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7. Once the excess water has been removed by the towel, run your fingers through the hair to remove tangles, DO NOT comb as this will break the bonds, wefts or attachments. Dry the hair using a medium heat dryer and then brush the hair from tips working up towards the roots.

8. Apply a serum or refreshing conditioner as recommended by your stylist, to the ends of the hair to keep them from drying out and splitting.

9. Before using tongs, rollers or straightening irons always use a heat protective serum or conditioning spray, to protect the hair from heat damage.

Remember you hair extensions may be human hair, but they are not attached to the scalp so they don’t receive the natural oils, your hair on your head does. This means you will need to add plenty of moisturising products on a daily basis, but be sure to only use your stylists recommended products. Most hairdressing products contain Ethanol, Alcohol, oils or proteins, these will cause the hair to dry out or affect the attachments, so make sure you use products which are especially designed for your hair extension type. Follow these instructions and your extensions should last you a long time.

Business Directory UAE providing complete details of hair extensions & hair wigs Stores in Dubai. Find out more information on Hair Extension & Wigs Stores in Dubai on UAE Yellow Pages. Hair extension and wigs in Dubai are used by individuals who prefer a more stylish look. Hair extensions are used to make the hair long and straight, while wigs are used to transform the look. These products are also used by people with hair loss, who would like to conceal the condition. Hair extensions and wigs are produced using selected strands of hair which are sourced from a number of countries. They are available in various styles including straight, curly and more. Hair extension and wigs are available in industry standard colours. They can play a great role in transforming the look immediately.

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  1. Hair Extensions Dubai

    Hair extensions offer an easy and flexible way to get the most variation in your look, without having to cut or color your hair. These can be strategically placed to add length, volume, different colors, or styles into the hair. There are many different types of hair extensions that are available on the market today. It is important to choose the right kind of extensions, or wearers can experience adverse reactions.

    Hair Extension Types – The fusion method. These are put in individually, and are often times done with a hot or cold keratin glue. If you having thinning hair or fragile hair, this is probably not a technique that you want to use. Fusion hair extensions do well on some people with normal to thick hair, however, some people with thick hair do experience hair loss with this method when wearing them for an extended period of time. As with any method, these will need to be maintained every six to eight weeks, as your natural hair sheds and grows. They can be somewhat pricey, depending on where you get them done. Make sure you go to a reputable stylist for these, and any kind of hair extensions.

    Micro-links, links, or “i-tip”. This method of attaching individual extensions go by different names, but they are attached to your own hair near the scalp using a small copper cylinder. This cylinder can be pure copper, or lined with silicone. Once attached near the scalp, it is clamped to lay flat on the head, and secure it in place. This method can be great because they do not use any form of glue, however, they will require maintenance as well for best use. If the trapped hair is not removed out of extensions as your own hair sheds, the individual extensions can become heavy and put stress on the scalp.

    Tape in. These are attached on a weft, and can be used on people with shorter hair than the other two methods, because they are attached in a strip with a sort of double stick tape. Your stylist with either secure it with tape alone, or heat the tape to secure the glue for longer wear. Tape in’s can be great for a lot of women, but because they are secured with glue, they are not recommended for everyone. The glue can get stuck in the hair if not secured and removed properly.Tape in extensions are also the quickest to apply to the head, and the fastest to maintain and remove. For this reason, they are often times a bit less expensive than the individual methods mentioned above.

    Clip ins. These extensions are the only method mentioned that are not a semi permanent solution. The wefts are literally clipped into the scalp, with clips secured to your own hair. This method is great because they can be attached in the morning, and taken off in the evening, allowing your hair to shed naturally. They will also stay styled through several wears, so you don’t have to restyle them every day. Clip in extensions are also less of a commitment, because they are not attached to the scalp. Users can take them in and out as needed, and are the least damaging choice of all of the hair extensions, because they are not on the scalp for an extended period of time.

  2. Hair Extensions Dubai

    It seems that young ladies today get bored with their own hair. Hair extensions are definitely the new accessory and an important part in a girl’s make up. There is a variation of hair extensions on the market and a variety of ways to be fitted. The four main types of hair extensions on the market are:

    Loose hair – hair cut from a donor, process and sold in bulk.

    Weft – this is also known as weave. With this hair is sewn together in a long strip at the top usually about a metre long.

    Strands – can also be called pre-bonding or pre-tipped. Here the hair has keratin glue on the tips and is put through tubes to tie into natural hair.

    Tape hair extensions – Skin weaves or skin wefts. These are fitted by using double-sided transparent tape.

    These extensions are usually made from 100% human hair but can also be made from synthetic nylon or a mixture of the two. There are some things that need to be considered before deciding which type to buy. Mainly synthetic are much cheaper than real hair but the downside is that they are not suitable for straightening or curling as they would melt. The plus side with synthetic is that they come in a variety of colours so you can add streaks to your natural hair without it being permanent. Go wild for a party or add a lowlight or highlight for a more natural look. Human hair is the best if you intend to put curls in or straighten your hair as it acts like your own. It can also be dyed if you want an exact colour but can’t find one.

    Extensions come in different textures too to match your own hair. These can vary from curly to straight and come in many types of curl patterns.

    – Silky straight. Silky smooth, straight hair that resembles East Asian hair.

    – Yaki. This is a straight hair that resembles the relaxed texture of Afro-Caribbean hair.

    – European hair. This is also straight but may have a tiny wave in unlike the East Asian hair.

    – Deep wave. This is not a true wave but can be made to look like spirals

    – Loose deep wave or romantic wave. Soft romantic curls similar to the deep wave but looser.

    – Jheri curl. Often sold in short lengths to create the full ‘afro’ look

    – Wet and wavy. Can also be known as Spanish or Indian wave. Human hair is usually used for this that already has a natural curl or wave. This is very natural looking and reverts back to its curly state when wet.

    – Feather lux. This is when long feathers are attached to the hair.

    These are just a few and names may vary amongst manufacturers – There are 3 main qualities of extension. Virgin, Remy and double drawn. Virgin hair is unprocessed. It is tied first before cutting to keep the direction of the cuticle. This is usually sewn into wefts or used to make wigs. Remy is hair that is arranged with all the roots at one end and tips opposite and then sewn onto a weft. This type usually lasts longer and remains tangle free. Double drawn is the most expensive having all the short hairs taken out appearing thicker and gone through twice.

    Your extensions can be washed as normal hair using a mild shampoo and cool water to avoid tangles. This need not be done after every use but you should consider washing after about 3-4 wearings.

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