Visit Visa Dubai

Visit Visa Dubai : Obtaining a visit visa Dubai is not as confusing as you may think. Many people planning to visit Dubai often find the process of obtaining their Dubai visit to be time-consuming and confusing. Here we break down what you need and how to get visit visas Dubai for yourself, family or friends.

Requirements for obtaining a visit visa for Dubai vary depending on your nationality. GCC citizens do not require a visa to enter Dubai, and citizens of 33 other countries can get a visa on arrival in Dubai.  Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents (called sponsors), whose monthly salary is not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation.

You can also obtain a tourist visa for other family members and friends through travel agencies, airlines  or hotels. Costs vary from AED 170 for a 4 day transit visa (which you can get directly at the UAE airports), to AED 350 for a 14 day transit visa, to AED 1200 for 30 day tourist visa, to AED 1700 for 90 day tourist visa and AED 2500 for a 90 day multiple entry tourist visa. Please check with the concerned airline, hotel or travel agency for this.

Extensions for all visas are now possible for an additional 30 days  without exiting the country on payment of 570 per visa, before the expiry date of the original visa. Validity of visit visa for immediate family members:

  • Short term visit visa : 30 days
  • Long term visit visa : 90 days
  • Extensions for an additional 30 days are possible without exiting the country on payment of 570 per visa, before the expiry date of the original visa.
Multiple entry visas to Dubai are available for visitors who have links with local businesses that require them to visit regularly. Multiple-entry visas are valid for visits of a maximum of 14 days each time, for six months from date of issue. It costs AED 2,100 (plus AED 20 delivery fee) and should be applied for after entering the UAE on a visit visa.
For visitors travelling through Dubai or UAE airports in transit, a special transit visa is available through certain airlines. It is valid for 96 hours and costs AED 100. Other entry visas for Dubai include:
  • Visit visa for residents in GCC countries (AED 200 and renewal AED 700)
  • Entry permit for study or training (AED 550 & renewal AED 600)
  • Entry permit for medical treatment (AED 550 and renewal AED 500)
  • Multiple entry visa for medical treatment (AED 1,400)
It is important to remember that visa laws can change frequently, and therefore it is always advisable that you check with the UAE Embassy in your home country before you travel.

Visit Visa Dubai

Obtaining a visit visa for Dubai. How to sponsor someone for a visit visa to Dubai. Difference between tourist and visit visa. There are differences between a pre-arranged visit visa sponsored by an entity in the UAE, the visit visa on arrival available to some nationalities, and a tourist visa.

There are several different ways to obtain a visit visa for Dubai. A visit visa and a tourist visa are not the same, although they are both entry permits for visitors to Dubai. The difference is mostly to do with who sponsors the visitor for their trip, the cost, and whether or not the visa is renewable. A tourist visa is was renewable (no longer from 01 Jan 2015), a visit visa is not renewable (except for on-arrival visas).

A pre-arranged visit visa must be used to enter the UAE within 60 days of being issued, otherwise it expires and you’ll have to get a new one issued. It can only be used for a single entry, and after exit the visitor must stay away from the UAE for 30 days before re-applying for a new visa (there are some exceptions). A pre-arranged visit visa is valid for 30 or 90 days after entry to the UAE, and is not renewable. A tourist visa and a visit visa on arrival are both valid 30 days, and can be renewed once.

For individual or company sponsorship of a UAE visit visa, the sponsor must be based in the UAE, and have a UAE residence visa if the sponsor is a person. GCC nationals do not need a visit visa to enter the UAE. GCC residents, or visitors accompanying GCC nationals might be able to obtain a visit visa more easily – contact a UAE immigration department.

Passport validity period for visitors to Dubai

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before planned exit date (not entry date) from the UAE.
  • If you manage to obtain a visit visa with less than 6 months on your passport, that is not a guarantee you will be allowed to enter the UAE. You might be denied boarding when checking in for your flight to the UAE, or denied entry on arrival to the UAE.
  • Expat residents of the UAE are permitted to enter with a minimum of 3 months validity on their passport according to information from the UK Government and UAE Embassy in the UK (last checked Aug 2015).

Visit Visa Dubai Sponsorship

For visitors not from one of the countries that can obtain a visit visa on arrival, they need to find a UAE based sponsor to apply for a visit visa for them. The sponsorship possibilities are (updated after new UAE visa rules in July 2008):

  • Company sponsorship UAE visa – UAE based company needs to have a deposit with the UAE immigration authority, this type of visit visa is intended for business visitors to the UAE that have some type of relationship to the company. Proof of this might be requested (a business card on arrival for example).
  • Friend sponsorship UAE visa – possible under certain conditions: minimum salary, limited number of professions, might be difficult for males attempting to sponsor unrelated females or vice versa. The minimum salary figure was 10,000 dhs per month in 2008 but might vary, or be applied inconsistently.
  • Relative sponsorship for visa – easy for first degree relatives (mother, father, son, daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister), more difficult for second degree relatives – will probably require special permission from the immigration department.

Documents and requirements needed for individual sponsoring a Visit Visa Dubai

  • Resident’s passport with valid UAE residence visa.
  • Resident’s labour contract or salary certificate as proof of minimum salary.
  • Proof of relationship of family member, documents will probably need to be attested.
  • Proof of medical / health / accident insurance for the visitor.
  • Copy of visitor’s passport (should be valid for at least 6 months after expected date of entry to the UAE).
  • Visa application form – obtain at the typing center at the immigration department (DNRD in Dubai, or other UAE immigration office).
  • Relevant visa fees.
  • Refundable deposit (might be AED 1000 or AED 2000.

Procedure to Obtain Visit Visa Dubai

  • The person or PRO of the company sponsoring you needs to go to the immigration department of the emirate which issued their residence visa (or trade licence). It might be possible to apply in a different emirate if the sponsor has a good reason for that e.g. they live in a different emirate to the one that issued their residence visa (in which case they should bring a copy of their tenancy contract, DEWA or telephone bill as proof they live in a different emirate, or labour card as proof they work in a different emirate), but they might still be told to go to the emirates that issued their residence visa.
  • The process starts at the typing center where the visa fees are paid and the application form will be filled in. The typing center will direct the applicant to the next relevant counter for document submission and processing.
  • Visit visa should be issued within a day or two, possibly the same day if urgent processing fees are paid.
  • After receiving the visit visa, either the original or a copy should be sent to the visitor.
  • If only the copy is sent, then the original visa needs to be deposited at the Dubai airport DNATA counter at least three hours prior to arrival of the visitor. There is also a Visa Delivery Service available at the DNATA counter at the DNRD (but visa needs to be left with them a day before arrival of the visitor).
  • For other emirates, ask when the visa is collected from the immigration department, where the visa needs to be deposited for collection by the visitor on arrival.

Renewing Visit Visa Dubai

Conflicting information seen regarding whether a visit visa is renewable. The DNRD visa fees table says neither visit visa is renewable. Confusion might be because other common visa types used by visitors are renewable – a UAE tourist visa and a UAE visit visa on arrival.

Visit visa cancellation and deposit refund, and overstaying a visit visa

  • When the guest leaves the UAE, the visa is automatically cancelled.
  • Any overstaying fines are paid on departure – allow AED 100 for overstaying plus AED 200 per day (it might still be AED 100). Entry day and exit day are counted, and remember the “one month visa” is actually only valid for 30 days.
  • Overstaying a visit visa in the UAE – there is possibly a grace period of 10 days but don’t count on it, it seems to be a bit of a lottery as to whether you get fined during this period or not – it might depend on the mood of the official at the gate, your mood, your nationality, the weather, and so on. Confirmation of this grace period not found on official General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (immigration department) websites for the UAE. There were reports in early 2012 that the grace period for overstaying had been cancelled, but nothing official found or supplied.
  • After the guest has left, the sponsor needs to go back to the immigration department where the visit visa was issued, and present their deposit receipt to get a refund. Their computer system will be automatically updated when the visitor departs, proof of departure should not be needed.

Working on a Dubai visit visa

Employment in the UAE is not permitted while on a visit visa. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, it does but the company runs the risk of fines and being blacklisted for future work permit and visa applications, and the visitor runs the risk of fines, deportation, and a long or permanent UAE immigration and labour ban. For expats who are arriving for the first time in the UAE for a new job, it’s not uncommon for the company to ask new workers to obtain a visit visa on arrival if they are from one of the countries that can do so, since it’s easier than the company applying for an employment entry permit. Expats are not supposed to start working until the company has processed their residence permit and labour card. Whilst the risk of getting into trouble might be relatively low, there is still a risk, and new residents should try to avoid being put into this position. Especially since some less scrupulous companies use this system to avoid processing expat residency and labour status for a lengthy time (the employee is sent across a border to renew their visit visa repeatedly). Workers in this situation also do not have any of the employment rights protected under UAE law.

Finding a job while on a visit visa in Dubai

It is acceptable to look for work with a UAE employer while on a visit visa, and many expats do exactly that. It is also a good idea to visit the UAE if you have been offered a job, before accepting the job.

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  1. Visit Visa Dubai UAE

    Visit Visa Dubai : Your ultimate guide to tourist visa Dubai 90 days, visit visa online application, visa price, visa new rules, visit visa agencies in Dubai, visit visa for Dubai for 3 months fees and charges and get answers to common questions such as: Do you need a visa for Dubai? How can I get visit visa for Dubai? Do Indians need a visa for Dubai? How much is the visa fee for Dubai? There are several types of entry permits for visitors coming to Dubai, referred to as entry Visa. This website aims to provide information’s about Dubai Visa and all information’s are correct to the best of our knowledge however, Visa rules and requirements can and do change suddenly, and without warning even government websites can be slow to update. The UAE embassy in your country or the relevant authority in the UAE (DNRD in Dubai) is probably the only source of information you can rely on.

    Visa Dubai Upon Arrival Nationalities : Only some nationalities are able to obtain a visa upon arrival visas for most countries that offer them. Nationals of the following countries can get Dubai Visa/UAE Visa upon arrival at any point of entry in Dubai and UAE.

    Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Holland, Belgium, Lexembourg, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria.

    America: USA, Canada.

    Australasia / Pacific: Australia, New Zealand.

    Asia: Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea.

    If you are a national of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, you do not need to get a visa to Dubai. GCC citizens have visa-free entry to the UAE anyway.

    If you are not a national of the above visa upon arrival countries you are not eligible to get Dubai Visa upon your arrival at the airport, therefore you must apply a Tourist Visa pre-arrange before entering Dubai and the UAE. It is sponsored by a local entity, such as a hotel, tour operator/travel agent or an airline. As a local Travel Agent we can process Visa for Dubai.

    For tourist and traveler applying a Dubai Visa online with us is very easy. Just fill up the visa application form, submit the required documents and complete our online secure payment process. You will have your visa for Dubai in 3 to 5 working days.

  2. Visit Visa Dubai UAE

    Visit Visa Dubai UAE : Your Ultimate Guide to Tourist Visa Dubai 90 Days, Visit Visa Online, Visa Price, New Rules, Visit Visa for Dubai for 3 Months Fees and Charges. Do you need a visa for Dubai? How can I get visit visa for Dubai? Do Indians need a visa for Dubai? How much is the visa fee for Dubai? The Ministry of Interior has called upon the public to acquire the 90-day UAE entry permit, also known as a visit visa, through the Ministry’s e-services.

    The visit visa, which requires sponsorship from a citizen, resident or investor, is available via the e-services that are provided through various channels, the website, and the UAE-MOI app on smartphones. Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaiaili, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs, stressed the keenness of the Naturalization, Residency and Ports sector to streamline the procedures and to reduce the time and effort exerted by the customers.

    He explained that entry permits are secure and issued electronically through a streamlined and convenient process that requires an Emirates ID card to access the advanced framework. The framework and the smart applications have undergone performance improvements and have been upgraded in order to introduce more services and to continuously excel in streamlining and simplifying procedures to ensure the speed of completion.

    Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the MoI’s Smart Government Program, said this comes within the vision of the government to reduce the number of customers that visit governmental centres by 80% by the year 2018; thus enabling everyone to complete their transactions from home through their smartphones as a part of the Smart Government initiative. The initiative aims to raise awareness amongst government agencies to take advantage of smartphone services.

    Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari called upon the public to submit their suggestions by calling 8005000 or by emailing He said that the suggestions are studied by the concerned committee and are implemented within the developmental process for current or future services.

    Lt. Colonel Matar Kharbash, head of the team supporting smart e-transition at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Sector, indicated that the service of acquiring a 90 day entry permit, or visit visa, is one of the services provided by the Entry Permits and Residency Department. The department issues entry permits for friends or a relatives who wish to visit someone who is legally residing in the UAE, or to visit a private or public legal person.

    How to apply

    The entry permit allows the person to enter the UAE for a limited period and could be for single or multiple entries.

    “In order to issue a long-term single entry visit visa for 90 days, with the sponsorship of the public sector and free zones, the applicant must fill out the e-form and attach a copy of the sponsored person’s passport, with a validity of not less than six months.”

    He added that the applicant must also check the signature, stamp and card of the facility and the representative’s card. The applicants for a long-term 90-day visit visa via the sponsorship of the private sector, will also need to attach the license and eGate card.

    He also pointed out that applicants for the long-term 90-day visit visa for single or multiple entries with the sponsorship of a citizen or a GCC citizen need to fill the e-form and attach the passport copy of the sponsor and the sponsored person, valid for no less than six months.

    In case the sponsor is a family member and a resident, the e-form should be attached with a copy of a certified marriage contract, or certified birth certificate for children, and a certified tenancy contract or electricity bill (for a 90 days only visit), with a bank security deposit of Dh1,000, proof of health insurance, passport copy of the sponsored person valid for no less than 6 months, and an eGate card (for 90 days only visit) with a copy of the sponsor’s passport.

  3. Visit Visa Dubai UAE

    Visit Visa Dubai UAE : Your Ultimate Guide to Tourist Visa Dubai 90 Days, Visit Visa Online, Visa Price, New Rules, Visit Visa for Dubai for 3 Months Fees and Charges. Do you need a visa for Dubai? How can I get visit visa for Dubai? Do Indians need a visa for Dubai? How much is the visa fee for Dubai?

    Residents can apply for a 90 days Single or Multiple entry visit visa, both of which are non-extendable, for their spouse or blood relatives of 1st or 2nd degree only. Visit Visa holder should enter UAE within 60 days from the date of issue. If not entered, visa will be cancelled automatically and to be applied again with the same procedures.

    A foreign wife of a citizen of a GCC country can only obtain a visit visa if she holds a residence visa in the home country of her husband. Sixty-day visit visas are renewable twice, allowing for a total permitted stay of 180 days, can be obtained for domestic helpers who accompany citizens of GCC countries.

    Visit Visa holder can change status to Employment/ Residence visa by paying 680+570 Dhs + typing charges.

    NOTE: Visit or Tourist visa holder must stay out of UAE at least one month to get another Visit or Tourist Visa.

    Tourist Visa holder must exit UAE to change his/her visa to Employment/ Residence.

    Required Salary:

    5,000 Dhs to sponsor brother/sister
    4,000 Dhs to sponsor wife, children parents, father in-law and mother in-law
    7,000 Dhs to sponsor other relatives
    10,000 Dhs to sponsor friends

    NOTE: If you are not eligible to sponsor your family/relative/friend, you can depend on airline or tourism companies for 30 days and 60 days tourist visas.

    Emirates Airlines, Dubai Tel. 04-214 4444, Abu Dhabi Tel. 02-691 1777, Al Ain Tel. 03-706 2100, Sharjah Tel. 06-569 0759, Click here for fees details.

    SATA (Sharjah Airtravel Authority), Tel. 04-259 9788, 06-516 4444

    RAK Airways, Tel. 07-207 5000

    Required Documents:

    Passport Copy of Visitor. Passport must be valid minimum 3 months.
    Documents proving kinship or marriage must be submitted.
    Photo (1) with white back ground.
    Passport Copy + Visa page of Sponsor.
    Labor Contract to be attested from Immigration on payment of 130 Dhs. Government/Free Zone
    To sponsor 90-day Visit (long term), the sponsor must have Emirates ID or proof of ID application.
    Employees do not need to attest Salary Certificate.
    Emirates ID or ID Application proof of the sponsor (for Long Term Visit)
    Tenancy Contract and EJARI registration Certificate
    Additional Documents (Investor/Partner):

    Dubai Visa Fee and Charges:

    750 Dhs For Single Entry (Including Health Insurance) + Typing Charges
    2100 Dhs For Multiple Entry + Typing Charges

    Security Deposit:
    Applicants will also have to pay the 1,000 Dhs refundable deposit and show proof of health insurance. Application including health insurance can be prepared from Typing Center.

    Visa Dubai Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: I am on Employment Visa. But my visa still not stamped on my passport. Can I attach entry visa to apply visa for my family?

    A: No. You should have stamped visa on your passport to apply for family visa. Your labor contract also should be shown at the Immigration to prove your salary. Labor Contract will be issued only after stamping your visa.

    Q: Do I need to endorse spouse’s name in my passport to apply for family visa?

    A: No. Attested marriage certificate is enough.

    Q: How long the family visa process takes at Immigration?
    A: If the above mentioned documents are correct, visa will be issued same time.

    Q: I want to apply residence visa for my wife and two children. I have got a studio flat in my name. Is it acceptable for family visa?

    A: Yes, for wife and children studio flat also acceptable.

    Q: I want to apply residence visa for my child. But Tenancy Contract is issued in the name of my wife. Is it acceptable for family visa?

    A: Yes, it is acceptable. You should attach wife’s passport copy and Marriage Certificate.

    Q: I am an Investor/partner and I heard that I have to deposit 3,020 Dhs at Immigration for each of my dependent’s residence visa. Can I refund 10,000 Dhs / 20000 Dhs which I deposited for my investor visa?

    A: Yes, you can refund self visa deposit amount after you deposited 3,020 Dhs for each of your dependent’s visa. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.

    STEPS: Submit family visa application, Pay new deposit as per the officer’s instruction, Get Visa, Go to refund counter with original deposit receipt of self visa, Get seal on the receipt No Objection for Refund. Go to Dubai Commercial Bank Immigration Brach Counter, Pay 10 Dhs as service charge and collect the cash. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.

    If you have lost your deposit receipt, you should pay 70 Dhs at Immigration counter to get new receipt in lieu of lost.

  4. Visit Visa Dubai UAE

    Visit Visa Dubai : Your ultimate guide to tourist visa Dubai 90 days, visit visa online application, visa price, visa new rules, visit visa agencies in Dubai, visit visa for Dubai for 3 months fees and charges and get answers to common questions such as: Do you need a visa for Dubai? How can I get visit visa for Dubai? Do Indians need a visa for Dubai? How much is the visa fee for Dubai? Dubai Visa for Philippine Passport Holders : Philippine Passport Holders residing in the Philippines should ensure that they hold a valid visit visa for Dubai UAE before they travel to this country.

    Filipinos who wish to enter the UAE for tourism, visit relatives or friends or similar reasons, may apply visit visa through sponsor. Sponsor who is residing in UAE will apply visa in his/her behalf.

    Who are the qualified sponsors? Some airlines with flight to UAE from Manila, such as Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways will sponsor visit visa to passengers flying with them; Hotels in Dubai, or some accredited travel agencies, A Company operating in the UAE; An emigranti can sponsor his first and second degree of family members; UAE nationals can sponsor a visitor with a minimum monthly salary of AED 3,000

    Visa Dubai Requirements : Visa Fee USD 100.00; Scan colored copy of Passport (information page); Scan passport size colored photo with white background and airfare e-ticket

    Visa application must be filed at least 1 month prior departure, and the processing time is 7 working days.

  5. Visit Visa Dubai UAE

    Visit Visa Dubai : Your ultimate guide to tourist visa Dubai 90 days, visit visa online application, visa price, visa new rules, visit visa agencies in Dubai, visit visa for Dubai for 3 months fees and charges and get answers to common questions such as: Do you need a visa for Dubai? How can I get visit visa for Dubai? Do Indians need a visa for Dubai? How much is the visa fee for Dubai? The Visit Visa is applicable to tourists, who intend to spend more than 14 days in the UAE, and those coming for family visits as well as those on long-term business visit. It requires the sponsorship of UAE resident or any company or hotel licensed to operate within the country.

    Dubai Visit Visa Requirements and Application Process : Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents (sponsors) with monthly salary of minimum Dh.4000 to Dh.5000, while sponsoring other relatives may require a minimum monthly salary of Dh.6000 to Dh.7000, while minimum salary of Dh.10,000 is required to sponsor friends. The short-term visit visas are valid for 30 days, while long term visas stand valid for 90 days.

    A refundable deposit fee of Dh.2000 guarantee from expatriates who intend to sponsor spouse or first-degree relatives is imposed. The visa has three-month validity and is renewable for another 30 days, if required, although a fee of Dh.570 is charged for renewal.

    Documents required for visit visa Dubai

    Typed application form

    Copy of sponsor’s passport and family member’s passport

    Photo of family member

    Marriage contract attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy (in case of sponsoring spouse)

    Attested birth certificates (if sponsoring children)

    Relationship proof from the Embassy (if the relationship cannot be proved from family names in sponsor’s passport)

    Attested job contract if sponsor works in private company / salary certificate if working in public sector
    Travel insurance

    Visit Visa Dubai Application Process

    Visit any authorized typing office and get application typed.
    Visit DNRD and submit it, along with required documents to the visa section.
    Send a copy and original visa document to your relative. If only the copy was sent to family member, submit the original at the airport or DNATA counter at DNRD.

    Visit Visa Dubai Fee and Prices : There are several different types of visas available. The most commonly used are Visit visas, tourist visas and residency visas for expatriates.

    Short Term Visit Dubai 30 Days
    Dh.370For Single Entry
    Dh650 For Multiple Entry
    Typing charges extra

    Long Term Visit Dubai 90 Days
    Dh700 For Single Entry (Including Health Insurance)
    Dh1750 For Multiple Entry
    Typing charges extra

    Visit Visa Dubai Renewal : The Interior Ministry is said to be re-implementing its decision (No.337) issued in 2004, so as to enable all those with visit visa to get an extension. All companies and visitors are required to submit applications and process transactions prior to expiry date of their visa period to avoid violations. This new rule is said to be applicable on all entry permits, including transit visas, short-term visas (30 days) and long-term visas (90 days), visas for medical treatment and residence visas.

    Earlier, the visit visa holders had to actually leave the country on expiry of their visa terms and they had to stay out of the country for at least one month before being allowed to re-enter on another visit visa. Now, as part of the new procedure, visit visa holders need not exit the country, and the visa status amendment can be done electronically, without any complications. They are required to pay fees of Dh.570 to facilitate the transactions and can stay for a month more without having to exit the country.

    The Deputy Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, Obaid bin Suroor, has confirmed that these decisions would be implemented by all immigration departments.

    Mandatory insurance cover for spouses, elderly parents during visa renewal : According to Dubai’s mandatory Health Insurance Law, it is now mandatory for residents to have health insurance cover by 30th June 2016, as the sponsors of residents found without an insurance cover at the time of visa renewal, will have to pay fines beyond the deadline. This implies that sponsors of spouses, elderly parents and children with special needs, should obtain insurance cover for dependents, even if the visa is not due for renewal prior to 30th June 2016. The law emphasizes that every Dubai resident be covered, and in cases of spouses, elderly parents, children with special needs, housemaids and house boys, it is the legal responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that they possess health insurance cover. In case of violation of the law, the sponsor will be legally held liable for the same.

    Tourist Visa Dubai UAE : Tourist Visa is a special category of Visa under Visit Visa, which could be obtained for individual tourists from East and West Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Albania, Hellenic Republic, St. Lucia, St. Kitts Navis, Cuba, Mexico, Bermuda, Cuba, Guyana, Belize, French Guiana, Martinique, Barbuda and Antigua, Kingston, St. Vincent, Palao and other non-defined American nationalities, South Africa, Thailand, China, Singapore, Cyprus and Malta.

    The Tourist Visa permits the holder to stay for duration of 30 days. The visa requires sponsorship of hotels and tour operators who bring in visitors from the said countries. The renewal and visa processing fee of tourist visas depends on travel agency that covers for you.

    Over-stay fine : If a tourist or a business visitor overstays, the fine would be Dh.200 for first day, followed by Dh.100 for every consecutive day. The fine can be paid at Immigration , or at the airport when visitor exits.

    Multiple Entry Visa Dubai UAE : Multiple-Entry Visas are issue to business visitors who have a relationship with either a multi-national or other reputed local company, and are frequent visitors to the UAE. This sort of visa is valid for period of six months from the date of issue with a 30-day duration period. The validity is non-renewable and the visa costs Dh.2120.

    Those seeking Multiple Entry Visas will have to enter UAE on a visit visa and obtain the Multiple Entry Visa while in the country. The visa is stamped on the passport.

    German Citizens : The German Citizens (tourists or business people) need to apply to the UAE embassy in Germany for a one or two year multiple-entry visa. No sponsor is required. The maximum duration of stay should not exceed three months a year.

    US Citizens : The US Citizens (tourists or businessmen) can apply to the UAE embassies in the US for one to ten year multiple-entry visas. A sponsor is required and the visa will be granted free of charge. The maximum duration of stay should not exceed six months per visit.

    Transit Visa – 96-hour Visa Transit Passengers
    The transit passengers stopping in at Dubai International Airport for a minimum of 8 hours are eligible for the 96-hour Transit Visa, provided they are sponsored only by the Airlines, and their applications confirm onward booking to a 3rd destination. Transit visa is issued for a non-renewable 14 days at a fee of Dh.220, and is issued to businessmen and tourists under company sponsorship, or through a hotel licensed to operate in the UAE.

    For transit passengers or those holding special permits, or for a visit or mission, the passport or the document should be valid for a minimum of three months.

    Citizens from countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Niger, Iraq and Yemen are not eligible for 96-hour visa on arrival, while Syrian and Egyptian applicants should have Dh.10000 to sponsor family on visit visa.

    NOTE: Egyptian and Syrian applicants should have Dh 10000 to sponsor family on visit visa.

    Kindly note: Visa rules are subject to sudden change without warning. The UAE Embassy in your country or the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD), the relevant authority in the UAE, is the only source of information that can be relied upon. The validity period for a free visit visa on arrival change often.

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