Dubai Marina : Dubai Marina Area Guide and Dubai Marina Directory. Discover the Best Things To Do in Dubai Marina & Attractions in Dubai Marina with Location Map
Dubai Marina : Dubai Marina Area Guide and Dubai Marina Directory. Discover the Best Things To Do in Dubai Marina & Attractions in Dubai Marina with Location Map

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina : Dubai Marina Area Guide . Discover the Best Things To Do in Dubai Marina & Top Attractions in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Attractions, Shopping, Metro, Map & Restaurants.

Your essential guide to Dubai Marina – Check out our area guide for Dubai Marina. Learn more about life in Dubai Marina, what makes it so great and why it could be your next home! Food, drink, play and live in Dubai Marina. Discover where to eat in Dubai Marina, where to drink in Dubai Marina, where to shop in Dubai Marina, where to play in Dubai Marina and where to grooming in Dubai Marina. If you have heard of some of the modern attractions of Dubai, and their main location, the Jumeirah Beach, then you might have also heard the mentioning of this brand-new huge living-area called the Dubai Marina, it is one of the latest huge investments, which has been still under construction, but many of its parts are already operational.

Dubai Marina for the first sight gives us the impression as if we are on another planet. It has currently the highest skyscraper jungle in the whole world! With its skyscrapers reaching 400 metres, it makes an unbelievable spot out of Dubai Marina. Marines have been harbours long time ago. They used to store and operate small ships from there, creating an all-beautiful sight. Later on, many of them had been bought by a Yacht club, in order to store yachts and other smaller ships there, also enabling the whole space getting bigger, first with one house, then with more and more facilities for the members.

Dubai Marina is one of the biggest projects of Dubai. All its original designs have been visualised by a famous Canadian company called Concorde Pacific Place. It included a huge living-area by the sea, with the highest skyscrapers, with several artificial lagoons and gardens situated in-between them. Most of this vision has been already put into reality, and can be visited, with the Dubai metro running along the Jumeirah beach and Sheikh Zayed Road. However, soon Dubai Marina will also have its own metro, exclusively for the residents of the Dubai Marina.

The constructions of Dubai Marina have started from 2003, and continuously going on ever since. The first phase of the construction included the total transformation of that specific area of the Jumeirah Beach. They also took and filled up a large area from where it has been the sea before, and is making huge waterways to there, where desert had been before. Overall, huge efforts have been made in order to create the Jungle-Lagoon dream according to the plans.

Among the skyscrapers, the most famous ones will even have their own names, such as the Pinnacle or Infinity Tower, Ocean Heights and Sulafa Towers. Some of these are still under construction. The largest of all skyscrapers, not only in Dubai Marina, but also as planned in the whole world will be the one called Pentominium. Seeing its virtual outlook and size, it will be really one fantastic building! As designed, it will reach the unbelievable height of 516 meters! Its other unique feature will be, that it will not only be the highest skyscraper in the world, but also the highest living-area as well, because the whole area of the tower plans to be residential. The promised finishing time of the entire Dubai Marina schedules to be in 2018.

Among the many attractions of Dubai, the Dubai Marina will be the largest, most wonderful water-land residential area the world has ever seen. What is great, is that people get the chance to walk around the whole complex which is the most beautiful when seen from the seaside.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is home to residential buildings, serviced apartments, and hotels. This self-contained bustling high-rise district offers an array of entertainment venues and restaurants. Construction started over a decade ago, led by iconic Dubai developer Emaar; the area has grown into a fully-fledged waterfront lifestyle destination with marinas, beaches within walking distance, and a walkway promenade snaking through its midst.

Dubai Marina Area Guide and Business Directory

Take a tram up two stops from JBR (for Dhs 5), or a short taxi ride (Dhs 20-25), to the Dubai Marina Mall that sits front and centre of the impressive Dubai Marina district. Walk through to get to the docks, where there’s al fresco seating at most of the water-facing restaurants. See how the marina’s waters reflect the surrounding high rises, including the twisting, 90-degree profile of the iconic Cayan Tower. Here, most restaurants are open past midnight, and a merry-go-round and pop-up stalls are there to entertain the whole family to and from dinner. The Marina’s latest project, Pier 7, is a destination for foodies: the tower rising from the middle of the pedestrian walk hosts seven very different, but equally delicious restaurants on each level.

Dubai Marina is known for being a hip and glitzy neighbourhood, attracting young professionals. Nationalities, as in most areas in Dubai, are very mixed, but tend toward European. The up-scale area is mainly popular with professionals who work in Dubai Media City and Jebel Ali Free Zone or JLT because of its proximity to their workplace, as well as those who wish to stay close to the beach. Those that have chosen to work in Abu Dhabi but live in Dubai often prefer to reside in the Marina as well, since it allows for a manageable commute from a top-end neighbourhood.

Dubai Marina is a playground for social butterflies who love living life to the fullest. From welcoming the weekend at a restaurant and the club on Thursday night, to the mall and beach on Friday afternoon, to watching the sunset aboard a cruising motor yacht on Saturday evening, the Marina is a one-stop-shop for entertained living. Marina residents adore the water views from the buildings’ balconies, whether of the marina itself or of the open sea.

It is also a perfect residential area for people working in Dubai Media City, Academic City, Al Barsha, and the surrounding areas. With hundreds of restaurants across the Marina, from the north side near Al Sufouh Road to the south side in JBR, most areas are lively, with people running around until all hours of the night. Residents are appreciative of the many grocery stores that dot corners throughout the area. They also love that many spots within the Marina have easy access to the Dubai Metro, where they easily hop on and off to get to other parts of the city. For residents that are further away from the metro, the Dubai Tram serves–albeit a bit slowly, some argue–to get them around the Marina and JBR, and deposit them to the three metro stations that serve the area.

During the week, Dubai Marina is quite relaxed and pleasant, with plenty of restaurants and cafes. The area gets busy and buzzing with nightlife activities on weekends, making it one of the most visited areas in Dubai. Once settled into the Marina, residents gush that everything they need is at their doorsteps: The Marina Walk has a plethora of restaurants across many types of cuisines; Pharmacies are open 24 hours a day and deliver service is quick; Marina Mall has shops, restaurants, and a movie theatre and doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Dubai Marina offers residents a mixture of a beach-oriented lifestyles in well-serviced apartments, set in the heart of new Dubai. Residents claim they love the easy access to the beach, particularly in JBR where many buildings spill sun-seeking residents onto their open sands every weekend. For those escaping the relatively unpleasant winter weather of Europe, the Marina is the perfect spot.

People with more than one child might find it challenging to live in the Marina. Same goes for pet-owners and those who thrive among large open areas with lush landscapes; the density of high-rise buildings can make these types claustrophobic. Some of the residents that we surveyed claimed that an astonishing 50% of their salary was devoted to their rent cheques. This is the price they are willing to pay for the ability to walk to the beach. Residents also have a tendency to lament the general dearth of visitor parking throughout the Marina. Alternative options for those that wish to visit include paid parking, at 20 AED per hour, walking, metro, or taxi.

There are complains about the horrendous traffic getting to and around the Jumeirah Beach Residence area, particularly during weekday rush hours and on weekends, and seemingly driven by never-ending construction work. The second element is the relatively high concentration of Dubai’s supercars that cruise the area on a nightly basis. These beautiful pieces of machinery form the bane of many residents’ experience in the Marina, since they can be as loud at noon as they are at midnight. Finally, with full acknowledgement of how spoiled Dubai Marina residents can be, some claim to dislike how many of the buildings’ pools are in the shade for much of the day, owing to the density of buildings.

Known as the skyscraper neighbourhood, Dubai Marina offers a large selection of mid-range apartments in relatively new residential towers. The area has seen additional interest after a slight drop in rental prices throughout 2015 and early 2016.

Rents in Dubai Marina run the gamut, from affordable to expensive, depending on the block and towers. Apartments in Princess Tower range between 80,000 AED and 500,000 AED a year, while more affordable apartments can be found in the Marina Pearl Tower (65,000 AED-125,000 AED), among others.

The towers are known for their magnificent views overlooking the Marina and the Arabian Gulf. Residents also love the abundance of entertainment options, including restaurant and easy access to the beach. You will love the never-ending options of restaurants that deliver food to your doorstep.

Living in Dubai Marina

Just what is the Dubai Marina? Well, it is a lot of things: water, canals, apartments, hotels, people and shops. Dubai is famous for having the tallest building in the world and the biggest flag. Apparently, Dubai Marina is the biggest marina in the world and is expected to house 120,000 people when it is finished.

The Dubai Marina is actually a manmade concept at the Jebel Ali end of Dubai on the Arabian Gulf, at least 20 kilometers from the Dubai Mall area. Apart from the shops and malls in the Marina area, the nearest major malls would be Ibn Battuta in one direction and Mall of the Emirates in the other. But people who choose to live in the Dubai Marina do not make the choice on the basis of its nearness to malls. It is all mostly the water and water views.

Dubai Marina is not far from Palm Jumeirah and like the Palm, required careful engineering to ensure the water flowed and stayed fresh. The design was the concept of a Canadian company for Emaar Properties. Huge earthworks dug deep channels into the sand to bring the sea water inland, along the coast for a distance of approximately seven kilometers and back out to sea again. For several years, the making of these channels was the key feature of the construction site. Then, almost overnight, the way a lot of things happen in Dubai, there were towering buildings lining the sparkling blue water. Although there are many completed towers and other buildings in the Dubai Marina, there are still plenty of opportunities to buy existing apartments and new ones as well.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the famous areas of the Dubai Marina. It is actually made up of some forty towers of which five are hotels or hotel apartments. I believe it claims to be the biggest single residence in the world, but how can it be a single residence when it is towers and hotels? This is a stretch too far for me. Along with the apartments and hotels, there are numerous restaurants, some with great reputations. Wagamama and Burger Fuel are great places to fill up, but there are many options. From JBR, the views of the Marina or the coast can be spectacular with sparkling water stretching out before you, framed by surrounding tower blocks. Words fail me for once when it comes to getting across the views in the Marina, but photographs tell it all.

At ground level, it is possible to get beside the water on foot. The walkways along the canals are very pleasant in the cooler months of the year. The Dubai Marina Walk winds through the Marina for seven kilometers with cafes and shops lining key parts of the waterfront. There is also a popular market held at weekends in the cooler months of the year bringing a community feel to the Marina and providing residents and visitors with access to produce and goods not found in the usual shops. It is well worth a visit.

But the roads are actually very narrow considering the number of people and their cars that have moved into this space. Traffic congestion can be a problem and it is made worse by on-going construction, which of course will eventually come to an end. Efforts have been made to deal with the congestion. Al Sufouf Tramway, scheduled to open in November 2014, will take some of the transportation load as it connects with Palm Jumeirah’s own monorail and continues on to the Burj Al Arab and Mall of the Emirates connecting with the Metro’s Red Line. But of course, building a tramway as an afterthought means more congestion.

Dubai Marina Mall, while not as large or as well-known as some of the other malls, has everything a mall in the UAE must have: movie theatres, restaurants, shops and cafes with views of the water. Pier 7 is a new project, a tower of gourmet restaurants. Like the Mall, the Pier 7 restaurants offer great views of the Marina. You can walk from your nearby residence, valet park or moor your yacht and walk on in. These options make the Marina Mall unique in Dubai. It is irresistible really and means there is little need to venture out of the Marina area if you are in your comfort zone.

If you like dense living with a lot of life-style choices right outside the door, this could very well be the place for you. In fact, the Marina area is known as a buzzy place to be. There are plenty of state-of-the-art bars and restaurants in the hotels in the Marina or nearby. The Buddha Bar in the Grosvenor Hotel is a legendary hot spot. Baristi, which has a reputation for fun and food, is a large, beach front restaurant, a part of the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Hotel. It also has a small, relaxing beach for enjoying a dip when the temperatures rise.

Yes, there are marinas at Dubai Marina. And they cater for regulars as well as visitors where possible. The Arabian Gulf is often smooth, but it can be surprisingly rough when certain winds blow. Little of this touches you in the Marina. There are four marinas offering different experiences from the exclusive to the more chummy approach and providing for yachts from 8-50 meters. The marinas are under the control of a management team that works hard to cater to the needs of its members. It is possible to book a berth without belonging to the clubhouse, but there are definite benefits to being a member. It is a wonderful sight to see the berths packed with beautiful yachts in stark and startling contrast to the skyscrapers that surround them; however, if you want a spot there, you need to plan ahead as it is a very popular place.

In May 2014 Dubai Marina launched a magazine, The Walk, that was delivered as part of Grazia magazine. If the first edition does not turn out to be the only edition, it will be a good source of information in the future.

Dubai Marina has such a range of attractions it is suitable for families, sporty types and the hip young things about town. I love water views, so I am always ready to be charmed by Dubai Marina, and once the tram is completed, any inconvenience with the roads should be a distant memory.

Dubai Marina Area Guide

It may be hard to imagine now, but ten years ago, Dubai Marina was barely more than a wide expanse of sand, populated by dredging machinery and cranes. Fast forward a decade, and among some of the world’s tallest residential towers you’ll find one of the city’s busiest neighbourhoods. With a steady stream of new restaurants, bars, shops and hotels month after month, it’s never been a more popular place to live, work and play.

Like the rest of Dubai, the neighbourhood has seen its fair share of ups and downs – almost constant congestion since the start of works on the Dubai Tram have seen it fall out of favour at times.

This time last year, the popularity of Jumeirah Beach Residence (the sandy-hued development overlooking the length of the shore) was beginning to wane and the imminent arrival of new shopping and dining complex The Beach had prospective residents looking elsewhere in a bid to avoid an anticipated worsening of the traffic situation. But the predicted Marina exodus has yet to materialise. As it happens, the arrival of the new development seems to have instead strengthened the area’s appeal, and rents across the neighbourhood having been trending upwards since the end of 2013. And as more tower blocks lining the perimeter of the marina waterway itself reach completion, new cafés, shops and salons come with them.

Dubai Marina Mall largely looks after the rather desperate lack of parking for visitors, meaning that even if you don’t live in the area, you can enjoy with ease the vast, meandering pedestrian footpaths and free play parks that line the water. With there being always so much to do in the area, we take a look at the Marina’s best, most unique and in-vogue places to eat, drink, play and be pampered to help you get a head-start.

At the heart of New Dubai, Dubai Marina is an enormous development stretching from the city’s arterial Shaikh Zayed Road to the shore-lining Jumeirah Beach Residence development. While it may be one of the city’s best known neighbourhoods by name, it’s also one of the worst of the newer parts of town for traffic and congestion.

But it’s not all bumper-to-bumper traffic and roadworks. Among the high-rise hotels and twisted (literally) residential buildings lies the man-made water channel from which the area draws its name and has been built around. A wide, smooth and entirely pedestrianised pathway lines the entire perimeter of the water, which connects to the sea at each end. Throngs of runners, rollerskaters and residents walking their dogs populate the path every morning, evening and weekend, while an increasing amount of cafes and restaurants line the route to cash in on the area’s many visitors.

Tourists take boat cruises, pose for snaps with superyachts and get charged the Earth for below-average Chinese food, but savvy Marina-ites know there’s much more to this area than meets the eye – look a little closer and you’ll find community running clubs, boutique bakeries and even camel meat burgers.

Where Dubai Marina is situated between Jumeirah Lakes Towers and the coast, between Dubai Media City and Jebel Ali Freezone.

Dubai Marina Attractions & Hot Spots

Dining – the area has a huge number of both unlicensed and licensed eateries, spanning cuisines from across the world and many of them overlooking either the Marina itself or the beach.

Shopping – specifically in the Dubai Marina Mall. It’s by no means the most comprehensively stocked in the city, but it’ll do the trick if you’re in need of an emergency outfit. Grocery shopping around the area is also convenient as there are plenty of supermarkets within walking distance including Spinneys, Waitrose and Blue Mart.

Walking – specifically along the wide, smooth pedestrian footpaths that line the waterway.

Watersports – A number of wakeboarding, fishing and yacht charter companies operate from the area.

Nightlife – Outdoor bars such as XL Beach Club, Barasti, Wavebreaker and Chill Lounge are popular in cooler months, while indoor nightspots such as The Observatory in the Marriott Harbour Hotel & Tower, Aquara Lounge in the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and Pure Sky Lounge in the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences draw a crowd year-round.

Dubai Marina Area Details

Transport – Accessible from both Damac station (formerly known as Dubai Marina Metro Station) and Jumeirah Lakes Towers Metro Station.

Public transport and accessibility – with Phase 1 of Dubai Tram completed, public transport is generally accessible within 10 minutes from anywhere in the Marina. There are 11 tram stations in and around Dubai Marina, spanning from Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 (JBR 1) to Al Sufouh. Shaikh Zayed Road is also easily reachable.

Taxi Taxis are relatively plentiful in the area, though due to construction works there are few places for drivers to stop safely, with the exception of along The Walk in JBR and in designated places such as that outside of Dubai Marina Mall.

Rent As of January 2016, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina is Dh90,000 to Dh110,000 per year.

Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall – Big shopping mall located in the popular Dubai Marina residential area

This New Dubai mall is a coup if you live in the Marina or JBR. It has about 160 stores including H&M, Superdry and Seduce, plus a cinema.

Shopping in Dubai Marina

Our pick of the new shops in the Dubai Marina neighbourhood

S*uce on Sea
A wooden beach shack doubles as the cash counter at this bright, light and airy Hamptons-esque offering from the homegrown Dubai boutique. You’ll find everything from jelly sandals to bunny-ear visors, designer swimwear, beach cover-ups and plastic-sleeve style neon clutches from labels including Mara Hoffman, Zimmermann and Mary Katrantzou.

The Beach, The Walk, JBR (04 430 4202).

Maybury Grocery

This gourmet grocery stocks a variety of products, from top notch imported cheeses, olive oils and pastas right through to simple, everyday items. Sample daily tasters will you peruse the aisles or pick up a sweet treat from the selection of freshly made desserts in the shop’s café.

Ariyana Tower, near Dubai Marina Metro Station, (04 423 8073).

Scotch & Soda

The Dutch label is a connoisseur of all things hip and happening and this new store in New Dubai stocks the spin-off collections for women and kids. Head there for collared shirts, denim and quirky accessories.

Dubai Marina Mall (04 399 7897).

Adventure HQ

Homes to all things aquatic, this beachside branch stocks everything from jet ski-type inflatable scooters for kids, beach cricket sets, bright towels, bikinis and board shorts as well as Penny skateboards and sandcastle kits.
The Beach, The Walk, JBR (04 430 4419).

Cottage Chic

Ever walked into a branch of Shakespeare & Co and wanted to recreate your living room in its image? Now you can, with a little help from Cottage Chic. Describing its wares as ‘romantic elegance styled with comfort’ pick up furniture, candles, clocks and more trinkets for your home.

The Walk, JBR (04 437 0268).

Activities in Dubai Marina

Get fit, sociable and have fun without leaving the Marina

Capella Club

Fancy a workout but hate the gym? Check out the popular Capella Club, which offers dance, yoga, martial arts and pole fitness classes to name a few. Pole Fit starts from Dhs100 per hour.
Silverene Tower, (04 452 6000).

As well as running a series of hugely popular fitness classes, the ‘socially active’ gym hosts regular events and get-togethers that are typically very well attended. On Friday June 6, there’s a Latin music fest at O’Cacti in Pier 7, while Friday June 13 sees a 7am beach yoga session take place at JBR. Alternatively, sign up for the Tribal 300 Workout fitness challenge, which begins on Sunday June 22. Visit the website for details on all of these and more.
Silverene Tower, (800 87423).


Established last year, this wakeboarding and wakesurfing company offers sessions on the water before work, after work or during – it’s your call. Riders are picked up and dropped off in the Marina and refreshments are included. (056 342 3012).


Escape the heat with an afternoon playing on one of this café’s 12 pool tables or several PlayStation 3s. There are also LCD TVs at every table, meaning you can catch that essential football match while you’re there. The venue also offers free wi-fi, has three large projector screens plus an extensive menu of snacks and drinks. Open until 3am every night, it’s a good choice for watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The Torch, (04 368 5645).

Reebok Run Club
Reebok Run Club by Urban Energy Fitness aims to help cardio fans stay in shape during the hotter months and avoid having to start their training all over again, come running season in September. The programme includes a variety of classes to suit all fitness levels, from first-time runners to keen marathoners and takes in a distance-marked route around the Marina.
Urban Energy Fitness, Dubai Marina, (055 886 9158).

Eating in Dubai Marina

Best restaurants to eat in Dubai Marina – Try a new place to eat in Dubai’s exclusive waterside neighbourhood

Mamma Mia

Serving great pizzas, this unlicensed yet underrated family-friendly Italian eatery is a great spot for a midweek meal. Take your Time Out City Card* and get 50 percent off main courses. If you’re lucky, you might even get a free tiramisu or garlic bread thrown in – it’s been known to happen.

Radisson Blu Residence, (04 435 5000).

Nordic Crown Bakery

Try classic Nordic pastries, cakes and savoury open sandwiches – the classic meatball version being a favourite of Time Out’s. The menu may be short, but the café also serves breakfasts and coffees, and sells fresh
artisan breads.

Waterfront, Gulf National Building, opposite Choithram (04 453 1123).


Possibly the first restaurant in Dubai to specialise in Buffalo wings, and definitely the only ‘wing specialist’ with a Mob theme. Order anything up to a portion of 32 wings, choose between fried or grilled, and then decide which of 17 sauces you want them smothered in. For those dining with wing-averse wise-guys, there are also burgers, salads, shakes and desserts to get your chops around instead. Dubai’s biggest Buffalo wing fans can take the initiation challenge, which involves eating eight ‘suicidally spicy’ wings in four minutes, and then endure the afterburn. Successfully complete the challenge, and earn yourself a place in the mobster hall of fame.

Marina Diamond 1, behind Radisson Blu Residence (800 94649).


Sample dishes from around the world at this new Pier 7 restaurant, which combines European and Asian flavours in a variety of different dishes. The venue also smokes its own meat and seafood in-house, using coconut husks instead of coal. There’s a seafood and salad bar, dessert and coffee station and a distinctly of-the-moment urban feel to the decor, with exposed ceilings, polished floors and heavy wooden furniture.

Pier 7, next to Dubai Marina Mall, (04 421 5669).


Head to Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa to check out one of Dubai’s newest seafood restaurants. Established in 1939 in London’s Notting Hill, it brings a posh fish and chips-meets-sophisticated urban dining vibe to our shores.

Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, (04 316 5550).

Drinking in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina’s nocturnal scene is diversifying with every new opening

Yots Sports Lounge

Sitting beneath Dubai Marina Yacht Club’s perennially popular Aquara Lounge, this sports bar is perhaps one of the most civilised places in the neighbourhood to watch big matches. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there’s
a meal and drinks deal for Dhs65.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club, (04 362 7900).

Pure Sky Lounge

Thanks to its location on the 35th floor of the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, this vertiginous hangout offers great views of the sea and Palm Jumeirah. What’s more, there’s a daily happy hour from 5pm to 7pm, and ladies’ night on Tuesdays, with free-flowing selected drinks from 9pm to 11pm.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, The Walk, JBR (04 374 7888)


When it quietly opened in 2012, this bar bridged the gap between British pub and snooty American lounge bar. While barely publicised, this nightspot was, until very recently, a favourite among the city’s swing and lindy-hop dance communities, who met regularly for ciroc dancing and short lessons. Nevertheless, there’s still live
music, a jukebox and darts to keep the punters entertained.

Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Residence, (04 439 8888).


Positioned on the third floor of Pier 7, the ebony, cylindrical tower adjacent to Dubai Marina Mall, this industry-inspired, Asian-influenced nightspots has quickly amassed a following for its daily drinks deals, excellent views and cool, modern interiors. The atmosphere is relaxed, the service is good and overall it’ll leave residents and not just visitors impressed.

Third floor, Pier 7, next to Dubai Marina Mall, (04 361 8129).

Atelier M

Also located inside Pier 7, notably in the uppermost portions of the building, this nightspot comprises a restaurant, lounge and rooftop, serving up cuisine and mixed drinks that follow a contemporary French theme with an Asian twist.

Pier 7, next to Dubai Marina Mall, (04 450 7766).

Beauty Salons in Dubai Marina

Beauty Salons in Dubai Marina – recommended spots for beautification in Dubai Marina

Lily Pond Spa
This Thai pampering haven has two branches in Dubai Marina, where it frequently runs brilliant deals on treatments. That said, if you’re always a bit strapped for cash, Lily Pond is accessibly priced compared to many places in the city – a manicure, for example, will set you back Dhs50 and 60-minute Balinese massages are Dhs180.
Ladies only. Rimal, JBR (04 435 5780); Amwaj, JBR (04 439 1717).

Rami Jabali Salon
A spacious hairdressing salon for men and women run by Syrian Rami Jabali, who’s one of the most proficient colourists we’ve found in the city. There’s also free parking available for customers.
Murjan, JBR, (04 363 0369).

Specialising in organic products and treatments, this nail salon and spa offers a variety of manis and pedis, as well as in-chair eye and face treatments, massages, eyelash extensions, tinting, hair removal and much more.
Ladies only. Trident Tower, (04 447 3688).

Things To Do in Dubai Marina


This gourmet shawarma shop is setting tongues wagging (not to mention salivating) with its refined take on the classic streetfood. As well as classic meat and chicken fillings, diners can also get their chops around duck and veal, and even create their own sandwiches, to be uploaded to the community menu for all to order.

Location Marina View Towers Contact 800 79424


Head to the third floor of the cylindrical Pier 7 building, adjacent to Dubai Marina Mall, where you’ll find this buzzing nightspot. Since opening, the casual, friendly bar-lounge-restaurant has attracted an impressive following – and with breathtaking views of the Marina, not to mention some mean scotched quail’s eggs and mixed drinks, it’s not hard to see why.

Location Pier 7, next to Dubai Marina Mall Contact +971 4 361 8129

Baker & Spice

An upmarket café with an ethos that aims to bring fresh, local produce to the dining table, this waterside spot is popular among breakfasting Marina-ites. If you’re visiting at lunchtime, the gnocchi won’t disappoint.

Location Marina Promenade Contact +971 4 362 4686


Describing itself as a ‘social gym’ members of this state-of-the-art facility not only get access to top equipment but a whole roster of different classes, plus regular gatherings including movie nights, mini concerts and brunches.

Location Silverene Tower Contact 800 87423

Dubai Marina Property Guide

Read our Dubai Marina guide to find out about what sets it apart from other Dubai areas. Discover the latest Dubai Marina property for sale and rent. Guide To Living In Dubai Marina: what is it like to live as an expat in Dubai Marina- great apartments and pavement cafes- it’s a very bustling area. Discover the neighborhood of Dubai Marina. This guide will give all the info and reasons to make the move to the Marina you could ever need!

The fact that it’s been built around a manmade Marina and is regarded as the tallest residential block, add not just another glorious superlative next to Dubai but also ensures that its residents are being regarded as cream of the society. It may feel like a neighborhood straight out of the fairy tales with gorgeous marinas and sky piercing towers made of glass and steel, but underneath that superficial façade there thrives a community of great people within Dubai Marina making it one of the best places to live in Dubai.

Home to a majority of residents hailing from the west, Dubai Marina is often mistaken for a little town by the French Riviera. Its gorgeous skyline is augmented by even more beautiful people basking in the perpetual summer of Dubai. The entire locality has a theme park like ambiance. Families can be seen strolling around, joggers running buy the Marina, couples enjoying the vibrant nights of the locality; it’s like a whole new city within Dubai.

Make no mistake though; Dubai Marina is a neighborhood that caters the lifestyle of individuals with that can afford all the fine things in life. The premium price tags attached with the premium residential units of the area attracts affluent residents. Individuals from high ranking managerial posts to supremely privileged Emirati families; Dubai Marina is only home to those that could afford to live in its skyscrapers. A huge number of the residents in Dubai Marina hail from the west while the remaining portion comprises of residents of Arabic or Middle Eastern Decent and smattering of South Asians. With such a high price bracket; the residents of the neighborhood are calm and cultured, mostly family oriented since the entire neighborhood with its festive and summery ambiance just asks its residents to remain outdoors.

The luxurious beach by the Marina with its cobalt blue waters always look like a prime picnic sight but residents with children complain of the absence of parks in the area. Though the neighborhood can easily be regarded as a beach neighborhood, its residents have no direct access to parks. However, that is why it is the ideal locality for romance and sun seeking westerners who flock towards Dubai for its warmth and diversity.

Things that makes Dubai Marina such an ideal neighborhood are the abundance of shopping avenues. Dubai Marina Mall for instance is always swarmed with visitors and has everything that a retail heaven would want to have in it, including a Cineplex. The prime attraction of the area however is Marina Walk also simply known as The Walk. Lined with a plethora of shopping outlets and Dubai’s most popular restaurants and cafes, it’s a huge stretch of walk right beside the beach that is always bustling with activity. Whether you are a business executive looking for a corporate lunch or wanting to take your beloved out for a romantic walk by the beach; The Walk will be the first name that pops into the mind.

With that being said; Dubai Marina’s residents love this bustling neighborhood that never really sleeps: even though real estate agents report families are moving to the locality to join its young population, they simply can’t be blamed. Who wouldn’t want to have a home in a tower by the sea? Yet beside being built on the Marina, the neighborhood cites that they are more drawn this area because of the diverse dining scene, beach and the sense of tranquility that one can associate with the Mediterranean hamlet.

Dubai Marina, the most exclusive waterfront developments in the world. Dubai Marina is a lot of things: water, canals, apartments, hotels, people and shops. Dubai is famous for having the tallest building in the world and the biggest flag. Apparently, Dubai Marina is the biggest marina in the world and has the capacity to home more than 120,000 people in its glittering apartment towers and penthouses.

The area holds its spot among the most exclusive waterfront developments in the world. Built along a three-mile stretch of the shoreline, Dubai Marina has become one of the most desirable residential communities. If you are looking to live in a vibrant waterfront community with free-spirited atmosphere, look no further than Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina offers its residents an urban lifestyle, spectacular views of water, outdoor water sports activities and an array of facilities including the world’s largest man made marina, with its excellent restaurants and cafes Dubai Marina is never short on dining options.

Dubai Marina is strategically located on Interchange 5 and close to the Dubai Media City and Internet city. Residents can enjoy shopping in malls like Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn-Battuta. Dubai Marina is an excellent option to reside for people who working in its neighborhood areas. Dubai Marina features several High rise towers offering luxurious apartments and penthouses with world class facilities and amenities. All apartments in Dubai Marina offer fabulous view of water and a brilliant layout that provides spacious living spaces.

Dubai Marina Apartments

Dubai Marina Towers: Is an extraordinary waterfront community comprising of 1 to 5 bedroom apartments and 3 to 5 bedroom villas in 6 towers. Dubai Marina Towers are inevitably luxurious Dubai Marina apartments available.

Al Sahab: Comprising of 2 towers, this is a brilliant waterfront development offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and offers its resident’s facilities like swimming pool, mini theater, meeting facilities and sheltered parking.

Al Majara: Comprising of 5 towers with stunning views of the Marina, offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxurious apartments with designer finishes, European style cabinetry and fully fitted appliances. Al-Majara has an Important place among Dubai Marina apartments buildings and offers a comprehensive lifestyle cherished by the inhabitants.

Marina Promenade: Comprising of 6 residential towers and podium level villas, Marina Promenade is a distinct development with a class of its own. The towers offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominium style apartments and facilities like swimming pools, squash/badminton court, library, day care centers, fully equipped high tech gymnasium, 24 hour security and maintenance, business lounges and electric barbecue area.

Marina Quays: Comprising of 3 towers overlooking the amazing Dubai Marina, this prestigious development is not only located on the water but extends 20 meters over the water, making it a distinct residential address designed for the connoisseur. The 3 towers offer 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments with world class facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, aerobic studio, theaters, business centers and 24 hour security.

Park Island: Comprising of 4 towers, this peninsula shaped development is a unique waterfront community, offering stunning views of the Marina. The towers offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging in sizes between 709 to 3,915 square feet. These towers are a last word in luxury with extra ordinary finishes and high tech features.

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Dubai Marina Guide – Check out our area guide for Dubai Marina. Learn more about life in Dubai Marina, what makes it so great and why it could be your next home! Food, drink, play and live in Dubai Marina. Discover where to eat in Dubai Marina, where to drink in Dubai Marina, where to shop in Dubai Marina, where to play in Dubai Marina and where to grooming in Dubai Marina.


Dubai Marina Area Guide


Dubai Marina : Dubai Marina Area Guide and Dubai Marina Business Directory. Discover the Best Things To Do in Dubai Marina & Attractions in Dubai Marina. Food, drink, play and live in Dubai Marina. Discover where to eat in Dubai Marina, where to drink in Dubai Marina, where to shop in Dubai Marina, where to play in Dubai Marina and where to grooming in Dubai Marina.

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