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Deira Dubai : Deira Dubai Area Guide. Discover the Best Things To Do in Deira Dubai & Top Attractions in Deira Dubai. Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai. 

Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Apartments and Shopping. Your essential guide to Deira Dubai. Check out our area guide for Deira Dubai. Learn more about life in Deira Dubai, what makes it so great and why it could be your next home! Food, drink, play and live in Deira Dubai. Discover where to eat in Deira Dubai, where to drink in Deira Dubai, where to shop in Deira Dubai, where to play in Deira Dubai and where to grooming in Deira Dubai. Deira had once been the only towns to be found in the area where the huge, modern Dubai is situated today. This Medina or old-city Deira offers various attractions to its visitors, especially for those who are longing for the cultural-historical exploration of Dubai.

Deira Dubai Area Guide : Deira Souks, Location Map, Hotels, Hotel Apartments & Shopping Centres, Restaurants & Attractions & Tourist Places in Deira Dubai with Images and Videos

Deira Dubai Area Guide

Deira is situated on the coastal side of Dubai, just next to the other famous Medina district of Dubai, the Bur Dubai district. The natural border that separates the districts is the Dubai creek. There has been a long-time rivalry between these two old-town centres of Dubai, the Deira and the Bur Dubai districts. Instead of vacillating, which one to see, the best way is of course to visit both of them, because each one has its own style, history and attractions.

Deira has once had been the seat of the headquarters of Dubai, from where the government regulated the political issues. Now its importance is more touristic than political. Among Deira’s various and colourful attractions, a must mention is the famous gold-souk or gold marketplace, which is one of the biggest and most visited in Dubai. Its beautiful spice souk is also really worth visiting, with its bustling life and the wide variety of spices in beautiful colours. One of Deira’s most remarkable attractions, the Dhow Wharfage is to be found in the beautiful Port Saeed, which used to be port for the anglers and merchants for centuries. In case you have never heard of them before, let us look back in the history of Dubai.

Dubai had long been the so-called Mecca of the merchants. The Jumeirah area, a long-time business-hub dating back to the Medieval Ages, serving every area in- and even outside the Arabian Gulf, selling and transporting its goods, such as the beautiful pearls, from which Dubai had been already very well known those times.

These goods were usually transported on the water, due to the great location of the town, which has enabled the merchants both to buy and to sell their goods and transport them on water. The Dhow Wharvages has been in use specifically by merchants for centuries. These vessels really do have a unique look, with their long shape and the best wood makes all of them! Even these years, the Dhow Warfages of Deira are widely used to carry goods between Dubai and the neighbouring Middle-Eastern and African countries going even further, down to Somalia or to the huge Sudan.

Deira is the best to visit in the early evening hours. That is when its traditionally narrow streets are starting to get full of happy locals, who are enjoying their free time to spend outside of their homes. As many might know, who have already visited some of the Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern or African countries, people who live under the warmer tropical climate, all prefer to be out in the evening hours, which might last even until 23:00. It is really worth seeing the crowded streets, with music, and hearing the people talk. Deira’s local restaurants are also quite well known and popular all over Dubai. So do not miss the chance to try some of the local traditional foods made of camel or lamb.

Tourist Attractions in Deira

Deira feels like a cross between Cairo and Karachi. Dusty, crowded and chaotic, it’s a world away from the slick and sanitised new districts that have mushroomed along Sheikh Zayed Rd. Along the Creek, colourful wooden dhows engage in the time-tested trading of goods destined for Iran, Sudan and other locales. Nearby, the bustling souqs are atmospheric ancestors to today’s malls, where you can sip sugary tea and haggle for bargains with traders whose families have tended the same shop for generations.

Gold Souk Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous and most luxurious Gulf cities. Yet, it is extremely hard for us to imagine any Arabic city without having some traditional Arabic souks. Dubai is of course no exception from that, under the modern western outlook beats the heart of an Arabic nation. In this article, we will explore one of the main attractions of Dubai: the Dubai Gold Souk. Although Dubai Gold Souk is not as old as the souks of other, historical Arabic and Muslim cities, it is really a one of a kind marketplace, where you will see the shimmer of gold painting even the walls yellow due to the glow of all the vast amount of golden jewellery, which is on show over there. Let us explore the wonder of Dubai Gold Souk now.

Dubai Gold Souk is located in the heart of old town or Medina of Dubai. This area is called the Deira area, which back in the old days used to be the very centre of the government of the town. This area is still a basically old style area with the water of Dubai Creek dividing it from the other old quarter of the city: Bur Dubai. You can use water taxis in here, you can visit the palace of the Royal Family of Dubai Al Makhtoum, you can also visit the Heritage Village complex here, where you can learn a lot about the civilisation of Jumeirah people, who used to live in the area long before Dubai has been established. Gold Souk is located in Deira souk area. Here you can find multiple sorts of souks, just like the Spice, the Perfume or the Textile Souks, just to mention a few examples. Dubai Gold Souk is the largest of each souk, occupying a pretty large area, which is a must, when it comes to housing more than 300 jewellery stores of all size in its area. Gold Souk is not only located on a web of streets: it has shopping centres, specifically selling jewellery and its so much more than a bunch of bazaars. All the most elite jewellery brands of Dubai have their center here: Joyalukkas, Taiba, Damas, Pure Gold Jewellers, Al Zain, Kaloti, Dhamani and so many brands more, you can find here, selling the highest quality gold, coloured gold alloy, diamond, silver all in one place.

The Dubai Gold Souk is not only the center for shopping but also it is the Dubai centre of Gold Trading. There is no gold that you cannot buy here and several stores and companies deal with the selling of large quantity gold for smaller jewellers, 24k gold coins for collectors and 24k gold bricks for investors. Kaloti Jewellery is one of the biggest sellers of gold in the Middle East and India. In Gold Souk you can find every style of jewellery from Western to traditional Indian, in real, when it comes to both quality and design, it’s only the sky, which is the limit.

There are several ways to get to Dubai Gold Souk: if you arrive from Bur Dubai, the best way for you is to take a water taxi (Abra) and get off at Deira Old Souq Marine Station. If you arrive from further, the best way for you is to get the Dubai Metro and get off at Banyas Square. In case you would prefer to take an auto bus, you can choose out of many because nearby the souk there is the Deira Main Bus Station. Dubai Gold Souk really offers an unforgettable experience, no matter you want to shop or if you are just on sightseeing.

Dubai Spice Souk

Picture this – meandering narrow alleys, warm evenings, cries of marker vendors and an amalgam of fragrances teasing your senses. The image in your mind portrays a market place selling exotic goods. Yes, this is the Dubai spice souk indeed and here you can find as well as purchase fresh herbs and spices for Arab and South Asian cuisines. The slightly smoky and spicy aroma that hangs about this place entices food lovers and tourists to the Dubai spice souk from all around the world. The souk is located in Eastern Dubai or Deira on Sikkat Al Khail Road, in the Al Ras locality.

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