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Doctors Sharjah : List of the Best doctors with Contact Details & Location Map. Top doctors in Sharjah. Best Doctors in Sharjah.
Doctors Sharjah : List of the Best doctors with Contact Details & Location Map. Top doctors in Sharjah. Best Doctors in Sharjah.

Doctors in Sharjah

Doctors Sharjah : List of the best doctors in Sharjah with Contact Details including doctor names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Doctors are individuals who study medicine to become specialists in treating various diseases. Doctors are physicians, surgeons and specialists who meet people or patients with ailments and complaints, listen to them, ask questions about their problem, symptoms, carry out laboratory tests as and when required and based on that, prescribe medicines or treatment for the same. Doctors also give advice on fitness, diet exercise etc. Surgeons are specialized doctors who perform surgeries and paediatricians are doctors who treat babies and small children. Doctors usually operate out of clinics or hospitals.

Doctors Sharjah

Doctors Sharjah : List of the doctors in Sharjah with contact details including doctor names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top doctors in Sharjah UAE.

1. Dr. Gina  

Hospital/Clinic Name: Kaya Skin Clinic
With a mission to deliver world class skin care in the Middle East, Kaya Skin Clinic arrived in the UAE, in the summer of 2003. Opening the doors to a whole new approach that blends dermatological expertise, a refined sense of aesthetics and a culture of caring. Committed to comprehensive aesthetic skin care, Kaya has grown to offer its unique experience across 23 clinics covering the UAE, Oman, KSA and Kuwait. Catering to millions of customers in the region, the team garners a wealth of insight which helps craft Kaya’s unique brand of expertise.

At the core of Kaya’s quest for delivering excellence is the dermatologist. With the region’s largest pool of dermatological talent, the team is specially oriented to deliver the Kaya Skin Clinic brand of expert care. In addition to the qualifications and skill that these experienced dermatologists bring with them, each one undergoes over 500 hours of specialised in-house training. Their collective intelligence defines the arc of innovation at Kaya. Originating from fresh insights into emerging trends, is a steady stream of new services based on new techniques and technologies which are throughly tested for efficacy and safety before being offered at our clinics.

A promise. A statement of purpose. Something we are passionate about, as we craft uniquely personalised experiences around a core of customised skin care treatments. Welcome to Kaya Skin Clinic, an international chain that specialises in advanced dermatological solutions for women and men. From the acne of adolescence to the stretch marks of motherhood and the challenges of mature skin, Kaya aims to make every stage of life feel more beautiful with solutions that restore, preserve and enhance the essential vitality of skin.

Doctor Name: Dr. Gina
Clinic/Hospital Address: Shop # B45, Next to Arabian Oud, Level 2 Sharjah Mega Mall, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Clinic/Hospital Telephone Number: +971 6 5754236
Category: Doctors
Clinic/Hospital Website: Click Here To View Website

2. Dr. Maria Rubatti 

Hospital/Clinic Name: CosmeSurge® & Emirates Clinics, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
CosmeSurge® is an industry leader in providing quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine including cosmetic liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, nose reshaping, obesity surgery, hair transplantation, dermatology and laser hair removal, dentistry, and weight management services. We have a large team of doctors who are specialists within these areas.

Since its inception in 1998, CosmeSurge has been treating patients from around the world in our state-of-the-art facilities. We pride ourselves on the highest level of clinical care provided by our caring, professional staff, and our team of experienced and dedicated physicians – each with the training to make sure you leave looking your best. At CosmeSurge, our goal is to exceed your expectations, so we will provide you with the absolute finest service and quality care, to give you a world-class experience for your procedure at an affordable price.The CosmeSurge advantage is a part of everything that we do, from our variety of surgical and non-surgical services to the highly trained specialists performing them in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Doctor Name: Dr. Maria Rubatti
Clinic/Hospital Address: Corniche Road, between Sharjah ladies Club and Coral Beach Hotel
Clinic/Hospital Telephone Number: +971 6 524 5444
P.O.Box: 60306
Category: Doctors
Clinic/Hospital Website: Click Here To View Website

3. Dr. Maya Vidhani 

Hospital/Clinic Name: Sharjah Corniche Hospital
Sharjah Corniche Hospital is an investor in the care of people. We aim to not just cure but to educate all of our patients, helping them to choose and enjoy a healthy, happy life for generations to come. Sharjah Corniche Hospital is located in the Northern Emirates, overlooking the picturesque Buhairah Corniche of Sharjah. The hospital has cared for the communities of the Northern Emirates for over 5 years under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mahesh Vidhani and Dr Maya Vidhani. The Sharjah Corniche Hospital joined hands with Anglo Arabian Healthcare in 2013 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation throughout the medical professionals in the region as well as within the surrounding communities. Medical services at the Sharjah Corniche Hospital continue to expand into other areas of the existing location, allowing our patients to experience even more space, convenience and comfort.

Doctor Name: Dr. Maya Vidhani
Clinic/Hospital Address: Corniche Plaza II, 10th Floor, Opposite Marbella resort, Buhairah Cornich, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Clinic/Hospital Telephone Number: +971 6 575 1222
Category: Doctors
Clinic/Hospital Website: Click Here To View Website

4. Dr. Kamini Naik

Hospital/Clinic Name: Doctors Medical Centre
Efficient and holistic health care facility is a basic need of modern society. The advancement of science and technology has made it a reality to a great extent. We at Doctors Medical Centre are committed to quality health care at affordable costs. DMC with its long-standing service record is an acknowledged service provider in health and diagnostics field not only in Sharjah but all over UAE. Besides being a multi specialty clinical referral centre, DMC over the past years has emerged as one of the best-equipped referral centre for diagnostic radiology and pathology investigations with an expert team of Doctors ,Nurses, Technicians and Support staff. At DMC the finest medical services is combined with diagnostic and therapeutic for rapid & cost-effective cure, where Care is not only just ultramodern machines and medicine, but the much needed human touch & personalised care.

Doctor Name: Dr. Kamini Naik
Clinic/Hospital Address: 2nd Floor, Al Arouba Street, Rolla, Above Al Rostamani Exchange, Opposite Manama Supermarket, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Clinic/Hospital Telephone Number: +971 6 563 2100
Category: Doctors
Clinic/Hospital Website: Click Here To View Website

5. Dr. Praveen Kumar Pande

Hospital/Clinic Name: Prime Medical Center 
Prime Medical Center located in Al Nahda the residential community and it is on our patients’ doorstep, offers primary medical care and a wide range of specialized services with a direct link to the Prime Hospital as a referral point for secondary and tertiary care. Prime Medical Center – Al Nahda offers reliable, efficient and cost-effective medical care and expertise in a wide range of medical specialties such as:

– Family Medicine
– Internal Medicine
– Orthopaedics
– Paediatrics
– Pathology
– Physiotherapy

Doctor Name: Dr. Praveen Kumar Pande
Clinic/Hospital Address: Al Roda Tower-2, Opp. Carrefour Express, Malaka Street, Al Nahda, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Clinic/Hospital Telephone Number: +971 6 525 1800
Category: Doctors
Clinic/Hospital Website: Click Here To View Website

6. Dr. Suad Lutfi 

Hospital/Clinic Name: Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic
Dr. Suad Lutfi Medical Center is one of the most trusted in Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Dentistry, Plastic Surgery and Nutrition. Guided by our commitment to excellence, we at Dr. Suad Lutfi Medical Center recognize the value of health and wellness of every person. Our experts use the latest and safest state-of-the art technology and procedures so be assured that your needs will be well taken care of. Being confidently beautiful enables us to express ourselves more. Having a healthy body, exudes confidence in one’s self. Do not just dream of it, achieve it. Dr. Suad Lutfi Medical Center the number one provider of quality and specialized medical services in achieving health, beauty and confidence in response to changing patient needs. Dr. Suad Lutfi Medical Center will ensure that all its patients will be treated with the best, latest and safest state-of-the art technology and procedures in their journey of achieving a healthy body.

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    Doctors of different specialties can be found all over the world. These professionals are licensed medical experts that assist people with health care and illnesses. In fact, there are physicians that specialize as ear, nose and throat doctors, as well as others that assist patients with eye issues and conditions. These are called ophthalmologists. Regardless of where you live in the, there is likely to be a medical physician in your town or city. The branch of medicine is very broad, which is why there are so many doctors that specialize in different areas. For instance, there are dermatologists, which are skin specialists, as well as orthopedic surgeons, which handle bone and muscle deformities. Depending on the hospital or clinic, these medical facilities may offer physicians that specialize in foot care, brain surgery, internal health, and plastic surgical reconstruction. While some physicians are simply family doctors, others are pediatric specialists that deal with children and juvenile patients. Typically medical clinics and hospitals also have nurses to assist with sick patients and routine check-ups. However, an appointment is usually necessary for all patients. As you may know, there are also some medical facilities that specialize in disease testing and cures, heart transplants, and even body x-rays. In order to acquire more data pertaining to doctors for ear, nose, throat, and eye disorders, try researching online. There are many official websites for different hospitals and clinics all over the country. You can even get in touch with specific clinics and physicians to learn more.

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    The search for a new physician is never simple, but finding an individual who inspires confidence, trust, and provides open communication with their patients is one of the most important parts. Before choosing a new practice, there are a few questions new patients should ask at their first appointment. While all doctors have had years of education before receiving their medical degree, some practitioners go above and beyond with additional training and licenses. Individuals looking for practitioners with expertise in a particular treatment area should ask about unique qualifications. Where did the doctor earn their degree? What additional training do they have in their specialty Knowing where they received their relevant experience can give a new patient insight into the treatment style and overall qualifications.

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