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Dubai Attractions and Tourist Places to Visit in Dubai : Discover the Top Attractions in Dubai. List Top Attractions in Dubai & Best Places to Visit in Dubai UAE.
Dubai Attractions and Tourist Places to Visit in Dubai : Discover the Top Attractions in Dubai. List Top Attractions in Dubai & Best Places to Visit in Dubai UAE.

Dubai Attractions

Dubai Attractions and places to visit in Dubai. Discover the top attractions in Dubai and also explore the top things to do there. Find a list of all the best places covered just for you. Dubai is second of the largest emirates of the United Arab Emirates and it is a city that has emerged as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is not just any city – it is a city that holds magic, excitement, and surprises for everyone. And, this is a city where you are always assured of sunshine throughout the year. Dubai is a tourist paradise full of exciting and exotic destinations, wonderful luxury hotels, beautiful golden beaches, and the alluring sea making it a much sought after place. Visitors and residents of Dubai enjoy a happy lifestyle in the pleasant climate throughout the year. Dubai offers a lot of fantastic and exciting sightseeing places for visitors, and some of these destinations are given below.

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE

Dubai is a city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has a total area of 3,885 square kilometers. It used to be a fishing village, but because the city was forward looking, liberal and has an eye for commercialism it did not take long for it to become popular among traders and tourists. However, no matter how many foreigners enter the city of Dubai it still keeps its tradition and culture, thus making it even more attractive to those who seek to explore the exotic Middle East. Language is never a barrier in Dubai because even if Arabic is its official language most people can understand English. There are many world class Dubai attractions including historic, and modern too.

As of the moment, one of the most popular Dubai attractions is the sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab Hotel where every guest is treated as a royalty worthy of red carpet treatment. It boasts fine interiors designed by world-class designers, rotating king-sized bed that allows the guest to have a 360 degrees view of the environment outside the hotel and of course, the A-list guests that have visited the hotel since it opened. It is said that Michael Jackson once stayed in the hotel’s $9,000-a-night luxury suite. Whether you plan on staying in the hotel or not, it is worth the time and effort to drop by and see its grand architecture, another luxury hotel is the Dubai Underwater Hotel, which is built under the sea.

If you want to experience Dubai outdoors through sports you would never be dismayed from the wide range it offers. Golfers can practice their swings on the city’s championship-standard golf courses or just use a state-of-the-art video swing analysis. Since water hugs the shores of Dubai, it is no wonder why water sports such as sailing, fishing and scuba diving are very popular in this city, also the most popular water parks, Wild Wadi and Aquaventure are open all year long. Dubai is also surrounded with sands; sand skiing and camel racing are also popular, especially with the younger tourists who likes adventure.

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE. Dubai Attractions Video & Images

Another very popular Dubai attraction is the city’s skiing facility and ice skating rinks. Yes, the desert has actually two ice skating rinks located in Hyatt Regency Galleria and Al Nasr Leisureland. Famous places in Dubai are the Palm Islands and The Dubai World islands. These are unique artificial islands made by human.

For those who want to experience the not-so usual travel attraction, it is best to visit a mosque. Jumeirah is the largest mosque in Dubai. Prior booking is needed to roam Jumeirah every Thursday morning. The tour is supported by the community to promote better understanding of the Islamic culture and bring down cultural barriers. As a form of respect, female visitors need to cover themselves and the males need to wear trousers. Also, do not ever forget to take of your shoes before entering the mosque.

Finally, any visit to another country would never be complete without going to the bazaar. Many Dubai travel deals include this opportunity to visit the bazaars. Once you visit Dubai, you will sure do some buying. The best way to experience Dubai shopping is by going to the open-air fairs where spices, food, carpets, hookahs, gold and textiles are sold by the locals. After visiting the open-air fairs, then you can go to the modernized and centralized shopping centers that houses international brands. For the shopping crazy, it is advisable to tour Dubai during the great shopping period held once a year for elated adrenaline shopping rush and more items to stuck in the luggage bag to be brought home.

Dubai Best Tourist Attractions

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE. Dubai is full of beautiful beaches which provide a range of recreational and entertainment facilities to the visitors. Some of the public beaches of Dubai are the Jumeirah Beach, the Mamzar Beach, and the Jebel Ali Beach though there are a number of luxury hotels in Dubai which have their own private beaches. Many of the beaches provide water sports and beach activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and it is a wonderful place for you to enjoy yourself with various types of snow sports. This indoor ski resort that is located in the Mall of the Emirates which is one of the largest shopping malls of Dubai. Ski Dubai offers visitors a number of snow activities such as toboggan runs, icy body slide, climbing towers, snowboarding, and a snowball shooting gallery.

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE. Dubai Attractions Video & Images

Visit the Dubai Museum which is located within the ramparts of the beautiful Al Fahidi Fort. It is a must-see place for every visitor who comes to Dubai. It includes a number of archeological objects such as pottery, stone and metallic items, stone engravings, and also skeletons. A section of the museum is devoted completely to drums, flutes, lyres, bagpipes, and other local musical instruments.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is a popular water-themed park with several options for entertainment and fun. Some of the water games are a wave pool, water slides, and artificial surfing machines. There are different types of water rides and one of the exciting rides is the Rushdown Ravine where the riders are taken on a 560 ft. downhill slide and brought down with great speed.

Take a trip across the deserts of Dubai in a 4WD and you will find that zipping up and down the dunes is one of the most exciting things in the world. Have BBQ dinner while you watch belly dancing and smoke a shisha under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp. You could also try some sandboarding on the dunes of the Dubai desert.

Discover Dubai with a 24-hour ticket, at your own leisure and pleasure. You can hop-on or hop-off any bus and get to know the real Dubai. Take a seaplane flight and take a view of Dubai from the skies. See all the famous icons of Dubai on a flight which will take you around Dubai for 40 minutes.

No Trip to Dubai is complete without tasting the scrumptious and mouthwatering dishes of Dubai. Taste some of traditional dishes of Dubai such as the Shawarma which is a chicken dish, Falafel which is made of chickpeas, and the famous Arabic bread.

Dubai Attractions

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE. Dubai is the centre of attractions and in fact the whole town is built on being one huge attraction for the tourists and all the visitors of the city, not to mention all the locals and expats who are hungry for having a great free time here after work is over. There are several Dubai attractions which are well known for others and there are even more which are not that much known, therefore worth visiting. Hereby we enlist you some of the best attractions of Dubai worth visiting:

Dubai attractions list and tourist places to visit in Dubai : Discover the top attractions in Dubai. List of the top tourist attractions in Dubai & best places to visit in Dubai UAE. Dubai Attractions Video & Images

Dubai shopping : It is without doubt that the main Dubai attractions aim the spending of money. Dubai is full of shops, shopping centres and shopping malls. There is virtually everything to shop here no matter from which country or culture you are from. Dubai is the city of shopping malls and the luxury items. Luxury stores are indeed highly visited in Dubai, because Dubai being tax-free sells every item cheaper and in cases much cheaper than the others do.

The natural Dubai attractions : Dubai has an exceptional setting, located in the Arabian Peninsula having a great shore that serves as the main beach of the city. Dubai used to be part of the huge Dubai desert that you can reach with an hour drive from the city. The desert is in real standing in the gates of Dubai and this time it serves as a great attraction for tourists and locals to visit from time to time. Dubai desert also gives place for many of the weekly camel races, sand boarding and dune bashing programs.

Outside of Dubai, you can visit some of the most beautiful Wadi or Oasis, which served as very important stopping points for all the merchants who used to walk through the whole desert with their goods on a camelback in the old days. These journeys often took for months and the only hope that led these businesspersons is to arrive safely through the wadis. Therefore, Wadi has a great importance in the life of Dubai, as a sign of respect you will see several places names as “Wadi” in the city. If you would like to visit the most beautiful diving places near Dubai, you can join some of the scuba-excursions that will take you to these places.

Dubai attractions for children : Dubai has a deeply family loving culture also not forgetting the fact that most people arriving in Dubai on holidays come with their families. Therefore, Dubai is full of family program opportunities, theme parks, and water theme parts, a great Dolphinarium, the Dubai Zoo and other child-oriented opportunities. The most popular water parks of Dubai are Wild Wadi and Aquaventure. Children’s City is great for programs with which children can study and have fun in the same time. All the shopping malls in Dubai have some great theme parks and playing rooms for children with nanny services.

Dubai cultural attractions : Many people do not know that Dubai in fact has its Medina standing with its traditional souks, old streets and with the beautiful Dubai Creek. These are only some of the most popular attractions of Dubai. If you would like to get to know even more, you should really visit Dubai. There are so many programs, which are considered must-visit or must-try programs. Dubai attractions mirror the desire of Arabic people to keep up with the all the development of technology without losing their cultural treasures.

Dubai Tourist Places List

Discover the best attractions and things to do in Dubai with our list of top tourist destinations such as Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah and more. Discover the top attractions in Dubai and also explore the top things to do there.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, which was first named and at some point is still also called Burj Dubai, is arguably the highest residence building and also the tallest building ever built in the world. Located in the centre of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa means the crown on all the huge efforts of Dubai in order to create the city richest in breaking world records. Let us see some of the history and structure of Burj Khalifa including some information on what we can find within the building right now.

Burj Khalifa looks incredible. Whenever you see it on a photograph, you will start wondering whether this building is the result of a very good photoshopping or it is for real. Yet it has been standing in the centre of Dubai downtown for 3 years now, which can serve as good evidence on its existence. Burj Khalifa was renamed from Burj Dubai as a salute for the president of the United Arab Emirates, who is also the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The building’s height is close to being 830 metres and its structure looks like as if you put metal tubes of different size together. These tube-like forms really support the building as a whole, with only one tube being the highest, which gets thinner and thinner towards the top of the building.

Burj Khalifa was built to be the central part of Dubai’s brand new development called downtown Dubai, which will look like a town-in-town, with Burj Khalifa located on a separate islands. It also contains other islands inside. Thanks to the water of the Dubai Creek, the flowing is partly transformed to head into the new downtown area of Dubai, creating islands, bays and area full of water to make the previous desert all the livelier. Burj Khalifa also makes a so-called triangle with two other world records in its area: the Dubai Mall, being the largest shopping mall in the world and the Dubai fountains, being the largest network of fountains in the world.

The Dubai Downtown area has been made authentic with the beautiful old style wind towered houses of The Palace and the Souk Al Bahar making the area modern yet authentic in the same time. This area is already beautiful and really worth more than one visits. Burj Khalifa, besides its monumental outlook is the most famous to house the trendiest hotel in town, which is the Armani Hotel with its 5 restaurants, located on the first 40 floors starting from the ground floor offering hotel rooms, suites and residences with a magnificent view to the city. By far it’s Armani that has the highest effect on the building, which also includes 2 other residence sections with the rest being for mechanical and corporate use. Its Atmosphere restaurant on the 122th floor is one of the highest lying restaurants in the world. Its observation deck is also very popular to visit; this can be found on the 124th floor.

Burj Khalifa gives a magnificent site and with its beautiful park, waterside and all the great buildings in its area, it really makes a downtown within the downtown, thanks to its sole presence. The area of the Burj Khalifa-Dubai Mall-Dubai Fountain is also called the Burj Dubai district.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is widely used as the trademark building of Dubai. With all account, there is no other building that would look like Burj Al Arab, the only “7 star hotel in the world”.

Burj Al Arab is also one of the first architectural wonders of Dubai that helped to call the attention of the world to the incredibly dynamical development of Dubai. Burj Al Arab opened its doors to the first guests of the hotel in 1999. The shape of the grandiose hotel resembles a dhow, which is a traditional Arabic vessel, an old symbol of Dubai and which signals the beginning of Dubai’s international business role as a pearl distributor and the seller of fish, spices and high style jewellery to other lands. Dubai has long been part of one of the most known international trade routes born in the Middle Ages: called Silk Route. Thanks to its situation, Dubai is a real gate towards Asia, towards Europe and towards Africa all the same. The Arabic dhows sailed incredible distances packed with goods on their way to and on their way coming back from their destinations.

Burj Al Arab Hotel stands on a small island specifically built for the hotel in order to bring even more its role as a ship. It has located about 280 metres from the Jumeirah Beach, which also means that the whole Jumeirah beach has a great view of the vessel shaped architectural wonder. Burj Al Arab is currently the second tallest hotel in the world with a height of 321 metres. In the category, only those structures count which are wholly used as hotels and not only partly. The designer of the luxury hotel is Tom Wright, a British architect working for WS Atkins PLC in cooperation with the Canadian engineer Rick Gregory working for the same company. According to them, the message of the building was clear before the designing actually begun. Dubai has stated that they want such a building which has the great potential to become world famous for its outlook, for being an icon to Dubai and the enormous Dubai money and development at that time. After the publishing of the designs and the appeal of the Sheikh of Dubai, the constructions started in 1994. Interestingly the construction of the base of the hotel together with the small island it’s located now lasted more time than the actual building of the building itself. The hotel is well known for its huge and extremely large atrium that is located between the V shaped wings of the structure.

The observation point of Al Muntaha of Burj Al Arab offers a great view to Dubai and to the water of the Persian Gulf. The building has its panoramic elevator. It is most famous restaurant called Al Mahara (Oyster in Arabic) reached through a submarine–like trip and built under the water showing us the beautiful creatures of the sea through an extremely huge aquarium. Burj Al Arab’s restaurants are so favoured by everyone arriving in Dubai, that they are fully booked for months ahead.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park

Those who have already been to Dubai on vacation will surely know this place, as this is among the most famous Dubai Water parks. Situated on the Jumeirah Beach this park offers just every water-connected activities, from fun bathing to relaxed boat tours. Interesting to note that “Wadi” means valley in Arabic, mostly the valley which is filled with water or which is next to a spring.

Wadi in this desert country has great importance, so you will see many places, called Wadi, all around Dubai. The Wild Wadi Water Park has also a base story of an Emirati family, the tale of which you can read inside the park, and with whom you will have chance to meet as well. They are the leading motives of this beautiful park, which is full of different swimming pools offering huge waves or even a river ride with waterfall. This water park is mainly based on the entertainment of children, as there are huge children pools all around Wild Wadi, full of different types of fun slides including some specific ones as well.

Wild Wadi is the most popular water parks of Dubai, a really great complex designed for mixing water with all sorts of fun and playful swimming and bathing activities which make all generations happy. The several parts of the Wild Wadi are designed to be different, so that it brings diverse activities. Wild Wadi Dubai is the project of Jumeirah Hotel Group and it is located in the heart of Jumeirah beach, surrounded by Jumeirah Hotel Group’s own Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Resort and the Madinat Jumeirah hotel and entertainment complexes.

Wild Wadi Dubai is one of the best theme parks in the world specifically designed for water activities. Due to its interconnecting attractions, you will never get bored here for sure. The name of Wild Wadi Dubai comes from the Arabic word “Wadi” means Oasis, a highly respected word in the Saudi Arabian peninsula most of which is a dry desert where finding a Wadi for the old time merchants and pilgrims Wadi was equal with life.Wild Wadi is like a fun oasis and it has its own tale in order to attract and mystify the water park a little bit for the happiness of the children.

Having a story for a park or an establishment is a common tradition in Dubai, so do not be surprised about it when you are in Dubai. The story of Wild Wadi Dubai is the story of Juha and his family. According to the legend Juha is a sailor, a good friend of the famous Sinbad, one main name of the One thousand One Arabian Nights, who due to a water storm suddenly find himself on the very place, which today gives home to Wild Wadi. According to his description, the place is full of wonderful springs, a real Oasis in itself that gives Juha the inspiration to build a place on this very Oasis to show its wonders to make everyone happy whoever visits it.

This is how Wild Wadi Dubai was born according to its legend and do not be surprised that the many of the attractions are names after Juha, such as Juha’s Journey or Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. You will meet Juha the brave sailor and his family members during your stay in the Wild Wadi Dubai Water Park so if you visit the place with children prepare them and tell them the legend of Wild Wadi, to make them all the happier to meet Juha and his family. The magnificent water park has 24 attractions of its 2-acre area, which includes the second longest slide in the world as part of the more traditional Ring Rides, several Master Blaster rides that include twisters, bashers and all sorts of the likes for the braver. In the meantime, children can have a great time in Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. There are slow river rides for those who prefer to relax and the new Wild Wadi Spa gives visitors the service of the feet exfoliating with the help of these little unique fishes without teeth of course giving you a tingling feeling and extremely fresh feet in the end of a treatment.

As it is a common tradition in Dubai and most of the Islamic countries, Wild Wadi Dubai does not accept Islamic women in the “normal” everyday hours. Women and their siblings up to the age of 8 have their own Ladies’ Night when it’s only them who can have fun within the Wild Wadi Dubai. The Park has its own expectations towards the acceptable swimwear so go for the more traditional one-piece closed sport-swimming suit for women and a longer type of swimming shorts for men.

4. Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure water park is part of the huge Atlantis the Palm hotel complex that is arguably one of the largest and most popular hotels of Dubai, standing on the outer rim of Palm Jumeirah Island, giving visitors and residents the most beautiful panoramic view to the sea surrounding its huge building.  Atlantis, the Palm has its own Marine and Water park segment that encompass the following: Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers, Atlantis Dive Centre, Kerzner Marine Foundation

Aquaventure is the water theme park of this segment, it’s definitely one of the most popular water parks of Dubai, therefore it may get quite crowded at times. Aquaventure has several different attractions for young and old in order for everyone to enjoy the beauty of activities in the water. Aquaventure has its water slides, river slides, its Young Kids section, its own beach, the Aquaventure Beach when you feel like having a great swim in the sea.

Out of the water slides, it is the Ziggurat, which is definitely the most attractive for many, most of the times featured as the trademark of Aquaventure. In the middle of the Ziggurat that looks authentic, there is a great water slide, which is not a normal, but a twist and turn slide and it will bring you straight into a beautifully blue pool full of sharks of different species such as bow mouth sharks, guitar sharks and grey reef sharks. You will though not experience the meeting with them face-to-face because a fully transparent tube will suck you. You will be underwater in-between these beautiful sea-fishes while travelling on the tube ending up in a beautiful lagoon. As the underwater tunnel is sometimes putting you, in complete darkness, this journey is thrilling and definitely not for those who get scared easily.

Out of the water slides, it is the Ziggurat, which is definitely the most attractive for many, most of the times featured as the trademark of Aquaventure. In the middle of the Ziggurat that looks authentic, there is a great water slide, which is not a normal, but a twist and turn slide and it will bring you straight into a beautifully blue pool full of sharks of different species such as bow mouth sharks, guitar sharks and grey reef sharks. You will though not experience the meeting with them face-to-face because a fully transparent tube will suck you. You will be underwater in-between these beautiful sea-fishes while travelling on the tube ending up in a beautiful lagoon. As the underwater tunnel is sometimes putting you, in complete darkness, this journey is thrilling and definitely not for those who get scared easily.

There are other great rides at Aquaventure though worth trying. The Rapids takes you on a quick-pace river ride and the Torrent River is a great 600-metre long journey with one-metre large waves taking you down on a tropical river making you feel you are in the heart of a jungle. These journeys are definitely not for smaller children, for them it is the Splash Area and the Water Playground are the best fun places to be. The beachside of Aquaventure means a great 700-metre long private beach where you can have a great time all the same.

When talking about Aquaventure we cannot miss out to say a few words about the Lost Chambers either. Lost Chambers is an inevitable place for those who have interest in museums, interesting exhibitions and some history. The Lost Chambers state none other than holding the ruins and remains most likely originated from Atlantis as they contain such forms and shapes which according to the scientists belong to no living or extinct civilisation on Earth. The exhibition is beautiful; it is fully underwater and made to be interesting and entertaining also for children.

Aquaventure is a great and combined attraction inside Atlantis the Palm hotel and it is a must-visit even if you do not wish to use its slides but to visit the Lost Chambers or the Dolphin Bay. Aquaventure is a great family program though and if you are with family it is for sure that, you will return here very soon.

5. Ski Dubai

There are only very few areas in the world that offers such a unique touristic attraction to swim in the sea and sunbathe and within an hour, you can ski down the slopes of a snowy mountain as well! By far the only one place heard of, offering this natural attraction is in California, where one can really make it, swimming, surfing then skiing. The Middle East, with its famous dry tropical climate by far seemed not the place where such thing would naturally be ever possible. However, Dubai has managed to reach the so-far unreachable when it comes to entertainment and architecture. Ski Dubai is the representation of the force of Dubai, the force of money and combined in a huge effort to create something unique. Ski Dubai is a great place, especially for those locals who until now did not get the chance to see or feel snow in their lives.

After the plans of Dubailand consisting dozens of by-far never seen wonders seemed to have floated away forever, Dubai has decided to take action to create at least a part of what was planned in a smaller area having a slightly different look. The Dubai Snowdome would have been the original attraction, which Ski Dubai is offering now, but it belonged to the examples when too big, is unreachable even for Dubai to make it. Ski Dubai is a cool ski-resort created for the locals.

Moreover, it is the truth! Most man-made attractions of Dubai has been created specifically for the tourists or proportionally 50-50 shared with the planned attention of the locals, while Ski Dubai is a resort, which has been specifically built in order to amaze the locals. As said before, since there is no snow in the Middle East, so one can imagine how big the daily rate of visitors is. Finally yet importantly, Ski Dubai is part of the huge Emirates Mall, making it even more famous, as it gives also chance for the shopper sin the mall to have a look at Ski Dubai.

Ski Dubai is not operating for many days, but it is already one great and very famous attraction, offering the feeling of slipping from a ski slope, to travel on a ski lift. There are courses of skiing and snowboarding and with special attention to the children. There is a Snow School where they can learn and play a lot with the snow and sleigh down a little hill. One, who knows snow better, might possibly not understand what all these attractions mean to those who could never experience them before and would not be able to do so in the area of Middle East, without the existence of Ski Dubai.

However, even for those who want to enjoy a little bit of diversity in the middle of the desert, Ski Dubai offers a great chance for it. Ski Dubai also offers the chance to rent ski, snowboard or sledge together with the winter clothes, which later one can also purchase in one of the shops of the huge mall.

6. Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome is one of the many attractions that had plans to be built inside the huge Dubailand complex, which now on hold. However, very few attractions survived the financial crisis and could be realised, and Dubai Autodrome is one of these very few. Dubai Autodrome, being part of the Dubai Motorcity covers a huge racing area, where several smaller and bigger events are held.

The huge Motorcity is currently the one and only “city-like” complex, being fully dedicated to everything in connection with motorsport. The Motorcity consists of five main areas: The Autodrome with the racetrack and go-kart possibilities. Among its many services is the Business Park Motorcity, where all commercial activities are placed, the Uptown Motorcity with the hotels and shopping areas and the Green Community Motorcity where the resident areas are situated. The tower which is to be located in the business centre area of the Motorcity is to face the huge track of the Autodrome and it is just next to the luxury Renaissance Hotel which will host the guests, organizers and participants of such races.

The huge circuit track of the Dubai Autodrome is officially recognized by F.I.A. There has been no direct news, whether Dubai is aiming Autodrome to be one site of the Formula-1 championships, but for sure, it would be one of the greatest pulling forces for the tourism of Dubai.

Its circuit offers six racing configurations, and in its length, it is almost 6 kilometres long. The Dubai Autodrome is currently one of the most complete and complex racing course in the Gulf Region, and around the world. Next to racing, Dubai Autodrome also offers go-kart chances for children, exhibitions on motors and cars, several types of courses. Its courses now include four configurations for the competitions. It also has two handling courses for other activities. Among the racing courses, you can find one Grand Prix Course, a Club course, an International Course and a National course. All of these have different shapes, aiming to handle all types of cars or motorcycles.

The Dubai Autodrome has already hosted some international events, such as the FIA GT Championship and the A1 Championship. The track of Dubai Autodrome designs to be a multipurpose autodrome. Motorcity, inside the Dubailand complex is one of the very few attractions, which were ready on time in 2004. Motorcity even brought the world-famous F-1 Ferraris to open the racing circuit.

Apart from having designs for races, the Dubai Autodrome also offers several other possibilities for all car manufacturers in the world, to bring their testing, prototype making and research activities in the area of the Autodrome. The Autodrome also has all catering and hospitality facilities for those who wish to spend longer time there. The Autodrome clearly wishes to be one top participant in the making and testing, and last but not least, in the racing of international top vehicles.

7. Palm Islands Dubai

When the project of the Palm Islands first came to light in the beginning of the 21st century, it called the attention of everyone rich and famous and the world got devastated by pure the richness of Dubai which really went over the top those times. Almost all the well known stars have made their reservation of villas on the first palm island of Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah. Then came different projects that have called some of the attention from the Palm Islands of Dubai and due to the financial crisis things have almost crushed the finishing of the first Palm Island and Palm Jebel Ali is to be ready in the next 2-3 years with multiple delays.

Arguably, it is the first of the Palm Islands that gained the highest international attention out of the three and even going further, the world did not know for a while that there would be three of the Palm Islands following a pattern by which each one of the Palm Islands would be 1.5 bigger than the other does. The smallest Palm Jumeirah was erected in the heartland of New Dubai, on the Jumeirah Beach. The Palm Islands follow the same outlook, which is the form of a date palm tree surrounded by a rim of islands. The second of the Palm Islands trilogy, the Palm Jebel Ali will also include a poem written by none other than the Sheikh of Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum which is to look very well visible from the air even further in distance from the huge island.

Palm Jebel Ali ‘s base is already ready but there is so much more work waiting for the constructors to do on the islands. The first Palm Island, the Palm Jumeirah has 5 kms length and a 11 km long breakwater rim. Palm Jumeirah Island’s constructions begun in 2001 and the first residents have moved in to the island in 2006. Unfortunately, due to the will of the construction company, the numbers of villas have been doubled which means, that the villas on the island are quite crowded in most cases and one can barely have a very small garden on the island. The constructions of Jebel Ali – the second of Palm Islands, have started in 2002 but were really slowed down due to the financial crisis. The island was due to be ready by 2008, seeing the beginning of 2012 its still far from that stage. Palm Jebel Ali is to host water parks and other entertainment centres such as SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove, which together will be called as World of Discovery.

The last of the Palm Islands, Palm Deira was originally announced to be 8 times as large as the first Palm Island with the land reclamation having started in 2008. Due to the financial crisis, there is not much to be seen from this island yet the size of which was redesigned multiple times to be smaller than originally expected. All Palm Islands are constructed by the Sheikh’s own Nakheel Properties and they are still considered as one of the biggest ever and most unique ever construction in the world.

8. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum which is the main museum of Dubai is located in the Al Fahidi Fort. The fort, which was built in 1787, is the oldest building in Dubai and it once guarded the landward approaches to the town. The museum was inaugurated by the ruler of Dubai in 1971 with the sole aim of presenting to the visitors the traditional way of life in the United Arab Emirates. The fort is considered to be the city’s oldest building and it was at one time the residence of Dubai’s rulers and the seat of the government until it was converted to a museum in 1970.

The Dubai Museum contains local antiques and artifacts from those countries which traded with Dubai, especially the continents of Africa and Asia. You will also be able to see on display several exhibits showing life in the Emirates before the discovery of oil in the region. The museum is quite a popular place which accounts for considerable number of visitors daily.

The Dubai Museum is one of the most important Dubai attractions, every traveler should see it. What makes the museum even more interesting is the fact that this is an interactive museum where you will see working models. These models and life-size displays portray various aspects of Dubai’s life and lifestyle. You will see model of a busy market here, a pearling boat there, an Islamic school, and many other facets of life that make Dubai what it is today. Some galleries on display exhibit scenes from Dubai Creek, traditional Arab houses, souks, and marine life. You will also find a beautiful collection from the bye-gone days that include copper, alabaster, and pottery items found near ancient graves.
Visit the Dubai Museum and discover the history and traditions of Dubai.

9. Dubai Beaches

Dubai is a beachside city located alongside the Persian Gulf. As for geographical point of view, the shore of Dubai is a quite unlucky one, on which we mean that there are no bays, no islands nothing but the straight sandy beach, just like the Copacabana of Rio de Janeiro. Dubai does not have multiple Dubai beaches but one of them is a very long one called Jumeirah Beach.

Dubai beaches include the additional beaches which are made by the manmade islands of Dubai; the functional island includes the Palm Jumeirah and in a couple of years also the Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, will not only duplicate or quadruple but will provide a beachside ten times as big as it is now. These Dubai beaches bring the potential of even more tourists, with their artificial lines, bays; even with the high-ranking plans of Dubai to establish its own Coral reef along the Jumeirah Beach, when these projects will be ready, then the number of the tourists will grow parallel with the length of the additional Dubai beaches.

The Jumeirah Beach means partly the whole shoreline of Dubai and partly that specific shoreline which is the most popular of all. It comprises of Jumeirah Group’s settlements, such as the Souk Madinat, the Jumeirah Beach, and the trademark building of Dubai the Burj Al Arab and next to the private beaches. Dubai also has one of its biggest public beaches here. In addition, we must add the interesting fact, that Dubai does not use the entire beach for public reasons, in fact, the largest part of Dubai’s beach is not used or can be used only for short haul if you live nearby because they include absolutely no amenities, which means that these are not frequented beaches at all.

The Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah Island has a nicely equipped shore, besides that you can use either the hotels’ private beaches, or the so-called Beach Parks that have trees, bars, and some buffet as well. Those Western women alone are not suggested to bathe on the public beaches of Dubai and even if they do so, they should wear such swimwear that does not reveal much and a long beach cloth on the beach.

If you would like to visit more relaxed or nicer beaches, you have two options. You can visit the nearby lying Sharjah that is a very popular beach resort, yet its beach has the same qualities as the Dubai beaches. The other option is to make an excursion a little bit further up North to Umm Al Quwain emirate that has great shores some beautiful cities and some very nice diving places as well, as the town is full of bays and small islands.

If you would like to stay at Dubai beaches, then look for the hotels that are close to one public beach or find a good beachside resort with a private beach for you. Some further lying hotels try to attract customers with providing transfers to some of the Dubai beaches.

10. Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai, the Pearl of Gulf is famous for its great shopping possibilities and many of the Dubai programs are in fact built on shopping and shoppers. There are dozens of Dubai shopping malls of every size and in almost every district. Hereby we introduce you with some of the most notable Dubai malls in the city.

Dubai Mall is the largest mall of Dubai and in the whole world. Dubai Mall hosts the greatest shops in Dubai, when it comes to brands and not only that, we will be able to walk in and out of huge shopping centres within the Dubai Mall. The Mall is famous for its Bloomingdales, its Debenhams and of the largest Marks and Spencer in the UAE: Dubai Mall hosts the Dubai Underwater Zoo, the beautiful Aquarium and the Sega Universe, which is the biggest virtual playground in Dubai. Dubai Mall takes some days to walk through and its real fun especially during the hot summer days. The huge mall makes a triumvirate together with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and the Dubai Fountain, the largest fountain network in the world designed by the same company that designed the notable fountain network of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Dubai Mall has the largest covered Gold Souk in the world and most of the deluxe jewellery brands are located here.

Mall of the Emirates : The huge mall used to be the largest shopping mall in Dubai until the arrival of the Dubai Mall but till today it’s a sure favourite among the Dubai Malls. The Mall of the Emirates is a giant and superb shopping mall with hundreds of shops and great variety. The Mall of the Emirates is famous for its large number of furniture stores, it hosts the Harrods shopping mall and its especially famous for the one and only place in the Middle East where you can ski: the Ski Dubai, which you can see also straight from the mall. Dubai Ski has two adjoining luxury hotels build next to it.

BurJuman Shopping Mall : BurJuman Shopping Mall is one of the newest Dubai malls located in Bur Dubai and famous for housing America’s Saks Fifth Avenue. The shopping mall has a strong variety in terms of jewellery and international fashion.

Deira City Centre : Deira’s City Centre is among the most well known Dubai malls located in Deira, which is a very busy district full of stores and famous for hosting Dubai’s only traditional souk quarter. Deira City Centre has a great variety of stores and it is also famous for having the largest Carrefour in town.

Mirdif City Centre : Midriff’s own shopping mall the Mirdif City Centre houses lots of fun programs for example the iFly where you can really learn how to fly and a great Dolby Surround cinema complex as well.

Dubai Festival City : Dubai Festival City is among the newest Dubai malls and its famous for housing the one and only IKEA of Dubai. The shopping mall is also famous for its large number of jewellery stores.

Apart from these most notable Dubai malls, there are at least twice as many Dubai shopping centres to see and to look around in them. As you walk in Dubai, you will see how huge the variety is when it comes to shopping centres and shopping possibilities.


Dubai Attractions


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