part of the city. Deira was the centre of both the government and the municipality not too long ago, about 50 years ago. Deira, today is a very visited district, being the most famous for its souk district. The souks of Deira are the lone examples of the real traditional souk life in the city; therefore, Deira is highly visited by tourists. Deira City Centre can be found in the downtown of the huge Deira, not far from the Dubai Creek.

The Dubai Creek is a beautiful riverlike creature of Dubai, by which the smart Dubaians have found the best way to make the sea to go deep into the city. Dubai Creek is a big help for Dubai, with its water and altogether is also a beautiful area. It is one of the most popular parts of the city, especially by its mouth, where you can see the highest number of old style buildings hotels and that is also, where the water taxis go, till they reach the Dhow Wharfage, where you can see the beautiful dhow-vessels of Dubai.

Deira City Centre is among the oldest shopping malls of Dubai, which have been built in the Nineties. The shopping mall serves as the main shopping mall for the huge number of people who live in the area and it is a primary stop for all the tourists who stay in Deira, as the area is very popular for its lower price category hotels. The shopping mall has all sorts of stores inside, with a high number of fashion stores, accessory stores and Deira city centre is the most famous for housing the biggest Carrefour in Dubai.

The huge hypermarket sells everything that one should get day by day, from grocery to dairy products, it has a great butchery, bakery and also sells home appliances, electric ware and a basic number of fashion items and interior products too.

Deira City Centre also houses several buffets and restaurants; it has a fair number of jewelry stores and houses several Arabic fashion stores, carpet stores and everything which you may want to take a look at. Deira City Centre is close to the Metro therefore it can be reached easily no matter from which part you are visiting it. The huge mall is full of stores and although it is not the best store for the most expensive fashion brands, it houses a good number of famous streetwear stores such as Monsoon, Promod or Mango. We can really suggest you to visit Deira City Centre, because it is in the heart of Deira, full of stores of all kinds and because it is really a great shopping mall for the shopping of your everyday portion of food at Carrefour. Jewellery & watches shops at the Deira City Centre include: Cartier, Christian Dior Jewellery, Omega, Rolex, Damas Jewellery…

Hotels in Deira Dubai

United Arab Emirates remains a popular destination with travelers across the world. The hotels here are considered to be among the best in the world providing their guest with world class luxury and delicious food. A Hotel is a facility that provides board and lodge services to customers for a short duration. These facilities may include basic amenities like a bed and a rest room. Some luxurious hotels in Deira Dubai have a list of other facilities like swimming pools, spas and gyms.

Hotels in Deira Dubai offer its guests a countless diversity of attractive sceneries as well as a lively culture and lifestyle. The hotels attribute elegant interiors, enjoyable food, and comfortable rooms for their customers. They can be chosen by the customer based on their budget and requirements. The hotels also provide amenities ranging from 24/7 room service, hot water, swimming pool to recreational activities. Customer satisfaction is something they keep as their highest priority.

Novotel Deira City Centre

Located in the heart of the historic part of the city, next to the Deira City Centre shopping mall and close to the commercial district of Port Saeed is the Novotel Deira City Centre. A 4 star hotel, the Novotel Deira City Centre is mere minutes from Dubai International Airport and the Dubai World Trade Center. With 188 guest rooms, international and regional eateries, fully licensed bars and an outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool, the hotel is a great location for business travellers.

Moscow Hotel Dubai

Catering to Dubai’s Russian expatriates and the increasing numbers of Russian tourists to Dubai, the Moscow Hotel in Dubai’s down-town Deira district offers the finest of Russian culture and hospitality to Dubai. The architecture of the building, the interiors décor of the public areas, restaurants and guest rooms reflects Eastern European influences. This four star hotel is managed by the Capitol Group of Hotels.

Al Khaleej Palace Boutique Hotel

A high end 4 star hotel situated in the downtown Deira area of Dubai, Al Khaleej Palace’s lavishly decorated rooms and suites will be a welcome sight for any traveller. The three in-house dining venues as well as a rooftop swimming pool and full gym facilities put the Al Khaleej Palace head and shoulders above the competition. Wifi internet is available throughout the hotel.

Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel

Run by the international Ramee Group operators of hotels and resorts, the Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai’s down town Deira district, near to the city’s greatest shopping opportunities. The hotel features 154 fully serviced guest rooms and 70 spacious luxury suites. The Ramee Group ensures that the Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel is an elegant, comfortable, secure and luxurious place to stay.

Metropolitan Hotel Deira

Providing unbeatable value at great prices, the Metropolitan Hotel Deira is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Dubai’s downtown Deira region. In close proximity to the busiest shopping malls, traditional gold souks, charming eateries as well as the gleaming new developments Dubai is famous for, the Metropolitan Hotel Deira is one of the city’s finest mid-market hotels and is ideal for both value-minded business travellers and families on vacation.

Carlton Tower Hotel

One of Dubai’s longest running hotels, inaugurated all the way back in 1977. The Carlton Tower is located in Dubai’s downtown Deira Creek area within walking distance of the city’s central shopping and business districts. With over 300 rooms and suites, the hotel contains all the facilities and amenities one can expect from a four star establishment.

Dubai Grand Hotel

Ideally situated between the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah, literally a few minutes drive away from Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Grand Hotel is a 4-star hotel offering great amenities at reasonable prices. Make a reservation today to take advantage of the outstanding value for money afforded by the Dubai Grand Hotel.

Ramada Continental Hotel

The Ramada Continental in Dubai has 192 fully serviced rooms and suites with all the modern amenities such as broadband internet, a mini bar in each room, satellite TV and more. The hotel offers 6 dining and entertainment venues, a conference and meeting room, a pool and health and spa facilities. Airport pickups are available for guests and discounted group rates are offered.

Marco Polo Hotel

Dubai’s Marco Polo Hotel provides 128 rooms that are available in both double and twin configurations with connecting rooms available on request. The hotel contains all the amenities expected of a modern facility, including 24-hour room service, a doctor on call, a babysitting service and more. A fully equipped business centre with meeting and conferencing facilities are also available. Marco Polo Hotel also has excellent in-house dining and entertainment venues.

Riviera Hotel Dubai

Perfectly located right next to the creek in the heart of down-town Dubai, the Riviera Hotel provides stunning views of the waterfront and the creek itself. An established four star hotel, the Riveria offers all the expected amenities such as broadband internet access in every room, in-house dining options and many others.

Metropolitan Palace Hotel Dubai

Located in Dubai’s down-town Al-Maktoum Street, the Metropolitan Palace Hotel offers world-class amenities in a luxurious setting within walking distance of the historic heart of the city. Designed with a unique mixture of Far-Eastern, traditional Arabian and modern European influences, visitors from all over the world will be right at home at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel.

Coral Deira Dubai

Conveniently located at the heart of the commercial and retail district of Dubai, the Coral Deira Hotel offers all the facilities and amenities one expects in a modern boutique styled hotel. Three different dining options, a rooftop pool, gym, sauna, steam rooms, broadband internet and much more can be found at Coral Deira Hotel.

Hotel Ibis Deira City Centre

Ibis Deira City Centre hotel is situated at the heart of Dubai’s down-town Deira district next to one of the city’s largest and busiest shopping malls, the Deira City Centre. It is also close to the Port Saeed business district. Unlimited shopping and entertainment opportunities as well as access to business and financial offices are at hand for guests at the Ibis Deira City Centre. All the great amenities one expects from the international Ibis hotel chains are available such as full wifi…

Hotel Apartments in Deira

Hotel Apartments in Deira Dubai are hotels that rent apartments or suites that are fully furnished to guests for a day or on a weekly or monthly basis. Hotel apartments provide all the facilities that a guest at a hotel would receive. The advantage of renting a hotel apartment in Deira Dubai is that when a person has to stay in a country for a short period of time, he/she would not have to purchase furniture, lighting or other household requirements for the duration of their stay.

Hotel apartments in Deira Dubai are the most preferred choice for businessmen and travelers because renting an apartment hotel in Deira gives them the opportunity of enjoying the comfort of a house with every facility and the freedom of having their own space. The apartments range in size from studios to three bedroom suites with feature kitchen and living room areas and would also be equipped with free wi-fi, TVs, fully stocked kitchen, refrigerator and luxury private bathrooms. Some luxury apartment hotels in Deira Dubai would also have a private swimming pool, exercise equipment and so on. These apartments also offer babysitting services, dry cleaning service, and daily maid service. Whereas those on a leisure trip would like their own space and quiet after a day of shopping or sightseeing and hotel apartments could offer just that.

There are different kinds of apartments available from which guests who travel to the Dubai could choose from. Customers could book a studio apartment, double bed studio, single bedroom suite or a double bedroom suite. Hotel apartment in Deira provide facilities according to the needs of their customers; those who travel for business would need to work away from the office and service apartments could provide them with the facilities to help carry out work calls and conduct business from the comfort of their apartment.

Al Harmoodi Hotel Aparments
Bhnd Belhoul Hospital, Al Baraha, Deira, Dubai
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Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel
Bhnd City Centre, Port Saeed Area, Deira, Dubai
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Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments
Bhnd City Centre, Port Saeed Rd, Deira, Dubai
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Al Khaima Hotel
Deira, Dubai
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Al Khaleej Suites Hotel Apartment
Next to Dubai Concorde Hotel, Al Maktoum St, Deira, Dubai
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Al Muraqabat Plaza
Opp Renaissance Hotel, Salahuddin Rd, Deira, Dubai
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Al Seef Hotel Appartment
Near Lals S/Market, Al Rigga, Deira, Dubai
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Al Zahabiya Hotel Apartment
Doha centre, Al Maktoum Road. Deira, Dubai
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Amwaj Hotel Apartments
Bohri Masjid Rd, Deira, Dubai
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City Seasons Hotel Apartments
Next to Dubai Comml Bank Bldg, Bhnd Deira City Centre, Dubai
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Deira Hotel
Near Clock Tower, Al Rigga St, Deira, Dubai
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Eagle Hotel Apartment
Bhnd Hyatt Regency, Nasar Ayal St, Deira, Dubai
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Essa Hotel Apartments
Baniyas Rd, Al Ras, Deira, Dubai
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Flora Creek Hotel Apartments
Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai
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Flora Hotel Apartments
Near HSBC, Nasr Sq, Deira, Dubai
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Golden Square Hotel Apartments
Opp California Hotel, Naif, Deira, Dubai
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Grand Hotel Apartment
Bhnd Rotana Hotel, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai
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Green Sea Hotel
Deira, Dubai
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Hafez Hotel Apartment
Opp Fire Station, Al Ras, Deira, Dubai
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Khalidia Hotel Apartments
Near Clock Tower, Al Maktoum St, Deira, Dubai
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Restaurants in Deira Dubai

Restaurants in Deira Dubai offer different cuisines to cater to different tastes and preferences. Some restaurants in Deira Dubai offer a single cuisine and have specialist chefs, who prepare authentic dishes. While other restaurants offer several types of cuisines to attract more customers. They are called multi- cuisine restaurant. In such place a single chef may be preparing several types of cuisines. The food offered at such restaurants does not have the authentic taste of the cuisines. Some restaurants offer seasonal menu, while others offer the same menu all through the year. Restaurants are part of the hospitality industry and employ a wide variety of employees including chefs, waiters, managers, bartenders and cleaners.

Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Caravan Restaurant
Al Ittihad Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Continental International Restaurants

Carlton Tower Hotel
Creek Side, Baniyas St, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Hotels Restaurants

Charleys Grilled Subs
Deira City Center, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Chicking Fried Chicken
Century Mall, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Fast Food Restaurants

Chowking Orient Restaurant
G-39, Al Ghurair City, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Cleopatra Restaurant – Ana Palace Hotel
G Flr, Near Sabkha Bus Stn, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Russian Restaurants

Dallas Restaurant
Bin Suloom Bldg, Al Shaab Colony, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Delhi Darbar Bombay Restaurant
More Info more info icon
Naif Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Domino’s Pizza
Bu Haliba Plaza, Al Muraqqabat St, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Fast Food Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants

Eagle Restaurant
Near Abu Hail Pharmacy, Hor Al Anz, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants, Pakistani Restaurants

Entrecote – Al Khaleej Palace Hotel
Near Etisalat, Maktoum St, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants, French Restaurants

Exzotica Restaurant
Near Lotus Boutique Hotel, Al Baraha, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Russian Restaurants

Fantasy Restaurant
Deira, Dubai
Categories: Arabic Lebanese Restaurants

Golden Burger Restaurant and Internet Cafe
Abraj Centre, Sabakha Bus Stand, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Madras Star Vegetarian Restaurant
Deira, Dubai
Categories: Indian Restaurants

Madras Vegetarian Restaurant
Near Abu Hail Metro Station, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Indian Restaurants

Mahe Restaurant
Bhnd Naif Park, Naif Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Indian Restaurants

Ponderosa Steak House
Bhnd Dnata Car Park, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Continental International Restaurants

The Swan
Al Ghurair Centre, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Tala Semplice
8th St., Deira City Centre, Dubai
Categories: Italian Restaurants

The Market Place
JW Marriot, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Continental International Restaurants

The Monsoon
Flora Grand Hotel, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Indian Restaurants

Park Hyatt, Deira, Dubai
Categories: French Restaurants

Zahrat Al Quds Rest
Abu Hail Centre, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Restaurants

Shopping Malls in Deira Dubai

There are many beautiful shopping centres in Deira Dubai catering to different needs of people of all ages. Shopping centres house many retailers under one roof. These retail spaces also have various entertainment facilities and dining areas. Shopping centres are generally multi-storeyed buildings or many buildings scattered on thousands of square feet of area. There are shops, restaurants, theatres, resting areas and playgrounds for kids. Shopping centres house various national and international retails of shoes, clothes, bags, books, cosmetics, grocery, gifts and accessories. They also house technology retailers and food chains. Shopping centres are now days the ultimate shopping and entertainment destination for people of all ages.

Abraj Shopping Centre
Abraj Bldg, Near Sabkha Bus Station, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Bakhit Centre
Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Khabaisi, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres |

Al Dana Centre
Al Maktoum Road, Al Muraqqabat Deira, Next To Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Hamriya Shopping Complex
Abu Hail Road, Hor Al Anz, Deira, Abu Dhabi
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Mamzar Business Center
More Info more info icon
Hor Al Anz East, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Business Centres, Shopping Centres

Al Manal Centre
Al Manal Shopping Centre, Naif Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Mulla Plaza
Al Nahda R/A, Dubai-Sharjah Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Nakheel Center
Yousuf Baker Road, Naif, Deira Souq, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Al Sharafi Plaza
Al Mussalla Road, Naif, Deira Souq, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Aswaaq Centre
Entrepreneur Business Village Building, Al Maktoum Road, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Chinese Commodity City
Al Musalla Centre, Al Musalla Road, Naif, Deira Souq, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Doha Centre
Al Maktoum Road, Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Dubai Shopping Center
Opp Deira City Centre Parking No 3, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Fakree Centre
Al Sabkha Road, Al Sabkha, Deira Souq, Beside Al Sabkha Bus Station, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Gold House 3
Al Khor Street, Al Ras, Deira Souq, Near Al Ras Metro Station, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Hamarain Centre
Near J W Marriott Hotel, Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Max Shoe
Ali Bin Salem Bin Jassim building, Al Rigga Road, Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Naif Plaza Centre
Al Mussalla Road, Naif, Deira Souq, Opposite Orange Hotel, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

401, Twin Towers, Baniyas Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Reef Mall
Salahuddin St, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

The Gold Centre
Al Khor Street, Al Ras, Deira Souq, Near Gold Souk Bus Station, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Twin Towers Shopping Centre
Baniyas St, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Warba Centre
Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Nerar Al Muraqqabat Police Station, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

Warba Shopping Centre
Near JW Marriott Hotel, Salahuddin Rd, Deira, Dubai
Categories: Shopping Centres

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