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Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.
Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory & Yellow Pages

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory & Yellow Pages Online Directory – Browse agriculture companies in Dubai UAE – Find agriculture manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, traders, dealers, manufacturing companies and retailers in Dubai for vegetable, fodder & feed additives, horticulture & garden tools, agriculture & by-product agents, agriculture product stocks, agro products & commodities.

Dubai Agriculture Companies List

Browse the top agriculture companies in Dubai UAE – Check the below listing of leading agriculture companies in Dubai by product suppliers, provided by and select the best one for your requirements. Find agriculture manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, traders, dealers, manufacturing companies and agriculture retailers in Dubai with company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, reviews and ratings.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory

Dubai Agriculture Companies List – Agriculture is a vast industry covering different aspects of agricultural methodologies/ techniques, agro food production, and agricultural resources, machinery, fertilizers, equipment, etc. There are number of reliable agriculture products manufacturers in the Dubai market.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.

As per your specific requirements and demands, you can choose the vendors. In Dubai, agriculture industry hugely contributes to the economy. The agricultural practice is highly devotional to promotion of subsistence farming methods as well as adequate implementation. In your day to day life, you consume and use number of agricultural products.

Major agricultural products in Dubai can be grouped into food, raw materials, fibers, fuels, and prohibited drugs. Exact food items include cereals, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Whereas fibers include wool, yarn, silk and flax and raw materials include lumber, bamboo, etc.

Development of agricultural production methods helps in increasing productivity, thereby meeting rising market demands. Various activities are carried out using different types of agricultural machinery and equipment. Furthermore, to process raw/ natural agricultural products processing machines are used. With just one click, you can send online business inquiries directly to the listed businesses and companies in Dubai through email address, SMS or by company telephone contact numbers.

agriculture products in this section, you will find listings of Dubai manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of agro products, agricultural equipment & machinery, fertilizer, jute products and more. You can browse the categories to get suppliers and products information and send business inquiries directly.

Agriculture Companies in Dubai – Discover the ultimate resource for buyers looking for information about agricultural products, agro products, agricultural fertilizer, pesticides, animal fodder along with their suppliers, distributors, exporters. Visit sub categories for detailed information and send business inquiries directly through email, sms or by using company telephone contact numbers.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.

Agriculture Agents & Companies in Dubai

Dubai is known across the world for its high agro production rate. With these products, the country regularly gets high stock of agriculture by product which are also utilized in various areas and greatly contributing towards the rising GDP of our nation.

Various eminent companies of the market are working full time as an eminent Agriculture by product agent to meet the demands of various by-product feed such as oilseed cakes, copra, wheat bran, dried brewers, cottonseed pito mash and maize bran. By products of agriculture industry are widely used in the rations of non-ruminants. Some agricultural by-products that are extensively used in the rations of sheep are coffee pulp, cocoapod husk, peels of cassava, cocoyarn & yam, rice-bran, sun-dried poultry manure, plantain, corncobs and legume straws.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.

Agriculture Product Stocks Companies in Dubai

Today, a large number of agriculture product stocks suppliers in Dubai are attaining immense growth in the market due to their specialization. These companies in Dubai keep a huge stock of agriculture commodities and supply the same to clients, throughout the year.

Such bulk storage of agriculture product stocks done by these companies proves to be of great help at the time of no or less availability of the agriculture crops. The supply of fruits, vegetables and several agriculture products by these companies at the time of seasonal loss of a crop due to poor climatic conditions greatly help in declining the high cost and meeting the market requirements. Agriculture product stock maintaining firms generally regularly deal with the fruits & vegetable retailers.

Agro Products & Commodities Companies in Dubai

Agro products & agro commodities comprises all the categories of raw or processed food materials which comes from animals, plants or other forms of life. These comprises in Dubai broad groups of spices, cereals, nuts, seeds, fruits, fertilizers, oil crops, tea & coffee and the likes.

There are many significant sub sectors in agro products such as fish processing, fruit and vegetable processing, milk processing, meat and poultry processing, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks etc. Many agro products manufacturers, agro commodities suppliers and exporters in Dubai are offering agro products & agro commodities.

Dubai Agriculture Companies Directory Yellow Pages. Top Dubai Agriculture Companies. List of Agriculture Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Trading Companies and Retailers in Dubai UAE.

Agrochemicals & Pesticides Companies in Dubai

Below mentioned is the list of prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, who are engaged in providing optimum grade Agrochemicals that, refers to the broad range of pesticides such as insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These chemicals are highly demanded in the agriculture industry. The provided chemicals are highly appreciated in the market due to their remarkable qualities like high effectiveness, precise pH value, accurate composition and stability.

The offered range comprises agricultural chemicals, amino acids, wetting agents, organic amino acids, agricultural organic amino acid, bio larvicides, bio miticid, etc.

These chemicals are used to protect the plants & crops from various pests like downy mild hew, quick wilt and blights root rot. Helps to kill or inhibit pests, the provided agrochemicals are made available in excellent quality packaging options to increase their shelf life. Additionally, these chemicals also increase the fertility of the soil and enhance the productivity of crops. The provided agrochemicals are processed with the usage of optimum quality chemical substances by skilled professionals.

Animal Casings Companies in Dubai

Animal casings are widely used for making sausage products with added smoky and balanced flavors and can also be utilized for distinctive purposes such as designing surgical sutures, burn dressing, strings for musical instrument, pet food, meat meal or fertilizers. Manufacturers mostly use small & large intestine, weasand, stomach and urinary bladder for manufacturing animal casings.

All these parts are taken from most fleshy animals such as sheep, hogs, goat and so forth. Listed manufacturers, traders, suppliers and exporters offer casing by keeping in mind necessary factors like breed of animal, age, health of animal, fodder consumed etc. so that clients can avail quality product with the required strength.

Animal Extract Companies in Dubai

Welcome to the well maintained & updated directory of animal extract suppliers, exporters and manufacturers providing products throughout the globe.

The extracts that are derived from animal organs or tissues are called Animal Extracts. These are used in various products across the globe. Large number of companies are engaged in processing and exporting of different types of animal extracts such as hair, skin, casing, etc.

Development of animal extract & its Products is also done for animal health areas like probiotic enzyme & proteinated trace mineral supplement, immuno chemicals, diagnostics, vaccines, and microbial starter cultures. various types of animal extracts include pig hair, hog hair, sheep casing, chlorella powder, pork casing, bees products, fish meal, fish skin, goat casing, macaw eggs, oyster extract, oyster meat powder, fish maws, etc. Some of the animal extract uses are pharmaceutical drugs, food and beverage, cosmetics, animal feed, etc.

Animal Fodders Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Animal fodder is refer to the feedstock which is given to livestock for feeding purposes. It contains straw, hay, mixed rations, sillage, oil cakes, pressed cakes along with compressed & pelleted feeds.

The animal fodders are rich in nutrients as they are processed by using various plants parts and animal sources. The domestic livestock such as goats, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens are maintained for various benefits by humans. For their healthy being, it is important to provide the right amount of nutrition to them.

Therefore, the animal feed suppliers provide canned pet food, cassia powder, corn gluten meal, cattle grower feed, soybean meal, sprouted grains and so forth. The companies listed below provide good quality animal fodder at competitive prices.

Animal Husbandry Companies in Dubai

Animal husbandry is a science and management which involve breeding, raising and caring animals and livestock for human’s benefits. It also involves taking out benefits from the genetic quality and behavior of animals for providing fiber and food to mankind. The animals are also raised-up for providing assistance in agricultural activities, transporting goods and materials along with other developments.

Given below is the listing of the reliable and authorized companies remarked for offering quality tested assortment of animal husbandry. To provide utmost convenience to our prestigious clients, we have provided an accessible link for each organization. In addition to this, for establishing the strong relationship with clients we have provided the option of ‘send inquiry’ and contact.

Animal Products Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Examples of some animal products are flesh, fat, blood, eggs, milk, etc. Animal products are not only those that we use directly or in our foodstuff, beverage, garments, etc. but these can be used in different forms in various types of products.

Some of the products commonly used in foodstuff include honey, gelatin, dairy products, meat, rennet (used for production of cheese), casein, broths, and more. In order to have good quality animal products it is very important to ascertain proper and hygienic farming of the animals.

Other animal products that have non-foodstuff use include animal fiber, beeswax, feathers, leather, manure, fur, musk, horn, including antlers, ivory, tusks, etc., gallstones (from livestock for traditional Chinese medicine). You can send in your inquiries to the below mentioned animal products suppliers in Dubai with just one click.

Aquaculture Equipment & Supplies Companies in Dubai

Well-known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers listed below are indulged in providing the finest quality aquaculture equipment that is basically used for irrigation purposes. Basically used in laboratory and research centers, this equipment is used for testing purposes in labs. The provided equipment is highly demanded among our customers due to its remarkable features such as outstanding performance, long operational life, accurate reading and impeccable functionality. The products come under this category are chemistry laboratory equipment, soil testing kit, pH meter, etc.

This equipment is manufactured with the usage of optimum quality components under the surveillance of adroit professionals to assure its excellent quality. Moreover, offered equipment does not require much maintenance and consume less power owing to its latest low energy process. in aquaculture supplies, we provide various products such as aqua culture products, fish farming equipment, orchard sprayer, orchard equipments, and many more.

Bamboo & Rattan Products Companies in Dubai

The well-renowned manufacturers, exporters and suppliers listed below provide the finest quality bamboo products & rattan products. The product gamut encompasses bamboo craft, bamboo incense sticks, decorative bamboo sticks, bamboo cocktail sticks, bamboo baskets, hanging bamboo baskets, square bamboo stick, bamboo for construction, household, etc.

These bamboo products are manufactured with the usage of optimum quality bamboo under the stern direction of dexterous professionals. The provided products are mainly used for decorating purposes in order to provide an elegant look to the interior.

Beside this, offered products are extensively admired by the patrons for their contemporary designs, mesmerizing look, elegant pattern and flawless finish. Offered Rattan Products gives an extra grace and beauty to the windows of offices, hotels, houses, restaurants, etc. These products are made available in various designs, sizes, and finishes to meet the various expectations of the customers. Offered product range include fancy bamboo placemats, bamboo runner, bamboo beach mat, bamboo woven mat, bamboo poles, ice cream stick, and many more.

Beans Suppliers Companies in Dubai

This section showcases listings and product catalogs of trading companies, suppliers & exporters in Dubai of edible beans which consists of black beans, broad bean, white kidney bean, roasted coffee beans, purple kidney beans, organic vanilla beans, kidney beans, jelly beans, green moong beans, canned beans, black soya beans, black eyed beans, soya beans, green beans and baked beans. Buyers can view product details and send business inquiries to Beans Suppliers and Dry Beans Exporters through e-mail, SMS or by using company telephone contact numbers.

Cashew Nuts Suppliers Companies in Dubai

“Cashew Nuts” are referred as seeds which are found in the bottom of the cashew apple, and is apparently the fruit of the cashew tree. These nuts contains vital nutrients such as magnesium, copper, manganese, tryptophan, and phosphorus. Many health benefits are also attached with it such as good body builder, no cholesterol, helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, an energizing food, eliminate free radicals, and the likes. There are many cashew suppliers, and Cashews exporters available in the market who are offering optimum quality cashews.

Coffee Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Coffee is a highly popular drink which is made from coffee beans. People across the globe love drinking it as it reduces physical & mental fatigue and also enhances mental alertness. It is highly useful for curbing diseases like gallstones, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer. Apart from being a lovable drink it is used in the treatment of low blood pressure, headache, obesity and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Several coffee suppliers, coffee powder manufacturers, coffee beans exporters are offering these products.

Farm Machinery Companies in Dubai

Well-known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers listed below are indulged in providing an optimum quality Farm machinery that is ideal for cleaning grains, seeds and paddy. The provided machinery is highly demanded in the agricultural industry. This farming machinery is widely used for cultivation purposes. Offered machinery is basically used to plough farms and gardens. The products come under this category are disc plough, disc harrow, tillers, harvester and many more.

offered agricultural farm machinery is extensively cherished in the market due to its remarkable features such as outstanding performance, long operational life and impeccable efficiency. These farming machines are fabricated with the usage of optimum quality raw material under the strict guidance of adroit professionals.

Farm Machinery Parts Suppliers Companies in Dubai

With the aim to make farming process easier as well as faster, a large number of companies around the world are striving to develop Farm Machinery Parts. These are developed by highly qualified engineers, understanding the tooling & equipment requirements at the farms.

For different types of agro crops and cultivation activities, such equipment are available in different technicalities and sizes. Some products for which farm machinery parts can be purchased in the market are agricultural machinery spares, reversible ploughs, thresher rollers, cultivator tines, rotary tillers, trailer, seed drillers, chaff cutters etc.

Agricultural machinery parts available in the market not just reduce physical tiredness & efforts of the farmers but also support in enhancing the overall productivity. several eminent farm machinery parts manufacturers are precisely engineering these so as to have rustproof nature, durability, splendid finish and ability to withstand wear & tear of their range. You can choose the agricultural machinery parts dealers from the below list of eminent firms.

Fodder & Feed Additives Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Feed additives are food supplements for farm animals that cant get complete nutrition from regular meals provided by the farmer. Some main ingredients/ nutrients of fodder additives include Vitamins, amino acids, emulsifiers, essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega 6), preservatives (citric acid), and essential micro minerals (iron, manganese, zinc, etc.). If you are looking for Fodder additives manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, this is the right place.

You can find numerous sellers from Dubai and international markets, engaged in offering feed additives. With a simple click, view their product details and send multiple business inquiries to the listed companies as per your need.

Fresh Fruit Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Fresh fruits are organically grown fruits which are supplied to clients within the specified time-period. These Dubai fresh fruits are well-known for their rich color and extraordinary taste which are well-preserved in the spacious warehouse facility amidst dust-proof and insect-proof surroundings.

These fruits are directly harvested from farm and then is graded and packed under the supervision of agri experts at our warehouse, we deliver these products in refer container via ship or air depending upon the requirement of our clients. However, caution is undertaken to keep the moisture level minimum so that these fruits do not get rotten.

The prominent exporters and suppliers of these products offer a wide array of Dubai fresh fruits such as kesar mangoes, banana, Dubai kesar mangoes, pomegranate and many more. The other offered products are dragon fruit, fresh dragon fruit, fresh seedless lime and Vietnamese matured coconut to list a few. Fresh Fruits are packed hygienically in various packaging materials to retain their freshness and taste. The specialty of these products is fresh, juicy, properly packed and offered at competitive price.

Eggs Suppliers Companies in Dubai

For having protein & choline in high quantity, people across the world are consuming Poultry Eggs from centuries. Eggs that are most common consumed by humans are of chicken, duck, turkey, quail, roe and caviar. A large number of dieticians and doctors across the world suggest to consume eggs regularly due to their high nutritional content.

Egg supplies all the required amino acids for humans and also provide several various minerals and vitamins including riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B6, retinol (vitamin A), vitamin B12, folic acid (vitamin B9) and iron. They are also rich in calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The choline presence in eggs is an important nutrient for the development of human brain and is said to be highly beneficiary for pregnant and nursing women. The array of eggs include chicken eggs, white eggs, brown eggs, toddler eggs, fertile eggs, fertile chicken eggs, farm fresh eggs, etc.

You can contact eggs suppliers and eggs exporters from the database given below through email, sms, and call me free service. also, you can schedule a meeting with the desired seller.

Frozen & Dried Fruit Suppliers Companies in Dubai

For adding rich flavor and taste of various food dishes, frozen fruit & dried fruits are added by several cooks. The range includes walnuts, almonds, cashews, saffron, raisins, pistachio, apricot, pine nuts etc. Everyone would surely like to make favorable dishes via using dried fruits as an ingredient. You can easily see the extensive use of these in various cakes, puddings, chocolates, cookies, snacks and sweet dishes. From home to restaurants, canteens, bakeries, food corners and food & beverages producing units, frozen fruits are widely used to bring taste and aroma.

Not just this, consumption of these is considered extremely good for health due to presence of high vitamin, protein, cholesterol lowering and many other nutrients.

Eminent dry fruits, frozen fruit, dried fruit sellers across the country are striving to provide best to the clients for their taste & health. These are made available by them in several quantity packs that are attractively packed to enhance appeal. Below, we have listed a number of frozen fruits & dried fruits suppliers and exporters who are capable to suffice your needs. Just browse through the listings and contact them for free.

Grain Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Grains are small, hard, dry seeds, with or without attached hulls or fruit layers, harvested for human or animal consumption. The two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals such as wheat and rye and legumes such as beans and soybeans. The leading traders, exporters and suppliers of these products offer a wide array of food grains, coarse grains, whole grains, dubai grains such as maize grits, fresh maize grits, cumin seeds, fresh cumin seeds, soya bean meal, coarse maize grits, etc. to name a few.

These Grains are qualitatively processed and are made free from any adulterants right after procurement. The attributes of these food grains are as follows free from adulterants, consumed on a wide basis, fine grain segregated, properly packed and provides multiple health benefits.

Greenhouse Supplies & Equipment Companies in Dubai

Find here timely updated listings of manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of “greenhouse & greenhouse equipment”. The product range offered includes greenhouse shed, green net, greenhouse agro shade net, garden green house, greenhouse structure, land scape and more.

Here, we help buyers to look for their desired companies by showcasing sellers products to meet all their business needs. View products & contact details of listed greenhouse & greenhouse equipment manufacturers, greenhouse & greenhouse equipment suppliers and exporters with ease, select the companies and send them inquiries directly by SMS, e-mail or by using company telephone contact numbers available on the website.

Horticulture & Garden Tools Companies in Dubai

Horticulture tools & garden tools are some of the indispensable set of equipment which are widely required in agriculture, horticulture and the likes. For processes like planting, cutting, clearing, collecting, different kind of tools are required such as trowel, spades, grass brush cutter, electric brush cutter, hoe, paddy cutter, weed cutter and so on.

There are many garden tools manufacturers, horticulture tools manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters available in the industry who are engaged in offering flawless range of horticulture tools and garden tools.

Dubai is known across the world for its high agricultural production, for retaining & enhancing the reputation of our nation, several companies are offering irrigation equipment that reduce the physical stress of farmers and make completion of irrigation process efficient. These are engineered with the aid of modern technology devices after properly understanding the strengths and loopholes of agriculture irrigation sector. Some widely popular equipment of irrigation that are available in the market includes agricultural irrigation equipment, sprinkler irrigation system, dc hand pumps, irrigation sprinklers, irrigation pipes, paddy seeder, cono weeder, sprayer pumps and inline drippers, to name a few.

For perfectly fitting into the requirements of farmers, several irrigation equipment manufacturers are offering their gamut in variegated models, sizes and technical specifications at economical rates. Availability of such remarkable agricultural & irrigation equipment have greatly revolutionized the cultivation of crops and also the processing mechanisms, which result in enhancement of total agro production.

Livestock Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Are you looking for healthy Livestock for personal or professional purpose? If yes, then from here you can surely find the company which will fit into your expectations. Eminent farms of the world are making available various breeds and types of livestock including holstein friesian cow, jersey cow, jersey crossbreed cattle, red sindhi cattle, punganur cow, budgerigars, honey bees, etc. Such reputed firms have support of skilled personnel for taking care of all the caring activities such as farming, hatching and breeding of livestock.

Dubai livestock provided by prominent enterprise are free from diseases & infections and widely praised for purity of the promised breed. Cows and buffaloes available in this variety are extensively demanded due to high production of milk and active behavior. Firms are also providing hatchery training and behavior training of livestock so that people like you do not face any problem while taking care of cattle animals. Browse through the below listing and select the best company which fit into your requirements & budget.

Nuts & Kernels Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Through this nuts & kernels category, you can get detailed information about the prominent companies of the domain. Nuts are basically a fruits composed of seed and hard shell, some of the popular forms of these are walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, etc.

People round the globe are widely consuming these due to the high nutritional benefits which include rich source of amino acids, vitamin B2, potassium, copper, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus. Cashew Kernels are highly beneficiary for lowering serum LDL cholesterol level & chances of suffering from coronary heart disease and to the patients who are suffering with insulin resistance problems. Kernels are widely used in cooking and also eaten raw, roasted and sprouted.

These are also used for preparing several hair & skin care cosmetic items. Check the below listing of leading Nuts Manufacturers of Dubai, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ethiopia and many other countries. Schedule your meeting by calling or sending messages for free and by mailing sending the inquires.

Oil Seed Extraction Machinery Companies in Dubai

With the use oil seed extraction machinery, oil can be extracted from multiple seeds for use in cooking, cosmetics, soap making or in animal foods (as an ingredient). The high technology machines use the modern way of chemical extraction to process the vegetable oils. Here, the solvent extracts are used, which helps in producing higher yields in less time, keeping the entire manufacturing cost under control.

The leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of these oil seed extraction machinery offer a wide array of oil seed extraction plant, oil seed extraction machines, seed oil extraction equipment, indoor solvent extraction plants, edible oil refinery plant and more.

These oil seed extraction machines are manufactured and supplied under the strict vigilance of the professionals. This oil seed extraction machinery can be easily availed by the clients at affordable prices.

Plant & Animal Oil Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers provide the best quality Animal Oil that is extensively demanded in food and pharmaceutical industry. The provided oil is extracted from the animal fat with the use of ultra-modern machines under the direction of skilled professionals. To make it suitable for human consumption, this oil is refined to remove impurities and toxic substances, a process which involves are bleaching, deodorization and cooling. From the offered product range one can avail products like blown fish oil, cotton seed oil, caraway oil, ajwain oil, clove oil and more, browse online catalogs and many more.

This oil is widely admired by the clients due to its long shelf life, purity, high medicinal value. Some of the other products come under this category are Dubai mackerel fish, whole fish, fish products, prawn meal, fish paste, steam sterilized fish meal, dried fish meal, steam dried fish meal, dehydrated fish soluble, fish soluble, sulphited fish oil, blown fish oil, fish soluble paste. Moreover, this oil is also used in paints and for treating leather. For further information, check the list given below.

Plant Extract Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Plant extracts are usually some oils and other essentials which are extracted from different plants and herbs. These are used for both industrial and commercial purposes. Essential oils and plant extracts are inputs to a range of products including food flavors, pharmaceutical goods and industrial solvents. A wide variety of these extracts is used for medicinal purposes. These extracts are prepared by the collection of useful plant materials and then dried in a ventilated oven. Some of the most commonly used extracts are citrus oils, peppermint, spearmint, lavender and eucalyptus oil.

Find below Dubai and global manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of plant extracts such as jatropha seeds, dinanath grass seed, aloe vera suckers and stylosanthes hamata, ashwagandha extract, tea leaves, damiana extract, green onion flakes, rosemary extract, oat beta glucan powder, oat beta glucan, oat beta glucan extract and natural cardamom extract powder.

View products & contact details of the listed plant extracts manufacturers, plant extracts suppliers and exporters with ease, select the companies and send them inquiries directly.

Plant Seed Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – A seed is defined as the embryonic plant, which is contained in protective outer covering, seed coat. If you are looking for Plant Seed Suppliers and exporters, then you are the right place. Here, we have listed a number of reliable companies which are manufacturing, supplying and exporting different types of plant seeds such as bamboo seeds, spice seeds, palms seeds, rapeseeds, tamarind seed and more.

Through this online shopping space, we give you the opportunity to directly send business inquiries to the selected companies through e-mail, or SMS. Also, you can use company telephone contact numbers, to talk to the prospective plant seed exporters, suppliers or manufacturers.

Plant, Flowers & Dried Flowers Companies in Dubai

Adorning interiors with plants and dried flowers in all seasons is prevalent among masses nowadays. Hence, the demand of these products has risen on consistent basis. Every season brings in the trend of special flowers. Hence, you should choose the suitable dyed and dried flowers, plants that will definitely brighten up the house or office interiors. Different ways of drying flowers are hang-drying, borax and cornmeal, silica, pressing, microwaving, and oven-drying.

In this online space, we list a comprehensive database of dried flowers suppliers, exporters, distributors who are adept in fulfilling the bulk demands of these products. The companies in Dubai listed below are professionals and offer the best collection in competitive prices.

Poultry Equipment Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Some of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of this domain are engaged in providing the finest quality poultry equipment that helps poultry owners in increasing their profit. By inculcating sophisticated technology, this equipment is manufactured with the use of quality tested components with under the stern direction of dexterous professionals. The products come under this category are poultry feed mill, raw material batch machine, mill hammer screen, poultry mash feed mill, poultry feed mill unite machinery and much more.

Find extensive usage in both small and large scale poultry farms, offered equipment is basically used in the poultry farms for processing the fodder of poultry animals.

The provided equipment consists of brooders, nipple drinkers, grower drinker, plastic fogger, space heaters and egg trays. Additionally, offered equipment is fitted with phylum sheet, plastic cabinet and other components to protect the eggs. Owing to its non-corrosive nature and rugged design, this equipment is well-known in the market. Also, the products come under this category are poultry feed plants, biomass plants, pro pellet machines, ring pellet machine, wood pellet plants, blenders, fine grinder machine, etc.

Poultry Feed Supplements Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Poultry feed supplements are food for farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds. Feed for poultry mostly consists of grain. These products are processed under the guidance of sedulous professionals with the use of high-grade supplements and ingredients.

Vital ingredients used while processing these products are hydrated sodium, alumino silicates, calcium, organic acids and herbal extracts. The leading poultry feed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of these products offer a wide array of Hydrolyzed proteins profeed, smart mins ws spray dried amino acid chelates, smart mins sc organic trace minerals complexes, poultry feed additives, organic poultry feed, poultry cattle feed supplements, breeding layer poultry feed, natural poultry feed, mixed poultry feed, layer chicken feed, chicken feed, layer poultry grower feed, broiler chicken feed, poultry feed and egg layer poultry feed and many more. The salient features of these products are reliability, effectiveness, optimum quality, highly nutritive, healthy and hygienically processed.

Rice Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – India is one of the leading rice exporters in the world. In the year 2012, India surpassed Thailand as the top exporter of rice, shipping 10.3 million tons of rice as compared with Thailand’s 7.0 million.

According to food and agriculture organization by the end of year 2013, Dubai could export 8.3 million tons of rice making it the #1 out of world’s leading rice exporters for two years in a row ahead of Vietnam and Thailand.

Here, in this page, buyers can browse suppliers companies in Dubai listed as exporters and suppliers and wholesalers of different varieties of rice like basmati rice, pusa basmati rice, 1121 basmati rice, non basmati rice, parboiled rice, polished rice, non basmati parboiled rice, medium grain rice, short grain rice, brown rice, white rice and more.

Rice is the seed of the monocot plants and one of the most widely consumed food crops of the world. Browse, Here product details, company profiles and send business inquiries to listed rice suppliers, producers, exporters.

Seeds Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Our valuable clients can avail the finest quality Seeds from the below listed companies at market leading prices. To know the manufacturers, exporters, traders and suppliers of these Seeds, clients can easily click at the website given below the company name.

These suppliers companies in Dubai offer the seeds in varied packaging options to meet the diverse needs of the clients. Customers can contact for any products or services via email or contact number mentioned on the contact page of the company’s website.

Agricultural Silos Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Owing to the better workability of adept team, well-renowned manufacturers, exporters and suppliers listed below are indulged in providing the finest quality Silos and Agricultural Silos. These silos are used in agricultural, food and chemical industry for the storage of food grains & chemicals. Offered silos are highly appreciated by the customers owing to their remarkable attributes such as durability, spacious, resistance against corrosion and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The provided silos are basically used in chemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries for storage purposes. The products come under this category are galvanized silo storage system, galvanized flat bottom silos, galvanized hopper bottom silo & silos for grain.

These silos are manufactured utilizing optimum quality raw material and the latest technology in adherence with international quality standards. Apart from that, the provided silos are made available in numerous sizes as per the specifications detailed by the customers. The offered range includes bulk handling silos, truck mounted bulk handling silos, storage silos, etc.

Tea Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Tea is extensively famous across the world for its refreshing formula. This aromatic beverage is prepared by pouring boiling water over processed leaves or herbs of the Tea Plant. From centuries, it has been promoted for having several positive health benefits. A large number of case studies and researches suggest that consumption of Tea greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Its consumption is also considered beneficiary for reduction of some forms of cancer, weight control and blood pressure. Green tea is one of the most widely consumed drink across the world, it promotes Oral health, improves antivirasic & antibacterial activity and increase bone mineral density.

Various herbal doctors and dermatologists widely suggest consumption of green tea as it provides high protection from solar ultraviolet light. some other properties that make tea consumption good for health are neuroprotective power and anti-fibrotic properties.

Check the below listing of leading tea manufacturers of dubai and global market, select the best one as per your requirement by availing free sms & company telephone contact numbers.

Tractors Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – To strengthen the farmers of Dubai and enhance their overall agro productivity, several Tractors Suppliers are striving. Among various advanced agricultural implement, the most reliable source for farmers is Tractors. It has replaced the manual crusher, which make farmer complete the cultivation process of crop by having great physical tiredness and devoting lots of time.

Tractors available in the market are engineered to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds. This is the reason, these has been extensively used for the purposes of hauling a trailer that are used in agriculture fields. Some areas of agro industry where these are widely used include for tilling, disking, plowing, planting, harrowing and several other similar tasks.

Eminent tractors manufacturers are making available these for many other applications such as landscape maintenance, non farm grading, excavation purposes and also with backhoes, loaders & pallet forks.

From the data provided on the portal, you can easily contact prestigious Tractor Exporters as well as domestic traders. In this portal, there is a listing of firms that are offering various types of tractors such as farm tractors, garden tractors, two-wheel tractors, orchard tractors, engineering tractors, compact utility tractor and row-crop tractor.

Tractor Parts Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Find catalogs of tractor parts manufacturers, tractor spare parts suppliers and tractor components exporters. Products profiles of listed suppliers include tractor parts like tractor brake drums, tractor linkage parts, tractor trolley hub, tractor nuts and more. You can send business inquiries directly to the listed companies through email, SMS or by using company telephone contact numbers available onto the site.

Vegetable Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Consumption of nutritional food is essential for living a healthy life and vegetables are one of the best source of several kinds of nutrition. As different vegetables have different nutritional value therefore, based on their nutrient contents, these are classified under five groups viz. dark green vegetables, starchy vegetables, beans and peas, red and orange vegetables and others.

Moreover, these are available in different forms in the market including raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, frozen, canned and so forth. Buyers can avail these from various trusted vendors, suppliers and exporters in Dubai.

Fresh Preserved Vegetables in Dubai are preserved by freezing and not by adding any sort of preservatives and additives. The leading traders, exporters and suppliers of these products offer a wide range of fresh preserved vegetables such as fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables, fresh green vegetables, onion, fresh onion, Dubai onion, red onion, orange onion, white potato, potato seeds, potato plant seeds, rosemary leaves, curry leaves, green coriander, sweet basil, fresh leeks, fresh broccoli, and many more.

Fresh vegetables find their application especially in the food industry that includes hotels, restaurants, food processing industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others. These vegetables are a rich source of various vitamins & minerals and are procured from the certified vendors of the market in compliance with international quality standards. The offered vegetables are appreciated for high nutritional value, purity and freshness. These fresh preserved vegetables are offered in supreme grade packaging material to ensure the client satisfaction.

Dehydrated Vegetables in Dubai are also known as living vegetables, as they retain almost all kind of nutrients. This process eventually stops the growth of bacteria and preserves the enzymes. This process helps you save good chunk of money as it prevents vegetables going rotten. Almost all kinds of vegetables can be dehydrated like green beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, sweet corn, mushrooms, sweet garden peas, hash browns and the likes. There are various dehydrated vegetables manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Dubai available in the industry.

Now-a-days, people do not wait for a particular season to eat their favorite vegetable and this comes possible due to the availability of frozen vegetables and dried vegetables in the market. Since, frozen & dried food comes with natural flavor and nutritional value therefore, this is great to use as an alternate for fresh raw vegetables during cooking. Several suppliers, buyers, traders and exporters offer varied variety of frozen vegetables and dried vegetables such as dry vegetables, freeze dried vegetables, organic dried vegetables, frozen green peas, dehydrated onion granules, frozen carrots, potatoes etc.

Wheat Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Dubai Agriculture Companies – Wheat is one of the widest growing crop in Dubai, which contains all necessary nutrients and gluten content. For human consumption, wheat is processed to make flour and further this wheat flour is used to make different kinds of food such as chapati, cookies, breads, cakes, flour and so forth. There are two kinds of wheat available in the market viz. Hard wheat and soft wheat; named owing to seasonal conditions. Most wheat suppliers, wheat exporters and traders in Dubai are engaged in offering different forms of wheat such as wheat seeds, wheat grains, durum wheat, fresh wheat, yellow wheat, rajwadi wheat, organic wheat and so forth.

Directory of Agriculture Suppliers Companies in Dubai

Agriculture Companies Dubai – Agriculture manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, traders, dealers, manufacturing companies and retailers in Dubai. Find manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, traders, dealers, manufacturing companies and retailers in dubai for vegetable, fodder & feed additives, horticulture & garden tools, agriculture & by-product agents, agriculture product stocks, agro products & commodities.


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