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Gear Boxes Dubai : List of Gear Boxes Suppliers in Dubai with Contact Details

Gear Boxes Suppliers in Dubai : List of Gear Boxes Suppliers in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings.

Gear Boxes are considered as the central component of any transmission system. This box generally provides proper gear reduction. This is used for converting the speed of engine into torque and this propels the motor forward. Most of these boxes are used for enhancing torque and in the same time it reduces the speed of driveshaft. It is seen that the driveshaft of the gear box rotates slowly than the speed of the driveshaft of the engine. This difference in the speed creates thrust and increase the torque.

Manual transmission and automatic gear boxes are generally available in various shapes and sizes. Manual types are the simplest form of this box and usually involve manual movement of a type of sliding gear. These are moved with the help of shifter which are attached with this box. An automatic box is similar to these manual boxes and only exception is that the transmission systems automatically select the correct gear. This type of gear system generally reduces the need of the operator. In these automatic gear boxes a proper hydraulic system is used for detecting the pressure of any fluid present in the engine. This allows the system to select proper gear. These automatic systems use a converter which converts the torque.

There are differ type of boxes which are used in various industries like paper, aerospace, mining, pulp and agriculture. Worm, spur, helical and ground boxes are used for various industrial purposes. Hardened and ground boxes are considered as the best type of gear boxes are considered as the finest type of boxes which can be used in different industries.

Most of these ground boxes are made from materials like stainless steel, nickel and titanium. Cast iron, bronze and steel is used for making gears that have cut teeth. Some non-metallic materials such as compressed paper, rawhide, wood and nylon can be used to reduce noise in these gears.

There are several manufacturing companies from where one can easily buy these products at a discounted rate. These gear boxes manufacturing companies have their own manufacturing unit equipped with latest tools. They have specialized teams to look after the production of these items. One can directly buy these items from the manufacturers or dealers or can browse through the internet to get information about these products. There are various online portals from where one can purchase these products. Clients can easily browse through these websites to learn about different products and to know about the prices associated with these products. While buying these boxes one should always check the efficiency, reduction ratio, maximum tooth contact and precise tolerance of these items.

Most of these gear boxes are easy to maintain. These should be regularly cleaned with proper cleaning agent. These should be lubricated at regular interval so that they work smoothly and there is hardly any noise during their operation. Proper lubrication also reduces friction between the parts of the gear and increases their longevity.

List of Gear Boxes Suppliers Dubai

Gear Boxes Suppliers Dubai : List of the Gear Boxes Suppliers in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top Gear Boxes Suppliers in Dubai UAE.

1. Zurich Metal Industry LLC
Location & Address: Bhnd Al Tayer Body Shop, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3407050
P.O.Box: 31892

2. Legend Star Engineering Works LLC
Location & Address: Ras Al Khor, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3332430, 050-3531896
P.O.Box: 77153

3. Eight Industries
Location & Address: N02, Shop 4, International City, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-4561529
P.O.Box: 32095

4. Elemech Trading Company LLC
Location & Address: Frij Murar, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2715848
P.O.Box: 63187

5. Emirates Truck Spare Parts Company LLC
Location & Address: Dubai-Hatta Rd, Ras Al Khor, Al Aweer, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3200484
P.O.Box: 49825
Categories: Gear Boxes | Trucks and Trailers Equipment and Parts

6. Falaj Al Muala Spare Parts Trading LLC
Location & Address: Shop No 4, Nakheel Road, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2503612
P.O.Box: 183158
Categories: Couplings | Gear Boxes | Marine and Offshore Equipment, Engines, Parts and Supplies | Oilfield Equipment | Pulleys

7. Golden Seal (ASP) LLC
Location & Address: Opp Tara Hotel, Nasr Sqr, Deira, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2277289
P.O.Box: 39726
Categories: Couplings | Gear Boxes | Hydraulic Seals | Mechanical Seals | New Car Parts and Accessories | O Ring Seals | O Rings Rubber | Rubber and Rubber Products | Springs

8. High Systems Trading LLC
Location & Address: High Systems Bldg, 15th Str, Al Qusais Indl Area 4, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2679575
P.O.Box: 47900

9. Tasra Auto Spare Parts Company LLC
Location & Address: Al Ramool Rd, Rashidiya, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2862690
P.O.Box: 36841

10. Z F Services Middle East LLC
Location & Address: Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3331530
Fax : 04-3334165
Categories: Gear Boxes

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Gear Boxes Suppliers Companies in Dubai UAE

Complex gearboxes, large fans and power motors are critical equipment in almost all the manufacturing plants. The ability to know precisely when to replace bearings can often make the difference in a profitable operation or one that loses money due to unnecessary shutdowns or catastrophic failures. Used wildly in limestone, plastic-cement, ore, slag, plaster, coal-kibbling the gearboxes, today are available in novel structures, shock resistance, anti-vibration, small volume, light in weight, and it also is safe and reliable with long life usage. Following are the description and employment of the various gearboxes in different manufacturing plants.

The cement industry postulates rugged and high-torque gearbox for multiplying an engine’s torque to produce the required output. Cement manufacturing and processing machines and equipment make use of a variety of gearbox for continuous and smooth functioning. The tough and ever changing demand in for gearboxes in cement industry necessitates the manufacture of sturdy, reliable and high torque gearbox and other components. Basically the gearboxes or speed reducers are implied for continuous operation, compact installation, consistent load and sharp changing load. The types of gearbox includes Bevel Helical Gearbox, Bevel Epicyclic Gearbox and Parallel Shaft Gearbox.

The hardware industry provides the petrochemical manufacturing units with a wide range of industrial machinery for lubrication, circulation and booster application. This industry uses different types of gears and gearboxes for smooth, continuous and silent performance. They require superior quality of gearboxes that have high tolerance and durability. Specific superior quality gearboxes designed for powerful performance required in refining and other machines are provided for the petrochemical industry. The industrial machinery including gear pumps, distillation units and refining machines

This is one of the most important industry that installs heavy electrical equipment for power generation, power transmission, distribution and utilization. For the lustrous movement of the heavy machinery like turbo-generators, boilers, transformers, different types of turbines, switch gears etc, the power sector requires high quality and high precision gears and gearboxes. These gearboxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes with high torque capacity and powerful performance for use in powerful machines.

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  1. Even though most us make use of the gearboxes in our daily lives (either directly or indirectly), still not many of us appreciate its importance and relevance in today’s technological innovations. For the beginners, gearboxes provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device using gear ratios.

    The most common usage of gearboxes is in the auto mobiles, where the transmission adapts the output of the internal combustion engine to drive wheels. Such engines need to operate at a relatively high rotational speed, which is not appropriate for starting, stopping or slow travel. The transmission reduces the higher engine speed to the slower wheel speed and thus increasing torque in the process. Wherever, rotational speed and torque needs to be adapted, gearboxes comes in handy like on pedal bicycles, fixed machines etc.

    Often, a transmission will have multiple gears, with the ability to switch for speed variance. Usually this switching is done manually though sometimes it can be automated as well. An interesting point to note here is that conventional gear/belt transmissions are not the only mechanism for speed/torque adaptation. Alternative mechanisms include torque converters and power transformation.

    In almost all the manufacturing plants, complex gearboxes are one of the most critical equipments. In order to avoid unnecessary overhead expenses one should have the ability to know precisely when to replace bearings otherwise there could be huge losses due to unnecessary shut-downs or catastrophic failures.

    Gear boxes are used in various industries like cement, petrochemical, power, paper & pulp, steel etc. They are also used in limestone, plastic-cement, ore, slag, plaster, coal-kibbling and so on. Today, gearboxes are available in novel structures, with advance features like shock resistance, anti-vibration, small volume, light in weight along with a longer shelf life.

    After several years of uncertainty, there are reports that the worldwide market for wind turbine gear boxes is about to experience high demand. The industry insiders say that the demand for wind turbine gear boxes is finally growing up along the expected lines. One more factor which has helped this renewed demand is that most of the countries have recovered from recession and are in a position to take decisions for substantial investment in wind energy.

    There are estimates that the worldwide market for wind turbine gear boxes could be $ 3.8 billion, with a growth rate of around 16% per annum. Gear box exporters are unfazed by new challenges and are keen to adopt latest technologies to remain profitable.

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