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Tyre Dealers & Distributors Dubai : List of the Best Tyre Dealers & Distributors in Dubai with Contact Details

Tyre Dealers & Distributors Dubai : List of the best tyre dealers & distributors in Dubai with Contact Details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Looking for replacement tyres or buying tyres online can be a minefield of confusion terminology and technical terms. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and you may feel too embarrassed to ask for an explanation in person at a garage. Fear not! Here are the most common technical terms, explained in a language anyone can understand:

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Aspect Ratio – This means the difference between the tyre’s width and height of the sidewall (which is, as you might expect, the side of the tyre). The higher the ratio, the ‘taller’ the tyre is. A higher aspect ratio makes for a smoother ride and provides better grip on snow. A lower aspect ratio usually comes with ‘low profile’ tyres which might be used on high-performance cars – they have excellent handling and grip, but may also leave you with a harsher ride.

Contact Patch – The contact patch is the small portion of your tyre’s tread that actually makes contact with the road at any one moment. Sport tyres are much wider, so have a bigger contact patch, which gives them extra grip when cornering and faster acceleration.

Treadwear indicators – Also known as ‘wear bars’, these are the little bands or ‘bridges’ that go between the tread on your tyre. When your tread wears down, they begin to become visible, giving you a visual indication that your tyres need to be replaced.

Speed Rating – If you look on the side of your tyre, you’ll see a whole load of symbols and digits. The speed rating is the letter that usually comes towards the end of this data and refers to the maximum speed your tyre is capable of. Most current models of family car have a speed rating of S or T (allowing for top speeds of between 112 and 118 mph). High performance cars may have higher ratings, such as V or ZR (allowing for speeds up to and above 149 mph).

Maximum Cold Inflation Load Limit – Bit of a mouthful, but all this means is the maximum load that the tyres are capable of carrying, and the maximum air pressure required to support it. This information (your recommended cold inflation load limit) should be in your vehicle’s handbook. Overloading your vehicle and/or under/over-inflating tyres can be dangerous and affect your car’s handling. The ‘cold’ aspect of the terminology refers to the fact that you should always check your tyre pressure when your tyres are cold. Checking them too soon after driving, when they are warm, means that you will get a false reading as heat will increase the pressure inside the tyre.

Load Index – The load index is the weight capacity of the tyre. You should try to use tyres that have a similar load rating as the tyres that came with the vehicle, or the index recommended in your vehicle’s handbook. The higher the number, the larger the load it can carry.

Radial and Bias-ply Tyres The difference between these two types of tyre comes down to the way the cords, or ‘plies’ inside the tyre are laid. Radial tyres are found on most modern cars as they are more fuel efficient and provide good handling and heat-dissipation. You might find bias-ply tyres on antique/older vehicles, or on some RVs, however. You must never mix radial and bias-ply tyres on the same vehicle as this will dangerously affect your handling.

Temporary Use Tyres – Often known as ‘space-saver’ tyres, these are smaller than usual spare tyres meant to fit easily underneath your chassis or boot in case of a flat tyre. They’re also easier to handle than full-size tyres. However, most space-savers aren’t meant to be used at over 55 mph and are only supposed to be used to get you from the roadside to a garage so you can fit a proper replacement tyre.

Treadwear, Traction and Temperature Ratings – These are ratings to provide information on the average lifespan of your tyre, and its ability to stop on wet roads and dissipate heat. The treadwear rating – a three digit number – gives you an idea of how long your tyre should last, although this also depends on the type of driving style you have and mileage you cover. Traction ratings range from AA to C, with C being ‘marginal’ quality. Always ensure your tyres are the minimum traction rating recommended for your vehicle. And finally, temperature ratings (from A to C) refer to the tyre’s ability to dissipate heat when under load. A lower rating indicate a lower capacity for heat, and mean the tyre is more likely to suffer heat-induced failure.

If you’re ever in doubt about the ratings and specifications of your tyres, always consult a professional for advice. Buying cheap tyres online can be a great way to save money, but always buy from reputed companies and refer to your vehicle’s handbook to ensure you are purchasing the right type of tyre for your car.

Tyre Dealers & Distributors in Dubai

Tyre Dealers & Distributors Dubai : List of the tyre dealers & distributors in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top tyre dealers & distributors in Dubai UAE.

1. Bagader Trading Est

Company Name : Bagader Trading Est
Company Location & Address: Shop 4, Rahma Budeour Bldg, Near Old Maktoum Hosp, Maktoum Hosp Rd, Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142276881
P.O.Box: 50398
Company Fax: +97142287527
Company Website:
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

2. Abdulla Ali Tyres Trading Establishment

Company Name : Abdulla Ali Tyres Trading Establishment
Company Location & Address: Shop 4, Syed Dalmok Bldg, Satwa, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97143493430
P.O.Box: 211813
Company Fax: +97143446973
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

3. Ahmed Al Janahi Trading LLC

Company Name : Ahmed Al Janahi Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142590720
Company Fax: +97142590301
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

4. Al Ahebaa Auto Spare Parts LLC

Company Name : Al Ahebaa Auto Spare Parts LLC
Company Location & Address: Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142385705
P.O.Box: 184700
Company Fax: +97142385738
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

5. Al Badar and Al Muaini General Trading LLC

Company Name : Al Badar and Al Muaini General Trading LLC
Company Location & Address: 172, Deira Tower, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142298741
P.O.Box: 98897
Company Fax: +97142298749
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

6. Al Hawai Tyre Company LLC

Company Name : Al Hawai Tyre Company LLC
Company Location & Address: Opp Dubai Municipality Garage, Rashidiya, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142853515
P.O.Box: 7861
Company Fax: +97142853282
Company Website:
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

7. Batais Trdg Co LLC

Company Name : Batais Trdg Co LLC
Company Location & Address: Al Maktoum Hospital Rd, Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142346888
P.O.Box: 40834
Company Fax: +97142346868
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

8. Central Trading Company LLC

Company Name : Central Trading Company LLC
Company Location & Address: Near Gargash S/Room, Dubai-Sharjah Rd, Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142661600
P.O.Box: 812
Company Fax: +97142685529
Company Website:
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

9. Chemiforward Tyres Trading

Company Name : Chemiforward Tyres Trading
Company Location & Address: Al Maktoum Hospital Road, Deira, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97142270517
P.O.Box: 3854
Company Fax: +97142234178
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies

10. Easa Saleh Al Gurg

Company Name : Easa Saleh Al Gurg
Company Location & Address: Easa Saleh Al Gurg Bldg, Khalid Bin Al Waleed St, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Company Telephone Number: +97143378731
P.O.Box: 325
Company Fax: +97143365167
Category: Tyre, Tyre Manufactures, Tyre Companies, Tyre Suppliers, Tyre Dealers, Tyre Distributors, Tyre Companies


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  1. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    As a driver, you are probably aware of the importance of your vehicle being fitted with quality tyres to ensure you remain safe and legal. In the current climate it could be tempting to avoid changing worn tyres to make a small saving. However, if your brakes were failing, would you leave it to chance that they will stop you the next time you need to? The price of tyres are one of the lower cost items of all the components that make up a vehicle and as the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, you shouldn’t take a chance that they’ll perform well when worn and below the legal limit.

    It’s natural to assume that the higher the price you pay, the higher the quality of the tyre purchased, but this isn’t the case in all instances. Although there is a possible proportion to the quality of tyre and its price, if you are willing to look around you will be able to get cheap tyres which are also great quality. But who wants to spend hours trawling the fitting centres to find out your best deal, surely there is a simpler and less time consuming process?

    Buying tyres online is becoming more popular and gives you access to additional information like an image of the products available, the current offers on various brands, customer reviews and other important information you may need. All of the good online tyre retailers also have a support facility so if you don’t know which tyre you need, their trained staff are available to help via the phone, email or chat facility.

    But how do you get the tyres fitted if you buy them online? The answer is, just as you normally would, at a local fitting centre. Unless you live in a very remote part of the country, chances are that that your online tyre retailer will have a partner with a garage in your locality. When purchasing your tyres online you will be given the opportunity to have them fitted or delivered, if you choose to have them fitted, the retailer will have a choice of fitters in your area and they will arrange for the tyres to be delivered directly to them, ready for fitting on your vehicle. All you have to do is turn up at the chosen time and date and they will fit them on your car for you, all included in the price. The only cost not usually covered when buying your tyres online is tracking, all other costs including a new valve, wheel balance, old tyre casing disposal and VAT are usually included in the fitted price. As well as providing quality tyres, all reputable online tyre retailers also have secure methods of payment so you don’t have to be concerned about the sensitive data you give out.

    Before buying your tyres online, do basic research on the topic. Look out for current deals, subscribe to the RSS feed or newsletter of tyre retailers to be informed about their latest offers and latest products. With the right research you will get quality tyres at a cheap rate, without having to trawl around tyre fitting centres or the yellow pages.

  2. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    A Truck is the most efficient vehicle to carry substantial amount of goods across large distances. Trucks are the most powerful vehicles as compared to others and are mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes. Since it is mainly employed for heavy-duty work, it becomes important that its Tyres should always be in top condition. It is essential to consider several points while buying a Tyre for your Truck so that you can get the best Tires that add to the Truck’s performance.

    Driving technique : The foremost thing to consider when buying a Truck Tire is your own Driving Technique and based on that you can assess how well the Tire will perform. If you always drive on high speeds with frequent use of power brakes, then the Tyre should be able to handle the sudden wear and tear, caused due to braking and have excellent traction properties.

    Location : How long a Tyre would last also depends upon the location where the Truck would be driven. If the Truck is generally driven on smooth highways, then a Tire with a wide base and low profile would be suitable. An ability to handle high speeds would be a prerequisite, but it also means that the Tyre would not last for a long time.

    On the other hand if the Truck is driven off-road on irregular terrain, then it should have specially designed tread patterns that have a good grip on the road as well as a large size for stability.

    Safety: There are various factors that determine whether a Tyre is the safest for your Truck or not. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Braking : A good Tire is resistant to wear and tear even when braking is done frequently and suddenly

    Handling : The Tyre must give good performance even on rough handling

    Resistance to hydroplaning : The Tyre must provide high friction on road contact even in wet conditions

    Winter traction : The Tyre must be able to handle slippery roads in winters

    Size and Speed Rating of the Tyre: It is advisable to check the present size and speed rating of your Truck Tyre and buy accordingly as it can have an impact on the Truck’s performance. Speed rating of the new Tire can be greater but do consider the base of the Tyre while buying a new one.

    Consider Multiple Options: Investing in a good Tyre is highly beneficial for the performance of a Truck as well for the Driver. So it is suggested to consider many options before buying them. You can check across retailers, tire dealers, truck dealers etc. to check different models.

    Always buy new Tyres: Always make sure to buy Tyres that are manufactured recently. A Tyre is made up of several materials that degrade over time even if not in use, so it becomes important to go for the best quality by buying freshest Tires that will perform efficiently for a long time.

    Apart from these factors, also consider the condition of the inner tubes of the Tyres and their rolling resistance that can significantly affect the air pressure of the Tyre and the fuel consumption of the Truck.

    This is just a guide to buying the perfect Tire but ultimately how a Tire performs in the long run cannot even be guaranteed by the manufacturers. Proper maintenance is required on a regular basis to increase the Tyre’s life and this includes checking the air pressure, alignment and other features of the Tyre from time to time and correct any defects present.

  3. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    If you know what to look for when buying car tyres it can make the whole process quicker and easier, but many don’t know where to start. Making the right decision on tyres can make a huge difference to your cars performance and could cause a variety of problems if they are unsuitable for your car.

    When looking at new tyres for your car it is important to make sure you know what will be the best fit for your make and model. Taking manufacturers advice can be a good place to start as is looking online at businesses that provide information on the best tyres for your car through providing a little information, such as giving the make model and year or providing the vehicle registration so that the site can find out for you.

    It is also worth looking into more depth to get the best performance tyres for your car by finding out tread wear, traction rating and pressure limits amongst other things.

    Stay away from refurbished tyres : Although they may appeal to both your wallet and seem the environmentally friendly choice refurbished tyres do not last as long as new tyres and so in the long run spending that little bit extra for a new set can be a better choice.

    With a good set of tyres providing better road safety for the vehicle they are applied to it is important to think about this when making a purchase. As is often the case the cheapest is not likely to be the best option for your car. So to give you and your loved ones the best protection when you are driving it is well worth spending a little more for peace of mind.

    Shop around : Making sure that you shop around for the best deals can make a huge difference to the cost of your tyres and you could find yourself driving away with a big saving if you just take a little time researching. Going to different garages or searching online could turn up some handy discounts and some retailers even offer further discounts for ordering online that could save you time and money.

    Ensuring that the retailer is reputable and that there are no hidden costs is also important as some retailers may charge for shipping or delivery, whilst others could offer a full range of beneficial services such as fitting the tyres and giving you the choice of when they will be fitted so you can fit it around a busy schedule.

    As well as providing a whole host of services a reputable retailer will also offer warranties on products through the manufacturers or their own guarantees. Looking into these when purchasing tyres could help to make your decision and see all of the options available to you. If two sets of suitable tyres are priced similarly but one offers a longer guarantee, or one retailer offers to price match its competitors you could find the process of buying tyres a whole lot more satisfying and end up with a great deal.

  4. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    There are a lot of companies offering car tyres today, but if you are really looking to get the best, the Michelin tyre company must be your number one choice. However, there are so many Michelin tyres available that to choose the best among them is really hard task. Therefore in that article I will present you with the basics of buying tyres and I really hope that you will use that information. Here are 3 simple steps to choose the best Michelin tyre for your car:

    First, you should know what the exact size of tyres you are looking for is. That way you will be able to make informed car tyre purchase. The main place, where you should look for the size of the tyres, is at the manual you had received with your car. Furthermore, if you do not have a manual, you can look at the door jamb of the driver’s door, the glove compartment or inside the fuel hatch. Remember that each one of the car manufacturers should place information about the size of tires you need, so you will only have to find it.

    After that answer the question “What type of Michelin tyres you need?” Although it sounds really hard thing to do, you just need to imaging in what will be the worst conditions you might need to drive. When some of the retailers ask you what type of tyres you need, usually he means types such as winter and summer. In addition, you may also consider what your performance criteria are, like for example whether you need better cornering capability on dry roads or more traction on wet ones. Remember that the more you tell the Michelin tyre retailer, the better tires you will receive.

    Finally, when you buy Michelin tyres you should receive a warranty and also a registration car for the Department of Transportation. In the warranty booklet, you will learn a lot of information about how you should take care of the tyres you had bought and also how to maintain them. Therefore, make sure that you require that document from the tyre retailer, because in case of fabric defect, for example you will not be able to get the Michelin tyres repaired or replaced with new ones.

  5. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Selecting the right tyres for your vehicle is a very important decision. Knowing the right size and specifications for your car is the best place to start. Your safety, as well as driving enjoyment over the next few years and thousands of kilometres you drive, will be determined by this decision. You can have the safest car in the world but it will be meaningless without a good pair of tyres.

    If all four tyres wear out the same time it’s important to replace the old ones soonest. Different tyres are recommended for different kinds of drivers, such as the family drivers, city drivers and the eco-conscious drivers. If you drive around town almost any tyre will do. But if you drive your vehicle on congested city streets and expressways during rush hour, more responsive tyres will serve you better. A good wheel and tyre fitment centre will also help you to choose good roadworthy tyres. Buying tyres particularly for a passenger vehicle comes with typical benefits such as long lifespan, comfortable, and dependable ride.

    A recommended tyre for city driving is the Wanli range which consists of the High Performance and Passenger Range. These tyres can be used for anywhere driving, aside from all season models these tyres can be used in wet, dry, hot and cold weather conditions. It can be used for city driving and off road driving plus it can help improving the fuel economy of your car. Tyre sizes that begin with a “P” for passenger are designed to operate at lower pressures and loads. They also offer a smoother driving experience. Whereas, the sizes that begin with “LT” for light truck can handle more pressure and a heavier load.

    Wanli tyres come in a variety of sizes for any car and are definitely ideal for everyday driving. Most cars manufactured today come equipped with all season tyres that optimize performance, wear, road noise and ride quality over all types of weather conditions. If you are mixing tyres, namely buying two instead of four, always install the new tyres on the rear axle. The new tyres will have more traction on the road, especially in wet conditions. To truly appreciate the benefits of high performance tyres, they must be matched to ultra-high performance vehicle suspensions. If you want longer tread wear, a smoother ride or better vehicle handling visit your local fitment centre for wheels and tyres that will not only fit your wheels but also your pocket.

  6. UAE Yellow Pages Online Directory

    Tyres are a very important (maybe the most important) component of your car or truck because they represent your only contact between you and the road surface. Drive with bald or faulty tyres and you run the risks of accidents and injuries. In Dubai, the law requires a minimum thread depth of 1.6 mm in the main grooves which are situated in the central three quarters of a tyre. On average, you should replace the tyres every 40.000 km. Irrespective of distance travelled, you should change the tyres if the thread depth is below a safety level, but really you shouldn’t need a law to force you to change tyres when it is time, for your life, the life of your passengers who will most likely be your family members, and the life of other road users depend on you doing the right thing.

    Many consumers don’t know enough about tyres to make an educated purchase. For some, the choice comes down to price and/or availability. Others buy tyres based on appearance or reputation. Educated consumers know to purchase tyres based on safety, quietness, road-holding ability, and wear.

    Regardless of tyre choice, it is necessary that consumers understand why tyres are so important. tyres are a vehicle’s only contact with the road. Even the brawniest engine, strongest brakes, or most advanced antiskid system, is at the mercy of the tyre’s grip on the road. Every move a driver makes with the steering wheel or brake or gas pedal is transmitted to the road through the four notepad-sized contact patches of the tyres.

    Since a vehicle doesn’t have the ability to change tyres like a person changes shoes, consumers must select a tyre that will work year ’round and in every conceivable driving situation. You wouldn’t wear high heels to go hiking, and you wouldn’t wear ski boots to dance a ballet. However, consumers often ask their cars’ tyres to do many things, and many times a vehicle’s tyres aren’t suited to the task.

    Selecting the right tyres for your driving needs is as important as selecting the right vehicle. tyres that are worn won’t be able to displace enough water to prevent hydroplaning. Performance tyres won’t be able to get much grip in snow. All-season tyres can’t manage the heat creased in high-speed driving. Passenger-car tyres might not be able to carry the heavy load found in a contractor’s pickup.

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