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UAE Building Contractors Directory

UAE Building Contractors Directory : Dubai Business Directory & Yellow Pages. List of Building Construction Companies & Building Contractors in UAE. If you are going to remodel your home, you should hire a building contractor in UAE. A building contractor is an expert in construction and design, and will make sure your project is done right. Most building contractors in UAE have a background in either construction or architecture. They will usually specialize in either residential or commercial structures. If you are looking for someone to help you remodel your house, you should choose a residential contractor. A contractor can help you with many projects, such as building a deck for your modular home.

UAE Building Contractors Directory

    UAE building contractors can also build you a custom office or even do a basement renovation. Perhaps your house needs a new roof, ceiling insulation, or even a new driveway. A building contractor in UAE can help you accomplish all of these goals. They can even help you make your house energy efficient, by helping you install a new electrical system or solar panels. When choosing a contractor, make sure he or she is certified and has a license. You don’t want to put your money and energy into a project, just to find out it wasn’t done correctly. Generally, you will need to get a permit for big projects, so you should check with your local government. Whether you want a custom deck to fit with your modern, modular house, or a more traditional wrap-around porch, you will be able to find someone for the job. Just be sure to get references and ask to see a portfolio, and you will find the right contractor for the job.

    Building contractors in UAE are in charge of planning, developing and coordinating all of the processes implied in a construction project. They are responsible of overseeing the activity of all the subcontractors from different trades, such as companies that are specialized in carpentry, flooring, wood framing, painting, roofing, plumbing, insulation work, piping, electrical wiring and alarm systems, and ensuring that the work is developing according to the schedule, that all the subcontractors comply to the safety rules and regulations and the work in progress will result in the completed finished product, as it was planned. Their responsibilities also include purchasing all the materials that are needed from the specialized suppliers, as

    well as acquiring the necessary permits and licenses for starting the process.
    If you want to make sure that the construction work for your desired development in the private or corporate sector in the UAE is coordinated and supervised by skilled individuals with experience in the field, it is recommended to choose to work with one of the building contractors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that are specialized in the specific type of constructions that you intend to build. They provide a wide range of solutions for different types of projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as for education, culture, healthcare and sports facilities. Some of the services offered by them include project planning and cost estimate, cost control, project management, concept designing and design development, feasibility and development studying, hazard identification, internal space planning, engineering, materials procurement, materials inspection, logistics management, subcontractors selection and contracting, construction work supervision, construction site management, process evaluation and troubleshooting, quality assurance and work supervision, site safety management, work scheduling and temporary plant and equipment management. The highly qualified staff are able to ensure complete client satisfaction through the professional services they deliver both in the case of new construction projects and in repairing and management projects.

    The flexible solutions they provide can be adapted to the varying needs and requirements of each client, in order to achieve the results they expect in the shortest time possible, within the available budget and by using the most feasible technical solutions for the specific type of development. Choosing to work with any of the building contractors helps you save time and allows you to make sure the work advances as you expect. For any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact them, and they will provide all the information you need regarding their services.

    UAE Building Contractors Directory

    People who make bids for undertaking constructional projects, and hire other contractors for the execution of their contract when winning the bid, are known as building contractors. At times, a building contractor may participate in the actual process of construction. The primary job of a building contractor is to obtain contracts for the construction of commercial or residential buildings, and then hire other contractors, specializing in different fields of construction, for the completion of the project under their control. Often, they get started in this profession by executing small contracts on their own, and subsequently undertaking the execution of larger projects with the help of subcontractors.

    To qualify as a building contractor, you have to appear for a test for getting a license. For getting a license in certain fields, one may need to study for taking the exam. You get books for the purpose, and you need to pay an examination fee. Moreover, there are restrictions on the number of attempts that a candidate may make for passing the exam.

    Having passed the formal exam, the prospective contractor can start making bids to get contracts. There are a number of contractors making bids for the same project. So, the client is free to choose one who is suitably qualified for the particular job, and makes a very competitive price bid. Many clients would prefer only those contractors who have adequate insurance for their work, as well as for their workers, to ensure that any worker getting injured during the execution of the project gets compensated according to the law. Supervising the execution of the project is the primary responsibility of the principal contractor whose bid the client accepts.

    There are contractors specializing in certain areas of construction. For instance, some specialize in roofing or flooring, while other may specialize in wiring and plumbing. The principal contractor generally hires a number of different contractors, as per their field of specialization. These contractors are known as subcontractors, and their work is supervised by the principal contractor, and not the client.

    It needs a lot of effort and acumen to be a successful building contractor. Often, he has to supervise and coordinate the work of many people at the same time. In case any subcontractor or a worker does any job incorrectly, the client will hold the principal contractor responsible and liable for making the corrections. This can be very challenging, though manageable once the principal contractor builds up a relationship with dependable subcontractors having a good track record of working.

    Though the amount quoted needs consideration, it should not be the only criterion when selecting any building contractor. Apart from offering to undertake the project at the lowest price, the contractor should offer to use quality materials, and complete the project in the minimum possible time. Before finalizing the choice on your building contractor, you should check his experience, background, and get various guarantees in black and white.

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