Freight Forwarding Companies Dubai : List of the Freight Forwarding Companies with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai.
Freight Forwarding Companies Dubai : List of the Freight Forwarding Companies with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai.

Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai

Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai : Freight forwarders in Dubai : List of top freight forwarding companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Clients with the need to ship products internationally often will hire a professional freight forwarding company in Dubai to help the client with the logistics of shipping products across the globe. A professional freight forwarding company is aware of the constantly changing regulations which affect cargo movements, such as foreign documentation requirements, hazardous materials rules, government regulations, special packaging or handling restrictions, and any applicable licensing provisions. Goods that are shipped overseas must be properly packaged and marked, and the freight forwarding company can advise the client of the best way to ship goods being transported overseas. Freight forwarding companies in Dubai will take into consideration the type, weight and destination of a shipment when advising the client.

Freight forwarders in Dubai do not actually move freight. Rather, they act as an agent and intermediary, assisting companies in finding the right shipping service for their needs. Using a freight forwarder simplifies logistics. The freight forwarding company in Dubai will handle arrangements with all of the required transport companies for any trip. They have arrangements with trucking companies and air cargo companies alike. Freight forwarders may also help with import and export regulations and clearing customs. Freight forwarders in Dubai may also offer advice on logistics and help determine the best route and whether goods should be moved by air or sea. They are often particularly important when it comes to ocean shipping.

Although freight forwarding services in Dubai are not cheap, they ensure that the client gets a good deal from all of the carriers and does not have to worry about the costs associated with handling their own shipping. Costs such as vehicle maintenance and container rentals can all be handled by the forwarding company and the carriers it works with. Freight forwarders in Dubai may have standard rates, but often offer services on a competitive quote basis. They often develop long term relationships with specific carriers and airlines. These relationships can allow them to get cheaper service, although they do take their own markup. Using a freight forwarder to handle cargo shipping, however, is worth it for many companies in terms of the time saved. They also often deal with insurance, warehousing and risk assessment. They are particularly useful when a business lacks the in-house resources to understand the varying regulations that affect long distance and international freight.

Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai

Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai : List of top freight forwarding companies in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top freight forwarding companies in Dubai UAE. Find local freight forwarding in Dubai including freight forwarding, freight forwarding company, freight, air freight, freight shipping, harbor freight, container, freight, cargo, freight company, freight forwarding services, international exports, air freight shipping, ocean freight shipping and freight consolidators in Dubai UAE.

Unique Freight Forwarding

Unique Freight Forwarding LLC
Al Qusais Ind. First, Al Qusais, Dubai
Landmark: Near KS Warehouse
P.O.Box: 234750, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 2584858
Fax: +971 4 2584711
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Al Naboodah Cargo Centre

Al Naboodah Cargo Centre LLC
Address: Office # 2042B, Level 2, Freight Gate 1, Airport Road, Dubai Cargo Village, Dubai
Landmark: Near Dubai International Airport
Zip Code: 10652
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2826596
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Eastern Link Freight Services

Eastern Link Freight Services LLC
Address: Amman Road, Al Qusais Industrial Area # 4, Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai
Landmark: Behind Galadari Motor Driving Centre
Zip Code: 88533
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2674564
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Three Lines Group of Companies

Three Lines Group of Companies
Location & Address: 104, Al Khabaisi Bldg, Al Khabaisi Area, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2387880
P.O.Box: 76288
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Ruby Cargo Service

Ruby Cargo Service
Location & Address: Near Al Fahidi Metro Station, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3514888, 800 7829
P.O.Box: 20389
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Hawk Freight Services

Hawk Freight Services FZE
Location & Address: Hawk Logistics Centre, W 28, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2980980, 050-6547819
P.O.Box: 54438
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Jenae Logistics

Jenae Logistics LLC
Location & Address: 4079, Emirates Sky Cargo Bldg, Cargo Mega Terminal, Dubai Cargo Village, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2824811
P.O.Box: 4079
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Merit Freight Systems

Merit Freight Systems Company LLC
Location & Address: Shop 6, Opp Dubai Municipality, Karama, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3964882
P.O.Box: 35101
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Clever Freight

Clever Freight LLC
Location & Address: M25, Arabilla Bldg, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-2516651
P.O.Box: 32717
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Complete Freight Solutions

Complete Freight Solutions LLC
Location & Address: M-02, Shoe Mart Building, Abu Hail, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3527800
P.O.Box: 29687
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Hazinspect ME

Hazinspect ME FZC
Location & Address: Room No 1021, Cargo Building, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-8879442
P.O.Box: 122141
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

JBC Express Freight

JBC Express Freight LLC
Location & Address: Ras Al Khor 2, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3333050
P.O.Box: 8478
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Roop Transport

Roop Transport LLC
Location & Address: International City, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-4477437
P.O.Box: 92431
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Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Freight International LLC

Freight International LLC : International Household Removals, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Warehousing, Cold Storage & Transportation

Freight International LLC
Floor # 6, Salamiya Tower, Office # 604, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Near Chamber Of Commerce
P.O.Box: 11745, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 3387868
Fax: +971 4 3390568
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Auto Freight & Shipping Services

Auto Freight & Shipping Services LLC
Address: Office # 419, 4th Floor, Abdulah Ahmed Mohd Bin Fahed Building, Damascus Road, Al Qusais Industrial Area # 2,
Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite Daily Restaurant
Zip Code: 231241
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2583212
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping
Address: Office # 12, 1st Floor, Al Ramool Oasis Building, Nad Al Hammar Road, Umm Ramool, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite Al Rashidiya Civil Defence
Zip Code: 24245
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2826282
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Aria Middle East Shipping

Aria Middle East Shipping LLC
Address: Shop # 17, Ground Floor, Raymond Showroom Building, Al Sabkha Road, Deira, Dubai
Landmark: Near Al Sabkha Bus Station
Zip Code: 89041
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2737092
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Jublee Logistics

Jublee Logistics FZE
Address: Warehouse # E1 & E2, Al Quds Street, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai
Landmark: Opposite Dnata FLC Building
Zip Code: 54746
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 2990868
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Acorn Movers

Acorn Movers LLC
Address: Al Quoz Industrial Area # 4, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai
Landmark: Near Marina Exotic Home Interiors
Zip Code: 38397
City of Dubai
Phone number: +971 4 3236920
Fax: +971 4 3236921
Category: Freight Forwarding, Courier Services, Shipping Companies & Agents

Globelink West Star Shipping

Globelink West Star Shipping : Tailor made logistic solutions, Containerized automobile export (3 to 4 units per 40ft. container), Sea air cargo, Air to air transfer of cargo, Authorised dangerous goods cargo agent, Multi modal logistics service provider.

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  1. Moving products, raw materials and equipment in any place around the world requires expertise and this is why when it comes to moving, businesses rely on freight forwarding companies. Ask any kind of business that requires freight services and they will tell you how important relying on an experienced and efficient freight forwarding company is.

    Prompt delivery of materials and products : Whether you need to purchase from a local or an international supplier, you can be sure that your purchases will be delivered on time. With an experienced and resourceful freight forwarding company, you can be guaranteed that there are no interruptions in production. In turn, you will get to deliver of products on time as well.

    Safe and secure delivery : Utilizing a reliable freight forwarder, your raw materials will not just be delivered on time but will also get to you safely as well. Whether you are purchasing perishable items or breakable materials, these will be delivered efficiently and safely. Delivering finished products are also done in the best way possible; from the use of suitable containers, safe moving systems and refrigerated containers you can guarantee that your products will arrive to your customers in the best quality.

    Available web tracking tools : What makes freight forwarding services desirable is the ability to ease customers’ worries with the use of updated web tools. The most common worry of most customers is the prompt or possibly early delivery of their orders; the best freight forwarding companies offer efficient tools to help customers track their own shipment. Online web tracking is an example; it allows you to know where your shipment is and how long the expected time and date of delivery would be. An online tracking tool will also help you find out more about your shipment and if there are expected troubles along the way. Definitely the best freight forwarding company offers this kind of customer convenience and more.

    Supply chain management and warehousing features : Most forwarders also offer more advanced warehousing and supply chain management services to help businesses deal with suppliers better. Businesses need to be in constant communication with their suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of their raw materials and equipment. And apart from this, efficient supply chain management also include regular inventory reports, packaging products, preparation of needed shipping documents, warehouse management, cargo transport and other customized solutions for different kinds of businesses in different industries. In other words, freight forwarding is more than just shipment and delivery of products but it is also about providing expert logistics and supply management solutions for your business.

    Customized solutions : Freight services primarily start with a complete assessment of your business needs. This ensures that no matter how simple or how complicated your logistics and supplies management needs are you will get exactly the best and the most updated solutions for your company. From the time you talk to suppliers for your orders to the time you ship finished products to your customers, you need to have customized solutions that will surely yield excellent results all the time.

  2. International freight shipping is a complex procedure that requires the services of an international freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is essentially a company or a person whose duties are to organize shipments of corporations or individuals, and to get large orders from manufacturers to the market or to the final point of distribution.

    Freight forwarders contract carriers to facilitate the shipment of goods. The forwarder himself is not a carrier per se, but is skilled in supply chain management. Basically, these forwarders can be thought of as a travel agency for the cargo industry or as a third party logistics provider.

    Freight can be booked for a whole host of carrier types, which include ships, trucks, planes and railroads. Some shipments can use multiple carrier types on route before it reaches its designated destination.

    Freight shipping calls for very specific documentation as it has to go through multiple custom checks before being allowed to pass through. The forwarder would organize the carriage of your international shipment, along with helping the handling and processing of all the necessary paperwork. International forwarders also make sure that your shipment is arriving at the correct place at the specified time.

    An international freight forwarder should traditionally guide you through the complicated process of international shipping, as they are the experts on the international freight shipping process. This way you can understand and aid your shipment and your freight forwarding company can benefit from this information.

    The primary task of a forwarder at work would be conversations and negotiations with clients and warehouses that they deal with worldwide. This is because they need to gather information for the purpose of passing it on to the concerned parties that they are doing business with or need to report to as authorities. These would include an SSL – Steam Ship Line, the United States Customs or they might even be the customer themselves.

    Other tasks include ensuring that the freight being imported or exported by the client always gains entry into the country it is being forwarded to. The forwarder must always arrange for the freight in question to be picked up and delivered to the consignee’s final place of business.

    This would mean being in constant contact with trucking companies and rail lines to ensure that everything is operational and will reach the assigned designation in time.

    With the advent of modern communication technology these tasks are relatively easier for the modern freight forwarder, which means that today, a typical forwarder would like most professionals, spend his day in front of a computer, where he controls and tracks the freights processing and progress.

  3. A freight forwarder is an agent that arranges logistics and organises the transport operations for the shipments of consignments globally for companies or individuals. A freight forwarder is often not directly responsible for the cargo itself, but instead uses their specialist knowledge to arrange several haulage or transport companies and global shipping lines to transport the freight from A to B. Typical modes of transport a freight forwarder may use include ship, plane, truck or train transport. When planning to use a freight forwarder, there are several factors you should take into consideration before making your choice.

    Before you even ship your goods you will need to consider the way they will be packaged to ensure that they are kept secure and delivered safely with no damage. A good forwarder will be able to give you specialised assistance and advice on the most suitable method of transport for your cargo. The mode of transport recommended will make a difference to the packing process. For instance shipments via boat will probably be sent in a 20 or 40 foot shipping container (depending on the size of the cargo) whereas shipments via air would be sent in smaller consignments shaped/packed to fit into an aircraft.

    It is important that you provide your freight forwarder with as much information about the consignment so they can provide adequate and suitable suggestions. You should also give them a desired collection and delivery date to help them plan the best route for your shipment. A forwarder who is unable or unwilling to help in this manner may not have enough experience on the job or just does not care enough. You would be better off to continue your search if this is what you find.

    Most goods handled by shipping companies are shipped internationally as an import or an export. You should ensure that the forwarder you are considering is familiar with international legislation and the process of importing and exporting from your place of origin or destination. A freight forwarder with a comprehensive global network would be able to call on local agents in the original or destination country or city to ensure that the cargo was handled correctly.

    This is especially important when dealing with hazardous or dangerous goods, and your forwarder should be knowledgeable of the required handling procedures and the legal requirements for shipping this type of cargo. Some freight forwarding companies provide training to their employees on handling hazardous cargo and it is a good idea to ask your freight forwarder if they do this.

    Whilst price is important when making a choice on which freight forwarder use, you should always remember that in the long run experience always pays. It’s no good choosing the cheapest company only to find that your cargo is held up somewhere for weeks because your freight forwarder was not experienced enough to see a problem arising and then does not have the knowledge, experience or local contacts to resolve the situation promptly. Having a container load of goods held up for weeks could mean thousands of pounds of lost revenue or cash flow problems for your business, meaning the savings you made on choosing the cheapest company have been lost.

  4. A business that is in operation has got its cycle of boom and recess. These are the periods when the business is doing well and adversely, respectively. Just like any business, the freight forwarding industry also has got a share of its own challenges. These are obstacles that hamper the smooth running of the freight forwarding industry. Some of the challenges completely stifle the operations of a freight industry which forces it to wind up and go out of business. A well organized freight industry should anticipate such challenges and have strategies in place to combat them when they occur. A freight forwarding industry that waits for such challenges to manifest themselves before making adequate preparations is contributing to its own failure. Mechanisms need to be in place to cover any unforeseen events that may tend to cripple the business. This includes setting funds aside to cater for emergencies and risks which cannot be predicted with certainty. Challenges facing the freight forwarding industry include the following;

    Increase in fuel prices has been a major factor that has adversely affected the freight industry. Increase in fuel means an increase in the operating costs of the business. However, the freight forwarding company cannot be increasing its freight rates each time there is an increase in fuel prices. This would brand a company to be very unreliable and unnecessarily expensive. This means that a freight company has to balance between stabilizing the freight rates and making profits at the same time. The price set therefore has to cater for all expenses and leave some profit in the end. If the set freight rates are high, one would lose customers due to stiff competition that prevails in the freight forwarding industry. Increase in fuel therefore poses a major challenge to the freight industry as all of their vessels are powered using fuel.

    The sea freight is faced by adverse weather conditions which are normally unpredictable. Very strong tides and waves make it almost impossible to conduct sea transport as one would be running the risk of a sinking ship. During such instances, the sea transport has no activity while awaiting calmness to resume. Furthermore, sea transport has also been hit by the threat of pirates who hijack cargo ship and demand for ransoms before such a ship can be released. This has caused severe losses in the freight forwarding industry which has driven most operators out of business.

    Moreover, the credit crunch has had a negative impact on the freight forwarding industry. This has led to reduced activity in terms of trade hence a low season for freight companies. During the economic crunch, the level of trade significantly reduced across national borders meaning that there was little that could be transported from one country to another. This was worsened by the weakening of the dollar meaning that the freight forwarding industry had to receive less in terms of payments advanced to them by their customers. If the price for a certain consignment was fixed at a certain price, the weakening dollar impacted negatively on the exchange rate to those who conducted business internationally.

  5. Freight forwarders are generally viewed as a necessity only by businesses dealing with the import and export of goods. However, they can be a godsend to any individual faced with an international freight problem. Freight forwarders provide logical and professional shipping solutions to any client requiring their expertise. Although international freight shipping might seem like a straight forward affair, unless you are well versed in the many treaties governing international trade and import/export restrictions, then you might run into unforeseen problems even if all you are shipping are your personal belongings.

    Hiring the right freight forwarders to help you with your international freight requirements is a logical first step to getting your belongings to your ultimate destination. Regardless of what you have to ship over, unless you are relocating with nothing more than a backpack, then you will have to find shippers to help you book passage on a ship or aircraft, deal with customs obligations and fill out all of the necessary documentation. International freight is especially tricky because you must fill out the correct papers and file them with the proper authorities in a timely fashion or risk having your belongings held up at customs for an indefinite length of time.

    Shipping goods overseas also involves having to rent a container to hold all of your belongings. Unless you know exactly what kind of a container to rent and from where you can obtain such a vessel on your own, you will have to use the services of either a shipping company or a freight forwarder. While a shipping company might be able to cover some bases, they will undoubtedly have to call on third parties to fill other aspects of your move. Most international freight companies will partner up with customs brokers and will book space on ships and aircraft in order to ensure space for their customers’ shipments. However, freight forwarders generally tend to either have all of these services offered under one, practical umbrella or they have a very extensive network of partners, meaning that they have are able to offer you a turn-key service for your international freight shipping needs.

    Freight forwarders are an integral part of the global supply chain. They are the logicians that make sure that every cog is in place and that all elements of the industry are working properly. If there is a hold-up somewhere, you can be sure that your freight forwarder will be on the job trying to find a fix or even sending one of their local agents to the site in order to work out a solution to the problem. The freight forwarding sector is one that must oversee the entirety of the shipping industry. Unless the freight forwarders are doing their jobs properly, there would be plenty of mixed signals, overcrowded ports and crossed shipments to contend with.

    In the end freight forwarders are the businesses to turn to if you need to ship your belongings overseas and want the job to be done properly, inexpensively and professionally.

  6. Inconveniences that may arise in freight forwarding due to mistakes most of the time tend to leave damages that can never be recovered. Loses that can be incurred due to this mistakes may be so bad that to recover them it can take ages and an extra input of funds. This can be either losing customers or even losing the goods that were being transported. To avoid these inconveniences, you should take time when choosing the freight forwarding agents in Dubai to entrust with the transport of your goods. The ideal freight forwarding agent should have a number of qualifications.

    The first qualification should be experience. The freight agent in Dubai should be well accustomed to the nature of the work that you are going to entrust him with. This is because there are some people who just acquire the knowledge from books and pose like dependable freight forwarders. Any mistake that can happen due to inexperience can be a major blow to your company and there is no room for trial and error in this business. Experience comes along with other qualities that include a good reputation and plenty of connections. Having a couple of years in the industry, one is well connected and is able to identify the company that will meet the specific requirements of the clients. A good reputation is acquired after several successful forwarding jobs that have been provided to the satisfaction of the customers.

    The best freight agents have the practical and technical aspects of the job at their fingertips. This includes the sense that they are well equipped with the current information about market trends, emerging policies and newly introduced rules that might affect the transport of the goods. This is because lack of this knowledge can be very dangerous and can result to uninvited misfortunes. For instance, in cases where there are newly introduced rules, it can be really a worthless risk to engage a freight forwarding agent who knows nothing about them. This knowledge is mostly concerned with issues such as customs and insurance covers for the goods being transported.

    The need of hiring a freight agent is to be able to have your shipping done in the most convenient of ways through maximizing your benefits and reducing the costs that are associated with the venture. The best choice for a forwarding agent should be a person or a company that will give you the reliable advice that can make you to increase your profits and satisfy your shipping desires. In other words, the best freight forwarder should be the person or the entity capable of advising you on better business deals. Sometimes you might have made mistakes in your shipping arrangements due to certain factors such as language barrier, the freight forwarding agent should be able to advise you on this one to avoid trampling into loses.

    Another additional thing that should attract you to the best freight forwarding agents should be the capability of the agents to offer extra services that all generally aimed at keeping the clients satisfied such as tracking services. This should be an additional advantage in case you are unable to get the best out of a number of contestants for the freight forwarding deal.

  7. If you are an established importer/exporter, you know by now that selecting a reliable logistics or freight forwarding company can be tough decision as you need to ensure that your valuable possessions are being transported by the right and capable hands. For those of you who are only now embarking on the shipping process, fear not, as complicating as it all may sound, once you have selected a secure and decent logistics company, the hardest part is over and you should be given peace of mind. So my job is to aid you in the process of selecting that perfect freight forwarding company that will deliver superbly according to your needs!

    To start the process I recommend that you get into contact with at least 5 Freight Forwarding Companies. Remember that each industry will have different freight forwarding expectations. For some companies they simply need their cargo brought from point A to point B but for others warehousing and abnormal loads etc. might be involved. So what I can suggest that you do is write down a list of your transportation requirements before you make contact with the freight forwarding agents as this should give them a clear indication of what you expect, making the process of requiring information from them smoother. You can then use the information they supply you with to narrow the selection and to make your final decision.

    Use the following points as guidelines on what information you should be looking for when choosing a reliable freight forwarding company:

    1. How big is the shipping company? Larger companies can give you the idea that they are well established and have secured their business. Smaller companies however often have more time to pay attention to detail and offer good customer care. Perhaps finding an “in-between” company is the best option?

    2. Will the freight forwarder be able to handle the product/s you want to ship? Some logistics companies only specialize in a few fields such as vehicle transportation or transporting hazardous loads. You will have to make sure the company you choose will be to safely transport your goods from point A to B using the most safe and cost effective strategies.

    3. Are the freight forwarders connected well with agents at your selected point of origin/destination? Like any business, it is good to stay well connected. A structured network of global agents helps to ensure that the shipping process is communicated well; this ensures a smooth and timely delivery.

    4. Is the freight forwarding company financially secure? Remember that just because the company might seem large and well established, this does not necessarily mean they have secured a steady cash flow. You really don’t want to make a payment to your agent only to find out that your cargo has not been released because they have not paid the ocean carrier!

    5. How does their customer care process work? Do you have to dial a switch phone number and constantly be redirected to the ‘right’ department or is there a direct number you can call which ensures that you will always speak to the same person? You need to ensure that communication will be good and easy. This is very important as you will have many questions and queries for your agent along the way.

    6. Will the freight forwarding be able to handle all the documentation in a correct and timely fashion? When shipping goods there will always be plenty of documentation that needs to be filled out very accurately and your selected company should offer an excellent turnaround time in this department.

    7. Ask for references! This point should not be missed. A good reference goes a long way and a bad reference can save you from entertaining the same future problems. All companies should be able to offer you a trusted list of reference contact numbers.

    8. Is the company well insured? Yikes, what happens if the company loses your shipment and they cannot pay you back? Make certain they are well insured; even ask them for the details of their insurance plan if you have to!

    9. Do they charge competitive rates? This last point is often the most concerning because this is where you will need to dig into your pockets. Does the company offer an acceptable rate for the service/s you require? By acceptable I mean that the rate could be too high but it also could be too low, leaving room for concern. Request quotes and compare them until you can select one which offers a price you think is ‘acceptable’ and fair.

  8. The freight industry mainly serves those customers who want to transport their goods by linking them to the companies that offer the best services at cheaper rates. The functions of the freight forwarding industry differ from those of the freight broker in that the freight broker does not take into possession the goods being transported as it is the case with the freight forwarder. The forwarder assumes responsibility as if he/she is transporting their goods. To achieve this, he places himself in the shoes of the client by trying to understand the delivery requirement of the client deeply.

    The freight forwarding industry is charged with duties such as conducting research and planning for the most efficient means for the transport of the goods. This involves putting into consideration the nature of the goods and addressing the special needs according. In instances where some goods require that special temperatures be maintained throughout the transportation, it is upon the freight forwarder to arrange for this. The packaging of the goods should be supervised by the forwarder to ensure that valuable goods are well guarded against any possibilities of damages.

    It is the responsibility of the stake holders in the freight forwarding industry to ensure that arrangements of packing and ware housing are finalized before the goods arrive at the places of delivery. This is done by putting into consideration aspects such as the weather and climatic factors as well as the nature of the goods. For instance, if the goods being transported are mainly food stuffs, it is upon the freight forwarder to ensure that a well made and conditioned ware house is arranged for the foods to be stored awaiting their delivery.

    In cases where the goods are in a variety and some of them require quick transportation, it is part of the responsibilities vested upon the freight forwarding industry to ensure that special arrangements are made to ensure that the goods are transported without any delays. Plans for a Commercial air plane may be made to ensure that the quality of the goods is not interfered with. These goods can be transported first then the other arrangements continue for the others that do not need urgent delivery.

    For a company to be successful in the freight industry, it is important that it poses devices for tracking the goods as they are being transported. This can be through the use of e-commerce, internet technology as well as satellite connected devices for tracking the shipment. This is to keep the clients informed of the progress as well as ensuring that any possible delays are dealt with. This is because a company may lose clients for the reason of not ensuring timely deliveries.

    Getting the right and required documentation such as custom related documents and insurance is a responsibility that is undertaken by the freight forwarding industry. In compliance the destination countries custom requirements, the freight forwarders should finalize any documentations to avoid any possible delays that might occur when the goods are being transported and that can affect the time of delivery.

  9. Any company that deals with international or multinational movement of goods makes use of freight forwarding. Freight forwarding service provider may or may not be directly involved in the movement of the goods. But, its main duty is to act as an intermediary or point of contact between the client and the transportation services involved in the transport of goods.

    It assumes significance in view of globalization. As competition heats up between companies and more and more companies cling desperately to their market shares, many companies have taken up export and import of goods. In this scenario, the timely and seamless transfer of goods assumes great significance.

    When products are moved from one place to another, a number of legalities associated with transportation and carriers have to be taken care of. The process may be undertaken by a single carrier or a number of carriers. The route could be single or a more complicated route. Thus, there are too many variables to be taken care of and businesses prefer to let experts handle the transportation of goods. Freight forwarding and shipping agencies handle the transportation of goods for the client, which would otherwise have been a harrowing experience for clients.

    Reputed freight shipping services offer a guarantee that products that are being transferred will move to the destination on the right date and in good condition. To facilitate this, freight forwarding and shipping agencies have great working relationships with all kinds of carriers, whether they are trucking companies, air freighters or rail freight companies. Before shipping the goods, freight forwarding companies will negotiate the price for the movement of the product along the most economical routes. They work on various bids and choose an option that has the right balance between cost, speed and reliability.

    But it is more than just liaising with transport agencies. Most freight forwarders undertake to transfer goods to a particular destination before a particular date and in good condition. When needed, they also provide clients with necessary advice regarding routes and services. Often, they will also make an estimate of the costs involved, taking into account a number of factors like the distance between the two places, the kind of transportation and the manner in which transportation will take place. In case of special considerations like refrigeration or careful handling, the price will go up. Once the client agrees to the estimate given by the company, the freight forwarding and shipping service gets into action.

    The advantage of freight forwarding and shipping services is that they handle ancillary services that are a part of the shipping. Thus, they take care of documentation like maintaining the bill of lading, warehousing and methods of payment. In short, they act as the arm of the business that actually transfers raw materials and/or finished goods between destinations. Thus, it is obvious that some amount of thought must go into the selection of the right freight forwarding and shipping service.

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