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Outdoor Signage Dubai : List of Outdoor Signage Companies in Dubai with Contact Details

Outdoor Signage Dubai : List of outdoor signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Outdoor signs stand for signage that is typically installed externally. Outdoor signs can take many forms including: lightboxes, fabricated letters, plaques, sheets, panels, prints and even structures. When looking at this form of signage there are many considerations to take into account, including: the type of material, what access equipment is necessary, permits and Engineer Certification and Abseiling suitability.

Outdoor signage is essential in order to make your business stand out. Outdoor signs are perfect in order to achieve high visibility for your brand. However choosing the right sign raises a number of challenges. You will need help to decide what is the most suitable material and what type of signage you should used to convey your message effectively.

Your signage has to last for a very long period of time, so that your maintenance and need to replace the signage will be reduced significantly. Ensuring the signage is visible and creates a “wow” factor. Generally people only look at your signage once and for only a few seconds so it is important you create an impact and stand out from your competitors. We will work with you to show you different illumination options and provide some options on the best fixing methods and constructions methods for the building facade or wherever you want your sign to be placed

Outdoor signage can be applied to many outdoor display projects. You just need to find a signage company that designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of promotional display systems, be it audio visual and lighting display, event display or product display. Signage companies in Dubai will help you to find the most cost-effective solution in order to promote your corporate event or exhibition staging. They provide assistance with project management and manufacturing of the highest quality signage for all outdoor display stands, product launches, product sampling, trade shows or exhibitions.

The best way to make sure that you grab the attention you need to promote your outdoor events is to use customised signage solutions such as interchangeable graphics which provide versatile setup options and are designed to enhance portability and versatility of signs. According to your event requirements, signage company can create customized and unique lightweight portable display systems such as retractable banners or three-meter pop up display walls. It exists a wide range of signage solutions that give a distinctive and original look to your outdoor events while maintaining low costs and ensuring minimal installation time.

Outdoor Signage Dubai

Outdoor Signage Dubai : List of outdoor signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top outdoor signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

Blue Rhine General Trading

Company Name: Blue Rhine General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Dubai Investment Park (DIP) Second, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite to Writer Relocations
P.O.Box: 27402, Dubai
Company Toll Free: 80074463
Company Fax: +971 4 8857598
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Regal Star General Trading

Company Name: Regal Star General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Office # 13, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Landmark: Al Fardan Exchange Building
P.O.Box: 43298, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3863154
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 8768552
Company Fax: +971 4 3863254
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Adrar Advertising Requisites

Company Name: Adrar Advertising Requisites LLC
Company Location & Address: Warehouse # 7, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Near Al Khayam Bakery
P.O.Box: 234176, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2587553
Company Fax: +971 4 2587554
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Al Shabak General Trading

Company Name: Al Shabak General Trading Co LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Al Qusais Ind. Second, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Behind Dubai Residence Oasis
P.O.Box: 50152, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2587600
Company Fax: +971 4 2586007
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Ateis Middle East

Company Name: Ateis Middle East FZCO
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, LIU, Office # 11, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
P.O.Box: 293640, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3262730
Company Fax: +971 4 3262731
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Awtad FZCO

Company Name: Awtad FZCO
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 33604, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3328747
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Blue Rhine General Trading

Company Name: Blue Rhine General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Abdulla Haji Kambar Awazi, Showroom 5, Salahuddin Street, Deira, Dubai
P.O.Box: 27402, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664647
Company Fax: +971 4 2628853
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Dream Way Printing Equipment & Instruments Trading

Company Name: Dream Way Printing Equipment & Instruments Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: 1st Floor, Al Habtoor Complex, Office #32, Al Qusais Ind. Third, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite to Masjid
P.O.Box: 91670, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2589935
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 8072100
Company Fax: +971 4 2589928
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Elmer Technical Supplies Trading

Company Name: Elmer Technical Supplies Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: DasBuilding, Hor Al Anz East, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Next to Abu Baker Metro Stn.-Hor Al Anz Exit
P.O.Box: 55469, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2389585
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies

Expo General Trading

Company Name: Expo General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Showroom 07, Naif,Deira, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai
Landmark: Near Al Wasl Plaza
P.O.Box: 90022, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664547
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies in Dubai

Kuber International Trading

Company Name: Kuber International Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: shop #3, Salahuddin Road, Hor Al Anz, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Near Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station
P.O.Box: 13334, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2665686
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 3786112
Company Fax: +971 4 2665683
Category: Outdoor Signage, Signage Companies in Dubai

Led World LLC

Company Name: Led World LLC
Company Location & Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Landmark: Interchange No.3
P.O.Box: 11319, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3883448
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai


Company Name: Pioneers
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 1614, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3514664
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai

S3 Intel Tech LLC

Company Name: S3 Intel Tech LLC
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 231542, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2584677
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai

Sign & Display

Company Name: Sign & Display
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 89409, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664998
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai

Signapp Middle East Advertising Materials

Company Name: Signapp Middle East Advertising Materials Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Gr Neon Building, Al Quoz 3, Dubai
P.O.Box: 35025, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3394911
Company Fax: +971 4 3391044
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai


Company Name: Signtrade
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 55037, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2681828
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai

Twinkle Stars Neon

Company Name: Twinkle Stars Neon
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 15698
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2211174
Category: Outdoor Signage Dubai, Signage Companies in Dubai

Outdoor Signage Dubai Location Map

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Outdoor Signage Dubai

Outdoor Signage Dubai : List of outdoor signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top outdoor signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

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  1. Is your business considering investing in some outdoor signage? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the most common reasons why plenty of businesses choose to utilize outdoor signs, and why it’s been a favorite method of advertising throughout the years.

    Outdoor signage Dubai can be very versatile: So versatile, in fact, that many different types of businesses can use them. They make great displays for menus on the outside of a restaurant, enticing passersby to check them out and then come inside to experience the full meal. Retail stores like outdoor signage for advertising specials and clearance sales, letting customers know in an attractive way what’s happening inside the establishment. They’re a common sight outside a movie theatre, lining the outside with illuminated frames filled with the posters of the upcoming attractions.

    The lamppost mounted banners and flags can often be found lining the main streets of cities and towns, announcing honors the town has won or upcoming events in the surrounding areas. Outdoor shows and events could take advantage of the large, free-standing flags, indicating where the entrance to the parking area is or where the main stage is located. In the run-up to Election Day we’ll start to see the ground stake signs everywhere, without a doubt.

    There are lots of different styles of outdoor signage available: Each style is very distinctive, allowing each sign to be used in a different location. A-frames, Springer bases, or fillable base signs are often known as pavement or sidewalk signs and can be found there, staying sturdy even in crowds of pedestrians. Businesses can also take advantage of real estate style signs for lawns and sod, free-standing pedestal style signs, hanging banners and flags with poles, brackets, or a ground base. For a more traditional look choose wall mounted frames that are designed specifically for outdoor usage, some of which feature fluorescent lighting to keep your signs illuminated even in the middle of the night.

    Outdoor signage allow you to choose the material that fits your needs best: Some outdoor settings require a different type of material than others do, so there are signs out there to cater to every signage need. Some of the materials that these signs are created from are: polyethylene, polystyrene, powder coated steels, iron, plastic, anodized aluminum, glossy wood substrates, Coroplast, vinyl, and others.

    Outdoor signage can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes: Outdoor signs are designed to be seen quickly, so they are often larger than a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a variety of signage sizes to choose from. Some of the pavement signage ranges anywhere from 18″ x 24″ all the way to 48″ x 36″. There are feather-style banner flags that measure over 10 feet tall, providing a profile that’s nearly impossible for anyone to miss!

    Outdoor signage should be seen clearly, and seen quickly as well. Since these signs are on the larger side, they’re a lot easier to notice. The size of the sign holder combined with a strategic location will help increase the impact of the signs. Both pedestrians and drivers can notice a pavement sign if it’s placed by the curb in front of a store, attracting their attention. Illuminated outdoor signage is great for stores that are open late, letting everyone see that your business operates well into the night hours. And it’s very hard for anyone in the vicinity to miss a giant banner saying “OPEN” in large, friendly letters.

    As the name implies, they’re weather resistant: While there are varying degrees of waterproofing available, in general these styles of signs are designed to stand up to bad weather. The different varieties have a number of features that are ideal for keeping water away from your installed graphics. The locking aluminum frames with rubber gaskets seal up to keep water out and can stay outside for however long you need them to. If you’re in a windy area invest in sidewalk or pavement signs with fillable bases and springs supporting the sign frame. These are designed to bend rather than break with heavy winds. If you only plan on keeping your sign outside in good weather, there are some more delicate models that can keep an image safe from water, but should be taken inside during particularly bad conditions.

    What’s the point of having a sign if it’s too complicated to operate? Many business look for outdoor signs that have features such as snap frames or swinging doors, which allow for posters and graphics to be quickly changed out with minimal fuss. Letterboards and whiteboards are equally easy – just write or spell out your message and you’re ready to start using your retail signage.

    Because sometimes things you can’t predict happen. So why take a chance that something will happen to your business investment? Look for models that have built-in security features to keep your signage protected. Deluxe flag brackets that display on poles need specific hardware to install and uninstall them, helping to ensure that they’ll stay precisely where you set them up. Some A-frames and wall mounted displays have locking mechanisms built into the casing, allowing you to lock your images in.

    Outdoor signages are constantly working: Many of these signs, especially the water and weather resistant models, are designed to be used constantly. Leave them on display twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to keep a business presence in the awareness of your customers. Even if it’s after your normal hours your sign will be there working, helping to bring customers back the next day when the store’s open once more.

    Outdoor signage can be found in prices that span a wide range of prices. There are the incredibly cheap models, such as the stands real estate signage or temporary political campaign signage. These stands are ideal if you already own the signs you’re intending to put up, and just require the supports. Some of the larger, more substantial signs will price out a bit higher in the range, however it’s not hard to find both economy models and higher end deluxe models with almost every security feature and weatherproofing imaginable.

    Luckily, your business has plenty of options to choose from for outdoor signage. One last great thing is that there are plenty of places online where you can get more information about specific products and prices. So if you’re interested in outdoor signage, start researching to find your perfect display!

    Outdoor signs have many features and attributes that make them attractive to business owners everywhere. These are just ten of the many reasons why they’ve become such a popular method of promotion for many different stores.

  2. Companies and businesses realize the importance of advertisements. It is basically clever advertisement that helps to introduce a product to the masses and then ensures the sales remain going. There are a number of ways of advertisement that can be used to attract consumers. Companies have used signage as a way of advertising their services and products. There are two types of signages in use; indoor and outdoor signage.

    Indoor signage is easier to manage and maintain, than the outdoor signage. With outdoor signage, there are certain factors that need to be taken into account. The location and material of the signage being used is of the utmost importance. For instance, indoor signage can be set up and installed in a number of different places and walls. There is no need to worry over how weather may affect indoor signage, since the space is enclosed.

    For outdoor signage more care has to be taken. Outdoor signage certainly gains more attention because it is for everyone to see. Whoever is passing by a particular billboard or a street would come in visual contact with the product and service being advertised. In a way, there is no age barrier to outdoor signage. A child, a teenager and an adult can all view the same advertisement.

    Durability is of immense importance, when taking into account outdoor signage. New technology has made it possible for outdoor signage to be durable than before. Most outdoor signages, such as billboard banners, are powder-coated to prepare them against the wear and tear of rough weathers. Sometimes, too much exposure to the sun can also tone down and make a billboard appear dull. For this reason, the powder-coat, made available from companies that manufacture billboard signs, is of extreme help.

    Another great idea is to use such a material that lasts longer. PVC vinyl is one way of combating this problem of wear and tear. PVC vinyl lasts longer than other materials used for making billboards. It is also ten times stronger than the cheaper poly tarps available in the market.

    If you want to make a good impression on the consumers then you should probably invest in PVC vinyl. It may cost you more than the cheaper material, available in the market, but it will be durable. Durability is what counts, especially if your signage is to be displayed for an extended time period.

    It also counts what paint you are using for lettering on your signage. There are a wide variety of paints available in the market. Cloth banners should use permanent paint that has a high zinc chloride ratio. For billboards, digital printing removes any worries concerning the removal of lettering.

    The most reliable outdoor signage manufacturing companies should be contacted. If you are pleased with the result of a particular banner then contact the company that helped design and manufacture it. You can get your banner and billboard done the same way or provide your own ideas, using the same durable materials.

  3. Digital outdoor signage is a growth field for the past few years and due to its achievement in the versatility it brings to new marketing methods.

    If you have ever been lucky to visit New York and got to Times Square, you see masses of huge video walls displaying videos and advertisements for assorted items, this is digital outdoor signage. This comprises a massive format display with a device that stores the ads on and plays the media through the display at certain times to appeal to specific audiences.

    Concentrating on particular viewers is very productive and this is why companies from large corporations to mom and pop stores are evaluating digital advertising as the return on investment is exceedingly hasty and can even pay for itself from the first month. This is why companies such as Tommy Hilfiger have a touch signage window in their store so clients can use it when the business is closed.

    Dynamic outside marketing comprises of three crucial components, these are; focusing on specific people, the devices used and the call to action, we will now look at each one over the next few articles to see how they will benefit any promotional campaign.

    Numerous ways of focusing on prospects.

    No matter if your business is in New York or Liverpool England, your consumers are your life-blood, so if you can promote goods to existing clients this will increase your bottom line owing to the faithfulness built up between current buyers.

    But if you are a new firm for instance in the clothing market and are targeting the 30 something age range, you will need to use modern technology, so your shop could have a twitter page or you could tweet your offers on Twitter, using this solution appeals to younger audiences and are eager to give businesses a chance provided that the technology is right.

    One clothing agency installed electronic marketing in a concession stall in a well-known department store, they promoted a range of goods through the Internet and included this through the electronic advertising on the booth and when the ladies received the outfits bought through the website, they got an amazing surprise. When they opened the package, the smell was blissful this was due to the perfume beads inside the small package, this unique way of presenting the cloths was then recommended to friends and the stands business soared. Now this is only for indoor electronic marketing, just imagine if this was outdoors and not constrained to passing prospects in the business.

    Outdoor dynamic advertising can be utilized to promote hot beverage deals on cold mornings, visualize you are in a location, you are frozen just after getting of the tube, you pass a marketing display showing a person warming their fingers on a mug of coffee and the coffee store is just opposite, can you ignore the temptation or would you call in for a warming beverage?

    Advertising hair care goods to individuals in transportation hubs, these are perfect as people will watch the adverts to waste away time while they wait for their bus, coach or train, this is also called time warping.

  4. Small to medium-sized companies who have investigated electronic signage and digital outdoor signage formerly found it to be too over priced or not flexible for their application, now there is a solution that is both variable and affordable.

    Young businesses are at all times researching to rise its revenue from the golf store to the automotive parts store, almost all of them advertise and spend a considerable amount of money on publicity to get the foot traffic into their store.

    Now some small stores are looking into out-of-doors dynamic signage that will not leave them feeling as though they have been mugged and is as easy rolled out for as little as $2000, but the best thing is if you know other fellow business owners you can sell them advertising on your device and this will make you a neat profit throughout the year for little work. If you want to know more read on.

    Now outside digital advertising can be as intricate or as fundamental as you wish, for instance you could buy an outdoor touch booth complete with air conditioning units to cool the internal equipment, yet this will set you back around $9,000, there is a solution though that is much more affordable and that is to exploit a flat panel TV and a media player and this is the most affordable solution.

    Decide on the location were this solution is going to be fitted, but keep in mind the more consumers who see it, the more victorious the campaign will be. If you have a parking lot that is near a major road, maybe this is the ideal place? Or if your building has a large wall that lots of people pass every day and is seen from automobiles, trains etc this as well might be the perfect site.

    Now you have the best place and now you have to make your mind up on what size of screen you will use, the bigger the better, now even LED displays are very cost-effective, so shop around for the biggest monitor achievable that fits your budget, as a rule of thumb screens from 42″ to 60″ are the most widely held for out-of-doors digital marketing functions. A branded flat panel Television can cost from $899. Try and get a monitor that has a USB connector in its range of connectors, more on this in the following part.

    Now you have the Display, it is time to think about how you will flaunt your commercials, the choices here are a media player and they can be wireless or hard-wired, the wired hardware are the more affordable and take less practical know how. No matter which kind you take, the fundamentals of these players is to store the campaign on its local hard drive or memory and the easiest way to set these up is to get a media player that has a USB port so it will connect to the display easily (you can always use the composite connectors). These vary from $180 and all you have to do is run a cable from the TV to the player, than a network cable from the player to the store, this will then connect to a computer and this is how you will revise and deliver marketing campaigns.

    The main thing to think about before utilizing a dynamic advertising solution is how the weather is in your neighborhood and if you are uneasy with vandals, as one thing you can’t have is the equipment smashed and incapable to show the ads you have on the TV, the most affordable solution is to use a LCD cabinet, these LCD enclosures are planned to offer shelter in all weathers, from rain, snow, sleet as well as extreme temperatures and offer a solution for outdoor Televisions.

    As a point, if you are going to sell advertisement slots on your sign, take into account these likely clients will give you the campaign as they want it displayed, so all you have to do is add it to your adverts by drag-n-drop technology on your computer and the campaign player will do the rest.

    So you have invested $900 on a TV, $250 on a content player and $1500 on an outdoor Plasma housing, the total sum is $2650, you put up for sale 20 adverts to your fellow business proprietors in your area at $200 per month, you do the math 20 x $200 = $4,000 per month, so you are in profit from the first month, after you have paid for the system you are left with $1350 return, then every month you have a recurring revenue of $4,000 for a miniature investment of time.

  5. Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital advertising market. One of the reasons for this is the potential audience that an outdoor system can attract compared to any indoor signage.

    No matter how many people set foot in your premises each day, more people will walk past so the potential audience of an outdoor digital sign is far greater than indoor systems.

    Already, digital outdoor signage has proved successful by a whole host of businesses and industry sectors but knowing whether outdoor signage will work for you is a risk as any digital outdoor signage will require an initial investment.

    However, here are some industries that have already benefitted from outdoor digital signage and some of the uses they have found for this technology:

    Education – Schools, colleges and universities were amongst the first public bodies to embrace digital signage. With so many pupils and students to relay information to it’s no wonder that many education establishments implement outdoor signage to provide information.

    Religious Buildings – mosques, temples, synagogues and churches have all found digital outdoor signage useful. Relaying information outside a religious building is one way of attracting new congregates and informing existing worshippers of event and prayer times.

    Healthcare – Whilst surgery waiting rooms and pharmacies have long been implementers of indoor digital signage for displaying useful health information (and profitable advertising) to patients that are waiting

    Retail – No matter how many people that will come through your doors on a given day, more people will walk past so many retailers are now trying to attract as many people as possible by using digital outdoor signage.

    Corporate Whilst the passing of information, corporate messages and branding can be displayed in tradition print media, nothing sets a company’s image apart from the rest like an outdoor digital signage campaign.

    Entertainment and Leisure Outdoor digital signage is being implemented in many entertainment centres and areas. From entertaining customers that are waiting in queues at theme parks, to providing facts about animals in zoos, digital outdoor signage is increasing the customer experience at many places of leisure and entertainment.

  6. There are several really important aspects to digital advertising which are vital to get right to ensure any campaign is a success. Content and location are perhaps the two most important aspects – and when it comes to outdoor digital signage they become even more important. There are many differences to using digital screens outdoors than in indoor environments:

    Weatherproofing, temperature control; not to mention theft and vandalism protection all need to be considered when embarking on an outdoor digital signage project. However, most of these concerns can often be countered with an outdoor LCD enclosure but deciding on the type of content and the exact location of your digital outdoor signage screen can be more difficult.

    Location for outdoor digital signage : In deciding where is best to install an outdoor screen you first need to assess what the purpose of the campaign is for. For instance, a restaurant wishing to promote a lunchtime special or other offer, may want the screen outside heir own premises, while an alternative ad campaign promoting the restaurant itself should be placed away from the premises (perhaps indicating the direction) where the largest traffic is (and potential hungry customers).

    When deciding on a location for an digital outdoor signage campaign it is also important to remember that not all viewers are on foot. Many roadside digital billboards are a successful method of attracting the attention of drivers, bus passengers and those on foot – maximising the viewing potential.

    It is also important to remember that whatever screen is selected for your outdoor campaign it is bright enough to cope with sun glare or is protected by a hood or canopy to ensure maximum readability.

    Content for outdoor digital signage : As with indoor signage it is important to remember that people don’t view advertising screens in the same way as they do televisions. Ensuring content is bold, simple and visible is even more important for outdoor campaigns as people often view it from further away or through the windshield of a car.

    Also, certain colours and fonts don’t work so well outside due to sun and other factors so all content for outdoor digital signage should be tested at different time during different weather systems.

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