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Signage Companies in Dubai : List of Signage Companies in Dubai with Contact Details

Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Choosing a signage company in Dubai to use for your business sign can be a daunting task. If your company has commissioned you with the job of finding a professional, affordable signwriter of signmaker in Dubai then the first point of call should be word of mouth. Ask everyone you know if they have any experience of a signwriter and, more importantly, the level of professionalism he or she showed in getting the sign created and fitted.

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You could always find a shop sign, vehicle sign, banner or other type of signage and ask the business owner who they commissioned to create their signs. You’ve heard the old cliche “pay cheap, pay twice” but it’s true in many instances. Think about it, if a signmaker is cheap then it is because he’s either just started and needs to build a portfolio or it’s because he can only market to businesses based on his cheap price. Something has to give when a product or service is provided to an unrealistically tight price. Price should never be your first consideration when choosing who to use to produce your company’s signage.

Signage plays a highly significant role in establishing an innovative recognition and identity of a company, label or a product in the general public. These are given immense importance since they are to impact the future development of the business. This is validated by the fact that even we, as a part of the general public, acknowledge any business or a product with due respect to its signage.

People are attracted to the purchase of any product or label with the help of its signage. Hence, signages are always given a lot of importance. Marketing experts put in a lot of effort and deliberation in the development of signage and business owners tend to invest a lot on the construction and design of an exclusive signage that can be advertised and can help in the growth of business in the corporate world.

You may come across many companies who provide with signage designs that are exclusively planned by the company’s employees. Since, technology has advanced tremendously, and there is so much competition in the corporate world that every company has been trying its level best to make the best use of signage. Companies in Dubai feel no hesitation in investing expansively on signage since they are to withhold the company’s identity later.

Custom built signages too are acquiring a lot of acclaim in the corporate world. Many companies have started making use of this. Custom built refers to the proposal of the company’s sole idea regarding the built and design of the signage. With regard to the awareness that the general public holds, companies realize that they have to put in their essence so as to reach out to the masses and allure them as well.

If you search on the internet, many free websites provide with various designs regarding the images, templates, the brushing and trimming of the entire label and the entire process is custom built. All you need to do is make the selection and the signage would be delivered within a scheduled time and would be prepared as per your requirement.

Custom built signage are receiving huge acclaim by companies because then the owners are decide how and in what way their company/label/product is to be promoted or even launched. If they are investing on it, they should have a close affiliation with the signage of the company since it is going to represent the company’s repute as well.

With the help of custom built signage, company owners are able to implement their ideas regarding the keyword recognition of the label, the image, the graphic representation and also they would be aware of the material used into the signage. Also, when it comes to colours, owners who do have very close acknowledgement of the signage, they tend to overlook the fact. With the introduction of custom built signage, owners become aware of the importance of vital colours as well. Custom built signages tend to be highly popular since they have the potential to attract more customers and the feel of the label/ product is well executed.

Signage Companies in Dubai

Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

Blue Rhine General Trading

Company Name: Blue Rhine General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Dubai Investment Park (DIP) Second, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite to Writer Relocations
P.O.Box: 27402, Dubai
Company Toll Free: 80074463
Company Fax: +971 4 8857598
Category: Signage Companies

Regal Star General Trading

Company Name: Regal Star General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Office # 13, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Landmark: Al Fardan Exchange Building
P.O.Box: 43298, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3863154
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 8768552
Company Fax: +971 4 3863254
Category: Signage Companies

Adrar Advertising Requisites

Company Name: Adrar Advertising Requisites LLC
Company Location & Address: Warehouse # 7, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Near Al Khayam Bakery
P.O.Box: 234176, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2587553
Company Fax: +971 4 2587554
Category: Signage Companies

Al Shabak General Trading

Company Name: Al Shabak General Trading Co LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Al Qusais Ind. Second, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Behind Dubai Residence Oasis
P.O.Box: 50152, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2587600
Company Fax: +971 4 2586007
Category: Signage Companies

Ateis Middle East

Company Name: Ateis Middle East FZCO
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, LIU, Office # 11, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai
P.O.Box: 293640, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3262730
Company Fax: +971 4 3262731
Category: Signage Companies

Awtad FZCO

Company Name: Awtad FZCO
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 33604, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3328747
Category: Signage Companies

Blue Rhine General Trading

Company Name: Blue Rhine General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Abdulla Haji Kambar Awazi, Showroom 5, Salahuddin Street, Deira, Dubai
P.O.Box: 27402, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664647
Company Fax: +971 4 2628853
Category: Signage Companies

Dream Way Printing Equipment & Instruments Trading

Company Name: Dream Way Printing Equipment & Instruments Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: 1st Floor, Al Habtoor Complex, Office #32, Al Qusais Ind. Third, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite to Masjid
P.O.Box: 91670, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2589935
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 8072100
Company Fax: +971 4 2589928
Category: Signage Companies

Elmer Technical Supplies Trading

Company Name: Elmer Technical Supplies Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: DasBuilding, Hor Al Anz East, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Next to Abu Baker Metro Stn.-Hor Al Anz Exit
P.O.Box: 55469, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2389585
Category: Signage Companies

Expo General Trading

Company Name: Expo General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Showroom 07, Naif,Deira, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai
Landmark: Near Al Wasl Plaza
P.O.Box: 90022, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664547
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Kuber International Trading

Company Name: Kuber International Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: shop #3, Salahuddin Road, Hor Al Anz, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Near Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station
P.O.Box: 13334, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2665686
Company Mobile Number: +971 50 3786112
Company Fax: +971 4 2665683
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Led World LLC

Company Name: Led World LLC
Company Location & Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Landmark: Interchange No.3
P.O.Box: 11319, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3883448
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai


Company Name: Pioneers
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 1614, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3514664
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

S3 Intel Tech LLC

Company Name: S3 Intel Tech LLC
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 231542, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2584677
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Sign & Display

Company Name: Sign & Display
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 89409, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2664998
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Signapp Middle East Advertising Materials Trading LLC

Company Name: Signapp Middle East Advertising Materials Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Ground Floor, Gr Neon Building, Al Quoz 3, Dubai
P.O.Box: 35025, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 3394911
Company Fax: +971 4 3391044
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai


Company Name: Signtrade
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 55037, Dubai
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2681828
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Twinkle Stars Neon

Company Name: Twinkle Stars Neon
Company Location & Address: Dubai
P.O.Box: 15698
Company Telephone Number +971 4 2211174
Category: Signage Companies in Dubai

Signage Companies Dubai Location Map

Signage Companies in Dubai

Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.


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  1. Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

    Increasing brand awareness through the use of print advertising, TV and radio advertising, the internet and direct mail campaigns are generally the most well known methods of building up your business profile in today’s dynamic market, another element in a successful brand strategy is vehicle and signage advertising which is one of the most important cost-effective advertising tools available to small businesses today.

    Today’s business world is an increasingly competitive place to be and your company identity is an essential component of your image. It is the publics’ first perception of you and your first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential customers. A well designed signage program can instantly and effectively communicate the style, professionalism and overall presence of your business, it conveys to people who you are, where you are and what you do.

    Vehicle signage advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools available to maximize the potential of your business. With distinctive and effective design, your shop vehicle becomes a moving billboard and communicates with your customers in a way that no other advertising medium can. It sends the message to potential customers that your company is expert and professional and is also established and reputable. Vehicle advertising is long lasting and works 365 days a year, if you consider how many people might see your vehicle everyday, how can you afford not to advertise on it? The options available range from small discreet magnetic signage to large spectacular full vehicle sign wraps.

    Exterior and interior signage are also important marketing assets in promoting your business and enhancing its image, how your directional and informational signs are presented and function together with attractive storefront or forecourt signage are critical to a positive customer shopping experience which will in turn create more sales and leads. Advertising banners and displays can be used to announce new products, promote special events, advertise sales, generate excitement or attract and motivate customers.

    There are many different materials available to signmakers depending on your particular requirements in terms of durability and impression you may wish to convey. Signage is generally estimated in terms of lettering, installation and substrate materials. One of the first things to do when choosing a sign company is to find one that specializes in the type of signage you require. Although most companies will not refer to any specialties in their advertising, many will in fact be particularly accomplished at making a certain type of sign. You will often find faster turnaround and better pricing when working with such a company. Working with people who are particularly informed about the issues surrounding a given project can significantly impact the types of signs that are created. If you are not using your own designer, you may want to consider the portfolios and completed projects of graphic designers working at the sign company. Alternatively, companies that already know what they want achieved should look for a sign company that accepts computer files by internet or on disk for direct output.

    In today’s competitive business world, advertising and marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment. Effective signage is an important element of that advertising strategy.

  2. Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

    A corporate signage is among the cheapest types of advertisements existing today. It is an attractive sign or notice that is usually designed, manufactured and installed professionally to supply enduring benefits to a business. Corporate signs are ideal for small, medium and large businesses. They are key advertising and marketing tools that you can use to penetrate a competitive industry. These signs can range from giant billboards erected by the roadsides to detailed infomercials printed on a fabric. Even if a corporate signage is a traditional method of advertising it has continued to be very trendy even with the introduction of internet marketing.

    Do you know why? This form of advertising is not only viewable but also tangible and real. It usually involves items such as giant billboards, awnings, vehicle decals, retail shop entrance signs, wall graphics and window signs among others. They are designed in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination. When potential customers come across these things, a picture of what they have just seen forms and stays in the mind indefinitely. Even if they do not end up buying what you sell immediately they are likely to do so in the future. A few reasons why you want try corporate signage are enumerated below.

    To take advantage of economical and durable advertising.
    To attract target audience to your business
    To build stronger relationships with new and old customers.
    To help your enterprise survive despite intense competition in your field of business
    To convey information about your business mission, vision and core values.
    To build a consistent business image or brand throughout your advertisements, logos, and other properties.
    To boost business performance in terms of revenues and profits.

    A corporate signage is created by a company that specializes in signs writing and installation. A company that you want to hire to carry out your project should help you decide on a number of important things. The first thing is the distance that the sign will be viewed from. In this case you want to identify the appropriate letter height in relation to distance. Your favorite sign writer should inform you about the recommended letter height (in inches) with respect to distance (in Feet). The second thing to consider is the available space or size of your poster. In most cases the size of your sign would be used to determine the amount of money you would be charged. The third thing to reflect on is any local or municipal zoning regulations that your business is expected to comply with when erecting external signs.

    There is a limit on the size of infomercials that are constructed outside the business. So you will mostly need a permit to put-up a billboard or a similar poster. Some companies charge a fee to get this permit on their clients’ behalf in a legal and quick manner. Apart from the three things mentioned above, you cannot avoid making a decision on the most appropriate materials that can be used to create your corporate signage. Again the company you want to use for this project should guide you on this matter. Choice of materials will mostly depend on the duration the poster is intended to last, site of installation (indoors or outdoors) and its size.

  3. Signage Companies in Dubai : List of signage companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top signage companies in Dubai yellow pages online directory.

    The right banners, posters, and signs draw attention to a construction site and can give people important information. This is why it is important to invest in construction signs, construction signage, and decals or labels. Such items can explain what is being built or renovated as well as explaining dangerous zones on the premises. Thus, these visuals are as useful as they are eye-catching. This is a chance to directly communicate with employees, visitors, and those passing a project. The following are some of the things to consider when investing in signage for a site.

    Advertise the Project : Banners and flags ensure that people know what is going on at a construction site. This is a chance to market a construction company’s efforts and increase its profile in a community as well as a chance to inform people of what’s going on. If a mall is being built, people will no doubt want to know this. Every single day, people may pass this site, and it is a smart move to put up a banner so that a company’s name becomes well known. The best banners are strong and durable so that they will not fall down and can withstand weather conditions.

    Mark the Territory : Labels and decals can be used to mark everything from helmets to trucks. This ensures that people know who is working on a project and whose trucks and equipment are around. This is not only a chance to market or publicize a project but also a chance to protect one’s items. Eye-catching labels and decals can include the name and logo of a company.

    Promote Businesses : Everything from printed posters to promotional products like cups and t-shirts can promote the project being worked on and the construction company getting the job done. This generates interest in this site and will also increase the profile of the business or group using the construction company’s resources.

    With any construction project it is important to have the right construction signs. Construction signage helps with safety and ADA-compliant regulations and also explains to visitors the laws of the site. Additionally, this is a chance to identify both danger zones and things like parking spots. The right signs make it easy to visit a construction site and to understand things like entrances and exits.

    The best signs are clear, concise, and eye-catching. A construction company can really gain a lot from investing in top notch signage. After all, some of the signs, like those marking entrances or parking lots, can be used again if they are in good condition. Other signage, like banners explaining the project, will clearly communicate a site’s intentions and positively market companies. This is a chance to really make a construction site easy to navigate. Banners, posters, decals, and signs with bright colors, clear printing, and the best materials will no doubt build a construction company’s reputation in and around a community.

  4. Signage is a general term for any kind of striking display projected to convey information to an audience. These play a vital part in creating a unique environment, an atmosphere pleasant to all who view it. It has existed for thousands of years. Most recent signage relies on words, frequently in bike with images. However, a great deal of historical signage used only images. Much modern signage, geared towards an international audience, excludes text completely.

    There are many different types of signage – custom-made usually designed for business, to express the name, and location of the business. These may be as simple as a small hand-written sign hung in the window of a shop. Another type is street-signage to give information to pedestrians, or drivers. These signs are stamped out of metal with lettering embossed, or printed. Metal is used because it is durable. There is a wide variety of material.

    Acrylic is ideal for indoor and outdoor signs. These sheets come in a wide array of colours, and thickness. There is no limit to what you can do with this adaptable artifact. It is lightweight, half the weight of glass, and it is virtually impassive by nature. Acrylics lucidity, gloss, and dimensional shapes are virtually unaffected by years of exposure to the elements, salt spray, or acidic atmosphere.

    Aluminum composite material, which is known as Dibond, Alupanel is a light compound material consisting of two aluminum cover sheets, and a core made of polyethylene. This simple but versatile product concept has been developed to provide a portico material with a host of advantages for signage manufacturers. It is stable and yet flexible. It has a very smooth surface, and is available in a number of colours. It is weather-resistant, unbreakable, shock-resistant, vibration absorbent, and easy to fix. It is less expensive than stainless steel.

    Corflut sheet is suitable for use in the signage. It is contrived from a tough UV stabilised Polypropylene Copolymer giving it excellent chemical resistance properties. Its outdoor life expectancy is two, or more years, depends on the degree of sunlight exposure, sheet colour, and general weather conditions. It is rigid, semi gloss appearance, and suitable for bonding, welding, die cutting. As it is UV stabilised, it is so ideal for outdoor use, especially in hot areas. It is water, chemical, and organic resistant.

    Stainless steel signs offer high quality sturdiness with low maintenance requirements. It is becoming more and more popular for use in signage, and has a timeless quality. Its numbers and letters can be used for customhouse address signs, as well as interior architectural, and way finding signage for doors, and walls. It offers a wide range of exclusive finishes, from mirror polish to brush.

    PVC Foam Board is lightweight with high structural strength, and higher workability. It is perfect for signage, easy to shape, cut, glue, and nail. It is lead and cadmium free for safe production, and usage.

    Wood and composite materials can give outdoor service for years. They are appropriate for large format signage. They are weather defiant, and have a rigid, flat surface. Wood products can be painted to match ritual colours.

  5. If you do not have a large budget set aside for advertising, like many small businesses, your options are not as drastically cut as you might have originally thought. There are many signage options available for businesses and event coordinators to choose from that range from small scale to large scale without breaking the bank.

    Possibly the most sought after advertising tool is the vinyl banner. They are in high demand because they provide exposure, convey information and build brand recognition. Although a person might not come in a store, they have still been exposed to the banner and therefore have recognized your businesses existence and logo if applicable.

    Banners are very strong and require virtually no maintenance. They are also very easy to store for later use and last for years on end. Vinyl banners are also very versatile in use; they can be used inside as well as outside.

    Another signage option to consider is posters, gator board signs and foam board signs. This type of signage is not weather proof and should be placed indoors. They can portray a sale, special event, clothing line and more. Just as a banner, they are reusable.

    If you are looking for another alternative to an outdoor solution, you will want to look into a sidewalk sign option. Sidewalk signs are located at a perfect height and cater to bringing in walk in business. This works especially well for hair salons, tax businesses, ice cream shops and more.

    It is best to explore all signage options to see which signage solution best fits your needs. All signs and vinyl banners can be customized or you can opt for one that is premade.

  6. Signage is the best way for you to introduce a particular product or service that your company might offer. You can use both indoor and outdoor signages to advertise your product. Outdoor signage is certainly more effective though, because it is more eye-catching and attracts more attention. More people go by a street than visiting a departmental store or an office, which might support indoor signage.

    However, outdoor signage has to be taken care of more diligently that indoor signage. For this purpose, there are many materials available in the market that can be used for both indoor and outdoor signage. PVC canvas is one such material that is hugely popular when designing and churning our banners and billboards among other types of signage.

    Durability is of immense importance, when taking into account outdoor signage. New technology has made it possible for outdoor signage to be durable than before. Most outdoor signages such as billboard banners are powder coated to prepare them against the wear and tear of rough weathers. Sometimes, too much exposure to the sun can also tone down and make a billboard appear dull.

    PVC Canvas banners are entirely water resistant and weather resistant. They can stand up to anything Mother Nature has to offer. The high-end look makes these banners great for either outdoor or indoor use. They can be employed at a number of events such as get-together functions, parties, family reunions, conferences, business adverts and meetings and many more.

    The woven mesh material, used in the manufacture of PVC canvas banners, mostly has a weight of 450 grams, providing exceptional strength and durability, yet remaining flexible and pliant. When the signage is used outdoors, the usual fears of it being damaged easily are not accounted for. It is also UV- resistant and weather-resistant as well as tear-proof, which makes the PVC canvas ideal for outdoor use, without having to worry that weather could damage your design.

    Most PVC canvas banners come with eyelets. Whether used as advertising tarpaulin, a blind on the balcony or simply as an image in a room, the sewn eyelets will not tear out and provide flexibility in how you decide to hang your signage made out of PVC canvas.

    PVC canvas works better than wood or any other material that can be used in the manufacture of both outdoor and indoor signage. The competitive rates in the market have allowed consumers to benefit, as companies cannot charge abnormally high rates for printing signage according to your needs. They fear losing out to their competitors, and thus, work to guarantee maximum satisfaction for the customer.

    Using PVC canvas in designing your signage is the most sensible step that you can take. The initial cost that you have to bear is worth getting rid of post signage production cost. You will not have to worry about looking after the signage and ensuring that it does not crease or get damaged. In a way, the PVC canvas determines your signage durability on its own and allows you to worry about matters other than good signage.

  7. Signage is an important part of the promotion of any business and hence must be an aspect that should be looked after really well. It is through signage that a business gets an image. The image that is conveyed through the signage of a business is something that determines the place that a business and its products and services hold in the eyes of the customer.

    When it comes to making signage and choosing the material for it, there are many aspects related to the choice of material as well as design of the signage that need to be kept in mind. The quality of the materials that you use in the construction of your signage is important because at the end of the day, all of it is a reflection of your business.

    The signage that you use for your business needs to be perfect because it is something that forms the very first impression on the minds of the people. And mostly, it is the first impression that can determine if someone does or does not become your customer and later on a client. It is due to these factors that you should carefully consider the material you should use for your signage.

    While selecting a signage material, the first thing you should consider is the place where the sign is going to be displayed and for how long. This would determine the required durability and quality of the material that ought to be used. The kind of design that you intend to use for your signage also determines the material to be used, because different kinds of materials allow for different kinds of designs.

    Vinyl is a commonly used signage material and it has further types. Cast Vinyl is among the most popular of the types of vinyl and is high grade. The surface of the material is very glossy, and it is perfect for usage on cars and for outdoor use. It is perfect for signage that needs to be used outdoors and have a longer life expectancy.

    Another kind of vinyl is calendered. This material has a relatively shorter life span than cast vinyl and is good for signage that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Other kinds of vinyl include translucent, reflective, metallic and a few others. The reflective kind of vinyl offers high visibility and is good for signage that needs twenty-four hour visibility.

    One of the most widely used kinds of signage used is a banner. These are available in different colours, depending upon the impact that one wants the signage to have. When it comes to everyday signage, banners are the perfect kind of material, and they have high usability in retail applications. If you want to have a relatively inexpensive kind of signage presentation, you can use cardboard, which is also called sho-card.

    Another inexpensive plastic material that is also lightweight is Coroplast. This is most suitable for indoor signage. If used outdoors, the signage has to be temporary rather than permanent, because the material is not very likely to last for long in the outdoors. Other than these materials, there are countless others that have their own suitability and usage.

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