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Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE
Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

Dubai Holidays : Holidays in Dubai

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. There is no place in the world where you can experience the diversity in tourism other than Dubai. Signing up for a Dubai vacation will be one of the best moments you will have as someone who wanted to explore the other areas of the globe. However, like any country, before having your Dubai vacation, you must first know all the important information regarding the culture, events, significant places and activities that you can do and enjoy so that you can make the most out of your much awaited vacation in United Arab Emirates’ second largest region – the emirate of Dubai.

When having your Dubai holiday vacation, the first thing that you must think of is the hotel where you will be staying in and its location. Choose the one that is within the metropolis of Dubai. In that way numerous establishments can be reached within few minutes since buses and taxis can be very accessible. You may have your hotel booked online before you even reach the territory of your Dubai. Sometimes, online hotel booking can is a lot cheaper than heading straight to the hotel without reservation. With this, you can still save money where you can splurge on shopping while having your Dubai vacation. Some of the excellent hotels located in the city of Dubai include the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dusit Dubai Hotel, Al Sham Hotel Dubai, Nihal Hotel Dubai, and Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

Shopping in Dubai is one of the most favorite activity by tourists in this emirate. Your Dubai vacation can never be complete without hitting the souks than can be found almost anywhere in Dubai. You can also find almost anything at the souks or at the luxurious huge shopping malls. Bring home a bag full of gold and jewelries since these are the most inexpensive items available in Dubai. Women will love shopping here not just because of the jewelries but because of the clothes and other accessories as well. There are many fashionable clothes that are similar to the likes of designer labels, only much cheaper. Veils are rampant in Dubai’s shopping stalls. Buy some handcrafted veils with very unique and intricate patterns to remind you of your Dubai vacation once you return to your country.

You must also take the chance to go for a desert safari while having your Dubai holiday vacation. Camel riding and sunset photography is the perfect combination of this safari tour. Men would love to experience the thrill that dune bashing could give. Part of the desert safari is to let people experience a unique Dubai vacation by entertaining them and serving food the traditional way. There are a lot of things that you can do during a desert safari. That is why a half-day tour is not enough.

As mentioned earlier, a Dubai vacation let tourists experience a diverse tourism. Dubai can bring the best of both worlds. You may experience climate of European countries as well as the climate of the Middle East in one emirate alone. There are indoor skiing parks located at the malls of Dubai. These ski parks also have snow parks so that the whole family may enjoy. Some are made of real snow while others are made from artificially-made snows. Lucky for those who haven’t felt the winter climate yet, they may feel chilly and cold while inside these indoor ski parks. On the other hand, an authentic Dubai vacation must have a memory of sand skiing or sandboarding. Since the desert of Dubai has a lot of towering sand dunes, there is no easier and exciting way of appreciating such but to sand ski.

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. Before entering the territory of any tourist destination, the first thing you would take at the airport is the tourist information brochure. There, you will see all the must-know details about the country and the must-see places as well. But why wait to get to the nearest airport of the tourist destination of your choice when you can find tourist information online. As of now, one of the most searched tourist information is at the emirate of Dubai. The more you know about Dubai, the more you will enjoy exploring the tourist destination that has definitely a big cultural difference from yours.

One of the major tourist information that interests Dubai explorers is the geographical location of the emirate. Dubai is located at the Arabian Gulf, northwestern area of United Arab Emirates. The capital city of Dubai has the same name. Sometimes, the whole emirate of Dubai is referred by many as the Dubai City. The emirate embraces at least four hundred square kilometers and about thirty-five square kilometers is covered by the capital city. Dubai is divided into two parts namely Bur Dubai and Deira Dubai. In between these two cities is the fourteen kilometer Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek does not only serve as a partition between Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. It is also one of the tourist attractions that you must visit while exploring this tourist destination.

Dubai is the place to be if you want to escape the winter season or you just want to experience a different kind of climate in another country. The weather in Dubai is a must-know tourist information so that visitors will be aware of what temperature would welcome them upon entering the territory of Dubai. There’s no need to pack for warm clothes or jackets. Dubai is definitely a great place to stay if you are a sun lover. During the months of May to September, Dubai experiences its hottest season. On the other hand, the winter, which is barely noticeable, happens from the month of December up to the month of February.

Essential tourist information in Dubai is the health issue. Dubai is a clean and safe place that does not require any extra health precautions. However, the because of the weather, tourists may experience dehydration since it can be very hot in Dubai. Therefore, this tourist information would make you prepare coins for buying bottled water along the way while touring the rest of Dubai. Although tap water in Dubai is still safe to drink, many prefer to buy bottled drinking water to fight the intense heat of the emirate.

Dubai tourist information also includes facts about their religion. Islam is the prevalent religion in Dubai as well as the whole United Arab Emirates. It is necessary to read tourist information about Islam since the locals of Dubai have a great respect on their religion and visitors are expected to do the same. Because of this, there are some things that a tourist must keep in mind. Most Dubai tourist information brochures clearly states that nobody must walk in front of an Islam who is currently praying. Drinking alcoholic beverages are not also allowed in public places or streets. If you are a couple traveling to Dubai, don’t forget to bring your marriage certificate wherever you go. It is illegal to display affection in public. Because of the conservative culture of Islam, women must wear their beach outfits only at the beach resorts. Moreover, during their holy month which is called Ramadan, visitors must also get acquainted with all the special rules that take effect during that season.

Cheap Dubai Holidays

We all might have heard of Dubai holidays, but it is only recently that we hear of cheap Dubai holidays. Cheap is not the word that is very famous in Dubai, yet if you look for cheap Dubai holidays, you can indeed find them, as they are getting more and more fashionable nowadays.

Dubai, which used to be the land of luxury, nowadays seems to be able to have something for those who would not be able to afford for a stay in the top-hotels. In real, after a bit of exploration, you will see that Dubai is full of cheaper hotels where one can spend their Cheap Dubai holidays for a reasonable price. These hotels are not much worse in standard; rather they are closer to the standards of average Spanish or Italian seaside hotels.

You can book for cheap Dubai holidays at many travel agencies as well, that are in many case selling package tours, which means that all services together become slightly cheaper. These normally include the costs of travel and the cost of hotel normally with half-board, which means breakfast and one main meal, lunch or dinner. In case of package tours, there are often charters that fly the tourists to their destinations. They also offer cheaper airplane tickets. If you would like to book your hotel by a travel agency, you can still buy a charter-ticket from them, or you can book cheapest Dubai hotels, so this way you are already on your way to your cheap Dubai holidays.

Cheap Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

Going on cheap Dubai holidays does not mean that anyone should neglect all luxury that Dubai offers, but that one can keep the eyes open, to see where to get the best rates and offers. Each place, let it be hotel or theme park, have periods of offering cheaper rates. For example, if you choose to go somewhere from the late afternoon hours that might already mean that you spared money! You can also travel cheaper if you do not choose the top season for travelling. Although one should face the consequences and effects of the hot summer of Dubai, but you can get your air-conditioned room for even half the price in this season and as everything is open until late night. You can live the nightlife until dawn, and then you can sleep during the day. Choose the cheapest public transportation and try to see where you can walk from your hotel.

As a part of your cheap Dubai holidays, try your best to pick the best program offers. You can go on sightseeing tours or around the Emirates Tours, or even you can go sailing or on a little boat–trip. To top it all, you can attend one of the famous desert safaris, and you do not need to dig deep in your pocket to do so, if you are smart. Try the art of negotiation when you are visiting a souk and although the mane tourists who are unable to negotiate already spoil many sellers, you will see that they will like your way!

For having perfect cheap Dubai holidays, make some local friends, who can share their secrets with you about where to get the best offers for the cheapest price and with whom you can hang out. If you have a good Muslim friend, you will see that you will not even have to stay at a hotel, you can have a perfectly spent time during your holiday. Cheap Dubai holidays are the best for trekkers and for those who prefer to explore a city or a culture.

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Traveling to Dubais

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. When traveling to Dubai you must secure a valid visa so that you may enter the second biggest emirate in United Arab Emirates. There are several types of visas for Dubai. However, since you will only arrive there as a tourist, you will only need to acquire a Tourist Visa. But in order to do so, you must be sponsored by the hotel where you will be staying or have sponsorship from tour operators who will bring you to Dubai. The tourist visa will only be valid for thirty days starting from the day you arrive at Dubai. You can have the travel agents, tour operators, or the hotel process the Dubai tourist visa for you. When traveling to Dubai, make sure that you always bring your passport with tourist visa along with you wherever you go. Tourist visas are available for visitors coming from Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Albania, Ukraine, China, Cyprus, East and West Europe, Singapore, South Africa, and Mexico.

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

When traveling to Dubai, make sure that you have money that can be exchanged into UAE dirham such as United States dollar or Euro. Traveling to Dubai may require you to loosen your budget especially while you are shopping. In case you are in short of cold cash, there are now many international banks like HSBC, Citibank, and more, than can accommodate you in your financial needs as long as you have an account with them. However, these banks are only available from Saturdays till Thursdays. You may also use major credit cards in most shops, restaurants, and hotels in Dubai.

Common credit cards accepted are American Express, Mastercard and Visa. And because of the increasing demand for ATM’s in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority in the emirate began the improvisation of almost five hundred bus shelters that would incorporate vending machines and ATM’s as well. With all these accessible ways of getting money, traveling to Dubai will never be a pain in your wallet and budget.

Maybe months before traveling to Dubai, you want to learn a few words in Arabic since it is the most used language in UAE. However, Arabic is quite difficult to master. Luckily, there’s no need to do so. You may be easily understood by many, especially in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, in English language. Traveling to Dubai is as easy as traveling to any other states of USA. Most of the signs are written in both Arabic and English because of the rapidly increasing tourism industry in Dubai.

Just like any other country or tourist destination, there are also several customs regulations when traveling to Dubai. Nutshell visitors traveling to Dubai may only bring to the emirate duty-free cigarettes, loose tobacco, and only four bottles of alcohol. Of course, there are also items that are not allowed to be bought into Dubai. This includes firearms, illegal drugs, and pornographic materials.

Dubai Holiday Attractions

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. One of the major attractions in Dubai is their so-called water delights. This includes sailing, water sport activities, diving, surfing, and more. But the best water attraction in Dubai that the whole family can definitely enjoy is the water park called Wild Wadi. This is one of the best attractions in Dubai that embraces twelve acres and has at least twenty four slides as well as rides that adults may also enjoy. Wild Wadi which has a theme of the Arabian oasis and folklores has three major water park rides that are meant for adults and would need adult supervision for kids ages ten and below. These major rides in Wild Wadi include Master Blaster, Ring Rides, and the tallest ride in Wild Wadi, the Jumeirah Sceirah.

Aside from the water delights of Dubai, numerous architectural sites of the emirate also serve as tourist attractions for foreign visitors. This does not only include incredibly unique buildings and hotels but religious sites such as mosques as well. There are two mosque attractions in Dubai namely Jumeirah Mosque and Grand Mosque. These are the most magnificent mosques built in the emirate of Dubai. Although it traditional looking mosques, no modern architectures can ever surpass the exquisiteness of these places of worship for Islams.

If you think that Dubai is just a place filled with high-rise buildings, sand dunes, and mosques, better think again. Eco-tourism is also one of the major Dubai attractions. You can explore the warm deserts of Dubai in several desert resorts after having a very enjoyable camel ride. Afterwards, you will be served with a coffee that Dubai is made locally at this emirate. Aside from this, there is also an ongoing project called Eco-Tourism World. Although this is not one of the natural attractions of Dubai, it will focus on creating marvelous and different beauties of planet Earth. There will also be dinosaur displays that would bring these extinct animals back to life. Because of the activities and features of Eco-Tourism World, visitors would definitely repeat their visit and would certainly encourage guests to stay longer.

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

For those who are fond of animals of different species and sizes, then Dubai Zoo is a must-see for you. It has been one of the major attractions and landmarks of Dubai since the former ruler of the emirate named H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum allowed Otto J. Bulart to have a zoo constructed in Jumeirah. Not only that the Dubai Zoo is one of the oldest attractions but also known as the oldest zoo in the whole United Arab Emirates and the whole Arabian Peninsula. Local residents of Dubai as well as tourists from all over the world would be fascinated with the rare kind of Chimpanzees and wild cats of Arabia that are well kept in Dubai Zoo. However, this interesting zoo only opens from Wednesday until Monday, only from 10:00 in the morning up till 6:30 in the evening. With all these places in Dubai that would tickle the interests of tourists, who would not want to go at this emirate?

Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. Vacationing in Dubai? You definitely need a list of things to do in Dubai. But beware, the list is never ending! Dubai is a city for everyone. One cannot afford to be unoccupied in a city like this, as it is always bustling with activity. Be it shopping or eating out at restaurants, variety is the spice of Dubai’s life.

Dubai city is a shopaholic’s paradise. Around every corner is a mall as well as a souk that are a treat to a person’s eye. These malls are not simple structures, but architectural wonders where one surpasses the next. Each mall is built on a theme to make not only first, but everlasting impressions. If shopping is not on the agenda, one can just have the pleasure of hanging out at these malls. However, the interiors and the designer labels at the malls are so enticing that one can only shop till they drop.

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall located in the Burj Khalifa (the tallest man-made structure in the world). Mall of the Emirates is the home to the only indoor ski slope in the Middle East and is linked to the Dubai Metro Station. Ibn Battuta Mall, named after the Moorish traveler Ibn Battuta, has its interiors designed on different themes. There are six courts, each of which are based on the 6 countries to which Battuta had travelled during his lifetime. Mall of Arabia is located on Dubailand. The other famous malls include Deira City Centre and Dubai Outlet Mall. One of the things to do in Dubai is to visit a souk or a traditional market. Souk Madinat Jumeirah is famous for selling jewelry and souvenirs.

One could never have an idle moment in this Emirate from dawn to dusk. Starting from the desert safari (riding dangerously on the dunes), to a tryst with a belly dancer, followed by a drive across the city, there seems to be no stopping to the city that bowls you over time and again. You cannot stop marveling at the tunnels and bridges (like Al Makhtoum, Floating Bridge, Business Bay Crossing, and Al Shindagha tunnel), all of which happen to be engineering wonders of the world.

The list of things to do in Dubai must include a visit to the world famous artificial islands like — Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira, The World, and Al Mamzar Island. Also, make sure that you take a traditional dhow ride, and visit the Dubai Museum at the Al Fahidi Fort.

Cheap Dubai Hotels

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. Staying at a cheap hotel in Dubai is the best way to save money. If you thought that these hotels are far away from Dubai’s famous attractions, then it is time to put a rest to this myth. There are innumerable budget hotels situated in chief centers like Bur Dubai, Deira, Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, etc. Therefore even tourists who pay less can enjoy the sights and sounds this city has to offer without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

K-Porte Inn, Dubai: This cheap hotel in Dubai offers three-star accommodation for budget tourists. Apart from well designed and furnished rooms, the hotel’s chief services include a roof-top swimming pool, a spa, hair salon as well as a fitness club. For recreation, guests can enjoy a game of billiards or tennis at the hotel’s sports club. Because of K-Porte Inn’s prime location on Al Rigga Street, guests can easily commute to Dubai’s major sight-seeing places. The hotel also arranges airport shuttles and car service to the nearest beach, shopping centers and malls, and other tourist spots as well. The Al Ghurair shopping center and Jumeirah Beach are nearby.

Orchid Hotel: The Orchid Hotel is a three-star hotel. The budget or cheap hotel located near Dubai’s Gold Souk and International Airport is a home away from home for business travelers and vacationers. It has 84 guest rooms which are wide, spacious and are brightly lit owing to the superb ventilation. The oak furniture touched up with butter-cream colored walls look tasteful and comforting. The rooms have A/C units, phones, satellite TVs, mini bars and safes. Orchid Hotel has three nightclubs, one multi-cuisine restaurant and one café. Other amenities include Jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. The business center is located in the hotel’s lobby.

Karama Hotel: This three-star hotel is located in the heart of Dubai city on Sheikh Zayed Road, making it a popular stop-over for budget travelers. Though it is one of cheap hotels of Dubai, it is actually a well-designed and equipped accommodation which comes at a reasonable price. The guestrooms are stylishly decorated as the interiors are bright and cheerful. In-room services include TVs, phones, Internet access, mini bars and safes. En-suite bathrooms provide hairdryers and toiletries. The hotel’s general facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, beauty salon, health club which offers massages, pool tables, meeting rooms, fax machines etc. Karama Hotel’s restaurant – Utsav serves a wide variety of delicacies. The hotel also has a karaoke bar.

London Crown Hotel: Located on Al Hamriya Street, the hotel sits right next to the Burjuman shopping centre. The cheap hotel has 64 guestrooms and offers spectacular views of both Dubai’s skyline and waterscapes. Guests can also find amenities like beds with foam mattresses, comfortable sheets and bedding. Bathrooms are fitted with showers, tubs, as well as hand-held showers, bathrobes and bidets. All the rooms are air-conditioned; other room facilities include internet access, safes, LCD TVs, phones, mini bars etc. Guests can also avail laundry facilities, currency exchange etc from the hotel. The nearest tourist spots are Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek and Grand Mosque.

Dubai Hotel Deals

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. Here is some of the most popular Dubai hotels:

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek : The lap of luxury awaits you at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. From viewing the creek from palatial balconies to dining on a dhow, from WiFi to tennis and squash courts, the guests want for nothing at all. Strategically placed near the Dubai Museum, the famous Souks and the City Centre Mall, the 5-star destination offers one of the best Dubai hotel deals.

Raffles Dubai : Soak in the tub with the choicest of eau de toilettes! Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee from your very own balcony! Go green at the botanical gardens! Raffles Dubai is the place to kick back and relax after a grueling week. Designed in the form of a pyramid-like structure that adorns Dubai’s skyline, this luxury hotel is an architectural genius. Located in Wafi, and minutes away from the World Trade Centre, the hotel invites the cream of the travelers.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City : At the end of your stay at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, you would wish you had more time. The 36 storied, five star Dubai hotel offers deals like the Festival City itself, which is home to numerous attractions, especially shopping, leisure facilities, and fancy restaurants. If that were not enough, guests can even catch a game of golf at the nearby Al Badia golf course. So, plan your next trip and experience more!

One & Only Residence & Spa : The moment you step into this scenic spa, you will forget that you are in one of the busiest cities in the world. Idyllic and calm, the ‘One and Only Residence and Spa’ is the ideal place to empty out all the noises in your head, kick back and just relax. During your stay here, you get the best of Dubai hotel deals, enjoy the much needed pampering of the soul and take on the world with renewed vigor.

Dubai Nightlife

Some tourists prefer to do their country exploration during the day. At this time, many picturesque sceneries can be viewed and many people are still awake, making the ambiance so colorful and lively. When the clock strikes 8 in the evening, they just want to lay down, unwind, and prepare themselves for another tiring yet exciting day of touring ahead. However, not all tourists are the same. Some go to the other part of the world just to experience how the nightlife is or how alive the locals can be during the night. In Asia, one of the most fantastic places to experience a different nightlife is at the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai NightlifeDubai has a lot of nightclubs and bars that invigorates the nightlife of the emirate. However, most of these establishments are closed during Monday. And because alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the streets of Dubai, there are only few bars and nightclubs that caters different concoctions of alcoholic beverages. Usually these drinks are served only in luxurious hotels and alike. But unlike other establishments that opens during the night, the clubs must only operate until three o’clock in the morning. Moreover, only those who are aging 21 and above are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, they are still not allowed to enter the nightclubs, only those who are 25 and above. However, those who are allowed may enjoy the excellent nightlife that Dubai could offer.

One of the best places to go to during night time is the very trendy restaurant called Carter’s. Not only that Carter’s is a restaurant but a bar as well. Most customers of this bar/restaurant are expatriates. It operates from twelve o’clock for serve people during lunch time and closes at 2 or 3 in the morning. What’s unique about Carter’s is that it is the only Oxygen Bar in the city of Wafi. This is definitely one nightlife opportunity that you surely don’t want to miss. The oxygen shot would last for twenty minutes and would take at least 70 Dhs out of your pocket. Some tourists who have been to Carter’s said that you can already experience the best Dubai nightlife in this establishment.

Hard Rock Café has been one of the most popular nightlife destinations all over the world. Dubai also has one located at the heart of the newly developed Marina area. It offers live music, delicious foods that are served in most Hard Rock chains worldwide. However, the bar area is quite small. More space in this nightlife destination is offered to dinners making a room full of nicely arranged comfortable seats.

Another best nightlife establishment in Dubai is the Kasbaa. Kasbaa is a club situated at the luxurious Royal Mirage Hotel. Kasbaa is definitely that club that you must go to if you want to be embraced in an ambiance that is truly Arabic. This is one of the first class clubs in Dubai. It is made up of three floors that has terraces and overlooks the people dancing below. You will also listen and dance to the different tunes played by their awesome DJ’s. They will be giving the best tunes mixed with Arabic flavor making it more interesting. If you do not wish to mingle a lot with all the loyal customers of Kasbaa, you can stay at the upper areas of the club and sit on the very comfortable big sofas having an Arabic touch. However, the slots must be reserved at least two or three weeks in advance and you will get the best VIP treatment ever. You will truly experience a very unique Arabic nightlife in Kasbaa.

When traveling alone, you can hire a sensual partner to spend your time with her, there are a lot of guides listing escort girls available for short and longer meetings.

Dubai Shopping

Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring luxury hotel reviews, Dubai tourist informations, vacation planning, Dubai attractions, tourist activities and more. Find affordable holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE. Foreign visitors would love to explore different places and take pictures of numerous panoramic scenes of the tourist destinations that they go to. But after a long tiring day yet filled with excitement, they would look for places that they can do their shopping. In order to do so, travel guides would give them tips on different areas where the locals sell jewelry items, handcrafted products, unique souvenirs and more. While shopping, you must also keep in mind that you have the right to haggle even if you are a tourist and local merchandisers would see you as a wallet filled with money.

But there’s no need to haggle if you were do your shopping at Dubai. The prices are incredibly cheap but with great quality. No wonder why Dubai is known for being the Shopping capital of the Middle East. You can buy items in Dubai malls which have fantastic services and ambiance. These establishments also serve as parks for some tourists and locals. Aside from malls, there are also the traditional market places in Dubai called souks. Shopping at souks will give you much better bargain than in Dubai malls. However, you might need to learn a few local Dubai words related to purchasing so that you can get cheaper prices for the items that you desire.

Dubai Shopping MallBefore you go back to your country, make sure that you will include in your shopping list the little souvenirs that would remind you of Dubai. The most popular gift items are the camel figures or camel lighters. These are cheap and great as giveaways for your friends, officemates, and relatives. Handcrafted items are also rampant in most Dubai shopping areas. Beads, woven items with intricate designs, jewelries and more are the most beautiful and unique products available in this emirate. More often than not, female tourists are attracted to these handcrafted items and can never go home without purchasing one.

However, in order to get these wonderful deals, either at the souks or at the malls of Dubai, you must have your local money such as dollar or peso to be exchanged in several money changers available in Dubai. Since it is more likely that you will be staying at hotels before you do your shopping, it is best that you exchange your money at these establishments rather than in the market place of Dubai. Legit monetary exchange establishments are also available in different huge shopping malls. No matter how big is the rate difference between the money changers on the streets and malls or hotels, don’t get tempted to choose the one that looks very doubtful. There are some Dubai locals that take advantage of tourists, claiming that they can give a bigger value for your money. They either give you fake money in return or insufficient amount.

Shopping in DubaiThat is why some tourists shopping around Dubai prefer to use credit cards, debit cards, or ATM machines since it is honored in most big shopping establishments in the emirate. Several credit cards that are honored in Dubai are HSBC Mastercard and Visa. Some retails stores located in the souks of Dubai also honor debit cards and credit cards. However, some tourists are afraid to use their credit cards at these small retail stores although they recognize these cards. According to the gazette called Gulf News, there are some Dubai retailers that publish the whole sixteen numbers of the card on their receipt. Moreover, they also publish the expiry date and the name of the card owner as well. This is not allowed by most credit card companies since have advised the retailers that they have to start upgrading their systems.

Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai’s main business activity has always been retail; therefore, it’s no wonder that Dubai is also the city of shopping malls. The high number of Dubai shopping malls can also be thanked for the high number of population which is always growing. Another reason for keeping it colourful as for the shops is, to give most expats the stores which they would so much miss. Dubai shopping malls offer real quality services for everyone.

Therefore, Dubai gives home to most of the world’s international brands, especially those coming from the States and those which don’t have stores outside of the US with the sole exception of Dubai. You can get to the Saks Fifth Avenue here or you can shop at the Bloomingdale’s or at the Harvey Nichols when you fell like, the possibilities are indeed limitless. There are several British department stores too, located in the Dubai shopping malls and also you can find the world famous Galeries Lafayette here, which is the most popular department store of Paris, opened in Dubai as an add-up to the already extremely colourful choice when it comes to shopping. Dubai also hosts the biggest ever shopping mall in the world the Dubai Mall which in size outnumbers every shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall makes a triangle together with two other wonders and world records, the Dubai Fountain the biggest fountain system in the world and also the Burj Khalifa, which is the highest residence building in the world.

Other Dubai shopping malls have their distinctive features too: the Mall of the Emirates gives place to the biggest Carrefour hypermarket of Dubai and the Dubai Ski which is one of the world’s most unique places, where you can find snowy ski slopes even in the summer when the temperature in Dubai goes up to 45 degrees. The Mall of the Emirates is the former biggest shopping mall of Dubai, the BurJuman Shopping Mall hosts the Saks Fifth Avenue, the Wafi City Shopping Mall has a distinctive pyramid made out of glass and the Ibn Battuta Mall is perhaps the most distinctive of all, has 6 different parts and each part is named after a country bearing the architectural signs and colours of the country’s culture, such as Egypt, Tunisia or China and India. Dubai shopping malls host nearly all sorts of stores but they are all famous for housing some of the best jewellery stores in the world and you can find all sorts of Arabic-Muslim and European fashion stores in them too.

The Dubai shopping malls also give place to several entertaining facilities, such as the Ice rink, the Dubai Underwater Zoo, the Aquarium which hosts the world’s biggest aquariums with thousands of beautiful sea fishes (both located in the Dubai Mall) the SEGA world or the Encounter Zone in the Wafi City, you can find several entertaining facilities in the Dubai shopping malls, which do their best to serve the needs of every generation.

Dubai shopping malls also serve as a great cool place in the hot summer for many, therefore they are made for one to be able to spend a day there without specific efforts. There are scheduled buses and many Dubai shopping malls have their own buses stopping by many hotels to collect the visitors going to that shopping mall, which is a perfect solution during the extremely hot summer days.


Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide


Dubai Holidays and Travel Guide : Featuring Luxury Hotel Reviews, Dubai Tourist Informations, Vacation Planning, Dubai Attractions, Activities and more. Affordable Holiday Tour packages from Dubai UAE

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UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory – List of companies in UAE with contact telephone number, company address contact information, location map, company profile and email address pdf. Browse list of the top companies in the United Arab Emirates. UAE business directory where all businesses across the UAE are listed and can be searched. Find local businesses and companies in the UAE online business directory with company names, company profile, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Online local search & business directory for UAE providing best information on all products and services. is your tool to search for your favorite destinations ‎either for business or pleasure. is the local search engine; it collects, filters, classifies and presents local business information to the market. A smart shortcut to what you need, no matter where you are located in UAE. Companies in UAE : Top companies in UAE : List of companies in UAE with contact telephone number, company address contact information, location map, company profile and email address pdf. Browse list of the top companies in the United Arab Emirates.

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