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Home Cleaning Services Dubai

Home Cleaning Services Dubai : Best Home Cleaning Services in Dubai

Home Cleaning Services Dubai : Best maids in Dubai with with company contact details, prices, cost & reviews. Find the best maid services companies and agencies in Dubai yellow pages online directory. Home cleaning is as important as you eat food on the daily basis. This is the task that cannot be ignored for more than two to three days. If you feel choose the home cleaning service is the quite difficult job then leave your thinking regarding this and sit on internet or get the best service for your house cleaning.

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For many people office and commercial area cleaning is the major priority but I think nobody will feel good once enters into the messy home after getting tired from the hectic job. In fact, when the visitors come to your place in order to meet you get the dirty home they will not feel relax throughout the time they stay over there. This is also possible they came with a plan to stay longer but due to getting messy environment visitors changed their program and after spending few hours they leave your home.

If you are quite busy in your job and do not have sufficient time for home cleaning, in this case you should hire professionals for house cleaning. Everybody knows, home cleaning is the toughest job and it required two to three hours and in these days no body have the extra time for any extra home task. While, this is the major job of the home, but due to the jobs and schooling house members cannot give time for the cleaning task.

What you need to do in choosing the right and better home cleaning services? First of all have access of internet at your home or work place and then find out the list of cleaning experts. Every professional have their contact number or may be an email address. If you get success by choosing the right expert of the state then you should immediately hire them for the house cleaning task. On the other side, if you do not have internet facility you can ask to your neighbors and relatives. The relatives who had already been used the services and satisfied also then ask for the contact number of the individuals.

Before hiring experts, make sure one thing what they are providing in their services and confirm that whether the service charges match with your budget or not. Mostly householders cannot afford weekly and bi-weekly house cleaning service due to low budget however; in this case they get this service after a month and order for the complete package. The full package includes proper cleaning of the home such as kitchen cleaning, bedroom cleaning, bathroom cleaning, sitting area and the porch cleaning as well. Through this way, you can feel relax and get the home clean and fresh but it requires little bit cleaning job after a day or twice days.

Home Cleaning Services Dubai

Home Cleaning Services Dubai : Best maids in Dubai with contact Details : Full time maids and part time maids in Dubai UAE. Best maid services companies in Dubai with with company contact details, prices, cost & reviews. Find the best maid services companies and agencies in Dubai yellow pages online directory. Find school cleaning, office cleaning, marble polish, curtain cleaning, soft cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, home cleaning, cleaning services, maid service, cleaning companies, deep cleaning, housekeeping service, ironing, move in & out cleaning services & cleaning companies in Dubai city.

MI Maids

MI Maids – Maid company in Dubai. Housekeeping is no easy feat. A common misconception is that it takes little effort to clean the house and keep it organized. However, when you have a full-time job, and in some cases a family to take care of, such tasks can become quite a predicament. This is where MI Maids can help you with our professional cleaning services. Dubai homeowners can be relieved of the burden to clean their homes, with the help of our housekeeping services, such as general house cleaning, laundry and ironing. MI Maids offers housekeeping and maid service in Dubai. What we believe is that when maid service is done properly, it should not intrude into people’s daily life but instead it should be an easy and efficient way to delegate time consuming household tasks.

That’s a pretty simple mission statement, and it’s what we live by. Our commitment to this starts at the first point of contact where you can reach us by phone, contact form, email or even WhatsApp – whichever is more convenient for you. Our customer service Maids in Dubai with cleaning equipment staff are trained to take down your details efficiently and communicate effectively so that you know when to expect your maid. If you have any special requests then we are more than happy to take these down and will make sure that your maid understands what needs to be done. This already gives you a head start as and saves time explaining to the maid what you need. Our booking team will also put together a schedule for you and you will have the same maid each week, guaranteeing a consistency of service.

MI Maids Dubai Contact Details
Office 608, Clover Bay Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
P.O Box 120954, UAE
Office +971 4 3619416
Mobile +971 55 564 3022

Dial A Maid

Maid Services Dubai : Dial A Maid, House Cleaning & Maids Services Agency in Dubai. Founded in 2002, Dialamaid brings quality housekeeping into homes & offices across Dubai. We have developed a reputation for excellent service with a genuine commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As the leading cleaning company in Dubai, we offer a wide range of home cleaning services to suit client requirements at competitive rates. Our range of services includes everything from cleaning to dusting, mopping and ironing. Dialamaid enjoys an enviable reputation for offering top quality housekeeping services at reasonable prices. As Dubai’s leading housemaid service provider, we offer you a choice of cleaning and housekeeping solutions. Services: Hire House Maids, Bathroom cleaning, Vacuuming Services, Ironing Services, Mopping Services, Kitchen Cleaning, Move in / move out cleaning

Dial A Maid Dubai Contact Details
PO Box 57023, Dubai, UAE
Call Us: 8005151,050 6240097
Category: Maid company in Dubai, Cleaning Service, House Cleaning Service

Happymaids Cleaning Services Dubai

Maid Services Dubai : Happy Maids Cleaning Services Dubai, Part Time House Maids in Dubai. Fast, Reliable and Skilled Part time Female Filipina maids in Dubai. House Cleaning Services Starting As Low As 40 AED per Hour. Our Premium House Cleaning and Maid services is delivered by trained Filipino maids. Our courteous maids work efficiently, saving you time and money. We know how clean you want your home to be, we are only happy to help you keep it that way. Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning or a complete housekeeping solution, Happy Maids is here to help you. Maids in Dubai, Maid Service Dubai, House Cleaning Dubai, Part time Maids in Dubai, Baby Sitting Dubai, Cleaning Services Dubai, Hourly Maids in Dubai and Home Cleaning Services Dubai.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and other long term cleaning services on request, charged on a hourly basis. We also provide evening and weekend appointments according to your busy schedule with applicable charges. An organised and clean working space lets you run a business with clutter free mind. Call us, if you need your workspace clean and orderly. Our maids are available from 8 am to 6 pm depending on the location. Our customers include commercial offices, Clinics, spas, salons and schools. Call us on our toll free No. 800 3545 or email us at:


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3 Reviews

  1. A lot of parent’s especially single parents are in need of reliable home cleaning services that they can rely on. Single mothers who work for several hours a day even during night shifts would require the assistance of efficient and trustworthy workers. But before deciding on the service provider, here are several factors that have to be thought out in order to make sure that the best company will be picked.

    When calling home cleaning services, discuss what kind of service is needed. Are there any off limit areas inside home? Which location should be focused on? What kind of materials will be used? Will the windows be washed? Will the cleaning be general or standard and will the homeowners require dusting and mopping among other cleaning services.

    Get the opinion of family members, friends and co-workers. Hiring someone to clean your house is not something that has to be done in a rush. Remember that the people who will clean the home might not exactly be trustworthy, especially if the company that they are working for did not undergo background check.

    It would be best to rely on the opinion of people who have tried their services already. This will give a hint of what kind of service will they be able to provide. Get referrals from at least 3 people before deciding if the cleaning service is worth a shot.

    Never pick a company that is not bonded or insured. Certain accident can happen even while the person is on the job. Accidents and even incidences of theft can occur. It would be best to hire companies that have insurance coverage for all of these kinds of issues. Pick a company that will take responsibility should there be anything that goes wrong inside the property. Contact the company and ask if the personnel that they are going to send out are legal residents, check for their backgrounds and see if they have undergone screening.

    Ask for a free consultation or go for companies that will offer free consultation. It would be best to get a general idea of how much the service will cost and if they are willing to give discounts. It would always be better to be safe than sorry nowadays. There are a lot of good cleaning service providers, but every homeowner has to do their own background check to make sure they get the right one.

  2. You are overworked and short on time, but you want a clean home! How do you go about getting that? The answer is that you hire the right home cleaning service to suit your needs.

    If you have always cleaned your own home, and this is your first experience with seeking out a home cleaning service, then ask others who use a cleaning company for their homes, who they use. Find out how much they pay on an hourly basis to the cleaners and how often they come by to do their housecleaning job.

    Place a call to the company over the phone and be proactive in your approach. Asking the right questions can make all of the difference in the world. The order that you ask questions in does not matter. What matters is that you ask all of the questions you need to ask to find out the information that can assist you in making the most appropriate decision.

    How long has the service been in business? The longer the home cleaning service has been around the better it is for you. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out if any complaints have ever been filed against the company. Doing this is not underhanded but is good investigative work. You can never be too safe in this regard!

    Does the cleaning company have insurance? The answer you want to hear is yes they do. If you get a no, then you need to call and talk with other companies. If you hire a company without insurance and one of the cleaners gets hurt in your house or something gets broken then you are responsible for paying the damages and this will affect your homeowners insurance.

    When talking to the owners or manager of the company find out if the employees are screened, bonded, licensed and insured. Make sure you ask about all of these aspects. You want to know that every employee has had a criminal background check and that if something goes wrong in your home (such as something turns up missing) that you will be compensated accordingly.

    Some companies that offer cleaning services do not hire their own employees but instead send out contractors or third party suppliers or vendors. You want to select a home cleaning service that hires its own employees to do the work. You do not want anyone else showing up at your home.

    Before hiring a home cleaning service to descend upon your home with their supplies you need to know exactly what jobs they are willing to do and which ones they do not do. For instance some companies do windows, others do not. Some will do your laundry, others will not. Some will clean ovens, others will not. If you have a specific task in mind then ask the individual you speak with on the phone if that is something that the workers would be able to do for you.

  3. Finding time to clean your home has become next to impossible for you, so you have decided to find a reliable home cleaning service to do the work for you. But finding a company that does good work, at affordable price, is trustworthy as well as courteous, and punctual is not always a simple task. There are many things that you must think about as you search for a suitable service to clean your house.

    You want your home to be clean but you also want it to be safe. This should be your number one goal when searching for a home cleaning service. The people who work for the cleaning company will be strangers to you, which is why you need to be so careful about whom you allow entry into your home.

    To do this, there is some pertinent information that you need to find out from the cleaning business before you hire them. You need to know if they are bonded and insured. If the cleaning individuals who come into your home are not bonded and have no insurance then you as the homeowner assume all liability when they come into your house to clean. This means that if any of the cleaners gets hurt while in your house then they have the right to sue you for damages they have suffered. In the same way if a cleaner breaks anything in your home then you will be responsible for replacing your own items.

    Make sure that you conduct lots of research in this area. Find out if a home cleaning service has these important items in place before you allow them to clean your residence. Ask to see proof of insurance as well as proof of bonding.

    Is the cleaning company professional and reputable? You need to check up on a company but you also need to follow your instincts as they will not lead you astray. If you talk with a cleaning manager over the phone or a house cleaner comes to your house and you do not have a good feeling about the person(s) then do not hire them. Keep looking until you find someone that your instincts say is a good choice.

    Research the home cleaning service and take a look at their website if they have one. Find out where their office is located and then drop by and talk with them. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to. A good service is one where they have answers to all of your questions and respond to you in a polite, personable and patient manner. You want to hire a company that is trustworthy, resourceful, organized, hardworking and respectable. This is your home which means you should not settle for a service that is low rate- aim for the best of the bunch!

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