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Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Lucky Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3976000
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3976200
201, China Town Restaurant Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 7860 Dubai

Luluat Al Khalij Real Estate Brokers
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2288449
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2286166
Opposite Dewa Office, Al Nakheel Street, Deira
Company P.O Box : 88767 Dubai

Luxury City Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2289055
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2289051
904, Concord Office Tower, Al Maktoum Street, Deira
Company P.O Box : 117205 Dubai

Luzern Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2682323
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2682424
205, Al Yasmeen Building, Salahuddin Road, Deira
Company P.O Box : 4959 Dubai

MA Realty Real Estate Broker
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3435455
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3436551
305 B, Toyota Building, Defence Roundabout, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 26207 Dubai
Company Website :

MKO Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2833733
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2833788
View Building, Garhoud
Company P.O Box : 212046 Dubai
Company Website :

MS International Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3457779
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3456661
110, Sedar Furniture Building, Al Diyafa Road, Satwa
Company P.O Box : 52291 Dubai
Company Website :

MT Khoory Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3529497
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3514587
Near Lobo Tailors, Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 114555 Dubai
Company Website :

Madison Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3555548
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3555549
New Pakistani Complex, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 25951 Dubai
Company Website :

Mag Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2979009
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2977553
602, Royal Plaza Building, Al Rigga Street, Deira
Company P.O Box : 182287 Dubai
Company Website :

Mahran Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3379700
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3373200
301, Carrera Building, Zabeel Road, Karama
Company P.O Box : 120522 Dubai
Company Website :

Maka Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2246770
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2239377
841, Al Ghurair City
Company P.O Box : 181769 Dubai

Masaken Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2833688
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2833689
Al Garhoud Complex Building, Al Garhoud
Company P.O Box : 111775 Dubai
Company Website :

Memon Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2688111
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2626455
Level 5, Hamarain Centre, Deira
Company P.O Box : 41950 Dubai
Company Website :

Mercury Estates
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3315544
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3327234
Al Attar Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 501 Dubai

Meridien Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2717167
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2717721
Opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel, Al Khaleej Road, Deira
Company P.O Box : 40379 Dubai
Company Website :

Middle East Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3526663
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3525057
117, Computer Plaza Building, Opposite Khaleej Centre, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 28629 Dubai

Midfa Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3964442
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3965030
Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Karama
Company P.O Box : 72386 Dubai
Company Website :

Midmac Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2297291
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2297293
1302, Corcord Office Tower, Deira
Company P.O Box : 124543 Dubai
Company Website :

Milan Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3298927
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3298928
510, Grosvenor House, Comm Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 122071 Dubai
Company Website :

Mir Sons Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2288204
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2247742
2nd Floor, Twin Tower, Deira
Company P.O Box : 1332 Dubai

Mirage Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3558103
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3558104
17, Atrium Centre, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 25944 Dubai

Modern Real Estate Company
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3987337
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3987447
301, Otaiba Centre Building, Al Dhiyafa Road, Satwa
Company P.O Box : 51556 Dubai

Mohrat Real Estate Management Services
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3493080
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3492080
M 3, Al Hudheiba Building, Satwa
Company P.O Box : 71904 Dubai

Monaco Real Estate Brokers
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 4380373
Company Fax Number : +971 4 4380372
208, Building 4, Emaar Square
Company P.O Box : 119250 Dubai
Company Website :

Moon Home Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3318025
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3318023
203,Al-Safa Tower (Habib Zurich Bank Building), Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 251813 Dubai
Company Website :

My House Property Management
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2831000
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2831199
M 01, Arcade Building, Garhoud
Company P.O Box : 115666 Dubai

Nad Al Shiba Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3431131
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3431130
305, Lufthansa Building, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 5715 Dubai
Company Website :

Nadia Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3352129
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3359410
Sheikh Hassan Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha
Company P.O Box : 122823 Dubai
Company Website :

Nafar International Properties
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2669664
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2662022
328, RKM Building, New Labour Office, Deira
Company P.O Box : 89009 Dubai
Company Website :

Nam Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3519888
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3519889
Computer Street, Bur Dubai
Company P.O Box : 115621 Dubai
Company Website :

New Desert Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2830466
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2830467
Al Naboodah Building, Al Garhoud
Company P.O Box : 95064 Dubai

New Market Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2865557
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2868647
Near Al Tayer Motors, Al Garhoud
Company P.O Box : 86847 Dubai
Company Website :

New Way Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2958533
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2958536
Opposite Sofitel City Center
Company P.O Box : 120132 Dubai

New World Capital Real Estate Broker LLC
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2898828
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2898829
Waha Community Building, Ras Al Khor Road, Nadil Hamar Road
Company P.O Box : 79800 Dubai
Company Website :

New World Real Estate
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3619955
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3619944
408, Building 4, Emaar Business Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 48972 Dubai
Company Website :

Ocean View Properties
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 3433256
Company Fax Number : +971 4 3433260
Lufthansa Building, Near Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
Company P.O Box : 72432 Dubai
Company Website :

Orient New Life Real Estate Brokers
Company Telephone Number : +971 4 2958729
Company Fax Number : +971 4 2958902
Al Shoala Building, Deira
Company P.O Box : 62609 Dubai
Company Website :

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  1. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Choosing a real estate company is perhaps the single most important choice you can make when buying or selling a property in Dubai UAE. The purchase or sale of a home is often the largest financial transaction the average person will make. Doesn’t make sense to have a capable and experienced real estate firm as your side to guide you though what can be a complicated process, both legal and financial? Although realty services are not a required component of purchase or sale transactions, real estate companies in Dubai can help you avoid many of the pitfalls and obstacles associated with buying or selling your home. In this article, we’ll present some tips for choosing a real estate sales agent or real estate company.

    How to Select a Real Estate Company in Dubai UAE: Although the likelihood of experiencing problems with a real estate transaction is low, a real estate agency can coordinate all the aspects of the sale, including home inspection, property survey and legal and financial services. A good place to start the selection process is to ask your family and friends whether they’ve ever used real estate firms to buy either residential real property or a commercial location. Once you’ve gotten a couple of testimonials from people you trust, the next step is to interview representatives from the leading real estate companies in Dubai. This is something a lot of people fail to do. It’s not enough to just accept the word of others about the real estate company. You should also be sure that you’re when you’re buying or selling real estate you select someone with plenty of experience in the real estate profession.

    Company-Affiliated Agents versus Independent Agents : Another point to remember is that this is a highly subjective process, so it’s a good idea to make a list of the attributes you’re looking for in a real estate company and the agents it employs. You may ask why not just go with an independent agent with little or no company affiliation, since their commissions are often lower. That’s fine, if the transaction goes smoothly. If it doesn’t, you’re probably better off with an agent from a company, because you’ll have some recourse to the agent’s superiors if the transaction encounters problems.

    Choose the Right Type of Agent : When choosing an agent, also make sure that he or she has a good depth of experience with the type of property you’re buying or selling. Certain types of properties may require specialized knowledge, so don’t choose a commercial or industrial real estate company if you’re looking to buy a private residence in Dubai UAE. Your real estate investment likely to be the largest financial transaction you’ll ever make. Be sure to choose a company that will act in your best interest to get you the best possible price.

  2. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    It is difficult to understand the tricks and trends of Dubai real estate deals. For this reason, when clients contemplate Dubai real estate purchase, it is advisable to work along with real estate companies in Dubai or brokers who are equipped to find affordable deals that fit in an individual’s budget. Real estate encompasses commercial and residential property. Certain residential real estate purchases are made keeping in mind, their revenue generation potential. As such, it gets complicating for a layman to comprehend options, calculations, and price considerations of real estate.

    Real estate companies in Dubai could be listed firms with multiple employees. Individuals may also choose to work on their own as independent agents or brokers. In case of firms, employees may be likely to receive a regular salary. Their actual source of income is proportionately related to the number of successful deals they are able to close. Real estate companies in Dubai inform prospective clients well in advance about their service charges, terms, and conditions. A large number of real estate agents have regular jobs elsewhere and this business is their secondary source of income. Other individuals treat their real estate jobs as part time options.

    Real estate companies in Dubai undertake most dealings pertaining to property. This includes, lease, rentals, sale purchase and appraisals. Real estate companies in Dubai offer all of these services at varying service charges. Income for real estate companies in Dubai is entirely dependent upon luck and conversion rate of deals. Since this business is dependent upon local factors, the price of adjacent neighborhoods, inflation, and global trends, the business is considered highly volatile.

    Most real estate companies in Dubai provide special listings regarding types of property. Companies often offer online information that is easy to access. When deciding to join a Dubai real estate company, interested individuals may enroll with a real estate school that provides certified courses. People who do not opt for real estate education may also start practicing with a reputed company or agent. a company that will act in your best interest to get you the best possible price.

  3. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    With the advent of the internet, many companies have found a niche to market their services. Yes, this is the information age, and people pay for information. In the internet world of real estate, referral companies play that role. Here is how it works. They were lucky to register domain names that they own, Ex. Flat Fee Listing, For Sale By Owner, Sale By Owner, FSBO, etc. If someone types in these names or other names that are similar, their sites come up. These are not real estate companies usually, or not in your state if, they are. They offer for sale by owner exposure with multiple listing options. That is where the local flat fee company comes in. The referral companies are like dating services. They match the seller with the local flat fee company who can list your home.

    What is the problem here? Some sellers think the national website will sell their home. Low per-cent chance. People are looking more at realtor sites than for sale by owner sites. The second problem is misperception of the seller. They think the referral company is the real estate company. Wrong! They are national referral company’s not local flat fee companies. So, what is the problem? The problem is they sell you services and products that you may not be able to use and don’t inform you of local rules of the multiple listing and state laws regarding your listing.

    Some examples, yard signs, in our state of the MLS does not permit a for sale by owner sign in the yard. That is the way it is, period. For sale by owners are the enemy. If you get a buyer in some markets, you must use the listing agent services for additional fees. The referral companies can sell you lockboxes that are not the best to use as far as safety and are not as user friendly for realtors. These lockboxes are not allowed in some MLS’s they don’t tell you your phone number and address is not in realtor .com. In some markets, the seller’s number is not permitted even in the listing. In some markets, it is not limited services. The agent must be a full service agent to comply with the local MLS’s rules, which necessitates more fees.

    Unfortunately, this miscommunication can lead to hostility towards the listing broker who is trying to help you, but must comply with the rules of multiple listing, law, and other sites like Bottom line, Caveat emptor- buyer bewares. Know whom you are dealing with and what you are buying. Go to the flat fee company directly. Cooperation and understanding is the key in getting your property sold. You don’t need a referral service to get you listed.

  4. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Real estate companies in Dubai can be of different types and even they are found to be very helpful for people too. One of the companies which are found to be located in Dubai is which had been referred to as the real estate company in Dubai for the purchase and sale of the property. This is the place which had been designed for the privately owned sellers and thus had also been listed as the private company in Dubai too. On the selling of the plots the owners of the plots also make profits and thus they also earn commission as well which is considered to be there profit behind each and every sale they make.

    The property sold is found to be online website which provides people with much different information and at the same time they can also provide people with the exposure to homes. This had made people to provide with much of the exposure they can do. This company had been listed as the most known sale company and website. On the website people can make the sale and purchase of the property at home after which the specific real estate make the visit to that person’s property and then finds the satisfied customer for the property. On the other hand they make sure that the property would be sold on goods terms.

    Before selling of the property, both the parties need to agree on the same terms which means that they have to enter into a contract. While entering into the contact both the parties needs to be major one and thus they must also be legally capable of entering into the contract. These all aspects needs to be taken into account while making the sale and purchase of the property at any time and even at time it also happen that the either of the party leaves the contract which in turn makes the contract to be terminated. The main concern of this company is with the online marketing of home property. If a specific home had been sold then a commission is earned by the real estate and on the other hand the profit is earned by the person who is selling the property. Both the profit and the commission can be earned by the real estate themselves when they make the sale of the house on their own.

    The commission that can be earned by the real estate company in Dubai can go up to 5 % which is meant for the real estate on their own. This seems to be very beneficial for the person. Different home sales tools can be used by the real estate and thus it had been found out that they can be of greater usage and quality for the person as well. On the other hand it has also been reported that most of the real estate buyers are planning to use the internet as a tool for making internet purchase and this trend had been kept on increasing in a greater way.

  5. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    The real estate market is a great place to invest your money and get profitable returns. Ideally, this type of investment can make your money grow with little risk to you especially if you have considered all the costs associated with property investment including taxes, maintenance, utilities, and insurance. Once you have developed a plan and you have identified a property that will offer a solid return on your investment, you’ll be ready to consider how to make money from that investment. This article will discuss the top 4 ways to make money in real estate: appreciation, cash flow, sale funds, and working with professional investment companies.

    Appreciation : As is the case with any kind of market, real estate is susceptible to fluctuations due to market trends. Housing prices go up and down depending on economic and social factors. Appreciation refers to the value of a property as it increases over time. Generally speaking, investors find that property values will increase as the land surrounding their properties becomes more developed. New roads, schools, shops, and services can have a significant impact on the value of a property. As a home gains value over time, your investment grows.

    Real estate properties can create income not only by appreciating in value. In fact, many investors look to real estate as a way to improve their cash flow now. When you purchase a property, such as a home or apartment building, you can collect money through rent. This kind of cash flow can be generated from any kind of real investment that can be leased by a tenant for a specific period of time. Office buildings, apartments, rental houses, and even storage units make great investments that create cash flow.

    Many commercial and residential real estate investors intend to make money from their property through sale. Of course, appreciation is a big part of making money from a property you sell, but you can also make money off a property through a combination of tenancy and appreciation. As you collect rent from your tenant, you can use this to pay off the mortgage of a property. Once the property is sold, you benefit from the sale funds. Obviously, there is more money to be made if the economic conditions in the area surrounding the property improve, or if you make improvements to the property itself.

    Professional Investment : Finally, new real estate investors are often unaware of the market power of professional investment real estate companies. These companies have access to data and the market influence to find undervalued properties that are not available to the general public. As such, working with one of these professionals can help you find excellent investment properties at a great discount. Clearly, this allows you to make more money from your investment through all of the factors discussed above: appreciation, cash flow, and sale funds.

  6. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Dubai city is now amongst the leading global cities with a strong business hub in the world. As much as Dubai’s economy was built on the oil industry, many aspects such as tourism, real estate and financial services that can only be likened to those of Western countries have helped Dubai become quiet an influential city in the world.

    Dubai has become the world’s latest craze with fabulous attractions that feature many innovative large construction projects such as the Burj Khalifa which happens to be the tallest building in the world and stands at 829.84 m (2,723 ft.).

    Burj Khalifa construction cost around $1.5 billion, Clad in 28,000 glass panels, the tower has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq. m of space for offices and flats. It would be appropriate to note that the tower is named after the Abu Dhabi ruler who played a key role in helping Dubai get government bailout during the recession from its oil rich neighbor Abu Dhabi.

    Dubai mall is the world’s largest shopping mall in the world and it is located in the Burj Khalifa complex and carries within itself 1200 retail shops. The Dubai mall carries within itself an amazing sporting arena where despite the harsh desert weather outside you will find an ice-skating ring that is so cold you would think you are in the Alps.

    The mall also has an Aquarium and Discovery Center which attracts more than 37 million tourists on a yearly basis making Dubai as one of the biggest tourist hubs in the world. Dubai is a city that has known how to harness the opportunity brought by tourists attraction sites and specialized packages without discrimination.

    Many people have seen and realized the potential that lies within Dubai and have decided to take advantage of the massive opportunities offered in Dubai. The city has a whole range of opportunities that investors can tap into one of them being the real estate sector.

    Dubai Real Estate : With the recession period having ended, sections of Dubai’s property market have recovered especially in the last quarter of 2016 and first quarter of 2017 and the prices of real estate are skyrocketing nowadays allowing real estate investors and home owners to seriously benefit from it.

    People living in wealthy communities such as Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills and Downtown Burj Dubai should brace themselves since house prices have risen up to 15% thus according to Dubai Land Department market analysis and real estate gurus and investors wanting to invest in Dubai and especially in the real estate sector should grab the opportunity by the horns.

    Investors seeking prime land but in the marker two-tier property market should trail their eye on lovely locations such as the Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina since these two destinations are selling at a much reasonable price which in a few months’ time will have generated quite a handsome profit for any investor who takes up the opportunity of investing in the real estate sector now.

    Dubai real estate market analysts, brokers and agents predict that secondary developments should expect rental and prices rates to go up a bit higher depending on the location and go soft in some properties due to the building quality. However the locations that will suffer a low decline in rent payments will soon pick up as the year comes to an end since demand for real estate is on the rise since everyone is rushing to purchase a house.

    Dubai is truly the land of opportunity and wise investors who want to make big bucks, the city opened its doors to free foreign ownership of property by foreigners way back in 2002 and many individuals took the advantage of investing in real estate in Dubai, be part of this elite group of self-made millionaires and come invest in Dubai real estate sector.

  7. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    The Dubai property market continues to stay among the best property markets in the world as the demand of real estate properties in Dubai is increasing continuously. The growth in tourism industry and a strong economy are the main factors due to which more and more people from around the globe travel to Dubai, increasing the demand of real estate here.

    This is why property investors from all over the world are attracted to invest in Dubai properties as they are sure to make size profit on their investment. This continuous inflow of investments has resulted in some remarkable developments in Dubai properties like The Palm Islands, The World, Dubai Marina, Dubai Sorts City, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Festival City, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai and many more.

    Buyers from around the globe are attracted towards real estate and property market because of the amazing constructions, extraordinary architecture, and the best quality offered here. And since Dubai offer safe and secure business friendly environment investors and business class enjoy doing business in this part of the world. This is why Dubai real estate and property market is considered among the best not only in the region but also in the world.

    People from all over the world tour Dubai for various reasons like shopping, business, work, education, holidays, and sporting events. The tourism industry of Dubai which is progressing rapidly also brings in a heavy influx of tourists every year and all these people come to Dubai for a short stay which further increases the demand of real estate in the city. Among all the other real estate options Dubai apartments for sale are very high in demand and are considered as an attractive option as they are asked for by almost everyone looking to buy property in Dubai.

    This is why most of the projects constructed here in Dubai offer Dubai apartments for sale with different facilities and room capacity. These apartments in Dubai are fully furnished and are equipped with all the amenities and facilities required in Modern day living like fitted ward robes, air conditioners, master bed, cable TV, internet broadband, telephone, kitchen with all its appliances, and swimming pool etc.

    The Arabian Ranches Dubai is one of the amazing property developments in Dubai. Away from the stress and pollution of daily life the projects offer a pleasant feel to its residents with its unique architecture and extraordinary facilities. Project offer some of the most exclusively luxurious apartments and villas in Dubai that can easily be considered among the best in the world. Located on Emirates road Arabian Ranches an eighteen whole golf course for sports lovers which are also formally known as the Desert Course.

    Also it has a village community center and Dubai Polo and Equestrian club. It is due to facilities like this that the real estate and property market Dubai is prospering at a good rate and people from any part of the world do not hesitate to buy property in Dubai which makes it a favorite place for property buyers.

  8. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Over the years, there have been a number of positive changes in Dubai’s property sector. One of the most important developments was undoubtedly the 2002 ruling that allowed foreign ownership of properties in freehold areas of Dubai. This was followed by the enactment of a law that made escrow accounts compulsory for those Dubai developers selling off-plan properties. These accounts provided significant security to buyers, instilling in them greater confidence to invest in Dubai properties.

    In consequence, Dubai’s property sector matured rapidly. Some signs of a healthy and mature real estate market are stability in property prices, increased transparency in real estate laws, protection of investor’s rights and greater competition among developers.

    With all this being implemented, Dubai’s real estate sector was bound to attract a substantial amount of investment. Dubai has become well known all over the world for constantly introducing world class projects that offer unique opportunities, strong mass appeal, and high returns with a mixture of excitement and enthusiasm.

    Efforts by the Government of Dubai to establish a regulatory framework through Real Estate Regulatory Authority and Dubai Land Authority that addresses company laws, financial laws and real estate laws has given both private and institutional investors greater confidence in investing in Dubai.

    As always, a solid regulatory foundation is critical to encourage foreign investment anywhere. The rulers and Government of Dubai have always sought to promote a strong natural association between Dubai and luxury. As a result most real estate developments from hotels to resorts to apartments and villas have focused on the premium segment of high net worth individuals and families. Additionally, with the increased land and construction costs in Dubai, developers have chosen to develop projects at the luxury level to make them more economically viable.

    Research has proved that there exists strong end-user and investor demand for lifestyle themed projects both locally and internationally. For instance, golf and waterfront projects have tremendous lifestyle appeal and consequently have become a significant part of Dubai’s development strategy. These luxury custom homes on the waterfront or in exclusive themed localities come fully landscaped providing such elements as resort style swimming pools, manicured gardens, outdoor seating areas and expansive patios for dining and entertaining. With a large number of villas already sold out, it has created a successful impact on those buyers who are looking for a unique property proposition.

    Representing the wave of the future, resort homes provide residents with the experience of living in a first class resort all through the year. These homes have been designed by architects, interior designers and landscape planners from the hotel and resort industry. So the quality of finish and attention to detail in these resort villas could very well be compared to those found in first class hotels or resorts. To complete the overall experience, these villas come with a dedicated concierge service. It is these features that will distinguish resort homes from conventional housing.

  9. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Purchasing a real estate offshore is a different cup of copy than buying real estate in our own country. With the Dubai real estate market thriving, the best choice for those investors who wish to case in on the city of wonders is to find real estate agents specializing in Dubai real estate.

    The climate and culture in Dubai is different from any other country on earth. The sweltering heat and long summers tend to overpower many buyers. Real estate agents understand the changes that need to take place in order to own a piece of property in Dubai and with the right amount of knowledge can help guide you through the process of finding a comfortable property with all the amenities of home.

    Not just any real estate agents can help to find the right property in Dubai. Only the most elite real estate agents with time spent in Dubai will understand how to look for Dubai real estate make an offer on that real estate and close that deal of dreams. Wasting time with real estate agents who want to sell Dubai real estate but have never set foot in the country is like playing with international fire.

    When you are looking for an international real estate agent there are different factors to consider. You should have an understanding of the market fluctuations, complete listing of the available properties in Dubai, both completed and in the building phases and an agent that is willing to spend the time needed to find the perfect home, condo, apartment or villa for your money. There are many real estate groups that help you find the best real estate for you and help you giving tips on maintaining the real estate to get maximum profit in future.

  10. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    The development of new infrastructure goes on and a surplus in real estate is feared, but because of its popularity with investors around the world, buying will continue to rise.

    Dubai, dubbed the “City of Gold”, and “City of the Future” with its stupefying architectural structures, remains to be the top choices for luxury and business tourism. Today, the mega and luxury development of futuristic, luxury buildings continues at a fast pace, and so is the growing number of attractive residential properties around the area. Dubai real estate looks promising, and more than ever, businesses and private individuals are looking for more properties to buy, with the purpose of having their investment yield benefits and other profitable advantages.

    Buying Dubai real estate properties can be very simple. Knowing your preferences and what you require, along with having the right agents, will make it an easy transaction for you. It is also easier now for foreigners to own properties as the government have imposed easy regulations for property owners.

    If you want an immediate return of investment in terms of lease or resale, then it is wise to choose fully finished properties that are located within the central business area. Some developers are selling their properties straight to the clients. There being a huge market for Dubai real estate, it is very practical, helpful and convenient for developers or property owners and buyers to commission the services of agents. The agents make the best deals and ensure smooth transaction for both the seller and the buyer.

    Certified and specialized real estate agents bring the full potential of real estate properties. Being trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of each property they handle, they lead clients into buying the property. They can best deliver client’s preferences and advice each property’s suitability.

    Agents are also aggressive in terms of advertisement, using all known media forums and the latest technologies, be it local or international. Besides keeping you constantly updated on your transactions, they also give you sound advice on prevailing market prices and conditions. Overall, they are helpful and willing to assist you any way they can.

    UAE communities are well established and active internet researcher, every business rely on internet users for marketing and publicity, certified agents must take action with online community to increase targeted buyers and rentals of properties available in the e-state market.

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