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Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages
Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages. We all might have heard of Dubai holidays, but it is only recently that we hear of cheap Dubai holidays. Cheap is not the word that is very famous in Dubai, yet if you look for cheap Dubai holidays, you can indeed find them, as they are getting more and more fashionable nowadays.

Dubai, which used to be the land of luxury, nowadays seems to be able to have something for those who would not be able to afford for a stay in the top-hotels. In real, after a bit of exploration, you will see that Dubai is full of cheaper hotels where one can spend their Cheap Dubai holidays for a reasonable price. These hotels are not much worse in standard; rather they are closer to the standards of average Spanish or Italian seaside hotels.

Cheap Dubai Holidays

You can book for cheap Dubai holidays at many travel agencies as well, that are in many case selling package tours, which means that all services together become slightly cheaper. These normally include the costs of travel and the cost of hotel normally with half-board, which means breakfast and one main meal, lunch or dinner. In case of package tours, there are often charters that fly the tourists to their destinations. They also offer cheaper airplane tickets. If you would like to book your hotel by a travel agency, you can still buy a charter-ticket from them, or you can book cheapest Dubai hotels, so this way you are already on your way to your cheap Dubai holidays.

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

Going on cheap Dubai holidays does not mean that anyone should neglect all luxury that Dubai offers, but that one can keep the eyes open, to see where to get the best rates and offers. Each place, let it be hotel or theme park, have periods of offering cheaper rates. For example, if you choose to go somewhere from the late afternoon hours that might already mean that you spared money! You can also travel cheaper if you do not choose the top season for travelling. Although one should face the consequences and effects of the hot summer of Dubai, but you can get your air-conditioned room for even half the price in this season and as everything is open until late night. You can live the nightlife until dawn, and then you can sleep during the day. Choose the cheapest public transportation and try to see where you can walk from your hotel.

As a part of your cheap Dubai holidays, try your best to pick the best program offers. You can go on sightseeing tours or around the Emirates Tours, or even you can go sailing or on a little boat–trip. To top it all, you can attend one of the famous desert safaris, and you do not need to dig deep in your pocket to do so, if you are smart. Try the art of negotiation when you are visiting a souk and although the mane tourists who are unable to negotiate already spoil many sellers, you will see that they will like your way!

For having perfect cheap Dubai holidays, make some local friends, who can share their secrets with you about where to get the best offers for the cheapest price and with whom you can hang out. If you have a good Muslim friend, you will see that you will not even have to stay at a hotel, you can have a perfectly spent time during your holiday. Cheap Dubai holidays are the best for trekkers and for those who prefer to explore a city or a culture.

Cheap Holidays to Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, luxury and high prices are more likely to come to our mind, but indeed, there is budget travel in Dubai. Only you have to dedicate the time and effort to find the best deals. Due to the new waves of tourism, budget travel and budget tours are getting more famous all around the world. So let us see how we can find various offers on the best budget travel in Dubai. Although we might rather hear of the top category hotels, but Dubai have hundreds of different category hotels that offer rooms at more reasonable prices. If you start looking for the cheapest Dubai hotels for your budget travel, you will be surprised to find out that you can get a room in a good category hotel and you do not even need to go out of the centre of Dubai.

The key in this case is time, effort and the internet. There are various booking sites, some of which are specifically for budget rates all around the world. If you are searching a hotel to your likings, try to look for forums and discussions on hotels in Dubai. You might get some extra information, which is good or even important to know! As most of the residents of Dubai are not of Dubai origin, you can find good hotels run by Indians or Pakistanis providing rooms at a reasonable price but in good quality. All you need to do is to make sure that the hotel is in a safe district, although the best thing in Dubai is that, it is a very safe place to be.

The hardest part of budget travel in Dubai is always the travelling. Travelling is often the most expensive part of a journey. However, if you look with care, you may find some special rates of airlines as well. Many travel agencies offer all–inclusive packages on budget travel in Dubai. There are programs that give better price and sell plane–tickets and hotels together. Look up their offers because this way you can get more information on Dubai along with several hotel names. If you like one of them and see that even travel agencies offer them more cheaply, do not hesitate to contact them directly. It might be that they will give you an even better offer. Even if they do not give better offer, you will get an overall picture about their level of service.

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

Talking about budget travel in Dubai, the hundreds of programs on offer are necessary to mention. Most popular programs include sightseeing, dhow or boat tour around Dubai and the desert safaris. These, at least the desert safari, should not be a miss. Just go around the downtown area where you will find hundreds of such offers, so all you need to do is to find out an agency that is cheapest yet trusted to make their programs in good quality. Group programs are generally the cheapest. Therefore, if you would like to have fun but for a good prize, look for an agency which collect tourists together to make cheaper group programs or excursions for them. Take care with the restaurants near the top-hotels; they might even double their normal rates when it comes to tourists. If you want to have some nice good time, then dedicate the time to go further and examine more offers, so that you can decide which place might be the best for you.

Overall, economical travel, such as budget travel in Dubai is a lot of fun, because during your explorations around town, you will get to know it a lot more than those who do not care much about the prices. Arabic people love to negotiate, so give them a chance. Make a budget travel in Dubai. If you are smart, you will be a specialist of prices in Dubai, and at the same time, experience all same services, but for half the price.

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

Cheap Holidays in Dubai

Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages. Dubai is one of the seven large areas that make up the United Arab Emirates and is the ultimate modern holiday destination. Dubai holidays are ideal for anyone looking to explore one of the fastest growing destinations in the world, the luxury accommodation, bright lights and spectacular surroundings create one of the most unique holiday atmospheres you could imagine.

Dubai was originally a desert city which has rapidly grown in popularity due to the many fantastic tourist amenities that it offers. Whether you are looking to go shopping, dining, sunbathing or even take advantage of the many sporting activities that Dubai offers, you are guaranteed to find everything you are looking for. Dubai prides itself on having the fastest, largest, tallest and highest of everything, it is a city of luxury and extravagance that really has to be seen to be believed. A cheap holiday in Dubai has something for everyone with a very hot climate and so many interesting sights to explore. If you are planning on enjoying a Dubai break, make sure you take a look at all of the fantastic deals available at the moment to ensure that you can save money on your getaway.

Dubai manages to combine traditional sightseeing spots with contemporary luxury, producing a fascinating medium that will intrigue and delight visitors to the city. To get a feel for the traditional side of the Dubai, it is recommended to visit the Dubai Museum which showcases the social history of the Emirate and the developments that have led to Dubai being a modern metropolis. There are many mosques around the city which are fantastic places to explore, the Jumeirah Mosque is considered to be the most attractive mosque in Dubai and is open to non-Muslims, and visitors to the mosque can enjoy a guided tour followed by a question and answer session.

Modern Dubai is a display of opulence and extravagance, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure and has an observation deck at the 124th floor that offers spectacular views across the city. The building dominates the Dubai skyline and is home to nine hotels and a fountain system similar to those found in Las Vegas. The fountain itself is the world’s largest dancing fountain and offers an evening display that is a must see for anyone enjoying a holiday in Dubai.

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

One of the most famous locations in Dubai is the Burj al-Arab hotel, the world’s only 7* hotel. The hotel is truly stunning and offers tours around the building so guests not staying within the hotel can experience the lavish surroundings. Active travellers will be in their element during a holiday to Dubai with endless water sport facilities, a ski resort, fantastic diving conditions and opportunities for desert safaris. Families will love the Wild Wadi water park situated in the heart of the city and the Dubai Zoo situated close to one of the largest beaches in the area. For a more relaxing experience there are opportunities to enjoy a river cruise through the Dubai Creek or even a hot air balloon ride over the huge sand dunes.

Dubai is one of the most popular shopping cities in the world with everything from holiday souvenirs to designer labels available for drastically reduced prices. There are mega malls and markets around the city and visitors are expected to haggle for the best prices. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the biggest shopping event in the Middle East starting in January and continuing through to the end of February. The best items to pick up in Dubai are textiles, electronics and gold, with gold markets around the city offering high quality gold items. Dubai has some of the world’s best restaurants with many of the hotels offering a range of gourmet cuisines from around the world.

If you are not looking to splash out on food and drink there are many budget eateries around the city, with everything from traditional Middles Eastern restaurants to familiar Western chains. It is recommended to try some of the local delicacies; Shawarma and falafel are the most popular dishes and are available on many street corners and from market stalls. Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC can be found in many of the busy tourist areas. The nightlife scene in Dubai is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a lively experience during their Dubai holiday; however it is important to remember that Dubai has several laws concerning alcohol that tourists must abide by.

Alcohol can only be bought at licensed premises and it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place, ID must be carried if you are intending on purchasing or consuming alcohol. The nightclubs in Dubai often attract some of the worlds best DJ’s and performers and offer a unique evening experience. The public transport in Dubai is fairly good with a metro service that can take visitors around the city. Car hire is recommended if you are planning on sightseeing during your stay, taxis are also popular for those looking to travel.

Budget Holidays Ideas in Dubai

Dubai, though a modern city replete with opulent 7-star hotels, plush villa holiday homes and expensive shopping and dining destinations, still has several budget travel ideas for visitors looking for a comfortable experience minus the exaggerated frills. Here are some ideas to savor the glamour and snazzy appeal of Dubai on a budget.

Economy Flights and Hotels in Dubai

One of the best resources to book cheap flights to Dubai is the internet. There are many sites that offer competitive deals and inexpensive air fare to the Middle East if booked well in advance. There are several economy hotels in the glitzy city that offer a personalized and comfortable stay at modest prices. One of the most frequented budget accommodation options in Dubai is The Gulf Pearl Hotel, located a few kilometers from the airport and conveniently accessible to most shopping haunts, business centers and tourist attractions. The rooms are priced at approximately $80 per night. The New Peninsula Hotel costs about $110 a night and features neat rooms and easy access to the famous beaches of Dubai. The Pacific Hotel is nestled in the backdrop of the imposing landscape of the city and is within walking distance to the museum, malls and the celebrated Dubai Creek. The rooms here are tasteful and are priced at approximately $95 per night.

Eating Out on a Budget

Dubai is a paradise for budget eaters and visitors can feast on a hearty meal for almost nothing. The favorite economy comfort food here is Shwarma–a delicious and generous meat and vegetable filling rolled in pita bread served with huge salad dressings. You can eat this regional delicacy for only $1 and for little more, visitors can have an entire meal. Apart from the fast food chains that serve reasonably priced fare, some local restaurants that offer large portions at rock bottom prices are Karachi Darbar, a humble, no-fuss eatery serving delectable meat kababs, robustly spiced gravies, traditional bread and yummy flavored rice with meat. Wafi Gourmet is a nice Lebanese restaurant that whips up lip-smacking shwarmas. Toscana is a great economy Italian dining option that serves sinful Italian preparations as an alternative to the heavily spiced eastern fare.

Sightseeing and Shopping on a Budget

The best places to hang out in Dubai are the beautiful beaches, where you can have a nice, relaxing holiday and it doesn’t cost anything. The Jumiera Beach and Park and Al Mamzar are the most popular beach attractions. Ski Dubai, an indoor ski center housed in the large Mall of Emirates, is also a nice place to enjoy an inexpensive evening. There is a Snow Park play zone and a 3D theatre in the complex. The Dubai Museum housed in the 18 th century Al Fahidi Fort has interesting exhibits ranging from ceramic objects and stone carvings to ancient weapons and traditional musical instruments. Visitors can also take a pleasant dhow boat ride on the Dubai Creek to enjoy a ride from Bur Dubai to Deira for just 1 AED per person. For shopping, head straight to the Souk area for dirt cheap bargains. To save costs, shop at the duty free shops and try organizing your trip around the Dubai Shopping Festivals when you can bag some super deals and discounts on shopping. Dubai’s expensive look can be seriously deceptive as the city has a range of fantastic budget travel ideas and plays a good host to entertain its visitors irrespective of their budget.

Beaches in Dubai

With sunshine all year round, Dubai is the ideal destination for beach lovers. Those looking for some action can enjoy a plenitude of top quality water sports. Among the water sports being offer is paragliding and windsurfing. Many of the beaches have facilities to play a game of beach volleyball. Alternatively, hire a jet ski or go deep sea fishing.

Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages

Surfing is possible but surfing options are limited as Dubai does nor experience large waves. Surfing conditions are more suitable for beginners. Entertainment and recreational activities are available at many of the beach resorts. Winter months are popular with tourists due to milder temperatures while in summer temperatures can reach 45 C with high humidity. It is best to visit the beaches in the early morning and evening in summer to avoid the scorching temperatures. Tourists can wear beach clothes while on the beach, however before leaving the beach change into something more culturally appropriate. Alcohol is not permitted in public areas and there are no beach bars.

Palm Beach

This white sandy beach is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sunshine. Water sports are available at this beach. The water is part of the Arabian Gulf and is warm making it pleasant to go for a swim.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is a beautiful beach with white sand that stretches into the distance. There are many hotels and private clubs along this beach with some areas open to the public. This beach is famous and frequented by many tourists. This beach is located approximately 25 minutes from the city center by car. Burj Al Arab Hotel and Jumeirah Hotel are 2 top class hotels located at this beach. Although the beach is popular, it is spacious and therefore not very crowded. Barbecue facilities are available and lifeguards are on duty.

Al Mamzar Park

There is a public beach at Al Mamzar Park. At this public area there are playgrounds and picnic areas, making it a good choice for families. Food kiosks offer refreshments. Al Mamzar Park is a 25-minute drive from the city center. There are chalets in the area.

Wollongong Beach

This beach is also know as Kite Beach due to its popularity among kite surfers.

Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali beach is located farther out from the city center as it is a 40-minute drive. There are seldom any waves at this beach. This area is also well known for golfing. Resorts. hotels and apartments are accommodation options in this area.


Cheap Holidays in Dubai


Cheap Holidays in Dubai : Cheap Dubai Holidays : Budget Holiday Ideas in Dubai UAE. Cheap Holidays to Dubai Featuring Cheap Flights & Packages. Affordable Holiday Tour packages from Dubai UAE

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