Dubai Doctors List

Dubai Doctors List : Best Doctors in Dubai : Find Doctors by Specialties in Dubai UAE

Dubai Doctors List : Best doctors in Dubai : Find doctors by specialties in Dubai UAE. Find a doctor with Dubai doctor directory and get information including the physician’s education, training, cost, prices, practice information, health insurance affiliations and contact information. Finding a doctor has never been easier. UAE yellow pages online directory providing a list of doctors, general doctors, plastic surgery specialist doctors, physicians & surgeons, dentist, reconstructive surgery specialist doctors. Search doctors and medical professionals by specialty, condition, location, and insurance. Read reviews by millions of users. Rate local doctors.

Dubai Doctors List

Dubai Doctors List : Best Doctors in Dubai : Find Doctors by Specialties in Dubai UAE. If you need a special kind of doctor or require a certain type of treatment plan that the doctor you are seeing at the present time cannot offer to you then you should do doctor research to locate a physician who can meet your needs. Your health is not something that you should fool around with nor is it something that you should ignore. If you have encountered a problem and your doctor cannot help you then you must find a specialist who can as soon as possible! Leaving a health concern and hoping it will go away on its own is only inviting trouble into your life.

Many people wonder if they should see a family physician, an internal medicine specialist, a naturopath or just see several specialists. There is certainly not one correct answer for everyone, but there are some ways to go about thinking that will give you a good chance of finding a physician right for you.

Probably the first thing to consider is whether you already have a strong opinion on this subject. If you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, but if you have a strong opinion that internists are superior to family physicians, or that you want one physician for your whole family then you should probably go with your beliefs.

If you don’t have a strong preexisting value on the topic then the next thing to consider is whether you know an extraordinary primary care physician in your community. Talent in general is going to trump specialty training when choosing a physician. If there is a family doctor, or an internist in your area that you believe is really superior, that’s who you should choose. If you are already seeing a physician that you like, don’t change unless you have a great reason. All that said, here are a few things that may help you make up your mind:

Family Physicians: Generally family doctors will be able to take care of both children and adults. If you want one doctor for the whole family, a family doctor is for you. Most family physicians are comfortable with office gynecology, and will be able to do your annual well woman exams, PAP test, breast exam, and manage contraceptive needs. Some deliver babies too. This can eliminate the need for an OB-GYN specialist if you don’t have complex GYN needs. Most family physicians have more training in minor orthopedic care than many internists, so may be more comfortable with sports medicine, minor injuries and minor trauma care. Also most family doctors do office based dermatologic surgery, removal of minor skin lesions, etc.

Internal Medicine Specialists: (internists) Internists are specialists in the care of adult non-surgical medical problems. They have more extensive training than family physicians in the care of complex medical problems. If you have multiple advanced or difficult medical problems you may benefit from using an internist for your primary care. If you have complicated non-surgical medical problems an internist may be better able to manage most of them with less sub-specialist consultation, making less need to see a whole lot of different physicians for care of your health. This can reduce the number of doctor’s visits and save you time.

Pediatricians: Pediatricians are physicians who care for children. Most have an upper age limit for patients that can range from 16-21+. If your child has difficult medical problems, like major congenital heart disease, type 1 diabetes, or other major complex health problems, you may be better served by a pediatrician than a family doctor. Otherwise it is really a personal choice of whether to choose a pediatrician or a family physician for your child’s care. All told you should find a doctor you like, can communicate well with, and trust. Then stick with them unless you have a really good reason to change.

Dubai Doctor Directory : A Medical Guide to Medical Specialists in Dubai UAE. List of Best Doctors in Dubai with Contact Details, Doctor Names & Telephone Numbers

Dubai Doctors List

Dubai Doctors List : Best Doctors in Dubai : Find Doctors by Specialties in Dubai UAE. There are many types of doctor and many doctors that have specializations that didn’t exist the previous years. This is due to the fact that all eras have new diseases that require special care. So today we have the doctors that we used to have and many types of doctor that are new and have a specialization in something that concerns people of today.

An allergist is a doctor that is specialized in allergies occurring from the environment or from other causes. This doctor will diagnose if your persistence flu symptoms are caused by an allergy and then run some simple tests that will help reveal the allergic factor. Treatment will be provided or in rare cases when no treatment is available, prevention methods will solve or reduce the problem. A dermatologist is a type of doctor that specializes in skin problems. Skin problems are common and include common eczema and acne. There are also severe conditions that can be treated by this doctor like inflammations, burnings, sun damage and skin cancer. These two types of doctor may work together or the patient may be advised to visit both of them as a skin rash for example may be caused by an allergy.

A gynecologist is a doctor that is treating problems that women have with their internal reproductive organs and are also responsible for following the course of pregnancy and delivering babies. There are many specializations within this area such as doctors that address problems of conceiving. These doctors are also surgeons and have a broad understanding of tumors that affect the female reproductive organs.

An oncologist is a new type of doctor. He is a physician that threats tumors that can cause cancer or not. This doctor has the education of a typical physician doctor and then specializes in being able to understand which tumors can cause cancer, make a diagnosis and propose the right treatment for each case. An oncologist didn’t exist in the past as this disease was very rare. As the disease progressed, the specialization became a need and so today we also have oncologists. These doctors also undertake a research to find answers of causes and provide better treatment.

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