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Dubai Marina : Dubai Marina Area Guide . Discover the Best Things To Do in Dubai Marina & Top Attractions in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Attractions, Shopping, Metro, Map & Restaurants.

Your essential guide to Dubai Marina – Check out our area guide for Dubai Marina. Learn more about life in Dubai Marina, what makes it so great and why it could be your next home! Food, drink, play and live in Dubai Marina. Discover where to eat in Dubai Marina, where to drink in Dubai Marina, where to shop in Dubai Marina, where to play in Dubai Marina and where to grooming in Dubai Marina. If you have heard of some of the modern attractions of Dubai, and their main location, the Jumeirah Beach, then you might have also heard the mentioning of this brand-new huge living-area called the Dubai Marina, it is one of the latest huge investments, which has been still under construction, but many of its parts are already operational.

Dubai Marina for the first sight gives us the impression as if we are on another planet. It has currently the highest skyscraper jungle in the whole world! With its skyscrapers reaching 400 metres, it makes an unbelievable spot out of Dubai Marina. Marines have been harbours long time ago. They used to store and operate small ships from there, creating an all-beautiful sight. Later on, many of them had been bought by a Yacht club, in order to store yachts and other smaller ships there, also enabling the whole space getting bigger, first with one house, then with more and more facilities for the members.

Dubai Marina is one of the biggest projects of Dubai. All its original designs have been visualised by a famous Canadian company called Concorde Pacific Place. It included a huge living-area by the sea, with the highest skyscrapers, with several artificial lagoons and gardens situated in-between them. Most of this vision has been already put into reality, and can be visited, with the Dubai metro running along the Jumeirah beach and Sheikh Zayed Road. However, soon Dubai Marina will also have its own metro, exclusively for the residents of the Dubai Marina.

The constructions of Dubai Marina have started from 2003, and continuously going on ever since. The first phase of the construction included the total transformation of that specific area of the Jumeirah Beach. They also took and filled up a large area from where it has been the sea before, and is making huge waterways to there, where desert had been before. Overall, huge efforts have been made in order to create the Jungle-Lagoon dream according to the plans.

Among the skyscrapers, the most famous ones will even have their own names, such as the Pinnacle or Infinity Tower, Ocean Heights and Sulafa Towers. Some of these are still under construction. The largest of all skyscrapers, not only in Dubai Marina, but also as planned in the whole world will be the one called Pentominium. Seeing its virtual outlook and size, it will be really one fantastic building! As designed, it will reach the unbelievable height of 516 meters! Its other unique feature will be, that it will not only be the highest skyscraper in the world, but also the highest living-area as well, because the whole area of the tower plans to be residential. The promised finishing time of the entire Dubai Marina schedules to be in 2018.

Among the many attractions of Dubai, the Dubai Marina will be the largest, most wonderful water-land residential area the world has ever seen. What is great, is that people get the chance to walk around the whole complex which is the most beautiful when seen from the seaside.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is home to residential buildings, serviced apartments, and hotels. This self-contained bustling high-rise district offers an array of entertainment venues and restaurants. Construction started over a decade ago, led by iconic Dubai developer Emaar; the area has grown into a fully-fledged waterfront lifestyle destination with marinas, beaches within walking distance, and a walkway promenade snaking through its midst.

Dubai Marina Area Guide and Business Directory

Take a tram up two stops from JBR (for Dhs 5), or a short taxi ride (Dhs 20-25), to the Dubai Marina Mall that sits front and centre of the impressive Dubai Marina district. Walk through to get to the docks, where there’s al fresco seating at most of the water-facing restaurants. See how the marina’s waters reflect the surrounding high rises, including the twisting, 90-degree profile of the iconic Cayan Tower. Here, most restaurants are open past midnight, and a merry-go-round and pop-up stalls are there to entertain the whole family to and from dinner. The Marina’s latest project, Pier 7, is a destination for foodies: the tower rising from the middle of the pedestrian walk hosts seven very different, but equally delicious restaurants on each level.

Dubai Marina is known for being a hip and glitzy neighbourhood, attracting young professionals. Nationalities, as in most areas in Dubai, are very mixed, but tend toward European. The up-scale area is mainly popular with professionals who work in Dubai Media City and Jebel Ali Free Zone or JLT because of its proximity to their workplace, as well as those who wish to stay close to the beach. Those that have chosen to work in Abu Dhabi but live in Dubai often prefer to reside in the Marina as well, since it allows for a manageable commute from a top-end neighbourhood.

Dubai Marina is a playground for social butterflies who love living life to the fullest. From welcoming the weekend at a restaurant and the club on Thursday night, to the mall and beach on Friday afternoon, to watching the sunset aboard a cruising motor yacht on Saturday evening, the Marina is a one-stop-shop for entertained living. Marina residents adore the water views from the buildings’ balconies, whether of the marina itself or of the open sea.

It is also a perfect residential area for people working in Dubai Media City, Academic City, Al Barsha, and the surrounding areas. With hundreds of restaurants across the Marina, from the north side near Al Sufouh Road to the south side in JBR, most areas are lively, with people running around until all hours of the night. Residents are appreciative of the many grocery stores that dot corners throughout the area. They also love that many spots within the Marina have easy access to the Dubai Metro, where they easily hop on and off to get to other parts of the city. For residents that are further away from the metro, the Dubai Tram serves–albeit a bit slowly, some argue–to get them around the Marina and JBR, and deposit them to the three metro stations that serve the area.

During the week, Dubai Marina is quite relaxed and pleasant, with plenty of restaurants and cafes. The area gets busy and buzzing with nightlife activities on weekends, making it one of the most visited areas in Dubai. Once settled into the Marina, residents gush that everything they need is at their doorsteps: The Marina Walk has a plethora of restaurants across many types of cuisines; Pharmacies are open 24 hours a day and deliver service is quick; Marina Mall has shops, restaurants, and a movie theatre and doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Dubai Marina offers residents a mixture of a beach-oriented lifestyles in well-serviced apartments, set in the heart of new Dubai. Residents claim they love the easy access to the beach, particularly in JBR where many buildings spill sun-seeking residents onto their open sands every weekend. For those escaping the relatively unpleasant winter weather of Europe, the Marina is the perfect spot.

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