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Event Companies Fujairah : List of the Best Event Companies in Fujairah with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Event Companies in Fujairah.
Event Companies Fujairah : List of the Best Event Companies in Fujairah with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Event Companies in Fujairah.

Events Companies Fujairah : List of Event Companies in Fujairah with Contact Details

Event Companies Fujairah : List of the best event companies in Fujairah with Contact Details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings.

Fujairah lies on the eastern side of UAE, along the Gulf of Oman and derives its name from a spring of water located beneath one of the mountains. The emirate has witnessed a rapid rate of economic and social development and tourism activities under the wise guidance of H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, Supreme Council member and ruler of Fujairah.

Travel in and around Fujairah and the surrounding towns of Khor Fakkan, Kalba and Masafi has been made easy by the development of modern highways since independence in 1971. Highways are funded by the federal government directly, and contracts are tendered centrally. This is meant to safeguard the quality and delivery of the contracts and prevent corruption from damaging the construction.

Fujairah has a very limited public transport, with a single bus service operating within the emirate and a service operating to Dubai. Aside from private transport, there are a number of taxis operated by the government-owned Fujairah Transport Corporation. The Hajar mountain range that divides the UAE in two, from Ras Al Khaimah to Al Ain, separates Fujairah from the rest of the country. The historical importance of Fujairah dates back to the period before the birth of Christ. The main cities and villages are Dibba, Murbeh, Qidfa, Al Bidiyah, Masafi and Al-Siji. The city is home to mountains, caves and archaeological sites, all of which bear testament to the rich Arab heritage.

Events Companies in Fujairah

Event Companies Fujairah : List of the event companies in Fujairah with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top event companies in Fujairah UAE.

Emirates Events FZE

Company Name: Emirates Events FZE
Company Location & address: P.O.Box: 5232, Fujairah, UAE
Company P.O.Box: 5232, Fujairah, UAE
Company Telephone Number: +9719 2233299
Categories: Event Companies, Event Companies in Fujairah

Mawadda Events Organizing

Company Name: Mawadda Events Organizing
Company Location & address: P.O.Box: 499, Fujairah, UAE
Company P.O.Box: 499, Fujairah, UAE
Company Telephone Number: +9719 2229004
Categories: Event Companies, Event Companies in Fujairah

Event Companies Fujairah Location Map

Event Companies in Fujairah

What is Event management?

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.

Marketing tool

Event management might be a tool for strategic marketing and communication, used by companies of every size. Companies can benefit from promotional events as a way to communicate with current and potential customers. For instance, these advertising-focused events can occur as press conferences, promotional events, or product launches.

Event managers may also use traditional news media in order to target their audience, hoping to generate media coverage which will reach thousands or millions of people. They can also invite their audience to their events and reach them at the actual event.


The event manager is the person who plans and executes the event, taking responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service,


Software companies provide event planners with software tools to handle many common activities such as delegate registration, hotel booking, travel booking, or allocation of exhibition floorspace.

A recent trend in event technology is the use of mobile apps for events. Event mobile apps have a range of uses. They can be used to hold relatively static information such as the agenda, speaker biographies, and general FAQs. They can also encourage audience participation and engagement through interactive tools such as live voting/polling, submitting questions to speakers during Q&A, or building live interactive “word clouds”. Mobile event apps can also be used by event organisers as a means of communication.


There are an increasing number of universities which offer courses in event management, including diplomas and graduate degrees. In addition to these academic courses, there are many associations and societies that provide courses on the various aspects of the industry. Study includes organizational skills, technical knowledge, public relations, marketing, advertising, catering, logistics, decor, glamor identity, human relations, study of law and licenses, risk management, budgeting, and the study of allied industries like television, other media, and several other areas.

Event Management Across the Corporate World

Event management is an age old concept in the corporate world but its success has been recently visible in the last ten to fifteen years. Earlier though it was part of the business world many companies and organizations used to ignore its significance. As businesses across the globe are rejuvenating in all its form the acceptance of event management has tremendously increased. Infact it has become extremely viable when it comes to organizing an event for any big corporate firm.

Earlier firms and organizations used to conduct events managed by their own team of professionals who may or may not have any experience or hint about organizing an event. Apart from that it is a very stressful and time-consuming activity that actually cuts down effective work time of the involved employees as well as their performance to a certain extent. But now it has become much easier for firms to conduct events through event management companies.

Event management companies have a team of professionals whose expertise in the field is commendable and are known for their genuine, reliable, and remarkable efforts. The team of experts has their own contacts with the decorators, caterers, and other professional individuals or organizations required for organizing an event. Be it in a ten year celebration of company’s existence in the corporate world or an accomplished milestone, these companies are masters in transforming success and celebrations to cherished memories. Whether a gathering of 500 people or of 5000 people, no stone is left unturned to conduct a memorable event. These companies organize a range of events for various firms and organizations depending on their needs and strategies.

During the course of an event, event management companies also take care of various other issues like award ceremonies, product launch, introduction of services, announcement of new business ventures, and conferences. This leaves the owner of any business firm completely free from the pressure of organizing and managing an event.

Now the question arises why corporate companies feel the need to conduct events? Why has it become a significant part of the corporate world? The simple answer to these questions is ‘Corporate Tussle’.

These days’ businesses across the globe are facing tough competition with each firm running hard to touch the sky. With this it becomes important for companies to stay in limelight through retention of customers, increased revenue generation, strong goodwill, and increased credibility. All this is possible through making people think about the company every now and then. And the best way to do so is by organizing events at regular intervals. This will strengthen the customer base and will always keep the company’s name on the hearts and minds of customers as well as associates. These are very much imperative in nature as it leaves a very long-lasting impression on the audience. These events eventually become strategic tools for reliable and effective corporate communication.

How to Benefit by Hiring the Perfect Event Management Company

They are not professional event management company for nothing. With abundant experience and expertise, you will benefit much more by having them organise your next event whether it’s personal or a corporate one. You can rest assured they will exceed your expectation!

Wondering how you will benefit from the services of the perfect event management company? Here’s how

You are getting the experts.

Event management companies are exceptionally knowledgeable. They are ready to deal with every possible uncertainties that may arise at your event. They know the right questions to ask, what is needs to be done and how long it will take. Since they are well-organised, they complete tasks within deadlines and without blowing your budget. When you let them handle your events, you can pay attention to your guests and interact with them freely without having to stress about executing details of your event.

You will save time and money.

As mentioned earlier, the perfect event management company will turn out a successful event for you within your budget. Plus their flawless coordination and execution will save a lot of time as well. Thinking how can they do that? It’s simple really. They are well-acquainted with everyone involved in the event management industry. From caterers, support staff, venue owners/managers, performers and artists to suppliers of audio-visual equipment, flowers and other decorations, they are extremely connected. So, they find the best people and negotiate the best prices for your event. They can suggest alternatives if something isn’t working for the event, which otherwise you will be spending hours on Google searching.

You will be backed by a creative team.

A successful event management company employ the help of creative and visionary people. Since they have been involved in both large-scale conferences and small workshops, they are up-to-date with changing trends in the world of event management as well as event technology. They know how to have great audience engagement and blow their minds. They come up with the most creative and unique concepts for your event and make it a memorable one.

You will get post event analysis.

Why are you organising the event in the first place? There must be some goal you want to achieve at the end of it, isn’t it? So, how will measure them all and find out if your event is a successful one or not? This is what great about hiring an event management company to execute your event. They will take in account every aspect of the event. You only have to tell them on what basis you wish to measure the success or failure of your event, whether it’s in terms of budget management, number of quality leads generated, audience engagement or the event cost savings. And accordingly they will have placed appropriate feedback mechanisms to measure the success of your event.

Satisfaction, yours and the attendees.

In the end, the biggest and most concerning outcome of the event is customer satisfaction which includes you and the guests. No matter how smooth the event went, if you or the attendees are not happy, the event is a big bust. This is where a perfect event management company always delivers! Customer satisfaction on the both ends is their top priority. They see to it that all your requirements for the event are fulfilled to a T and the attendees also have a good experience. There are a number of benefits from having an event management company deal with organizing and implementing an event on your behalf. These were just five. Feel free to tell us how you have benefited from employing help from the professional event management company for your B2B events as well as personal ones. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Event Management Company Can Help You in Promoting Your Event

These days, promotion has become a popular marketing strategy used by both corporate houses and small businesses for the purpose of image building and increasing business revenues. Companies and business houses now arrange seminars, conferences, trade shows, product launch parties and such other events to promote their products and services. With such events taking place, they need a proper planning and management for the smooth execution of the event as per the company’s standard, which requires an appropriate event management company. People as well as companies and organizations these days, due to lack of time, hire professionals from event management companies to take the responsibility of organizing the program.

The event manager of the company not only organizes the event but also perform various activities to make the affair unique and memorable. They take the task of creating and promoting the event by selling tickets online, sending invitations to the target audience via emails and creating pages on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. From the start till the end, the event planner will keep you informed about the status of the program and will help you in identifying your target audience for the program. In fact, event management company plans an appropriate event keeping in mind the target audience and their expectations. They do a detailed research of the different brands and create event models accordingly.

Event management companies also provide interesting functionalities and features for the online promotion of the event in a unique and creative manner. Personnel of the companies take the initiative of informing the attendees about the program using customized emails. They also allow the organizer to add up logos and graphics related to their program and attract more attendees towards the event and offers you with the flexibility of managing, reviewing, adding or deleting any information online, which can be easily viewed by the attendees.

Other than this, a popular and ideal event management company also collects payments using online mode where the attendee can make the payments using credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, etc and also helps in fundraising activities and keeps you updated about the monetary transactions. This will ultimately assist you in maintaining a secure database and calculate the returns on Investment.

To make sure that your event is organized successfully, event management companies also take the initiative of conducting research and finding out ways to improve the techniques and approaches. The assessment report enables you to identify the loopholes and figure out ways that can be followed to achieve success. Thus, event management companies are offering several services for promoting your event which will help you both in increasing revenues and number of attendees.

How Event Management Firms Help in Organizing a Successful Event

When it comes to event planning, there are so many aspects that need to be taken care of in order to organize a successful and memorable event. Planning an event involves a lot of tasks like venue selection, party theme, equipment management, lighting, sound, decoration, client services and so on. It is therefore advised to hire an experienced and specialized event planner to handle all these works from your side. The professional event organizers not only take the burden from your end, but also help in giving your event a perfect touch.

Top Event Companies Fujairah : List of the best event companies Fujairah with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top event companies in Fujairah UAE.

Business Directory UAE providing complete details of event companies in Fujairah. Find out more information on event companies in Fujairah on Yellow Pages UAE. event companies reviews, event companies Fujairah location map, event companies Fujairah websites, event companies Fujairah directory, event companies Fujairah business directory & event companies telephone numbers.


Event Companies Fujairah : List of the Best Event Companies in Fujairah with Contact Details


Event Companies Fujairah : List of the top Event Companies in Fujairah with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top Event Companies in Fujairah UAE.

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