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Dubai Holiday Packages : The Similan Islands – Thailand’s Crown Jewels

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Dubai Holiday Packages : The Similan Islands – Thailand’s Crown Jewels. A tropical country of Southeast Asia that lush with a splendid array of scenic natural landscapes as well as features that can indulge anybody, Thailand is among the most outstanding and marvelous getaway destinations of the Asian continent. With its impeccable range of fascinating islands, sandy beaches, tranquilizing mountains, valleys, temples and much more, Thailand is often said to be the jack of all trades. With some iconic cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and a number of other conurbations, Thailand serves its visitors with a spellbinding range of options. So, if you have been suppressing your desires of visiting the bewitching lands of Thailand, then its time you should take that leap and explore some of the best experiences of Thailand.

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About Similan Diving

The Similan Islands are renowned as one of the ten best dive spots in the world. This is not referring to a single dive site, or a single wreck…this is due to the 50+ named dives sites, the incredible diversity of marine life and the variety of styles available to divers.

Located 50 Km (35 miles) of the west coast of Thailand – The Similan Islands are easily accessible. Khao Lak is the departure point for daytrips, overnight tours and Similan liveaboards as it is the main pier and the closest point of land. Easily reached are also the Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock and even some great wrecks that can easily be reached by longtail from Khao Lak.

The diving and snorkeling consists of vast reefs of pristine corals on the protected East coast of the Similans. There is incredible diving and encounters with huge marine life on the deep boulder sites on the West coast of the Similan Islands. At the top and bottom of the islands, where these different styles of sites meet, one finds opportunities for such amazing marine life as Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Sharks, Napolean Wrasse and more.

While there can be currents – the Similan Islands are accessible to all levels of divers. Choosing the right dive center can assure the visitor of the idyllic experience. Experienced staff and intimate knowledge of the area make the choices easy. For the experienced diver – the deep sites with their strong currents and huge fish make are clear favorites. For the avid fish fanatic as well as the beginning divers, the gently sloping reefs tend to have minimal currents and incredible biodiversity.

The islands can be reached by liveaboards, Khao Lak Diving daytrips and snorkeling boats. It is very important to note that the islands are closed from May1st to November 1st each year. It is both unsafe – due to heavy monsoons, and illegal to visit the park during this closure.

Day trip Diving

Diving Day Trips to the Similan Islands with speed boats from Khao Lak. This day trip is for guests who don’t have the time to do a liveaboard safari or for those of you who wish to enjoy the comfort of a resort each evening in Khao Lak. Most daily trips to the Similan Islands cater to both diving and snorkeling. Accommodation is available on some of the Similan Islands for a spectacular 2 days & 1 night overstay diving package. Plan far in advance for that as spaces are limited!!!

Similan Liveaboard Diving

There are several Similan Liveaboards departing from Khao Lak. There are some of the most luxurious boats in the world all the way down to very bare-bones boats catering to backpackers (lacking beds they sleep on the decks).

Trips range from 1 night tours to 7 or more days. To get a basic sampling of the Similan Islands, try at least a 3 day tour. If you would like a rich experience and sample all the region has to offer, then a 5 day Similan Liveaboard trip is perfect.

The real benefit of liveaboard trips over day trips is the chance to see more of the islands and truly enjoy the evenings on the Andaman sea. There are generally more dives per day and the chance to get to know your fellow divers. In addition getting to know your staff also means they can better cater to your needs. On good Similan Liveaboard tours you will also get the chance to visit the islands, snorkel and experience the islands first hand.

Wicked Diving

Wicked Diving is a small dive center based in Khao Lak, Thailand. As an ecologically award-winning operation, Wicked Diving is proud to offer a full selection of both PADI and SSI courses – from trying out diving for the very fist time to Instructor Training Courses. The only Similan Diving center with a Dive Medic, 2 Instructor Trainers on staff offers guests the highest standards and safety.

Operating two ecologically friendly liveaboards and also longtails, Similan Diving just got easier. Not only that Wicked Diving works with local charities to improve both the marine environment and communities. Not satisfied with donating 10% of profits, staff of this Khao Lak Diving center also actively participate in projects in the region.

For more details on our services and offers – don’t hesitate to visit our web site:

Feel free to contact Wicked Diving by email:

Thailand Thailand

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Plans on taking vacations are always followed with an overjoyed sense of excitement among people. Holidays are the perfect excuse to distance oneself from the hustle of city life and relax in a stress free & tranquil environment. However, it is important to know that planning a perfect holiday package can at times be frustrating and stressful, unless it is handled by the best! Make sure you team up with the best holiday packages provider to make the most of your travel.

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